H.I.V.E Program - "Riddler"

Enigmatic enigma enthusiast and career computer criminal

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d10 There is only way way to do things.
Glory d8 My identity will remain secret.
Hope d4 Gotham has already lost.
Individuality d12 I am the Future.
Justice d4 The legal system is a joke.
Love d4 Everyone is my pawn.
Relationship Rating Statement
Amanda Waller d8 Has all the intel I don’t.
Hugo Strange d6 Is not as benevolent as he appears.
Oracle d12 A worthy rival.
Penguin d4 Rolls over like a dog.
Ra’s al Ghul d10 A mystery to be unraveled.
Brimstone d8 Threat Level: 5
Delta d8 Threat Level: 2
Jape d12 I will lay all of his darkest secrets bare.
Sleeper d8 Threat Level: 1
Son of None d8 Threat Level: 6
Tsunami d8 Threat Level: 3
Vagabond d8 Threat Level: 4
Asset Rating Description
Big Brother d10 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reveal that you have video or audio surveillance of a Lead or Feature.
d8: Add a d10 to Trouble to Reroll a die whenever secrets you know come into play.
Clever d6 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to show off your smarts in some annoying or frustrating manner.
Genius d12 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve studied a subject and know its basics.
d8: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you assume others can’t follow your complicated thinking.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll any academic or intellectual roll.
Hacker d12 d4: Add a d6 to the Trouble pool to Reroll a die in a Hacker roll.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal a fact about security holes or other exploitable weaknesses in the target of your hacking.
d12: Add a d10 to the Trouble pool to Gain a 2d8 Extra or d8 Relationship for an ally you’re working with.
Investigator d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to spend a scene investigating instead of taking immediate action.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll an Investigator Investigation roll.
Mastermind d12 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a die when dealing with characters you have a history of manipulating.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality and have the resources necessary for your plan.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when your plan comes to fruition.
Observant d8 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll your first roll in any Contest or Test where you have been surprised, ambushed, or caught off guard.
d8: Spend a Plot Point and Reroll a die in an Observant roll when you’re sure there’s more than meets the eye.
On a Mission [Unmask Everyone] d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you foolishly pursue your mission despite the risk.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a roll that directly contributes to your mission.
d12: Earn a Plot Point and Increase your opponent’s Social Complication Pool against you when you try to recruit others to your cause.
NigmaTech Mainframe d12 Descriptors: Electronics
Limits: Gear
Special Effects: Spend a Plot Point to…
* Have left a clue or message in a scene you are not a part of but have visited before.
* See through the “eyes” of electronic devices in scenes other than your own.
* Read binary code to reconstitute data files or understand a program’s function.
* Control any electronic device in the same scene as you; you may use this device as a d8 Minor Asset for the rest of the scene.
* Break through a computer system’s firewall.
* Override security codes on door panels or electronic vaults.
* Instantly understand a spoken language you’ve never heard before.
* Sense an opponent’s next move in a fight. Remove the highest rolling die from his next roll.
Resources Rating Specialties
Arkham Asylum Staff 2d6 (Information, Leg-Work)
Blackgate Prison Officers 2d12 (Information, Leg-Work)
Gotham City Police Department 2d8 (Information, Leg-Work)
Gotham City Media 2d10 (Information, Publicity)
Gotham City Officials 2d8 (Information, Protection)
Midtown 1d12 (?, ?)
Columbia PT 2d12 (?, ?)
Gotham Light and Power 3d8 (Energy, Connectivity)
Complication Rating
- d
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical d
Mental d
Emotional d
Reflection Total Current
Session 0 0
d12 Trouble 0 0
Plot Points 0 0
Bonus 0 0

Faction: None
Location: (Midtown::Columbia PT)
Real Name: Unknown
Status: At Large

Public Knowledge
The Riddler had an odd way of commenting on Batman’s demise, he hacked into the city’s power grid and turned off power to various buildings across the three main islands of Gotham City. To most residents it was a chaotic mess, but from above the blackout was in the shape of three giant bats. It took city utilities two days to bypass the Riddler’s blackout and get power back up and running. Since then the Riddler has kept a fairly low profile. Many suspect he was the one responsible for leaking the footage of Superman nearly beating Bane to death, but his motives for the leak are only speculated.

Theme Music

H.I.V.E Program - "Riddler"

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