Jackson Singletary - "The Jape"

Joker Venom survivor and forcibly discharged veteran.



Value Rating Statement
Ethics d8 Good and Bad are never buried deep.
Glory d4 Better to be a ghost.
Hope d8 It’s only up from here.
Individuality d8 I’m not a monster.
Justice d10 Bullies and crooks should be hit where it hurts.
Love d4 Been alone a long time now.
Relationship Rating Statement
Joshua Freeman, Son of None d4 Intense, but headed for a bad end.
Nathaniel Adams, Brimstone d4 A crusader wearing blinders.
Justin Monroe, Sleeper d6 Contrary but good-intentioned.
Vincent Lunicci d4 Another dead soldier.
Delta d4 He has answers to dark questions.
Matias Maxwell, Vagabond d6 No room for compromise.
Tsunami d4 A man on someone’s strings.
Yoshi Tetsune d4 He grew up!
Mr. Freeze d8 His dream is fragile but impressive.
Black Mask d4 Someone worth ruining.
Joker d6 He’s a shell of his former self.
Harley Quinn d6 Sick, but can be saved.
James Gordon d4 Half the city’s heart.
Killer Croc d4 He has to choose to be human.
Poison Ivy d4 She could save millions.
Riddler d8 Like holding a stick of dynamite.
Oracle d4 Is on the right side.
Asset Rating Description
Right Place, Right Time d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when somebody confronts you about your presence somewhere off-limits, secret, or prohibited.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to join a scene you weren’t in.
d12: Add a d10 to the Trouble pool to Add both yourself and another Lead or Feature to a scene you’re not in.
Pariah d6 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when your disgraced status stymies you.
Sneaky d8 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll any die in a Sneaky roll.
d8: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a second die on a Sneaky roll.
Investigator d4 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to spend a scene investigating instead of taking immediate action.
Observant d4 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll your first roll in any Contest or Test where you have been surprised, ambushed, or caught off guard.
Big Brother d12 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reveal that you have video or audio surveillance of a Lead or Feature.
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble to Reroll a die whenever secrets you know come into play.
d12: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to disable or dismantle your existing surveillance of or files on a Lead or Feature.
Jokester d12 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Decrease your opponent’s Social Complication Pool.
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble to Reveal a prank that you had planned all this time.
d12: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opponent a d6 when your antics get you in trouble.
Tai Chi Chuan d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Decrease your Complication Pool for Physical Complication Pool when you use soft force instead of hard.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die by deflecting the force of a blow around and away from you.
Costume d6 Descriptor: Perception
Limit: Gear
Effects: Spend a plot point to… Get recorded or photographed as alternate identity. Decrease your opponent’s Physical Complication pool.
Play With the Mark d8 Descriptor: Perception
Limit: Time
Effects: Spend a plot point to… Slip something into or remove something from a target’s belongings without them noticing. Shadow someone for the whole day without them noticing you at all. Enter a scene, no matter how well-protected the location is.
Resources Rating Specialties
Grant 2d4 (Home, Safe)
My Alibi 3d4 (Informative, Relaxed)
Jape’s Former Operations Center 3d8 (Familiar, Known)
Nora Fries Cryoprison 3d6 (Secure, Support)
Oracle Network 3d4 (Informative, Omnipresent)
Reflection Total Current Episode
Session 26 0
d12 Trouble 5 0
Misc. 27 0
Bonus 13 0
Challenge 6 0
Contests 4 0
Bonus Plot Points
Total 80
Unspent 3
Complication Rating
Burned d6
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical – Shredded Torso d10
Mental d
Emotional d

Mug Shot

Three Things

  1. As a rookie cop I survived a lethal dose of Joker Venom.
  2. I saw the look in my wife’s eyes, and I let her walk away.
  3. Only the U.S. Army didn’t give a damn about my face, until an officer did.

The Batcave
Jackson is smart enough to know that there are things he cannot keep in his home, and that he needs a place to work out of. In Grant Park there is what was once a primary electrical maintenance access, a large metal box of the archetypical gothic city design and sturdy construction with “Warning: Electrocution!” signs all around, sitting against the side of a small bridge where the path takes a sharp turn and the bushes are arranged just so.

Only the top of it’s wrought-iron “Gotham City” logo is visible over the foliage, and the lines it once served have long been disconnected. Opening up the front panels reveals a ladder that leads ten feet down to a room that’s 12×10 and 7 feet high, with signs that any valuable original metal or equipment was long ago stripped by looters (which is exactly what a young Officer Jackson caught some people doing a few years ago). In the northern corner there’s an ancient hatch that leads to a long cramped corridor, old pipes and electrical lines taking up most of the space, that eventually ends in a door that leads to an equally ancient subway maintenance tunnel.

The lock on the front of the box looks old but is of a new and particularly resilient design, while the small interior now serves as Jape’s Operations Center.

This is where the Jape has secured himself, where he collects and filters his information, and where he observes his various feeds.

Entrance Music

Year Zero: Ragdoll

Ragdoll unfolded himself from his hiding place with inhuman flexibility, every joint and tendon twisting just as he wished before settling into place with a quiet “pop.” His feet brushed the floor, his fingers gripping the very edge of the overhead ventilation duct.

There were the victims, sprawled out across across their bed in the drugged stupor his little chemical gift had provided, and he smiled as he lowered himself fully to the plush carpet of the nice condo.

First he’d find the jewels, and then if he had the time maybe he would kill one of them. There was a special sort of fear that came from knowing that someone could reach into your home while you were sleeping, and snatch away the person right next to you. Especially since the Batman was gone.

He took two quick steps to the closet, and pushed aside some hanging dresses to reveal a rather large safe bolted to the floor. Still grinning, Ragdoll reached into oversized pocket, nestled amidst the folds of his ridiculous clothing, and pulled out the slip of paper with the combination he’d observed from his hiding place earlier in the evening.


Under the horribly smiling face of his mask, Ragdoll’s expression turned instantly to confusion and anger. What the hell is this?

There was a laugh behind him. A little too high and breathy, on the edge of manic, the laugh caused his muscles to twitch in ways that sent his limbs flopping in an undignified manner.

There was a man in a white suit, with a white mask that Ragdoll found somewhat sinister for the heroic sort. Not the Joker, though. Thank God.

As this new arrival started to take a breath in order to start another laugh, the criminal lashed out with an arm, sliding it around the man’s chest like a python and squeezing hard as the other arm quickly joined it. The laugh turned into wheezing giggle, even as Ragdoll sent his forehead slamming into the man’s face. When that didn’t stop the infuriating sound he repeated the gesture, until the man’s mask fell off and revealed a rictus grin that made even the hardened psychopath flinch.

Not the Joker, but the Joker’s smile, the muscles that twisted the Joker’s face in what always looked like it must be incredibly painful. The laughing stopped, instantly, and hard humorless eyes stared into the contortionist’s.

The man tried to say something, but it came out as a whisper.

“What?” asked Ragdoll, fascinated even as he was ready to squeeze the life from the idiot. The sudden arrival of a great deal of electricity in his system, jolting him in his midsection where he now realized his captive had pressed something against his skin, came as a complete surprise. Without the limits a normal person’s joints were forced to work under, his muscles twisted his body into ridiculous shapes.

Ragdoll lay mostly motionless, twitching, as the other man caught his breath.

“Safe robbery,” the man eventually said, reaffixing his mask, “See? It’s a joke.”

Then the man’s boot lashed out at Ragdoll’s head.

The Laughing One, by Matthieu Fiorilli
Masked Model: Paris Spring 2011 Shows, “Givenchy X Masked Models”

Jackson Singletary - "The Jape"

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