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Gotham Reborn

Son of None's Journal - Episode 5: Dark Dance

The Rubicon is crossed. The bridges will be burned. I have decided that I can no longer be party to what the court of owls is doing, whatever the Hell that may be.

Unfortunately cutting ties with the boogeymen is probably going to cost me more than I know.I’ve been spending a lot of time at the school since Nate moved in with me, and what timeI’m not at the school I’ve been at the circus. I’ve made my decision yes, but that doesn’t mean that the training I’m getting isn’t proving very useful. If I had to guess I’d say that Brian will be the one tasked with killing me. He does say I’m one of the best students he’s seen, and that I have a lot of potential. I really wish I’d stop hearing that phrase.

I decided one morning during my workout at the hideout that I was done with the court. Somethings started coming to mind immediately. The first thing was Nate. I was told by my initial contact that I would be killed if I mentioned the existence of the court to anyone. Well I told Sleeper days ago and nothing’s happened. I figure it’s due to hit the fan any day now, and I don’t want Nate to be in the crossfire on this. Plus I can’t risk exposing to him that I am Son of None. With the recent media attention he’s bound to know that name by now.

I’m beginning to have some doubts about Oracle. An intelligence network keeping everyone in the dark until they (He) sees fit doesn’t seem totally on the up and up to me. My test also yielded some interesting results. Getting pissy because someone didn’t call to relay information you already have seems a little suspect to me. I’m starting to wonder what his motives are.

Either way Dollmaker II is going down tonight. Set up shop in my AOE, I don’t think so…

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 5: Dark Dance
Setting Up The Board

It is amazing how easy it is to get people to do what you want them too do. I only wish that I had realized how powerful a weapon honesty and candor is sooner. Want the head strong moralist to reveal himself, hire him to plant a bug on you and listen in while you outline your dastardly plans. Want spread the word that there is a knew kingpin in Gotham, pay an information broker to listen in. Want to maneuver a friend into a position where he is caught lying, plant the seeds. It was depressingly simple to plant the idea in Cobblepot’s head. All I had to do was mention flight and at the first sign of trouble he runs. I wish I had a camera in hand when he boarded that jet and found me sitting there sipping his wine and smoking his cigarette’s. I let him slink back to the Lounge to wait my judgement. That will come later.

Sleeper was so quick to confront me. One of these days he will see just what a minor pieces he is in the Great Game. It is a pity really. He is probably the best man I have ever known… after Bruce of course. I would show him that my way is the best way, but he would never listen.

I’ve long suspected that Hugo was playing us all. Why else would I try and keep any of the mad men out of their nice little world? I left Hatter with Hugo and now we will see the rewards. If I am correct then I may be one more step ahead of Talia. I must admit though that if Ra’s doesn’t grace us with he presence soon, I’m going to tell Shiva where to stick her code. But I digress.

I am still trying to understand why Oracle thought it was worth my time go after Dollmaker II. As far as I can tell he just wanted to see how we would work as a unit. If he continues to provide me with information, I can over look his petty plans and schemes. Not only has he provided me with the location of all of Bruce’s old hideaways, but he has also facilitated my acquisition of most of Carmine’s old properties. Those that he could I easily took off Mario by promising him protection from his families retribution. As someone had already prevented an assassination attempt on him it was easy to convince him that it had been my doing. Based on the description I have my theories, but those will play out as they may. The only parts of Carmine’s estate still up for auction are several minor businesses, the compound in the Palisades, and of course the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. I wonder what Dent would give me for the deed?

More importantly than petty land grabs is my work in the lab. Both the evolution and regression serums are now ready, I need only to divest Croc of his new toy to execute my plans. My importantly, I taken several more leaps in mastering the changes wrought on my system by Cassius’s DNA. My original concept for smart material proved too unwieldy. It would have required not only a direct connection to my nervous system but also a source of electricity to produce rigidity. The direct neural connection did however produce results. In a rather drawn out and arduous procedure I have installed twelve portacaths into my body, these are hooked into the flesh in such a way to allow the release of protoplasm. As of yet I do not have the mass to produce any significant extrusions, however with enough mass I will be able to change ever aspect of my appearance, down to my apparent clothing at a whim. Clayface has official jumped back up onto my list of priorities.

New on that list is Dr. Langstrom. Last I checked, Freeze and I had an understanding. Leave me Mask, and I’ll bring you plenty of demented souls. Then what do I find? Man-Bat making moves on my kill. I doubt Freeze order it directly. I strongly suspect Langstrom has other masters. Kicking him through a window made my point, and illustrated to Sionis just how easily I could take him.

When Langstrom fled I let him go. I had made my point, and garnered a valuable prize: Man-Bat blood. Compared to my work with the Clayface DNA extracting the formula from the sample should be simple enough. The real question is, what do I do with it once I have it?

Webisode - Episode 5: Dark Dance

Whatta Dump

The webisode starts with Harley Quinn standing on the stage of an abandoned Monarch Theater. “What a dump.” Harley calls out, her voice echoing off of the dirty seats. Then doors open and a voice calls back, “What are you doing here, Quinn?” Harley squints trying to see the figure across the room, “That’s none of your business… You!” she calls back. The figure starts walking down the isle towards the stage and it doesn’t take long for Son of None to come into view. “Get out of here. I’m not letting you set up shop.” Quinn glares at him, “Have it your way, pip-squeak. I’m done with this crap anyway.” Quinn turns and bounds off stage, leaving Son of None standing at the foot of the stage. A puzzled but concerned expression hits his face, “What is she planning…?”

Assassins and Shadows

Next we see Commissioner Michael Akins sitting in his office, reviewing case files. He closes the folder he’s working on, stands up, and walks to the liquor cabinet across the room. Suddenly, his window busts and a woman dressed in black leather from head to toe rolls into the room. She stares down at Akins for a second then the speaks.
“Michael Akins. You have been sentenced to death by the Society of Assassins.”
As she starts to walk towards the Commissioner a black arrow slams into her shoulder. Another black clad figure swings into the room, composite bow in hand. The archer raises the bow and looses another volley towards the female assassin who dives for cover.
The man calls out, “Curaré. You have betrayed the League of Shadows. Your punishment is death.”
“No. The League betrayed us. It’s not to late, join our cause Merlyn.”

The Talon

A lone figure lurks on the rooftops overlooking the Wayne-Powers building. From behind him, Son of None appears. The shadowed figure turns, “This is not your assignment, whelp.” Without saying a word, Son of None launches a throwing knife at the man. The figure swats the blade from the air and scoff. “The Court will hear of your treason.” Son of None takes a step forward, “Who are they going to send? I am the Talon.” The shadowed figure steps forward, revealing the Owl masked costume of the Talons, “Not yet, you’re not. That title still belongs to me.”

Colgate Park

We see Thomas Stonehill walking though Colgate Park tossing gas around. Suddenly, a large man slams into him, sending him sprawling into the gas soaked grass. Brimstone stands over Stonehill, “What are you doing?!” he demands.
“Getting Ivy’s attention.”, Thomas replies.
“Are you nuts? She’s been quiet and with Arkham we have enough problems.”
Thomas pulls himself to his feet, “You don’t understand, Brimstone. Ivy is Batman’s last great mistake. We can’t start without finishing.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Batman left Ivy alone under Robinson Park for years. She’s slowly grown under the entire city. If we don’t draw her out now it’s going to be too late!”

Talia and Thomas

Thomas Wayne Jr. is seen making his way through the abandoned Wayne Manor. A good layer of dust coats everything and Thomas stops to pick up an old picture of his parents. He looks up suddenly, then slowly sets the picture down and turns. Down the hall from him stands Talia al Ghul.
“You are no Wayne.”, Talia says.
“How would you know, harlot?”
Talia starts walking towards Thomas, “Because I love one of them.”
Talia lunges forward, drawing a sword and striking at Thomas. Thomas deftly sidesteps the swing and a blade slides out of his sleeve and into his hand. He catches Talia in her side and she drops into a quick roll to avoid the follow through. Talia stands up and grins at Thomas, “You are no Wayne, but you have had training.”
Just then from the window at the end of the hall a black figure comes bursting into the scene. Sleeper stands in the broken glass and gestures towards Talia, “I won’t let you kill him.”
Talia looks puzzled between Thomas and Sleeper, then throws a smoke pellet down and vanishes. Sleeper makes his way toward Thomas, asking if he’s alright. Thomas smiles warmly, “I think you just saved my life.”


The show cuts to Black Mask in his office as he throwing a statue at the wall. He turns and screams at his assistant, “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.” The woman calmly watches Mask as he slams his fist into the desk, cracking the wood.
“Someone keeps tipping our enemies off to our movements. Dr. Fate is making access to Columbia PT impossible, Freeze and Cold have South Channel Island locked down, and Falcone had Two-Face entrenched in Colgate Heights quiet effectively.”
“We simply don’t have the resources to…”
Mask tosses a picture at the woman, but she ducks it and the frame cracks against a bookshelf. Mask then stalks over to his phone and picks up the receiver. After a moment he says, “Put the Professor on the damn phone.” There is another pause and the Mask screams, “GIVE ME YOUR ANDROID OR I’LL HAVE YOU GUTTED, IVO!”

Save the Last Dance

Black Mask slams the receiver down and turns towards his assistant again. Before he can close the distance two men slam through the window behind him and crash into his desk. Mask turns around to watch as the bloody corpse of Vagabond dropkicks Man-Bat back out the window. Black Mask pulls a revolver and aims it at Vagabond, but Vagabond is already next to the broken window.
“No one will take you before I do, Mask.”, Vagabond says before leaping out the window after Man-Bat.

Society of Assassins

The show cuts to Sleeper as he stakes out the Mayor’s home. Nothing is happening and Sleeper is starting to think the Oracle’s tip was worthless. He’s about to pack it up when he catches a glimpse of a small figure making it’s way into the Mayor’s window. “Shit.” and he’s off.
Sleeper slips in behind the would-be assassin and moves quickly towards the Mayor’s bedroom. He makes it to the door just in time to see the small, slim form of a woman slid a knife out of her sleeve. With no time, Sleeper charges into the room, tackles the woman, and the two crash through the bedroom window and onto the law.
Sleeper grabs the assassin’s hood as she tries to climb to her feet, but she lets the pins go and slides out from the mask. A mad lunge to catch the girl ends with only air in his arms and Sleeper crashing back onto the lawn. He stands up and sees her foot vanish into the far hedges.
“She didn’t make a single sound”, Sleeper comments to himself. “Not even a grunt when I hit her.”

Tense Negotiations

The show cuts to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, where we see Brimstone walking through the door as Two-Face sits in the Judge’s box. “Welcome back, Cowboy.”, Two-Face calls out. Brimstone marches through the courtroom, stopping just short of Two-Face’s booth. “Let the girl go.” He demands. Two-Face straights in his chair, “That’s not he deal. You secure this courthouse for me, I give you the girl back.”
“How about you give me the girl, I don’t don’t punch your face in?”
“Tisk tisk. I’m trying to be reasonable here. You come in, smash up my home, and don’t expect me to hit back? If you as lay a finger on me, I’ll make sure you never find her. You arrest me, call the cops, whatever, she’ll starve to death.”
Brimstone slams his fist into the judge’s box, “DAMN YOU!”
Brimstone grabs a table and tosses it across the room. Then he turns and points at Two-Face, hand shaking, “She is the only thing keeping you alive right now. You harm her, and I’ll destroy you.”

Assassins Revealed

Rick Flag is waiting for Sleeper when he returns to the Lighthouse. Flag hands over a list over known Society of Assassins operatives that have been confirmed in Gotham City. Sleeper thanks Flag as he leaves. Sleeper reads the list and turns pale. He walks over to a wall and pins it to a board. The camera pulls in and we can see the list of names with Talia al Ghul and David Cain at the top, already known to be in Gotham. Following them is a series of other names; Cassandra Cain, Curaré, Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abbot, and Kirk Langstrom.

Son of None's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic

Sicily is pretty nice this time of year. I’m not a huge fan of why I was there, but that didn’t change the atmosphere. Why the court would want to spare a Falcone is beyond me. If it was up to me I’d have just sat there with a bottle of wine and watch the bullet fly, but if I made that call I figure the next bullets would fly at me. My new skill set I’ve acquired at this circus is incredible when paired with the SRT, but to be honest I almost felt like the arm and leg modules were trying to override my nartual instincts (now that I have some). I think the HUD may really be all I need now.

The society of assassin’s notes my involvement. If only they were my biggest problem right now. I keep getting weird visitors and this time I was even freaking taken out of my house. this is beyond ridiculous. Some other circus looney’s try to scare me away from Haley’s, but the training I’m getting and the skills I’m acquiring are way too useful to quit.

I can’t believe how busy the court is keeping me. I get home from Sicily to find a note with a stylized red wax seal that I’m all too familiar with. the note read, “Deadshot is to attempt to assassinate Derek Powers. This is against the wishes of the court. See that his attempt fails.” Looks like I’m up against it again…

My biggest problem is some cliche movie bullshit. The one man I whose head I wanted went from target no. 1, to being a fall guy, to being in a coffin in about a week. Then the people who supposedly are responsible aren’t going to have a physical presence in Gotham for almost a year. What do I do now? I have to figure out what my next move will be. I need to know about mirror house, In order to survive long enough to be able to deal with them I need sleeper and Oracle to help me with the court, and I have to figure out what the court is doing. They keep sending me on assaignments involving Gotham’s most powerful people. There has to be a connection to be found somewhere…

Jape's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic

Mistakes were made.

I’m not writing this down, which is probably for the best even as the habit itches at the back of my skull.

The “deep sleep” project is moving forward, and I can only hope that what’s happened won’t hold it up. I tried to bring in some more support, but it doesn’t help when some people can only see what’s right in front of them.

After months of eating, breathing, and living secrets… after overstepping all bounds of privacy or personal security when it comes to my targets? I feel like I have eyes in the back of my head. Sure it makes me paranoid, and makes it way too easy to slip into character sometimes, but anything else would feel like wearing blinders. Literally.

But for all my knowledge, I was still blindsided. For all my experience, I acted like a panicky amateur. We all got played, and I failed to put enough fear into the hearts of the men whose fingers pulled those triggers on Grant Park.

Something needs to change. Maybe this is how.

Delta's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic
City Erupting

Chasing after the Society of Assassins wasn’t producing any results. Every time I got wind of something, they were long gone before I could… “introduce” myself. There had to be a reason. Either I was being led around or the underworld breadcrumbs I was relying on were just too slow to keep up with them. I had some time to reevaluate my approach while I helped the Arkham doctors run some experiments on Arthur’s condition. We learned that Arthur’s temporary recovery isn’t a reaction to whatever memories he has of me, but is strangely a simple reaction to my proximity. There wasn’t any time to continue any experiments with the asylum suddenly under attack. I wasn’t about to try to cover open ground without my combat equipment, so I accompanied the doctor to his office and looked for some kind of weapon while we waited for the assailants to breach the entrance. My chances were much better of beating them if I could lure them into striking range.

I had just managed to smash a chair and grab a couple long broken pieces of it when Brimstone burst in the door. We barely stopped ourselves from taking swings at each other before noticing who we both were. A few brief explanations revealed that there was no evidence of any inmate escape attempts, so Sleeper threw me a pistol and we all hurried back outside to finish the fight and regroup. After finding a radio and dialing it in, we quickly learned the city was in complete chaos. They all split up to try and resolve all the small problems everywhere. I was asked to try and muster some reinforcements, but I knew what was really going on. The most important objective in this situation should have been protecting Carmine Falcone.

On my way to him, I was suddenly compelled to stop. I could sense there was some kind of energy, no… two kinds of strange energy emanating from underground. As much as I tried to will myself to continue towards Falcone, I couldn’t resist being drawn into Gotham’s sewers where Vagabond was fighting that human crocodile. A fiery red glow was surrounding the beast, but the glow was brightest around it’s fist. Vagabond seemed to be shedding bright and flaky shards of light that drifted towards me and collected around my hands and arms. The creature was one swipe away from dealing vagabond a fatal injury. I desperately started throwing these strange lights at him as they turned into blue orbs. It was all I could do with no time to react. To my surprise and relief, there was actually some effect. Meaning, the things I was seeing wasn’t the same descent into madness that Arthur was suffering. The blue orbs were holding our enemy in place and Vagabond didn’t hesitate to finish pummeling the monster. As much as Vagabond and I wanted to try and figure out what happened, getting to Falcone was more important. Unfortunately, the distraction in the sewers delayed us too long. We were minutes away running down the street when we saw Falcone through the window, sitting in his favorite restaurant just as Black Mask pulled the trigger.

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic
So many questions.

Goddamn Jape. He knows about my lair. I was in the middle of examining a set of very interesting throwing knives when I heard a knock on the wall. I turned knife in hand to see that white-clad freaky bastard standing there. Like he was over to borrow a cup of flour or something. He wanted my help. He said he now worked for Mr Freeze and Freeze wanted assistance on a project. He is going to cryogenically freeze Gotham’s worst criminals. I can see how useful this would be. But there are several catches. I would have to trust Freeze, which I don’t. I would have to trust Jape, which I certainly don’t. Also if they are frozen they are denied the opportunity to find redemption. But the good of the city must come first. I was just about to answer when Jape cracked one of his stupid jokes. He questioned my devotion to keeping the city safe. I threw him out a window. But I think he got that I was in from the fact that I threw him out a window with clotheslines for him to catch.

Stonehill contacted me. At least I think he did. I could just be hearing voices. Either way something was going down at Arkham. I rushed over there to check it out. I got there in time to see Vagabond step out of his car. Sleeper was there, So was The Jape and Son of None. Apparently some knucklehead had mounted a frontal assault on Arkham asylum. Gunfire echoed between the grey buildings. The scumfuck started barking orders like he was in charge. I hate the dude, but this was not the time. As the others scattered to fulfill their tasks I snuck off to find an inattentive goon. The Jape hijacked a car and drove it through the attackers defensive line. You can’t buy a distraction like that. I got my mark. Chubby dude. Minor crook, wearing a fedora like it’s the forties or something. I brought him back to Vagabond. Could’ve beaten the information out of him myself, but I wanted to see Vagabond in action. Gotta be careful around him. He ain’t right. He started out hard. Denting his fender with the dudes skull. I have to hand it to him. The goon had some big brass balls to talk back to Vagabond. But he talked, they all do in the end. Falcone was behind the attack. It smelled like a set-up. He wanted us distracted. Just as we rendezvous with the others Stonehill spoke to me again. It freaked me out. Apparently The war between Roman and Black Mask had heated up. Chaos spread across the streets as the lackeys’ fought. Then came the news. Bane had been broken out of Blackgate. Vagabond barked orders. We had to try to contain this before it escalated any further. The Jape was sent to deal with a pitched firefight. Sleeper and Son of None was sent to the Stacked Deck. A carbomb had set the bar in flames. Vagabond and me went after Bane.

I knew a shortcut through the sewers. Just as we where about to turn under 5th and Jerrod I remarked that I knew who owned the car that Vagabond had turned up at Arkham in. He replied that me knowing that was the least of his current worries. Then an inhuman roar cut through the sewer. Vagabond told me he would handle it. I nodded and continued. Gotta keep the eyes on the prize. Tracking the helicopter that airlifted Bane out of Blackgate wasn’t hard. It touched down at the Sionis industries warehouse in North Point. Getting in was a breeze, the gates where strangely unguarded. A roar of challenge and a forklift passed through the wall as chaos erupted inside the building. Bane, all pumped up was single-handedly taking on the entire building. Diplomacy had apparently failed, I saw Black Mask running towards a backdoor. I contemplated following him. I decided against it. Bane is a threat to the entire city just by himself. Black Mask had to wait.

As Bane was finished with the goons I stepped forth. We squared off. My heart jumped and I felt a stab of fear run through me as Bane’s gaze fixed on me. The rage was stronger though. I started to run towards the hulking brute. Bane gave off a bestial scream and tossed a cargo freight towards me. I dodged under it as it came down. Just before I was in striking range I tore of my coat getting ready to toss it. Then I saw something weird. Bane’s green glowing eyes where filled with sadness. I tossed the coat onto his face and prepared for his counter-charge. But none came. I tore the tubes out of his body, I punched and kicked. All the while, Bane just stood there and took it. Finally he went down.

It’s all moving so fast. Black Mask got the Roman and it’s all my fault.

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic
Counting Sheep

Things in Gotham tend toward entropy. The more we make strides toward a better tomorrow, the more the city resists us. Take my latest failed project, Waylon Jones for example. On several occasions I have tried to approach the infamous Killer Croc about helping him. The meetings tend to end with the crocodile man filled with sedatives and my personage covered in bruises and sewage. The last encounter, the one that cost Carmine his life, went a little differently. To be clear, I liked Carmine. I wanted him dead, but that is just business. He invited me into his home. He funded my organization. He had a code. And because one homicidal maniac with a skin condition got his hands on a galactic trinket Roman Sionis had enough time to put a bullet in Carmines head. I’m done helping Waylon. I’ve had in my possession for some time now the formula for a serum that could have saved Waylon from his condition. I sat it aside to produce Mr. Singletary’s antidote. I think it is time to return to it. Possibly create a counterpart to it. Perhaps something that would trigger atavistic regression. If the beast wants to be a monster, I see no reason not to facilitate him.

There are little silver lining in these rain cluds however. Early patents on new uses for protoplasm as well as patents on both the Joker Antivenom and a theoretical cure have netted me enough funds that I, and by extension the Foundation, are no longer in need of financial help. Orcale was also kind enough transfer the accounts that Carmine was funding the Foundation with into my name. Money problems: Solved. All the others: Mounting.

I finally found enough time to do the Wayne autopsy. His killer wasn’t Bane. Bane was just the bagman. Poor slob. Whoever wanted Wayne dead really wanted him dead. Minor scratches had opened all his major and minor arteries in multiple places. Residue in the wounds suggestion possible poison, but the decomp is too far along to tell. He was also suffering from microscopic puncture wounds on most of his body. Particular focus was paid all the major organs. The only one excluded, possibly because of Bruce’s own actions, was the heart. The assailant missed. I feel a strange mixture of emotions looking at Bruce’s shattered form. Sadness. Regret. Anger. Hatred. It is hard to analyze why the Batman would cause such feeling with Jape yammering in my ear. I’ve take to letting him into my lab when I am there. It makes it easier to provide his serum. It also lets me keep track of him more easily. If he is with me, I know he isn’t out mucking up my plans.

He is however only one of several that is not privy to the link between Maxwell and myself. It is strange to think of my old life as a cover, but there it is. Not long after I finished up with the Batman autopsy the alarm to my office triggered in my ear. Just the one to my office. Sleeper was waiting for me. He seemed almost smug, but at least he was there to talk, and talk to me, not Maxwell. Recording our tawdry little back in forth would be tiresome. Simply put, I promised him the truth. No more killing. I assured him no more manipulating, which is manipulation in itself. I also, as he guessed it, shared my doubts about my identity. His information was solid, but information is cheap for men like us. I purchased quite a large amount of information from a Mr. Lunicci on a regular basis. I suspect however, that Sleeper had a more reliable source.

Two things troubled me about the encounter. One, Sleeper believes us to have been too subtle. I think he may be correct. My visage may be terrifying, but I think I may have been under utilizing my new found impersonation abilities. If perhaps I could find a way to make a form of smart materials that could also change with me. . . a Payne DNA powered solid state protoplasm derivative perhaps. Worth looking into. Two, Sleeper only set off one alarm, and he did so intentionally. Sixth and Trident is a former Wayne R&D building. I further upgraded the security with toys purchased from LexCorp, and then had my security consultant Mr. Monroe run through them all. To my knowledge he is the only man who could have gotten into my office without triggering the alarms. Perhaps Mr. Monroe is a little closer to Sleeper than I guessed. Something to ponder on.

More problematic is Brimstone. In a not so subtle way, the Batvangelist informed that he recognized my car as I beat a Falcone thug’s face into it. Maxwell’s car. Brimstone is about at sharp as a sack of wet hammers most of the time, but that actually makes him more dangerous. I’ll need a tighter leash for him. Perhaps the Denny girl, I’ll have my staff check on her.

The final indignity done to my city, was the stupid and pointless shadow game that Carmine and Black Mask decide to play. Half my city on fire or rioting as the two take shots at each other. What in the world ever possessed Carmine to pump Bane full of Venom and set him again Mask? I guess I’ll never know. I don’t even know what happened to Bane. By the time I had handled Croc Brimstone had come and gone, Falcone was dead, and Black Mask has control of my city. On the upside it will be easier to take the reigns when Mask falls now that the Falcone family is out of the way.

So much to keep track of, what am I forgetting? Oh yes, the glowing aura around Mr. Lunicci when he showed up to help my against Croc. It wasn’t natural. It looked supernatural, but then again, Croc had a similar aura fist. Questions up questions. Time will tell all.

Webisode - Episode 4: Ballistic

Goonight, MCU

The webisode starts with mayor Hamilton Hill sitting in the office of Commissioner Michael Akins’s office. The two are discussing current events in Gotham City, going back to the death of Batman, the Society of the Bat cleaning the streets of the villain criminals, and to the current death of Carmine Falcone.

“The public just isn’t behind Major Crimes anymore, Michael.”, Mayor Hill is saying.
“What will the public thinks when the Joker escapes and we don’t have a unit dedicated to his capture?”, Akins retorts.
“We’ll start a task force then. We don’t need a division dedicated to handling last year’s problems.”
“And what of James Gordon? The man is as loyal as they come.”

Hamilton Hill stands up, straightens his jacket, “Give him a gold watch and close the doors, Commissioner Akins. The vote passed, there isn’t any use debating it now.”

The Court and the Media

Joshua is sitting in the guest chair of The Scene, Vikki Vale’s hit talk show. He looks uncomfortable in the designer suit and stage makeup, and fidgets with his sleeves. Vikki is sitting across from him, but is looking the opposite direction talking to someone off camera. Joshua picks up the glass of water in front of him and takes a gulp. He closes his eyes for a second, trying to calm himself and then the set shuts down. All the lights flash out and everyone is left in total darkness. We can see Joshua sit up in his seat and the white mask of an Owl appear over his shoulder.

“Do not do this, Joshua. The Court has spoken.”

The lights come back up and the mask is gone. Joshua stands up and looks around. Vikki asks if he’s ok, but Joshua just unclips his lapel microphone and says, “I… I can’t do this.” and walks off stage.

A Chilly Reception

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – Eichlos]
The show cuts to the lobby of the Leviathan Building at the close of business. Dr. Matias Maxwell steps off his personal elevator, coat in hand. Before he can take more than a few steps there is the sound of rending metal and breaking glass. The camera pans around just in time to show a rage fueled Killer Croc smashing through the front doors. A quick cut to Matias face shows the doctor looking annoyed as he calmly states. “Mr. Jones there are easier ways to make an appointment.” Croc’s rebuttal is a lance of red energy from the ring glowing on his right hand. Maxwell calmly leans to one side. “Where is Vagabond?” The lizard-man growls charging in. An unmoving Matias removes a small remote from his pocket. With the click of a button blast shutters fall into place over all the windows and exits, quickly followed by whitish clouds billowing from the vents. Maxwell ducks Croc’s charge and the two enter into a circling dance of death. “You know Waylon, this trap wasn’t built for you.” Maxwell never breaks stride as he monologues. “This room is quickly filling with aerosolized liquid nitrogen. Even with your new toy I’d guess that you have maybe half a minute before your system shuts down from lack of heat.” Croc’s movements are noticeably sluggish. “It is over Waylon. Give it up.” Killer Croc’s response takes the form of a hardlight fist that knocks Dr. Maxwell across the room. There is the sound of rending metal and Croc saying, “This isn’t over.” as the shot fades out.

Clayface to Face

We see a distance shot of Arkham Asylum as the rain begins to pour down. Lightning cracks and the grounds are lit in brilliant light for a second. Outside the wall a form is moving, a fluid form of brown-grey mud slithers over the exterior wall and into the Arkham grounds. The camera cuts to inside of a cell and we see Basil Karlo sleeping in his cell. The muck we say outside comes rushing through cracks in the walls and seeps into the room. The mud assembles itself into a nine foot tall, roughly human shaped, creature.


Basil’s eyes flutter open, seeing the creature in his room. His mouth opens to scream but Clayface is too fast and pours himself into Basil’s mouth. The camera cuts to a close up of Basil’s wide eyes as he chokes to death on Clayface.

Brimstone meets Catwoman

The show cuts to the office of Thomas Stonehill, a onyx jaguar statue displayed prominently on his desk. The window to his office is cracked open and we see a leather gloved hand reach up and slide it open further. Catwoman slithers in and scans the room.

“This is too easy, Tommy.”
“Thomas isn’t here. It’s about to get a lot harder.” A grim voice comes from the shadows.
Catwoman purrs, “Tell me more about how much… harder… I’m going to make you?”
“Thats… Uh. No.”

Brimstone steps from the shadows and places a large hand on top of the statue. Catwoman lunges forward, trying to grab the jaguar from his grip, but Brimstone simply lifts the statue into the air. Catwoman ducks low and sweeps at Brimstone’s legs but the big man just stands there and takes the kick to his shin. Anger flares in his eyes for a moment and he throws the statue at the wall with all of his strength. The onyx jaguar shatters into millions of pieces and Catwoman gasps.

“Do you have any idea how much that was worth?!” she screams.
“It was a fake. Thomas is playing games with you.”

Catwoman flips to the window, perches for a second, and blows a kiss to Brimstone before falling backwards into the night.

Keeping the Peace

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – doomsquirrel718]
Delta is shown lurking just outside of Sheldon Park. He steps away from a payphone and starts taking pictures as two SUVs are being unloaded of the many gas tanks they have been carrying. As the group of people each take some gas tanks and begin walking towards the park a couple of grenades roll past their feet. There’s barely any chance to panic before the grenades start spewing smoke and tear gas. Delta grabs the first person stumbling into the open by his collar, punches him in the stomach, and slams him into his own vehicle.

“I don’t know what your game is, and I don’t care. Poison Ivy hasn’t been causing trouble for a long time. You tell whoever you are working for to stop agitating her or else I’m going to tell her where she can find the people responsible.”

“We’re… trying… to…” the man tries to explain as he gasps for the breath that’s been knocked out of him.

Delta swings his elbow and knocks the man to the ground as sirens begin to approach the park.

“Like I said, I don’t care what your reasons are.”

Delta then strolls back into the shadows as everyone else scrambles to get back in their vehicles leaving many of the gas tanks behind.

The Regrowth of Aparo Park

Next we see the burned ruin of Aparo Park. The camera pans around the charred grass and destroyed trees. As we watch, the grass begins to regrow green. Trees sprout and the always carefully groomed hedgemaze is slowly restoring itself. In the center of the park a figure starts to rise from the ground. Her scantly clad form spins slowly as she commands the park to rebuild itself. Poison Ivy blossoms from her vines and steps onto the hard dirt, around her feet flowers spread. She walks around for a moment before her eyes catch on a symbol scrawled into the ashes of the park walls. Ivy glares and speaks, “You will pay for this, pretender.” The camera cuts to reveal the symbol; a crudely sketched bat over a single word: “Brimstone”

Freeze’s New Recruit

Another shot of Arkham Asylum follows, this time during the day. We see a man walking up to the gates, his parka out of place in the spring air. The guards moves to stop him but he puts his hands up and stops.

“I’m just waiting for a friend. He’s being released today.”, Captain Cold says.

The guards look understandably nervous but don’t move any closer. After a few seconds we see a man walking from the front door with Dr. Hugo Strange. The two are chatting as they near Captain Cold.

“I’m very proud of you, Dr. Langstrom. Just remember to continue your medication and you should be fine.”
“Thank you, Hugo. I will.”
Then Strange notices Cold standing there, “What brings you to Arkham, Lenny? Come for some therapy?”
“I’m Kirk’s ride, and don’t call me Lenny. You haven’t earned that, Strange.”
Strange smiles and puts his hands up playfully. “Very well, Captain.” Then he turns to Kirk Langstrom and whispers. “I’m not sure if I approve of…”
Langstrom cuts him off. “You’re not my Warden anymore. I make my own decisions.”

Langstrom and Cold makes their way to a car parked nearby. They climb inside and Dr. Langstrom looks to Captain Cold.

“Do you have my formula?”
“Yes. Freeze has engineered it to be much less permanent. You can choose to be Man-Bat now.”
“Good. Then we have an agreement. Let’s clean up Gotham.”

South Channel Island’s Ice Park

Sirens are heard before as the black fades into the next scene. Squad cars pull up outside of South Channel Park where a handful of Black Mask’s goons have gathered. They turn towards the cops and try their best to look incredulous.

“Uh, whas da problam Officars?” Goon One asks.
“This park is undergoing beautification. You need to clear out.”
“This is, like, a public place. You can’t…” Goon two is cut off as an icy voice cuts through the air.
“This park belongs to Gotham City.” Victor Freeze steps from between to cops.
The goons, threatened, puff out their chests. “We work fer Mask. Ain’t no snowball gonna tell us what ta do.”
“Black Mask has no place here. Leave now or become part of the scenery.”
The thugs start laughing.
Freeze looks to the officers. “Permission?”
The cop nods.

Freeze lifts his gun and opens fire. His ice pours past the goons and into the park, forming into a gigantic ice rink. The goons, terrified of being frozen in place, bolt. Freeze continues to work, turning South Channel Park into a chillingly beautiful ice park. Twenty foot high ice sculptures adorns the four corners and a magnificent skating rink at the center. As Freeze finishes his work he turns back to the police. “I shall return once a week to refresh the park.” Then shakes hands with the officer.

Deadshot vs. Son of None

Next we see Son of None out on patrol. He’s leaping across when he sees the glint of red from a hotel window. He slows down to get a better look and see the barrel of a gun in the window. He changes course and starts scaling the fire-escape on the hotel. He manages to get to the window before shots are fired and throws himself through the glass into the sniper. Son of None slams into Deadshot and the two tumble to the ground. The two scramble to their feet and Deadshot looks at Son. “I didn’t know the Society was recruiting kids now.”

Son of None’s reply comes in the form of a fist, which Deadshot deftly dodges. This continues for a moment, Son of None throwing punches and kicks while Deadshot simply dodges every attempt. Finally, Deadshot sighs and slams a fist into Son’s knee. The shotgun shell attached to his glove goes off and tears through Son’s kneecap like its wet paper.

Son collapses onto the floor and Deadshot goes back to his window. He pulls the curtain aside and sighs. “I missed my window.” He turns and plants a boot into Son’s stomach. “Tell your masters that they are not welcome in Gotham City.” Followed by another kick. After a second, Deadshot also says. “And tell Cain that his ticket is mine.” Before leaving the room.

Son pulls the syringe the Court gave him from his pocket and jabs it into his thigh. He lays back as the bleeding slows and the scene fades out.

Under Wondertower

The base of Wondertower is curtained off and the National Guard is stationed at all the corners, entrances, and vantage points. To say the site is secure is an understatement. Then a Humvee pulls up outside and the guards go to work. Checking the passengers and manifest before letting it into the site. The camera cuts and inside the truck we see Justin Monroe sitting with Dr. Morrow.

“I’m confused. Is your device for the Earthquake or the Atlanteans?”
Thomas Morrow sighs. “Neither. Both. Whatever. It projects a temporal distortion field strong enough to cover all of Gotham’s islands for 24 hours.”
“So if we get hit with an Earthquake you’re just going to roll back time? How’s that going to help?”
“No, time won’t roll back. Time will be frozen. It can give the city more time. If we only have 48 hours warning before the earthquake my device can give us an extra 24 hours.”
“But it’s not going to be able to prevent anything?”
“No. What will happen will still happen, but this gives us a chance to save lives.”
“I still don’t get how this works…” Justin admits.
Thomas sighs again. “You don’t need to. I do and Checkmate trusts me.”

Jape’s Arrest

The webisode fades to black and we hear the Jape’s voice over the darkness.

“By the time I got to Grant Park, it was too late.”

The show cuts and we see dozens of men and women lying dead in the park. Everything is completely silent. The grass is a matted red sheet. The Jape stands there, the cuffs of his white suit stained red. Then blue light starts cutting across the scene. The sound of the police siren is muted, like it’s being heard through a hundred walls. Jape just stands there, looking at the blood.

“By the time I heard the sirens it was too late, but I tried anyway.”

Jape takes off running but two police officers run into the shot after him. Jape shoves some bushes out of his way and ducks past the “Warning: Electrocution!” signs. He throws open a panel of an electrical box and dives inside. The cops are right behind him and we see Renee Montoya follow after him.

“Why did it have to be her?”

Renee chases the Jape through the tunnels and into his lair. He skids to a stop and spins around on his heels. Renee comes up quick, pistol in hands, and points it at Jape’s chest. He raises his hands and lowers his head. Renee moves and pulls Jape’s hands behind his back. Again the far away sound returns as Renee reads Jape his rights.

“I must have wanted to be caught. Why else would I lead her here?”

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules The Night
Shaky writing in a damp notebook

The mime let Abbatoir drop just as I got up to the skylight. I would’ve jumped down and beat his fucking face in but the boys in blue kicked in the door just a moment later. Gordon was with them. I didn’t know he had abandoned his days as a deskrider. Just about then, The Jape let out this bloodcurdling laugh. It started out as a giggle, making his slim shoulders jump with mirth. But soon it stretched out into a fullbellied guffaw. It was impressive, you would think that he would stop to breathe but that he didn’t. When the laugh was finally tapped out Gordon got his wits together and asked Jape to freeze. Predictably he didn’t, He is damn fast. He would’ve gotten away if I didn’t have such a good vantagepoint. I had to bring him in. He was a murdurer now.

The Jape sure has some legs on him. He ran and ran. Darting from shadow to shadow. If he hadn’t finally stopped to catch his breath in a dark alley I probably would’ve lost him. I jumped down, silently and took up place behind the mime. He gave a start as I spoke to him. I told him he had two choices. Either he came with me willingly, to the police and turned himself in or I would knock him out and drag him there myself. Regaining his composure rather quick he demonstrably tapped his indexfinger against his chin. He screwed up his face in an exaggerated grimace of thought. He told me that he would take the second option. I hardly let him finish before I came at him. Damn that guy is fast, He jumped like a frog and danced past my fists. Luckily, he was more tired than I was. He caught a glancing blow to the temple and he reeled away from me. I moved in for the finish as a hand was clamped down on my shoulder. As I turned around to throw a punch I saw Sone of None. He deftly dodged under my blow and grabbed my arm. The next thing I remember is sailing through the air, Looking at an
upside down world. I flew across the street and landed in a heap of garbage. When I got up and shook the stars from my vision both of them where gone.

Head thumping, mouth tasting of blood I descided to look up Stonehill. The man owed me answers. I rolled up to Gotham Cathedral. The Cult had bought it and was in the middle of fixing the place up. After a short while I was let into Stonehill’s office. He was sitting behind a big desk, a ugly bucket sitting on the table next to him. Stonehill cut to the chase and started talking. Said the bucket was The Helm of Nabu. I could scarcely believe it. Dr Fate was always an enigmatic figure, even back in the Justice Leauge days. But if even half of what I head is true, then I must be really careful around Stonehill. I started questioning him. I needed to know who I could trust. I asked about the others, Jape included. Stonehill just fed me vauge fortune cookie phrases. For weilding phenomenal cosmic power that allowed him to see the future, supposedly, he was awfully unwilling to give me anything concrete. He hedged his answers in such a way as to leave me thinking that I can trust the other vigilantes, maybe. I asked about my parents. I asked why they had abandoned me. I got my answers. Bruce Wayne was Batman. I could not believe it. I need to look into it for confirmation. Then Stonehill had a question for me. He asked if I would be the First Prophet of the Bat. I gave it some thought, but I said yes.

Showed up for the meeting with Al Ghul’s contact. All of the others where there. Even Sleeper, he wasn’t dead after all. The contact was a slight woman, Called herself Lady Shiva. After some pleasantries she introduced The Leauges plan. Apparently the Society of Assasins plan consists of distabilizing Gotham’s underbelly enough so that they then can sit back and watch the city tear itself apart. Lady Shiva said that The Leauge’s plan consisted of centralizing power, thus avoiding open conflict in the underworld. She suggested that we, the vigilantes, should take down Black Mask and let Falcone take the crown. This plan was controversial to say the least. But the loudest detractor was Sleeper, He was dead set against handing the throne of Gotham over to a monster like Falcone. I admit, the prospect did not thrill me. Sleeper told us that he would have nothing to do with any plan involing leaving Gotham in the hands of a single criminal. I turned to leave. I wanted to leave, but I knew the plan could work. It probably will work. Feels dirty and wrong. I take solice in the fact that if this works it could be an end to organized crime in Gotham.

I forgot to sleep. If I don’t take care I might end up insomniac. There was another letter on the floor. From the Society of Assasins this time. Tahlia Al Ghul asked me to join her organization. She informed me that Ra’s has many stains on his soul. He was instrumental in the chain of events that lead to the death to Robin. None of this really surprised me. If anything it bumped Ra’s up a couple of holes on the list of priorities. But talk is cheap, I can only judge someone by their actions. Thus far the society wants to doom Gotham and I can’t have that.

My mind was still reeling. I had family out there. Not just allies of desperation or convenience. Real, honest to God, blood of my blood. I sat on the street, watching Gotham General. Trying to work up the courage to walk in there and ask for my mother. Emotions I thought I had lost surged around my head. Anger, fear, despair. I sat there for hours. It wasn’t untill Joshua walked up that I was snapped out of my reverie. I needed someone to talk to. So I talked. Joshua listened.


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