Vagabond - "Matias Maxwell, Dr."

A son of Gotham fallen from greatness.

Value Rating Statement
Ethics d12 My ends are all that matter.
Glory d6 We all have a face we hide away forever.
Hope d4 I’ve seen the light at the end.
Individuality d4 We are just parts of the whole.
Justice d12 Justice is what I say it is
Love d4 Never forget the little people.
Relationship Rating Statement
Joshua Freeman – “Son of None” d4 Kids in way over his head.
Nathaniel Adams – “Brimstone” d8 Brutal but effective.
Justin Monroe – “Sleeper” d10 He is my better half.
Jackson Singletary – “Jape” d8 Mad man who needs my help.
Vincent Lunicci d4 Can’t see beyond the little details.
Delta d4 Pure mercenary.
Yoshi Tetsune d4 Reckless little shit.
Tsunami d4 Far too inquisitive.
Dr. Freeze d4 Brilliant but misguided man.
Killer Croc d8 I need a new set of boots.
Penguin d6 Teach him to fly.
Asset Rating Description
Genius d12 d4: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve studied a subject and know its basics.
d8: Earn a Plot Point and Add a d6 to Trouble when you assume others can’t follow your complicated thinking.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll any academic or intellectual roll.
Manipulative d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when you ask them to trust you, even if you don’t mean it.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Gain a d8 Relationship for one scene with a Feature with whom you don’t already have a Relationship.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a Contest with someone you’ve been manipulating.
Mastermind d12 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll a die when dealing with characters you have a history of manipulating.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality and have the resources necessary for your plan.
d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die when your plan comes to fruition.
Marksman d10 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to run out of ammunition.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a Marksman roll.
Socially Invisible d12 d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to make yourself the subject of public attention.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you were there, in a scene, all along.
d12: Add a d6 to Trouble to Gain a 2d8 Location for the remainder of the scene
Toughest Leader d10 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Increase your Social Complication Pool.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to allow another Lead or Feature to Reroll any die in a Test or Contest you’re Aiding them in. Discipline gets results when you’re there to enforce it.
Tyrant d12 d4: Add a d6 to Trouble to Reroll any die when you intimidate, coerce, or threaten others.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Gain a 2d8 Extra when you call on a useful minion.
d12: Add a d10 to Trouble to Grant another Lead or Feature the Tyrant Distinction at d4 when you make him your lieutenant.
Arsenal d12 Descriptors: Firearms
Limits: Gear
Special Effects:
– Destroy an inanimate object as big as a car. Spend two Plot Points for an object as big as a house. Spend three for an object as big as a skyscraper or a river.
– Draw everyone’s attention to an explosion so you can escape a scene.
– Make another character unable to move, speak, or act.
– Increase your Physical Complication pool.
– Infect a target with a poison that will activate one or more scenes later.
Protoplasm d12 Descriptor: Second Skin
Limit: Fire
- Intimidate Extras.
- Ignore the affects of exposure to extreme temperatures.
- Imitate another character down to fingerprints and retinal patterns.
- Grow claws to Increase your own Physical Complication pool.
- Grow back a severed limb or other body part.
Resources Rating Specialties
Professor Ivo 2d6 (Research, Confidant)
Suicide Squad 4d8 (Weapon, Backup)
Arkham island Mental Health Institute 3d4 (Work, Cramped)
The Mirror House 3d6 (Contacts, Revenue)
The Narrows 2d4 (Home, Maze)
Complication Rating
- d
- d
- d
- d
Trauma Rating
Physical d
Mental d
Emotional d
Reflection Total Current
Session 28 0
Challenge 10 0
d12 Trouble 14 0
Plot Points 22 0
Bonus 97 3
Bonus Plot Points
Total 97
Current 89

“I know better than those who have fallen.”


Episode Agendas

  • Broker peace with Penguin.
  • Neutralize Black Mask.
  • Deal with Scarecrow’s army.
  • Attend the Falcone auction.

Long Term Agendas

  • Divest Killer Croc of his ring.
  • Absorb Clayface V.
  • Obtain Leslie Thompkins as CEO for Fresh Face Foundation.
  • Acquire a sample of the Venom Bane used.

Three Things

  1. Inventor of a new type of synthetic skin dubbed protoplasm.
  2. Started the Fresh Face Foundation to help all those scarred by Janus Cosmetics.
  3. Wife and children killed in failed assassination attempt.

Year One
Tony Galante hated guard duty. He always drew the short straw and ended up walking up and down the docs keeping bums and winos away from the boss’s boat. As if the thought had summoned one, and obviously inebriated man dressed in the ragged remains of a business suit and overcoat. A heavy hood, obviously an after dumpster retrieval addition, hid the drunks face in shadow. A half empty wine bottle was grasped loosely in one hand.
“Spare a smoke?” the drunk slurred as he came to an uneasy wobble before Tony.
“Get lost. This is a private dock.” Tony meant to reply but the wine bottle cracking against his head prevented that.
“Idiot," Vagabond muttered to himself before tossing the now useless bottle into Gotham Harbor. Tony Galante’s unconscious form quickly followed it but not before Vagabond retrieved the man’s pistol.

Vagabond held the gun at the ready in his left hand while letting the chain wrapped around his right arm slide loose and drag along behind him. The heavy hook on the end made a loud thud as it passed over each uneven plank of the dock. The repeated thudding had the desired effect of drawing out the remaining guards. He shot the first one as he stepped onto the gangplank, the second as he stepped onto the deck, and the third had his legs wrapped in chain and a smoking gun pointed in his face half a minute after he came up from below.
“Where is your boss?” Vagabond asked the stunned man while he loomed over him.
“You’re a dead man. No one mess with the Great White Shark.” The man responded unhelpfully.
Vagabond tossed his head causing the hood to slide off and revealing the twisted death’s head that was his face. “You should be worried about your own life. Now I’ll ask again. Where. Is. The. Shark?”
“He’s at dinner. He’ll be back in hour.” The terrified man stammered.
“Good. That gives me plenty of time to prepare.”
Vagabond dropped the three bodies off the side of the boat before making his way below to wait.

Warren White, aka the Great White Shark, had once been a crooked financier; however, a few short weeks in Arkham turned him into a murderous psychopath with a penitent for the nautical. So to say that the sight of Vagabond sitting in his chair sipping from a glass of his wine had little effect on him would be an understatement.
“You’ve a lot of nerve for a messenger boy. What does Two-Face want this time?” The Great White Shark inquired as leaned over the table and took the glass from Vagabond’s hands.
The vigilante gave a grim caricature of a smile. “I suspect he wants a lot of things, but you are behind the times White. Two-Face isn’t the only scarred man walking the streets of Gotham.” Using all his strength Vagabond slammed the table into the Shark’s midsection. The crime boss was carried by the blow into the bulkhead behind him. “Tell me where Black Mask is and I’ll forget I ever saw you here. Refuse and I’ll let GCPD drag you back to Blackgate in body cast.” White responded by flipping the table into the over confident vigilante knocking him to the ground. “I hoped that was your response.”

Vagabond slipped into the headquarters of the Fresh Face Foundation beaten and bruised. For a money man, the Shark had packed a serious punch. As tempting as it was to give the crime boss the same treatment as the goons he had left him strung up for the GCPD to deal with. There was still a chance White would lead him to Black Mask. With what bordered on reverence he hung his clothes, the same ones he had been wearing on the night his home burned to the ground, on hangers before stepping into the disinfectant shower. The harsh chemicals stung against his raw read flesh, a painful but necessary step in donning his mask. Still dripping with water Vagabond activated his crowning achievement, the Proteus. Originally designed to help burn victims the Proteus was useless without the protoplasm, synthetic skin that bonded instantly with the patient while reaming malleable enough to be indistinguishable from the real thing. It was only after his near death that Dr. Matias Maxwell had considered the more martial uses for the substance. The base protoplasm could easily be mixed with any number of stimulants to give increased speed, stamina, strength, or theoretically even more radical changes.

Vagabond stepped into the chamber as the machine hummed to life. Several moments later a naked and tired looking Matias Maxwell stepped from the Proteus and reached for a mirror. No imperfection. No seam lines. Everything looking good. With forced confidence he pulled on the tux that his secretary had left for him in his office before she left. Dr. Maxwell had a charity function to be at and he was already late.

The Mask Man (Nate Adams)
Matias knew when he created the protoplasim that it could easily be used for extremely realistic prosthetics. This was one of many reasons why he had insisted such heavy security for his offices. He didn’t however take False Face into account when he had those measures installed. So it was that late one night Matias walked into his lab and came face to fist with a young thug named Nate Adams. Several hours later, building security found Maxwell tied to a lab chair looking surely.

Pier 13 (Brimstone)
Vagabond shook the location of the next gun shipment from Black Mask’s goons a week before it was to arrive. He scoped out the piers beneath the Queens Bridge days before. He thought he had planned for every possibility. The bruiser that burst from the shadows and began routing Black Mask’s men proved him wrong. Seeing a potential ally Vagabond quickly moved to be the anvil to the other vigilante’s hammer. Though their outlooks differed Vagabond found a kindred soul in Brimstone’s savagery and the fact that they both opposed Black Mask didn’t hurt either.

Right Man For The Job (Justin Monroe)
After Batman’s death Maxwell was determined to not let another False Face incident occur. To prevent this he set his human resource department to find him a security consultant to give the whole office a once over. The name that came back to him was that of Justin Monroe. Maxwell felt that he knew the name from somewhere. Querying his staff on the subject revealed that the two had worked together briefly after one of the numerous breakouts from Arkham Asylum. Maxwell remembered the man as being a little aloof but a competent operator.

Trading Blows (Sleeper)
Gotham City does not breed trust. Just because you are a crime fighting terror of the night does not mean you automatically trust the paramilitary operator that you find yourself sharing a roof with. The most likely outcome of such an event is a grudging respect after blows and harsh words have been exchanged. Vagabond and Sleeper’s first encounter ended with Sleeper going off a roof. Their second ended with Vagabond fleeing the fight with an egregious number of broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. Their third encounter was interrupted before it could begin by a Penguin goon squad with automatics. To say the two bonded over a nice thug smashing would be an overstatement. But an uneasy truce was forged on the pier that night.

A Chance Encounter (Joashua Freeman)
The first time Dr. Maxwell met Joshua Freeman he mistook him for a juvenile delinquent, not the son of a cop. He literally ran into the young man while advertising the Foundation’s community outreach program on the West Side. Being short handed, and civicly minded, Maxwell quickly offered Josh a job helping him distribute the fliers about the neighborhood. After that day Josh became one of Maxwell’s primary contacts among the youth of the region.

Wake Up Call (Son of None)
Crime fighting in Gotham City isn’t for amateur hour. That’s why when Vagabond fist encountered Son of None he decide not to immediately reveal himself to the young vigilante. He watched and waited until the youth finally bit off more than he could chew. The kid was good but even the Bat would have had trouble with that many goons. After helping Son of None dispatch the Mafiosos Vagabond slammed the young man against a wall and got close enough that his scarred visage couldn’t be missed. “You’ve got skills but you don’t know what you’re up against. That is going to get someone hurt. Ask yourself kid, do you really want to end up like this?”Vagabond slunk back into the night without waiting for an answer.

The Grinning Cop (Jackson Singletary)
Dr. Maxwell explained to the cop that he had been checking on several cultures in his lab when he had walked in on False-Face and his gang. “Do you make it a habit to bypass your own security when you are working late?” The cop asked. Maxwell eyed the man. The name on his shirt was Singletary. This man obviously had a better head on his shoulders than the average cop. Maxwell explained that it wasn’t his habit but his keycard had been malfunctioning of late. “For the past two years?” Maxwell straightened his collar, looked the man in the eye and calmly said, “The next time you go through my security logs without a warrant, I’ll see you in court. Good day officer.”

I see you very well (The Jape)
Vagabond hated sitting by the dumpsters behind My Alibi. The beer was cheap, the thugs were sloppy drunks, and most of them almost relieved themselves on him. The information he gained listening through the back door however made it worth it. It had been a long, slow night and Vagabond found himself half dozing when the false skin on the back of his neck started to crawl. Slowly, just as a beggar might, he turned his head. Half an inch from him was a man in a white suit and mask. This man obviously wasn’t your average thug. No average knuckledragger could have gotten that close. The two locked eyes and in that moment understanding passed between them. Vagabond slowly lifted a twisted finger to his flayed lips. The Jape nodded once before slipping past into the night.

Monroe… Where Is My Car? (Yoshi Tetsune)
Matias Maxwell stepped off his elevator, nodded to his staff as he crossed the lobby. None of them would meet his eye. Never a good sign. The numbers were probably down again. Maxwell made a note to check with finance when he got back. The crisp Gotham air was refreshing as he stepped out onto the sidewalk. Maxwell’s moment of zen was shattered when he looked to where his car should have been waiting for him. Instead of it was empty air and a bloody-nosed staffer. Maxwell speed dialed his head of security. “Mr. Monroe, my car appears to have been stolen. Please activate the tracker and forward the info to Officer Singletary.” It cost Maxwell a day and several headaches but finally his car and the perpetrator were returned. Maxwell took Yoshi Tetsune aside by the shoulder and led him down away from the officers. “Now, listen, I get it. I get why you did it. I grew up in the Narrows, so believe me I know. I’m not going to press charges, but you owe me a favor someday, understand?”

Who You Know (Vincent Lunicci)
Dr. Maxwell sat behind his desk and studied the information broker from behind his desk. Mr. Lunicci came highly recommended but Maxwell knew a mercenary when he saw one. With a critical eye he looked over each of the pages Lunicci had provided. All of Cobblepot’s secret laid out before him. This would be more than enough to keep Oswald dancing to Maxwell’s tune for some time to come. Satisfied Maxwell took the manila envelope from his desk and handed it over. “Inside is a sample of my formula and a projected uses estimate. It won’t be public knowledge for at least a month. It should more than cover your usual fees.”

Entrance Music
Maxwell sees himself as a dead man walking. During the day he hides behind the mask of his old life, the unbroken philanthropist soldiering on. While at night he is a burnt wreck haunting the lonely streets of Gotham seeking revenge.

Vagabond - "Matias Maxwell, Dr."

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