Yoshi Tetsune - "Tsunami"

Ex-Gang Member trained by Shaolin Monks.

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d8 “I will rise above the abuse of the people.”
Glory d8 “Theatrics does have it’s benefits.”
Hope d4 “The dam will break at some point.”
Individuality d6 “Everyone else is the same sad story.”
Justice d6 “The gatekeeper died, but not the gates.”
Love d8 “Sucker for a good love story.”
Relationship Rating Statement
Son of None d4 Undisciplined attack dog
Joshua Freeman d6 Treated Lei Yan with honor. Worthy of respect and sympathy.
Vagabond d6 A connected man willing to negotiate is a good man to know.
Mathias Maxwell d4 Pompous jerk; Maybe I’ll steal one of his other cars.
Brimstone d4 So much misguided enthusiasm in such a broken vessel.
Nate Adams d4 A part of my former life that should remain so.
Delta d4 Mercenary with no agenda other than money.
Vincent Lunicci d4 A man searching for something will fall for anything.
Sleeper d4 A true soldier but lacks the lead actor chops like the bat.
Justin Monroe d STATEMENT
The Jape d4 Another Gotham monster original.
jackson Singletary d4 Sometimes death is prefereable than shattered living.
Catwoman d6 I can’t make my eyes look away.
Killer Croc d6 No longer a man; no longer murder.
Asset Rating Description
Attractive d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point when your looks draw you unwanted attention.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in an Attractive Pool.
Martial Artist d12 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when you redirect an opponent’s momentum.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Decrease your opponent’s Physical Complication Pool.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Increase your Physical Complication Pool.
Northern Shaolin Kung Fu d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opponent a d6 when you execute an extravagant attack, risking giving them an opening.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Increase your Physical Complication Pool when you press an aggressive strike on your opponent.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to take an acrobatic fall and Decrease your opponent’s Physical Complication Pool.
Shameless Flirt d8 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you flirt with someone you know you shouldn’t.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal a new facet of your “worldly and cosmopolitan life” as a d8 Minor Asset.
Chi Mastery d10 Descriptor: Discipline
Limit: Dark Chi
Effects: Sense an incoming attack, avoiding surprise.
Luck d6 Descriptor: Luck
Limit: Emotional trigger
Effects:Force your opponent to reroll the highest die in a Test or Contest
Resources Rating Specialties
Oracle Network 2d4 (INFORMATION)
Lei Yan (Kurishimi 3d6 (EXTRACTION, STEALTH)
Scrap Iron Dojo 3d8 (PRIVATE, RETREAT)

Portrayed by Sung Kang

When the bat falls down,
your strength will be tested.
Do you fall apart?

Three Things:
1. Yoshi used to run with the Red Dragon gang until he turned on them to save his sister.
2. A benefactor saved both Yoshi and his sister Lei Yan from Gotham street justice and had them trained in martial arts somewhere in Asia.
3. Yoshi is a man of internal strife. Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and vice versa. This struggle has painted his entire young adult life.

Entrance Music:
“Not Gonna Die Tonight” by Skillet

Yoshi has fought since he was very young. This song captures how he and his sister are still fighting and holding their own in a sea of chaos.

Year Zero:
The curio shop was the first detail that our benefactor put us on. The shop indicated it specialized in occult objects from the far east. Lei Yan and I perched up on a roof top. I looked over and remembered I had to use her codename, Kurushimi.

The text had been brief, “Find out who is going to rob this place soon. Put up token resistance, but let them escape while the other follows to see where they go.” After the usual decision making paper/rock/scissors match, I was to be the ground force while Kurushimi was to be the shadow.

“Better luck next time,” I laughed as she flipped me the bird. “Looks like you’re up,” she breathed as she ducked low. I turned to the shop to see a large van pull up. 8 men with Guy Falkes masks get out, followed by a tool pulled straight from Renfaire. I snuck down the fire escape and rounded the alley to get a view on the driver. Luckily he had the window down and I wheeled around and punched him in the temple quickly. I took a knife and disabled the tires, ensuring that escape would be on foot.

The shattering of the glass on the security door allowed me my next opportunity. One of them had kept an eye on the side of the building. Using some boxes in the back I climbed up to the roof and dropped down on him, knocking him out cold. A second one wheeled around, forcing my hand as I pulled three shruiken, embedding them in his arm as he yelled. I straight front kick shattered his mask’s ridiculous nose into his now broken original one. I followed up with a thrust kick to his kneecap, ensuring he wouldn’t walk the same again.

The element of surprise was gone though as four more rounded the corner. The guy with the rapier was not one of them. Using them against one another, I kept them off balance and scoring minor hits, waiting for the others to finish robbing the shop. Instinct took over as I heard the front door being opened again. I accepted a gut shot by one of the Falkes in order to slam two of their heads together.

“Such base villainy!” the renaissance man said, “Does thou not know the code? That there should be honor among thieves?” I sprung forward, catching one of his trailing men with my knee, leaving teeth in the alleyway. The display seemed to startle the man. “The Cavalier knows when the prize is won.” He shouted as he shoved his last man in front of me. I clapped him with my forearms accross his ears and tossed him aside in time to see the Cavalier curse as he found his ride disabled. “I am the unrelenting tide. I am Tsunami!” I yelled as I kicked a six inch dent in the side of the van as the robber ran. I threw a couple more throwing stars, not to hit him but simply to ruin his ridiculous hat.

Sirens broke the night air, and I saw a form leap from building to building. I bowed as I turned the second part of the assignment to my sister’s capable hands.

Scrap Iron Dojo
The unassuming 3 story grey slated warehouse is well hidden on the waterfront in Sandy Hook. It does have 10 foot high barbed wire fencing, which is extravagant but not abnormal. Once inside, the eyes are greated with a maze of junked cars that line the outside exterior like a modernist impression of hedge maze. A pair of german shepherds prowl around the maze on patrol. Past the mazetwo exits from the sides and a larger exterior door greats you. Entering the warehouse, you see that the warehouse goes all the way to the shore, as it has a deep water docking station that is closed off by a large electric door that runs to within 2 feet of the waterline. There are several punching bags around the interior, a couple of ropes string up 20 feet or so off the ground but the centerpiece of the warehouse is the multiude of Japanese Kanji Wall hangings, it’s symbols assail the eyes at every turn.

Beneath a bamboo mat lies a trapdoor where a couple of beds a fridge and small commnications table lie, as well as a small bathroom. A secret door leads to a half opened trunk in an old Ford out in the scrapyard maze leads to easy access and entrance.

Vagabond: There was a rumor on the street that Vagabond had a run in with Killer Croc. Having come up empty for weeks, I took a different tact and tracked down Vagabond outside the narrows. He wasn’t all too interested in sharing what he knew until I asked what he was looking for. He scoffed and mentioned flippantly that I probably didn’t know about Black Mask. After sharing the address of one of his informants, Vagabond played ball. Not sure if he’d have my back but he’s willing to deal.

Mathias Maxwell: It was a couple of years ago when I was running with the Red Dragons. We saw this guy on TV mentioning he was donating money to the Gotham Arborium Fund or some such nonesense. “Guy’s so rich he’s giving his money to trees?” I fumed and got a couple of the crew together. I dressed up in a suit and tie and waited for Maxwell to show up at his next affair. I took the keys to valee park. I uploaded a Youtube video thanking Mathias for his generous donation and then ran his car into a tree. Probably not a fan, but the feelings mutual.

Nathan Adams: Nathan used to come around to the Red Dragons throwing around money to be extra security for his activities. It didn’t take too long to figure out that security equals Bat Pinata, but he could always find a few poor initiates to take the bait. Heard he found god or something, but I’m wondering if that’s a front for the white collar money?

Brimstone: A person trying to do the right thing, even if a bit crazy. I sort of lost my temper at him when I found out he had taken down False Face after I learned he might know something about the Cavalier’s new art collection. He probably didn’t deserve it, and I should know not to provoke crazy people.

The Jape: I heard rumblings about a ‘good joker’ or some such thing. I didn’t believe it until I saw Abbatoir thrown to his death. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it, but there was that guy up there seeming to giggle about it. It’s a good reminder of where the line should be. Through the looking glass darkly, Alice…

Jackson Singletary: It was after I had broke off with the Red Dragons. They don’t take rejection too well. I had time to hid Lei Yan but they found me in the subways. Gunfire rang out. I ducked into a stairwell when I saw the GCPD cop. I knew who he was, I saw the news on occasion. But he rounded the entrance to the stairwell and squeezed off a couple of shots at my attackers. Our eyes meet for a second as he ducked back to reload. “Wouldn’t let them cheat off your history homework?” He smiled a huge smile as I heard his partner coming up behind me. I didn’t say a word, just ran. Should have thanked him that day, but couldn’t find words or time.

Sleeper: I was so close to being made right hand man of the Red Dragons when Sleeper busted up a drug deal we had. I was so angry and it cost me my shot at the throne. This lead to the downward spiral and that fateful night. He did me a favor, even if he didn’t know it.

Delta: I was later told that Delta is the one who helped the master track me down. I’m unsure of how he found the information out but he’s good and for sale. Two dangerous factors.

Yoshi Tetsune - "Tsunami"

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