Identity Unknown - "Delta"

A soldier, presumed dead, who still pursues his mission.

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d 6 Nothing is worthy of hindering my objectives.
Glory d 8 Obscurity is my best advantage.
Hope d 4 The only plans with any merit, plan for the worst.
Individuality d 4 Behavior is just another tool to suit one’s needs.
Justice d 12 The severity of your offense will determine how severely you deserve to suffer.
Love d 8 Loyalty to the mission always comes first, everything else can be faked.
Relationship Rating Statement
Alan Graff d4 Death incarnate.
Amanda Waller d 4 Never worth trusting.
Killer Croc d4 Unreachable while he wears that ring.
[14] Poison Ivy d 8 More reasonable than people thinks she is.
(3) Mark Q. Greene (Riddler) d 10 A valued intelligence partner.
League of Shadows d 4 Reminds me of home.
Brimstone d 4 Another thug with a mask.
Nate Adams d 4 Nobody important.
[14] Justin Monroe – “Sleeper” d 8 A warrior with misguided priorities.
Vagabond d 4 A respectable samaratin.
Matias Maxwell d 4 An ordinary Gotham philanthropist.
Son of None d 4 A reckless amateur.
Joshua Freeman d 4 Has suffered enough.
Jackson Singletary – “Jape” d 4 A man who can resolve “problems”.
Tsunami d 4 Nothing but trouble.
Yoshi Tetsune d 4 An unfortunate victim.
Asset Rating Description
[18] Aged d 8 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to avoid or abandon a problem because it is not worth your time. “I’m too old for this shit.”
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal you witnessed a rare event when you were young.
d12: Boost a Mental or Social trait when you Reduce a Physical trait.
(3) Close Quarters Defense d 8 d4: Reduce your CQD trait to Reroll a die in a CQD pool when you perform an unexpected maneuver.
d8: Earn a plot point and Decrease your CQD pool when you roll your CQD die in addition to a weapon oriented trait’s die.
d12: Earn a plot point and Give your opponent a d6 when you add an additional die to a CQD pool’s total.
Cosmopolitan X d4: Give your opposition a d6 to Reroll a die when dealing with other cultures.
d8: Give your opposition a d10 to Reroll two dice when dealing with other cultures.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you have spent time in a foreign culture.
(1) Cover Story d 4 d4: Exacerbate your Mental Complications to Reroll a die while maintaining your cover.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to Boost a Minor Asset connected to your former life.
d12: Add a d10 to Trouble and Gain a 2d8 Extra when you make contact with a connection from your former life.
Driver X d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you have access to a vehicle that is big enough to fit everyone in your group and is located nearby. Use it as a d8 Minor Asset for the rest of the scene.
d8: Add a d8 to the Trouble pool to arrive at a scene you weren’t in.-
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when you’re the guy or gal at the wheel.
[4] Fanatic [avenge fallen brothers] d 4 d4: Exacerbate your own Physical Complication to Reroll a die for your cause.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble and Shift a Social Complication to a Mental Complication when you blame someone for setbacks to your cause.
d12: Add a d10 to Trouble to Increase your Mental Complication Pool when confronting enemies to your cause.
(3) Marksman d 8 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to run out of ammunition.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a Marksman roll.
d12: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a die in a Marksman roll.
Mastermind X d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a die when dealing with characters you have a history of manipulating.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality and have the resources necessary for your plan.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when your plan comes to fruition.
Observant X d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll your first roll in any Contest or Test where you have been surprised, ambushed, or caught off guard.
d8: Spend a Plot Point and Reroll a die in an Observant roll when you’re sure there’s more than meets the eye.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opposition’s Mental Complication Pool against you as a result of your damning evidence.
(4) On a Mission [neutalize project Mantle] d 10 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you foolishly pursue your mission despite the risk.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a roll that directly contributes to your mission.
d12: Earn a Plot Point and Increase your opponent’s Social Complication Pool against you when you try to recruit others to your cause.
Scoundrel X d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you act for purely selfish purposes.
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble and Gain a 2d8 Extra when you have a shady contact in the area.
d12: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to betray a Lead or Feature with whom you have an existing Relationship.
(5) Veteran d 12 d4: When you are in a conflict that is similar to situations you’ve been in before: Gain a d8 Relationship with your enemy for the rest of the scene and Add a die to trouble, a d6 if it’s for a Feature or a d10 if it’s for a Lead.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality and have the resources necessary for your plan.
d12: Earn a Plot Point when you roll your Veteran die at d8 because you are in a contest that does not represent your primary capabilities.
Weapons Master [combat knives, bayonets, garrotes] X d4: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Physical Complication Pool against you when you’re armed.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Increase your Physical Complication Pool when you’re armed.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to make a wild, sweeping attack with your weapon. Roll your own dice instead of Trouble in a Test that each affected character must beat to avoid taking a complication.
- - -
Strict d 8 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal evidence of a person’s wrongdoing.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to Increase your Social Complication Pool.
d12: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to employ cruel and unusual disciplinary methods.
- - -
(3) Subterfuge d 8 Descriptor: Perception
Limit: Gear, Wardrobe
Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
- Reveal that you were there, in a scene, all along.
- Disappear and escape from a scene.
- Reveal use of a device that disrupts electronics.
(4) Tactical Bombs d 10 Descriptor: Explosive, Utility
Limit: Gear, Duration
Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
- Throw a tear gas grenade which affects everyone in the scene as a sweep effect that inflicts Physical Complication; you may use this as a d8 Minor Asset. (the complication and asset are automatically negated against targets wearing eye, nose, and mouth protection.)
- Throw a flash bang that creates a dazzling blast, temporarily blinding and deafening anyone caught unaware in a scene.
- Throw a smoke grenade that creates a cloud of obscurement within a scene; you may use this as a d8 Minor Asset.
- Destroy an inanimate object as big as a car. Spend two Plot Points for an object as big as a house. Spend three for an object as big as a skyscraper or a river.
(5) Toxic Arsenal d 12 Descriptor: Powders/Darts/Injections, Poison/Drug
Limit: Gear, Duration
Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
- Increase a Physical or Mental Complication pool with poisons.
- Make another character unable to move, speak, see, or act.
- Make a target fall asleep.
- Infect a target with a poison, disease, or drug that will activate one or more scenes later.
- Conceal the toxin from normal medical science.
- - -
[4] Mental Defenses d4 Descriptor: Mental, Psychic
Limit: Concentration
Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
- Decrease your opponent’s Mental Complication pool.
Resources Rating Specialties
Adam Arthur “Echo” 3d 4 (Teammate, Liability)
KGBeast 3d 4 (Mercenary, Decoy)
Silas Stone 3d 4 (Information, Finances)
- - -
League of Shadows 2d 4 (Information, Unspecified Assistance)
- - -
Gotham City Media 1d 4 (Security, Espionage)
Gotham City Police Department 1d 4 (Information, Customers)
- - -
Gotham City Bars and Clubs 2d 4 (Surveillance, Customers)
The Shuffle 3d 4 (Illegal Merchandise, Customers)
Complication Rating
- d
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical d
Mental d
Emotional d
Trait Loss Total
Reflection Point -0
Character Point -0
Reflection Earned Recent
Session 24 4
Contest 1 1
Statement 0 0
d12 Trouble 3 2
Unused PP 18 4
Bonus 9 0
Agenda 10 10
Advancement Earned Spent
Total CP 31 31
Total RP 65 54
Reserve PP 9 0

Portrayed by Liam Cunningham

1. Persuaded to enlist with Grim Hounds during a childhood of living on the streets and lost complete track of any family he left behind.
2. Declared dead despite becoming a survivor of his Grim Hounds squad after it was captured and subjected to mysterious experiments.
3. Began operating with Gotham’s black market trading, stealing, and modifying valuable information.

Theme Music (subject to change/open to suggestion)

“You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies
The single message that is most hammered into Grim Hounds during their training is: Grim Hounds absolutely never fail their missions. Their relentless pursuit of their objectives is the primary reason the team was given the name “hounds”. As long as Vincent is alive he can convince himself that project Mantle is a mission in progress rather than a failure. He will always continue the effort to bring down those responsible for the illegal experiments on innocent captives, or die trying.


  • Capture or disable those responsible for abductions connected to project Mantle.
  • Hinder or disable resources or facilities connected to project Mantle.
  • Defeat Alan Graff.


  • Warn Grim Hounds about Alan Graff
  • Prepare for Alan Graff’s arrival
  • Experiment with lantern abilities
  • Assist improvements to Adam Arthur’s condition


  • Confront Derek Powers
  • Offer to join or help the Justice League after confronting Derek Powers
  • Warn Justice League about Alan Graff


Vincent Lunicci/Postman

  • true identity
  • italian, serious, impatient, deceptive
  • ex-Grim Hound
  • information broker.
  • uses internet pictures of actual delivery service employees to devise a different disguise for each use when no other disguise would be appropriate.

Ethan Tanner

  • active cover identity
  • solemn, aloof, anti-social
  • limping, poor, struggling, and dirty looking
  • ex-American military, war veteran

Dr. Samuel Jay Wilson

  • disguise used when Vincent needs to look like someone important
  • british, cheerful, talkative
  • poor eyesight
  • chemistry professor

Blaine “Whimsy” Waterfall

  • disguise used when Vincent needs to look like someone unimportant
  • hippy, mellow, peaceful
  • biologist


  • Vigilante
  • no/few scruples, manipulative
  • leaves enemies with severe injuries
  • avoids lethal force when it would draw unnecessary attention


Delta’s most distinguishing feature is the gas mask with orange tinted lenses that covers his head. He also commonly wears a long jacket, dark pants with an urban camouflage pattern, and military style boots. A heavier style of body armor is usually visible because the jacket is typically left open. It isn’t the heaviest armor available. Delta chose it because it offers an armored collar and apron to protect his neck and groin, but it doesn’t sacrifice too much mobility. His outer clothing is just loose enough to conceal additional arm and leg protection. The jacket also hides or carries Delta’s combat knives, various toxic weaponry, and a number of different grenades or explosives.


Year Zero

Target: Delbert Billings “Spellbinder”
Location: China Basin
Date: 48 hours until New Years Day

Delta stood looking out a window across the street from his target’s hideout and thought to himself as he tried to make sense of the clues. The possibility of a connection between project Mantle and Billings was weak at best, but a possible connection is better than none and any leads were few and far between. He did an adequate job of covering tracks, except he only bothered to hide his purchases from the places law enforcement usually looks. Purchases anyone would expect someone like Spellbinder to take interest in: brainwave analyzers, theoretical studies of hypnosis, and a variety of projectors and amplifiers. But why operate out of China Basin? A bold move with so much media everywhere. Far ‘too’ bold for someone with Spellbinder’s mediocre concealment skills. There must be an important reason, or an important place…

Suddenly, Delta’s attention turned away from his stakeout, the street he was on had a clear view of Electro City. Almost every floor already rigged with lights and sounds, large numbers of people in a small area, and just in time for one of the club’s busiest nights. Its a perfect place for Spellbinder to attack, so much for the connection to Mantle. He would have to be sure that his latest invention would get the job done to go after a place with so much security. With that thought, Delta looked back just in time to see Billings’s car. Only today Billings wasn’t alone, his car clearly carried a passenger as well. The chances of getting any useful information from the stakeout have plummeted. Delta decided it was time to explore the interior and interrogate the target before any more troublesome collateral might get in the way.

There weren’t many neighbors around, Billings enjoyed plenty of privacy and plenty of places to run or hide. It didn’t take long for Delta to follow the mess of wires to a large open room with an overlook just at the top of some stairs. The room was decorated to look just like what you would see in Electro City. In the middle of the room Billings’s captive was secured to a large hand truck, unmoving. With no sign of the target, Delta moved in to check the condition of the captive. She was just unconscious and dressed herself as if she was on the way to the club. Just then, all the different lights and speakers began activating. Spellbinder’s voice called out from the overlook. “I was really hoping for a more controlled test of my devices, but we can skip to the interactive experiments.”

Shadows everywhere began moving. They turned themselves into all kinds of different people and objects. No detail was overlooked, but everything was transparent, this was clearly something Spellbinder wasn’t expecting. He stumbled around upstairs in a panic when Delta started running right through his illusions. Spellbinder almost made it through a doorway and out of sight before Delta hit him in the leg with a throwing dart. The compound now in his leg should keep him from moving his lower body for a day or so. Delta composed himself and finally addressed Spellbinder “So you think you can just make a guinea pig out of anybody?” Delta then had plenty of time to casually shutdown Spellbinder’s machines, prepare a syringe with some truth serum, and remove Spellbinder’s mask. All the while the target was desperately shouting. “How did you resist my device? I didn’t make any errors, it shouldn’t be possible!” Delta knelt over Billings with his needle and calmly responded. “Your machines must not be as reliable as you think they are. Now, you are going to answer all of my questions whether you want to or not.”


I had finished neutralizing the merchant’s security. A few of them were losing some blood, but it looked like they would survive… probably. I had to put my knife to the merchant’s neck before he would admit his business with Spellbinder, and I had to start cutting into the bottom of his mandible before he started telling me about China Basin. That was all I could get out of him before Brimstone interfered. He moved faster than I’d expect somebody his size to, but he didn’t have the combat training that would make him a danger to be seriously worried about. I managed to dance around his predictable wild brawling long enough to explain how its possible to make someone think you are slitting their throat without actually exsanguinating them. The explanation wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the merchant and see what else he could tell me, but narrowing Spellbinder down to China Basin was still a huge leap forward.

Nate Adams
False Face arranged a meeting with one of his errand boys to discuss some local scientists and plastic surgeons in exchange for a decent amount of cash, minus a discount for learning about some of his new properties. The kid must have had some vague instructions to try and get a good price, or he was some kind of overachiever. He didn’t like the cost of the information. When he decided to try intimidating me, he proved he didn’t know anything about underworld politics. Showing the punk a thing or two about real fighting would have hurt the businessman image I was trying to establish, so I’d let him take the price he wanted. Later, I could pressure False Face into squaring up what he owed and get him to help me send the kid to jail. Maybe then he’d learn a thing or two.


Justin Monroe
I was watching as Justin’s squad was swarmed by their enemies. My orders forbid me from assisting. They required me to remain concealed at all costs. I was sure nothing I could do would keep any of them alive anyways. At least, that’s what I believed until I saw Justin starting to pick all of the attackers off. That’s when I decided to break my radio silence to identify myself and start calling out enemy positions. Justin’s frantic counter attack in the midst of the action, with the sniping and spotting from my vantage point, somehow managed to drive the enemies off and secure a perimeter just in time for Amanda Waller and Top Dog to arrive with the helicopter that would pick Justin up. A peculiar sight, Ive never seen Top Dog actually in the field before.

Matias Maxwell
Son of None
Joshua Freeman
Jackson Singletary
Yoshi Tetsune

Grim Hounds

(Active) unit leader: Identity Unknown – “Alpha” aka “Top Dog”
Top Dog is the leader of the Grim Hounds who designs, assigns, and explains their missions. What nobody knows about Top Dog, not even fellow Grim Hounds, is that he is not just one person. He is represented by one of the several people who make up a kind of council that includes some of the world’s best military minds. There have been a few occasions where the person currently acting as Top Dog has been assassinated. To the assassin’s frustration, their victim is commonly dismissed as just another decoy.

[MIA] squad 3 leader: Alan Graff – “Bravo” aka “Bravado”
coming soon

[KIA-confirmed] NAME – “Charlie”

[KIA] squad 3 specialist (chemical/biological weaponry expert): Vincent Lunicci – “Delta” aka “Delirium”

[KIA] squad 3 recon/staging: Adam Arthur – “Echo” aka “Electrician”
coming soon

[KIA] squad 3 sniper: NAME – “Golf”

[KIA] squad 3 explosives/anti-vehicle expert: NAME – “Kilo” aka “Kaboom”

Badges: Earning Your Teeth
Almost everything the Grim Hounds officially rewards has to do with continuing the mission at all costs. Because their unique, super compact gas masks give whoever wears them the appearance of having a dog’s snout, a tradition started where soldiers would paint teeth on the sides of them. This later evolved into a series of badges you could only earn if you performed things like: continuing your mission instead of evacuating when you received injuries that required an extended recovery. A soldier’s team would decide which kinds of teeth and colors to paint on while the injured person was recovering. Anyone who paints teeth on their gas mask without earning them usually will be granted their injury right before the mask gets demolished.

Identity Unknown - "Delta"

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