Pamela Lillian Isley - "Poison Ivy"

Nature's narcissistic erotomaniac botanist guardian

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d8 Nature must be preserved at all costs.
Glory d4 Good breeding is vital to survival.
Hope d6 I can weather all storms.
Individuality d4 Gaia gives my purpose.
Justice d8 The Laws of Nature are the only true laws.
Love d12 All men want me and all women want to be me.
Relationship Rating Statement
Catwoman d10 Can never be trusted again.
Dr. Fate d6 Is not nearly as clever as he thinks.
Harley Quinn d12 She will suffer for abandoning me.
Hugo Strange d4 Is on the wrong side of the cell doors.
Killer Croc d8 Beyond redemption, but not beyond control.
Brimstone d12 He’ll regret crossing me.
Delta d8 A noble guardian of the Green.
Jape d6 Not nearly as mad as the media would portray.
Sleeper d4 Will stand in my way when the times comes.
Son of None d4 The perfect little plaything.
Tsunami d4 I do not trust the garden he tends.
Vagabond d4 A man of the city with no ties to nature.
Asset Rating Description
Agile d10 d4: Reroll a die in an Agile roll when you Choose to drop everything you’re carrying.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Physical Complication Pool.
Attractive d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point when your looks draw you unwanted attention.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in an Attractive roll.
d12: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a second die in an Attractive roll.
Big-Hearted d4 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to buy somebody’s sob story.
Manipulative d8 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when you ask them to trust you, even if you don’t mean it.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Gain a d8 Relationship for one scene with a Feature with whom you don’t already have a Relationship.
Shameless Flirt d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you flirt with someone you know you shouldn’t.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal a new facet of your “worldly and cosmopolitan life” as a d8 Minor Asset..”
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll any die in a Shameless Flirt roll.
Plant Control d12 Descriptors: Natural Connection
Limits: Pain Transference
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
* Make vines burst from below, binding a character to the ground. Anyone but the target may use the vines as a d8 Minor Asset for the rest of the scene.
* Grow a large plant pod to escape a scene through the ground.
* Speak to plant life in the scene you are in to ask for residual memories.
* Make the earth swallow up a vehicle, a building, or a whole town.
* Make tunnels that last for the remainder of the episode in the form of d8 Minor Assets.
Pheromones d12 Descriptors: Pheromones
Limits: Breathing
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
* Make a target into your stalwart defender without having to maintain control over every action.
* Make a target oppose his friends without having to maintain control over every action.
* Make another character unable to move, speak, or act.
* Release a paralyzing agent that slows everyone in a scene except you. You may use this as a d8 Minor Asset.
* Make a target fall asleep.
Toxicity d6 Descriptors: Kiss
Limits: Touch
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
* Make your poisonous gas affect everyone in a scene as a sweep effect.
* Infect a target with a poison that will activate one or more scenes later.
Adaptation d8 Descriptors: Nature
Limits: Dehydration
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
* Adapt your physiology to new conditions.
* Blend in to your chosen environment.
* Reveal additional details of your chosen environment.
* Find useful resources in your chosen environment.
Resources Rating Specialties
Leslie Thompkins 2d10 (Caregiver, Doctor)
Solomon Grundy 2d4 (Danger, Captive)
Grant Park [3d] 3d6 (Nature, Drugs)
Channel Park [3d] 3d4 (Nature, Insanity)
South Channel Park [3d] 3d4 (Nature, Cold)
Aparo Park [3d] 3d12 (Nature, Anger)
Colgate Park [3d] 3d6 (Nature, Entertainment)
Saint Mary’s Park [3d] 3d12 (Nature, Kryptonite)
Orchard Park [3d] 3d4 (Nature, Secrets)
Sheldon Park [3d] 3d6 (Nature, Wealth)
Robinson Park [3d] 3d12 (Nature, Safety)
West Chelsea Park [3d] 3d6 (Nature, Water)
Botanical Gardens [3d] 3d10 (Nature, Inspiration)
Slaughter Swamp [3d] 3d8 (Nature, Evil)
Complication Rating
- d
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical d
Mental d
Emotional d
Reflection Total Current
Session 0 0
d12 Trouble 0 0
Plot Points 0 0
Bonus 0 0

Faction: None
Location: Robinson Park (Downtown::East Park Side)
Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley
Status: In Seclusion

Public Knowledge
Poison Ivy had been quietly living in Robinson Park for years before Batman’s death. She had built a vast underground jungle utopia and barely bothered the topside world any longer. Two days after his death, a giant Weeping Willow tree erupted in the center of Robinson Park, surrounded by a bed of dark crimson roses. The rose bed was so thick and thorny that no one could get within touching distance of the tree without spilling blood. The only person to have seen Ivy since Batman’s death was her friend Harley Quinn. Quinn had been living with Ivy for several months, but left move in with the Joker in Arkham Asylum. No body, other than Harley, know’s what Ivy has been up to for the last year, but the Willow tree is just as massive as it has ever been and the roses just as sharp.

Arkham Psychological Profile
Yet another patient whose treatment is complicated by a bizarre medical condition, Isley has a modified genetic code that incorporates plant DNA and renders her physically toxic to others. She is essentially deeply antisocial, believing herself to be not only inhuman, but superior to others; this diagnosis is tied into her hypersexuality, which takes the form of a constant attempt to seduce others to do her bidding. She also displays a narcissistic belief in her role as a protector of the entire natural world.

Oddly, Isley is another former doctor who is now an inmate.
She seems resentful during our treatment sessions; I believe the fact that I’m a woman frustrates her erotomania. She desperately believes all male residents of Arkham are at least partly in love with her.

Theme Music
‘Fire’ by Delta Rae

Pamela Lillian Isley - "Poison Ivy"

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