Campaign of the Month: March 2014

Gotham Reborn

Jape's Journal - Episode 7: Spirit of the Bat

Ow. Owwww. Ow.

That was a grade A mess. A+.

I’m a mess. I’ll need a new costume, and medical attention.

Riddler is putting me up in a nice hotel, which is fine, and it’s interesting that he seems flexible enough to work with me despite the fact that I was pretty honest about our potential differences.

Oracle and, honestly unexpected, allies are starting a Justice League of all the damned things. How do you pass that up? Batman would maybe pass it up, maybe the people who see themselves as ultimate loners, but I’m dreaming big these days and can’t afford to pass up stepping stones or new allies.

Of course a part of me thinks that even if my reasons are actually good it’s all because I’m so lonely for non-crazy people to associate with. “Jackson,” it says, “You have been spending most of your time with the copy of a criminal’s brain and a literal mad doctor, after over a year of physical and social trauma. You’re like a kicked stray puppy being invited into a warm house. Do the reasons really matter, or is it the hope of table scraps?”

I tell that part of me to fuck off.

So, Renee was there. She’s done well for herself. Maybe I’m not the stray that part of me thinks I am, because I wasn’t as obsessed with the acceptance of someone I used to know as I’d have thought.

Anyway, Firebug got me. Of all the people, I engaged a bomber in a parking garage, and if I hadn’t thrown that explosive under that car then I’d probably be in even worse shape. Later Vagabond and I managed to grab the Hatter, letting me drag him off to the Cryoprison. That last part still feels like something important, something good I am doing long-term, but I still feel like an idiot, so I’m doing something about it.

Riddler and I are working on some signs, digital billboards that will cycle in to the normal rotation throughout the city. They’ll delete them when they find them, but it shouldn’t be hard to keep seeding new ones in every few days.

WELCOME TO GOTHAM” they’ll read, with a classic backdrop. “GOTHAM FACT #:” will show up, with something making fun of a criminal, a legitimately interesting/useful Gotham trivia (I’ve been doing alot of reading), some villain’s weakness, or (and the Riddler will like this) some particularly nasty verifiable dirt on a crook or corrupt official. The seal will be a white silhouette in the style of the Jape with “Remember, The Jape’s Always Watching” under it.

Excuse me, now, it’s time for my painkillers.


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