Nathaniel "Nate" Adams - "Brimstone"

Ex-con turned Vigilante on a redemption Kick

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d6 People are ends never means.
Glory d4 Actions should always speak louder than words.
Hope d8 If you are insulted in the name of The King, you are blessed.
Individuality d10 I’ll do whatever it takes to make Gotham safe.
Justice d8 Protect the innocent, punish the wicked, in that order.
Love d6 I am my brothers keeper.
Relationship Rating Statement
Sleeper - “Justin Monroe” d10 Jerkface who know his stuff.
Vagabond – “Matias Maxwell” d10 Always keep one eye on this devil.
Son of None – “Joshua Freeman” d10 A True brother in arms.
The Jape – “Jackson Singletary” d6 He is trying to do what is right. I can respect that.
Delta d4 Odd bird. But I am no one to judge.
Vincent Lunicci d4 A pushover.
Tsunami d4 A distraction, nothing more.
Yoshi Tetsune d4 Up for anything if the price is right.
Amanda Waller d6 I wouldn’t even throw her.
Bane d8 is all that is wrong with the world.
Black Mask d6 Is a Scourge on the people of Gotham.
Deathstroke d6 Needs to be put down.
James Gordon d6 Pity the man he is, Respect the man he was.
Poison Ivy d8 A threat that must be dealt with.
Asset Rating Description
Criminal d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you avoid or interfere with law enforcement.
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble to Boost your Guilty, Savage, or Vicious die rating when you display the scars of your criminal past.
Savage d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble whenever you act upon your base instincts.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to Increase your Physical Complication Pool.
d12: Spend a Plot Point when you draw on your primal rage to Recover your own Mental Complication.
Sneaky d4 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll any die in a Sneaky roll.
Persistent d6 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you get too pushy with someone you know you shouldn’t.
Outlaw d10 Award distinction
d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to do something to upset an authority figure.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a die in a Contest against an authority figure.
Withstand Punishment d10 Descriptor: Physical
Limit: Electricity
Effects: Spend a plotpoint to; Ignore hunger or exhaustion due to lack of sleep,Decrease an opponent’s Physical Complication pool, Recover your Physical Complication or Pull a dangerous stunt that no one in the right mind would try; you may use this as a d8 Minor Asset for the rest of the scene.
False Face Kit d4 Descriptor: Masks
Limit: Gear
Effects: Spend a plotpoint to; Intimidate Extras.
Clings to Shadows d10 Descriptor: Physical
Limit: Scent
Effects: Spend a plotpoint to; Step into a scene, Hide for an entire scene to listen in without being noticed, Shadow someone for a whole day without them noticing you at all or See other hidden people or objects.
Resources Rating Specialties
Blackgate Penitentiary 3d6 (Familiar, Lock-up )
Uptown 1d6 (Home, Dangerous )
Bayside 2d4 (Orphanage, People. )
Gotham Sewers 1d6 (Hidden, Transportation )
Blackgate Prison Officers 1d6 (Favours, Corrupt )
The 13th floor 3d8 (Secret, Equipment )
Complication Rating
- d
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical d
Mental d
Emotional d
Reflection Total Current
Session 47 4
d12 Trouble 4 0
Plot Points 15 0
Extra Points 37 5
Summary 103 9
Bonus Plotpoints Total Current
Extra Credit 37 30

by Arthur Asa


  1. Deal with Two-Face and toss him into the deepest darkest hole in Black Gate, without touching a hair on his pretty litte head.
  2. Talk to my mother about why she abandoned me.
  3. Deal with Ivy.
  4. Get leverage to take out The Talon.

Three Things

  1. Ward of the state since birth.
  2. Petty Legbreaker but was caught by Batman and sent to jail.
  3. Found God in a jail and now seeks atonement.

Year Zero
False Face and me, we used to be tight back in the day. had no other choice.
Blackgate was a dark place. Shared a cell, luck of the draw I ’spose. Used to be a part of his gang. Was the muscle. They called me Shithouse in the can. The unlucky bastards who said it to my face walked away with broken ribs.

The last six months where the worst. My term was the longest. Took the fall for a couple of Assaults, racketeering and one count of armed robbery on False Face’s behalf. He was released before me. Said that If I made it out alive he would look me up. Was finally cornered one day. I gave those bastards hell but they got me. I was stabbed seven times in the stomach and left to die. It was then I saw the light. Took two weeks before I regained consciousness. By then I was past due for parole and they released me into hospital care.

False Face did finally look me up. Said he had some plans that needed muscle so he called on Shithouse. He had set up shop in an old warehouse down the docks. He had got some basic rackets going and hooked up with some dealers. Needed money to expand his business. Didn’t get that far. He really shouldn’t have taught me his mask tricks. I hit them that night. All painted up and dressed in an old duster. It was the only thing that goodwill had that would fit me.
Most of the mooks where small time pushers. Fuckers even held their guns sideways when they fired. Couldn’t fight worth a damn too. Thought the guns was all the backup they would ever need. The smart ones ran. The Cops found False Face hogtied on a crate of angeldust. Fucker shouldn’t have called me Shithouse.

His Kingdom
It was the darndest thing. He came in here around five or six. A real strange fellow. Tall drink of water dressed in a white t-shirt, a pair of bluejeans and a big black duster which smelled faintly of mothballs. He seemed real upset, eyes darting everywhichway. I asked him if he wanted anything. He told me no. I assumed he was just an ordinary crazy. We get them sometimes and he certainly looked the part. Wild black hair and a big bushy beard. He just grabbed the seat in the corner over there, and just sat there. Alternately looking out the window and at the clock on the wall. After 2-3 hours, the sun had set by this point, but we where still some time till closing. Honestly I had forgotten Beardo until he stood infront of me, by the register and asked for some food in a deep smooth barritone. Like sand flowing over stone. I studied his face but he didn’t meet my gaze. He put his hand down the pocket of his jeans and pulled some crumpled bills which he put on the counter. Right then is when he glanced over and saw the guestbook. We keep that old thing on that little stand next to the counter. Beardo stared at it for a good while before he picked up the fake leather book. The pen and the chain attatching it to the book slid off the stand and swung to and fro as he went back to the corner table and started writing furiously, stooped over the book. He gave a start as I put down the burger next to him. It was then I noticed something I hadn’t taken in when he first arrived. Next to him on the seat there was a worn old dufflebag.

Frankly I was debating if I should call you guys and have you escort the Beardo out. But he wasn’t really doing anything wrong. Odd sure, but he was a customer, technically. Buisness slowed as time went on and the customers slowly trickled out. When I finally looked over towards the corner I didn’t see Beardo. I walked over and inspected the booth. It was empty and a barely touched burger was left on the plate. The bag was gone too. I guessed that Beardo finally listened to the voices in his head and got out of here. I let out a sigh of relief as I turned to get to the cleaning. The clock was maybe 20 minutes, a quarter to midnight, something like that. I had swept up the floors and wiped down the tables. I was carrying a mop and bucket into the mensroom when I saw the pale stranger standing in there. He was cleanshaven and had black hair pulled into a bun held in place with a needle. His eyes where big and deepset in the white face. Big emaciated cheekbones looked as if they would soon break the skin and his lips, they where dried and cracked like he hadn’t ever even seen water. The apparition turned to me as I stood in the doorway, immobilized with fear. “Going soon” said the corpse in a smooth barritone that I recognized. It was then I started to take in the other details. An old duster was casually thrown to the floor beside the door. Beardo’s arms where covered with scars. The sink that Beardo was standing infront was filled with hair. A straightrazor balanced on the edge of the porclain next to a bunch of small platic tins and glass jars. Then I realized that Beardo had shaved and was applying makeup like he was going to a halloween party.

“Oh… Ok” I answered breathlessly. It was then I noticed the gun. It was jauntily sticking out of the dufflebag which stood on the floor next to him. My eyes bulged and I backed out of the bathroom, accidentally kicking over the bucket which I had dropped. I ran towards the back of the counter to call you guys. Just as I hit the last 1 the door to the mensroom burst open. He came out carrying the guestbook in one hand and the dufflebag in the other. His duster was once again draped over his scars and buttoned up to the chin. He had let his black hair down so that it framed his pale sunken face. He had also put on a largebrimmed flatcap. Something in his demeanor had changed. There was a quiet purpose in his stride as he moved towards the counter. I backed away until I was squeezed up towards the far wall. Right under the ‘gatorhead right there. His gaze didn’t waver as he stopped infront of the counter and put down the book. He looked me in the eyes then. They where hard, determined. He raised his now empty hand and lifted his hat. “Thank you” He said. Then he turned and walked out the door. I stood there holding the receiver in my hand just shaking for a good minute until I calmed down enough to answer the worried questions streaming out of the phone. That was strange to be sure. But not quite as odd as what he wrote in the guestbook. Here. Have a look.

I may die tonight and that is why I have to tell someone. Tell someone that I saw him. Tell someone that he isn’t dead. I was dying, bleeding out as my sight slowly faded away and was replaced by a long black tunnel. I was shivering with fear because in the light I saw it. Slowly moving towards me. The creature from my nightmares. I was certain that it would finally take me as It had once before. My body screamed at me to turn and run but I couldn’t. I could hear the flapping of it’s enormous wings as it came closer. I saw the big shining eyes. Membranous wings. Ripping talons and razorsharp teeth. I knew it was going to dig its claws into me. Tear my throat with its fangs and drink my life-blood. I was going to die in panic and agony. The wild, animal fear reached a crecendo as the big black beast was upon me. I closed my eyes, awaiting the pain. But it didn’t come. The beast had stopped. It’s big gleaming eyes looking at me, looking through me. Laying my soul bare. Nothing was hidden from it’s sight. I was Seen and I was Judged. Then. suddenly it stretched it’s wings and passed me by.
I almost ran away tonight. Almost ran away from my calling. But I’ve made my choice. He didn’t pass me by so that I could run like a coward. I was sent back for a reason. No matter what happenes tonight let it be known that The Dark Knight didn’t die that night. I know this becase I have seen Him. He is still right here, with us. Moving in the night, Watching, Judging. I have seen the light of His eyes and will take up His Crusade. I will fight the darkness until the day when The True King of Gotham will finally come into His Kingdom.

[Under the text is scrawled a rough symbol of a bat.]

13th Floor
Brimstone operates out of a walled off apartment in an old condemned orphenage in Bayside. In his youth Nate found it odd that a 20 story building only had 19 floors. Some investigation and one perilous climb to a window later the 13th floor was at his feet. Throughout his life Nate has often used the hidden floor as shelter, when he needed to lie low or store Illegal
or atleast incriminating items. For this puropse the appartment was ideal since it contained a secret spiral staircase which ended infront of a wroughtiron door that openes up to the sewers. Who constructed the appartment and why, Nate has no clue and all his investigation has turned fruitless.
Currently the appartment contains many strange and baffling items. But the only Illegal one is an unlicensed Deagle, left over from the False Face days. Nate is not really sure why he holds on to it but in his heart of hearts he knows that he doesn’t feel safe sleeping anywhere without it.

Relations to the other Leads.
Sleeper Waller let slip that If I wanted to be on her good side I should help him out. I don’t know what sort of hold the Taskforce has on him, but it can’t be good no matter what it is.
Justin Monroe: The man lead a SWAT raid on one of False Face’s warehouses. I tried to run, but then Batman swooped down. Monroe testified against me in court. I hated him for it, but in the light of recent events he did his duty. I can respect a man like that.
Vagabond: We both had eyes on the same group of Black Mask goons. They where smuggling guns into the city over at the piers in the shadow of Queens Bridge. We did manage to stop them before they got away. It seems we share an enemy in the Black Mask.
Matias Maxwell: Back in the False Face days we pulled a job over at the Fresh Face Foundation. False Face wanted something called Protoplasm, apparently makes for great masks. Mr Maxwell was there, Had to clock him and tie him up. I have wronged this man in a way I can never repay.
Son of None: Kid swooped in on a bankrobbery already in progress. I was handeling it but the kid got in the way. Almost turned into a hostage situation there. Luckily the kid had some gizmo which fried the perp.
Joshua Freeman: We hung out in junior high. By which I mean that he was a freshman and I was getting high. His dad wouldn’t have any of it though. Just cuz he had seen my face when I did some drugrunning before I became legal for jailtime. It’s not like I would’ve given Josua some, no. Come to think of it I probably would’ve.
The Jape: The Goddamn mime gives me the creeps. He is effective sure. But he still gives me the willies. He met up with me and Vagabond at the Garagebuilding. How he knew where to look, I don’t know.
Jackson Singletary: Another retired cop back in the old days. He almost caught me once or twice, but I always managed to flush the evidence.
Delta: I kinda jumped the gun here. I attacked this guy as he was intimidating a criminal. It looked as if he was getting ready to kill the guy. Crook got away while we fought.
Vincent Lunicci: Informationbroker, I pushed his shit in for the floorplans of the Fresh Face Foundations’ old place.
Tsunami: If Gordon hadn’t showed up when he did I would’ve gotten this one too.
Yoshi Tetsune: Used to run with the Red Dragons. Minor thug. I used to pay them for doing securitywork. They where there the night Batman brought me in infact.

Entrance Music
“Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand. Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white. What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light”

Portrayed by Joel Kinnaman

Nathaniel "Nate" Adams - "Brimstone"

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