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Gotham Reborn

Son of None's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night?

My world is totally upside down.

Since the day of my father’s killing I have been dead set on enacting vengeance on the people who killed him. Until today I knew that was Carmine Falcone. He may not have pulled the trigger, but my father’s blood is on his hands. Now this file shows me that all of the evidence linking Falcone’s organization to the raid is less than circumstancial. Who the Hell has the juice to use Carmine Falcone as a fall guy?

The more I thought about that question, the more one thought kept sticking out in my mind. The court exists in shadow, they are the boogeymen. More than that, noone believes they even exist. They have the assassins. They can be anywhere at any time, but what’s the motive? In the grand scheme of Gotham law enforcement my dad wasn’t a big player. I’m not really a “big picture” kind of guy, but the court seems like they probably see the big picture more than anything else. Why some rank and file guy? Did he see something he shouldn’t have? Could it really be that simple? I have to find out.

I have a meet set with my handler. That is to say I’ve left post it notes around my room with questions for them, and the file is wide open on my desk. Hopefully that is enough to let them know that I want to talk. Hopefully they give two s about talking to me when I want to, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t.

I need to get out of here and get some air.

This has been the most ridiculous 36 hours of my life. The meet at the bank, then the society of assassins, Mirror House’s involvement in my father’s death, I don’t even know where to start with that lead.

While I was out I hapened to see two other vigilanties getting at it. Turns out good ole Brimstone decided that Jape needed to be in prison for some reason. Putting my owns feelings aside, Abbatoir was a freakin monster and he got what was coming to him whether he fell or jape dropped him. I decided to intervene because, killer or no, we are better off with Jape on the streets doing his thing. He(Jape) certainly seems to know what he’s doing.

After I hid my gear I returned home to another white mask in my corner. He gives me a note and tells me to open it later. Then he actually let me ask my questions and answered them all. I wish I could tell he if he was lying. Those damn masks. He told me that my father was nothing to the court. Fuck these people. I must have still had a lot of morphine in me when I agreed to be their work horse. He told me that the best info in the file (Looks like he was in my apartment long enough to read my file) was on Mirror House. He told me that Mirror House is some kind of traveling black market for antiques/oddities/Batman memorabilia. He also said that they aren’t planning on being in Gotham for several months to a year. I am so sick of these setbacks. I will find my father’s killer, and I will have my vengeance.

Before he left, he pointed to the note and said “Haley’s Circus. Find Brian Haley and show him the note.” I looked down at the was seal on the note and saw a stylized Owl’s head looking back at me. I looked up to ask where exactly the circus was at, and he was gone.

I popped the seal off carefully, opened the letter and saw my first assignment. I the typical chicken-scratch looking cursive hand writing it read. “Sharpen our new talon. In 72 hours he is to board our private jet at the hangar to be flown to his first assignment. his orders will await him on the plane.” I pulled out my dad’s old Zippo, melted a the back of the seal just a touch, and reattached the seal. Looks like I have a job to do…

This Haley guy is incredible. I have never seen someone who moves like he does. An amazing acrobat and a hell of a knife thrower. He’s also a slave driver. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I’ve also never learned so fast in my life. I don’t know what that court member shot me up with in the hospital, but it must have been something good. I trained for about 12 hours with Haley and I feel like I’d been working for a week. If this keeps up I may return what I “borrowed” from the GCPD. Then he opened the letter and gave me my marching orders. I asked if I should head straight to the hangar. He told me that the court’s time tables were best followed strictly, so I still had a day or so til I needed to report. I was pretty beat so I decided to head home and get some sleep.

Well, Looks like I have a roommate now. I was walking home from the circus when I ran into an old buddy of mine, Nate Adams. Well we would have been friends, but dad knew a lot more about Nate’s “extra curricular activities” than I did. I was forbidden from hanging out with Nate ever again. I really don’t want to dishonor the memory of my father, or to betray any of the lessons he taught me, but Nate looked like he’d been living on the streets. I had to weigh the instructions from my dad about Nate against letting someone I know live in homeless desperation. My dad will just have to forgive me. I hope he will…

Another night, another patrol downtown. I never thought I’d run into Sleeper again. He starts talking about my potential and the fact that I can do better than making deals with the league of shadows. What potential? I’ve never done anything bigger than stopping thugs from robbing a bank, and Brimstone really lead the way on that one. I end up in the hospital as often, if not more often, than the guys I’m trying to stop. I mean I have the phone number for the lead night shift ER Doc and they all know me by name. He talks about doing bigger things, better things, and really bringing stability to Gotham. The more he talks, the more I hear my dad. Talking about my potential, about everything I could do with my life. The Society of Assassin’s wants to kill the major crime bosses, the League of shadows wants to give one of them control of Gotham’s underworld, and the court is having me keep one of Falcone’s sons from being executed. What would my dad want me to do here? What would he think of me being an assassin? Sleeper is right. Whether I can pull it off or not, I should be fighting for the stability of Gotham. It’s what dad would have done. It’s what he lived for.

Like father, like Son.

Delta's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night
Out of the woodwork

My identity has been compromised. A letter using two of my most secretive names with an invitation to an abandoned bank, that could have easily been the last trap I’d walk into, was left in my car. But the facts weren’t pointing to a trap, so I took the chance. Inside was a file with photos showing Adam Arthur, a man I assumed had died with the rest of my team in that lab. Just when everyone was ready to leave; the image of a person calling himself Ra’s al Ghul, a man I recognized as someone the Grim Hounds were never able to learn a name for, appeared in the vault with us. All we were able to determine was his role as a highly ranked member of the League of Shadows.

After throwing on a disguise I pursued Arthur’s last known location, Arkham Asylum. His mind seemed to stabilize during our conversation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember any more about project Mantle than I could. He began talking about being able to do things and then being unable to. I took this as a sign his sanity was leaving him again and left him with his doctors. With any luck, whatever treatments they were giving him would improve his condition enough for him to cognitively maintain our secrets.

I was in the middle of digging up as much information about Arthur as I could when a man calling himself Silas Stone approached me. He was representing STAR Labs in an investigation of a rogue office operating in Gotham, and he was ready to believe that I was a subject for illegal experiments within their facility. I had questions, and STAR labs has always been completely cooperative with Grim Hounds, but I wasn’t about to give Silas Stone any clues until I could learn more about him. That’s twice my identity has been compromised, and if Arthur’s condition made him start revealing information, it would make acting covertly that much more difficult.

Another letter was delivered to me from the League of Shadows. This one requested a return to the bank for some kind of meeting. Many of Gotham’s most active new vigilantes were there. A woman calling herself Lady Shiva warned us of a group called the Society of Assassins and their intentions to destabilize Gotham in their first step towards it’s complete destruction. Several of us agreed to cooperate with the League, but everyone wasted all of their time arguing about which way to go, how to go about it, and how to convince those who left to assist. I left them to figure it out themselves. Managing the crime lords can be their problem. If the Society wants Gotham destroyed, they’re the ones who need to be pursued. At least for as long as I need Gotham in one piece.

When I returned, there was a letter waiting for me once again. This one was from the society themselves warning me against working with the league. It made several claims about the League’s misguided motivations. None of it important except for possible confirmation that Ra’s al Ghul was, in fact, the league’s leader. More importantly, my identity had been compromised for a third time. Disappearing from Gotham and approaching from a different unseen direction should probably be my next move, but I can’t abandon the progress I’ve made towards completing my mission

I was approached by Justin Munroe, a man I helped out of an ambush back when I was considered alive. He wanted my help replacing some blueprints, but not before he shared a file with me about the day his team died. It revealed an adjacent operation being executed by Task Force X against the League of Shadows, and it showed a picture of a body that looked very similar to Justin’s along with the official declaration of his KIA status. Knowing he was falsely declared dead intentionally makes me very worried. If the same was done to me, whoever betrayed our mission when I was captured could possibly be aware of my activities.

I couldn’t help Justin learn more about the day his team was ambushed, but trading that information for help with the blueprint swap was more than fair. Infiltrating the office was easy enough, but it created a dilemma when I realized Justin’s movements, hand signals, and verbal cues were perfectly identical to those Sleeper uses. If I didn’t tell him, he would surely be exposed if any of his old SWAT buddies ever observed him; but if I did tell him, I would be revealing my use of the Delta persona. I decided it would be better to reveal my identity to Justin. He is far too useful of an ally, now more than ever knowing he is Sleeper. At least this fourth time, I would know how and why my identity was compromised.

Jape's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night
Uneven Ground

Too much is happening, too quickly. It’s easy to pretend, in the moment, that it’s not overwhelming, but at times like this it’s only by writing it down can I make it fit together in a way that’s easy to grasp.

I escaped the police, as expected, and immediately found out that their attention was the least of my problems. A secret group with an incredible interest in securing my loyalty made contact three times, offering me a taste of my old life.

They can suppress the damage. I confirmed at least part of this with the doctor before I tried it, and it works. The neurological and nerve damage both seem to fade: facial muscles relax, the involuntary tightening of the throat muscles, and even the damned giggling.

It only lasts a while, but another doctor has the facilities and drive to make more. He’s got one hell of a reputation, but he also recently confirmed that he is Vagabond. This makes him, perhaps, the most insane person I’ve chosen to align myself with.

I say perhaps because, honestly, I don’t know if I have it in me to distance myself from Harley Quinn. Her obsession with the Joker is as sickening, literally, as ever and after spending so much time alone with him it seems like she is back to seeing the world almost entirely through his eyes. Or what she thinks he sees.

It turns out the rumors are true, though, and he’s become a pathetic mope. That almost balanced seeing her just as bad as I’ve ever heard.

I got into a physical confrontation with another vigilante, Brimstone, but the appearance of Son of None allowed me to slip away before things got out of hand. The death of Abattoir is going to continue to cause me problems, and this was just the second striking of that particular clock.

So much video to work through, I can’t write much longer.

I’m working with this League, hoping to take down Black Mask before a war breaks out, and not everyone is happy with the idea. I don’t mind Falcone in power over Mask, even if I want them both cowering in their penthouse suites, because it collapses the power structure into a neat little pyramid… but not everyone sees it that way.

We all have different agendas, and as long as the focus is allowing Gotham to sleep well while its criminals are up with night terrors? I don’t care too much about who agrees with who.

Something else, something interesting in a way I have trouble pinning down has happened. Mr. Freeze, the doctor, has a plan for putting the most unrepentant and dangerous criminals of Gotham away for extended periods.

No more killing. No more terror. Just locked down, unable to escape or even think of escape.

And he wanted me, Jackson, to help. I’ve signed on. This is something I can do, as myself rather than the Jape. That’s new, and in many ways more important than getting my face back. Maybe. That sounds crazy.

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night
Council of Fools

I don’t like people calling me. No. I really don’t like people calling me. No one has my number. The list of people who have my number is so short that I can list it in order: my secretary, Carmine Falcone, Oswald Cobblepot, and Hugo Strange. When my phone starts ringing and the number isn’t one of those four I get upset.

The unlucky soul calling me had the fortunate distinction of being a man I actually once wanted to talk to. He introduced himself as Jackson Singletary. It took me a moment to place him, but then it came back to me. He was the cop who survived Joker Venom. I remember trying to contact him not long after he survived. Imagine my surprise when he proceeded to ask for my help and then send me the antidote to Joker Venom.

Two thoughts crossed my mind. One, if I could use this formula as a basis for a cure for Joker Venom, I would never have to worry about funding ever again. Two, there was no way that Mr. Singletary just stumbled upon this. He said that a friend had given it to him. I only know of one game in town giving out magic boxes to special people, and that is the League. But who is Singletary. I had hunch now but only a hunch.

The rest of my day was spent in my private lab on Sub-Level 2 preparing lab space for production of the Joker Venom Antidote. My plans for the evening changed however when I received another letter from the League.

I wasn’t hugely surprised to find that all the other major players on Gotham’s vigilante stage appeared. I was annoyed to find that al Ghul has sent his lieutenant to deal with us. I pushed her just to see how she would respond. Her arrogance wouldn’t let her acknowledge my quip. A supremely dangerous foe.

The conversation that resulted from the meeting was much as I expected, fruitless. Black Mask and Falcone need removed. Ra’s lieutenant counseled us to leave Falcone. I could see Son of None itching to disagree. I did for him. I gave my alternative, put me in their place. Sleeper objected, as I knew he would. Though I had four of them on my side when we left, I know he will turn their heads, and it will come down to me to do what must be done.

That is the problem with my companions. They are in their own ways idealistic. With the exception of possibly Delta (who I don’t trust as he is a mercenary), all of them believe on some level that Gotham can be rid of crime. They think that my suggestion is just a cheap grab for power. Short sighted fools. I am simply trying to fill a role left by the Batman. For all his merits he was the king of Gotham’s underworld. The fear of him kept the rest of the underworld in line. Someone who doesn’t want or need the power must take up that mantle and keep the mob from descending into chaos.

I have all the money and power I could need with the Foundation at my beck and call. I need alleys. We all need a force of fear keeping the mob in line. An individual who can move all the pieces into place and keep any one mob boss from having too much power. Of the group, I’m the only one who meets those criteria. I am going to have to give them a reason to trust me, or if nothing else give them a weapon to use against me.

These where the thoughts on my mind as I sat in my office and discovered a new icon on my desktop. I almost deleted it. Part of me wishes I had. The Oracle was on the other end and he has put me in a very difficult position. I now know what he needed. He needed a doctor to examine Batman’s—Bruce Wayne’s—body. It would seem Bane had help. The catch however for all of the information and power Mr. Kyle could give me is that I’m not to kill anyone.

Now, as a medical professional I would like to point out how extremely cruel this is to the the thugs of Gotham. Killing them puts out of their misery. The men and women my fellow vigilantes leave behind, particularly Brimstone, will likely spend the rest of their lives eating from feeding tubes. But if Oracle wants to add to my cruelty, then so be it. I’ll play his game for now.

Oracle’s hint lead me to the old Ace Chemical’s plant. I must admit I may have been a little impatient with the workers there. I don’t make it a habit to let my real face be shown in connection with my public persona. In the end the fact the Victor saw this little trick may have saved me time. He was unsurprisingly cold and mostly unhelpful. He did however suggest I speak with his head of security, Jackson Singletary.

I picked up Mr. Singletary in Grant. I told him that I may be able to help him, but I needed to know what Freeze was up to. Imagine my shock when he informed me that Victor intended to cryogenicly freeze Gotham’s problems. The solution to my new No Killing rule had just presented itself.

Something came up however. Singletary laughed as he told me of a special cryo-tube made for the Joker. I knew that laugh. I had heard it come from behind a white mask not a few nights before. I drove to Sixth and Trident and took us into my sanctum and confronted him. Let us say that the Jape and I now have an understanding.

Something Goes Wrong
Something has gone horrible wrong or horribly right. I have to determine which. On the one hand the possible uses for Clayface DNA have increased one-hundred fold. On the other, the Proteus—the Master Proteus from which all the Foundation’s units are based—is destroyed. I can easily continue production of protoplasm on the floors above, the issue is the cause of the Proteus’s destruction.

The Proteus was designed to only spray an individual with protoplasm. My clients tend to think that the entire tank will fill with the stuff. This isn’t the case. Even with the most extreme case I have ever treated with it, that being myself, it simply coats an individual with protoplasm. The tank wasn’t designed to be filled.

I stepped into the unit like usual and waited for the spray to begin. This time however the nozzles burst and the tank began to fill. Even as I tried to pry open the doors I enjoyed the irony of my lifesaving technology trying to kill me. A year ago this would have not been a problem. A year ago an emergency stop handle existed in all of the units. Clients however tended to pull the lever as soon as the process started, so I had them removed from all them, including my own so that it wouldn’t stand out.

As quickly as the tank was filling I knew I would maybe have four minutes of air once the tank filled. Four minutes is not the long when you are being smothered by liquid flesh. I fought against it as long as I could but my natural reaction finally took over. Reflexively my mouth opened and drew protoplasm into my lungs. Darkness took me.

An unknown time later I woke up naked and fleshed on my lab floor. I could, can, feel the protoplasm worming its way into me, establishing deeper connections with my system. It feels like worms eating their way through mud. After testing Clayface’s DNA I had no more left than a thumb’s worth. With that I managed to gain a connection between the protoplasm and the users nervous system. In my case this allowed for control of my facial features.

This, this is something more. Much more even than my theory of possible limb regrowth. I removed a small patch from the back of my hand to do a biopsy on. It grew back in minutes, welling up as grey slime from my exposed muscle tissue. The tests have confirmed what I suspected. Not only is the DNA of the three Clayface’s present, but also my own. Whatever this new batch of protoplasm is, it is bonding with my system and that was with just a thumb’s worth. I can hardly comprehend what will be possible once I draw Cassius out of hiding.

Webisode - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night

Editors Note: I’ve been using way too many Agendas to write a scene for all of them. From now on, I’ll pick ten Agendas for each Webisode. If players want to contribute additional scenes they are welcome to, but I don’t want to spend more time writing Webisodes than I do writing Episodes.

In the Crosshairs I: Black Mask

The show starts with Vagabond playing hobo in an alleyway somewhere in Gotham. When the door next to him opens it’s not a surprise to see Black Mask’s thugs step out. Vagabond starts to pull himself to his feet when Mask himself steps through the door. Vagabond legitimately stumbles from the surprise, Mask wasn’t suppose to be here tonight. The motion catches Black Mask’s eye and he tells one of his men to dispose of the vagrant. As the man draws close to Vagabond a figure drops from the rooftops and a spout of blood erupts from one of Black Mask’s guards. The guard approaching Vagabond stops and our vigilante takes the opening. A solid blow to the goon’s head and he tumbles down. Vagabond, seeing an opportunity, goes for Mask’s throat. But this would-be assassin beats him to it. Refusing to let his prey fall to any other hands, Vagabond turns his attention on the assassin. A choke-hold he picked up from watching video of Sleeper comes in handy as Vagabond has the drop on the assassin. By the time he’s wrestled the man unconscious, Black Mask has already escaped. Vagabond looks down and sees an insigina on the man’s black jacket.


Kyptonite Conflicts

This cuts to a shot of St. Mary’s Park and Kord Industries’ excavation of the site. It’s night and we see a half-dozen men in ski-masks jumping the fence. They slide down the sides of the pit and start grabbing up glowing green rocks. Each fills two duffle bags with Kyptonite before climbing back out of the pit. Back on the street they throw the bags into the back of an SUV and drive off into the night. The camera cuts and we see the same SUV pull up outside of Ace Chemicals. This time, six men in suits climb out of the truck carrying the same dufflebags. The scene cuts as the men walk towards the front door.

Quinn’s Park Bid

The screen holds on black and we hear the voice of Harley Quinn. “More banners!” she cries. The scene fades in and we see Quinn directing a dozen clown-faced goons. They men fill balloons, hang banners, and are decorating Amusement Mile for some macabre Welcome Home party for the Joker. Suddenly, one of the men is grabbed from the shadows. Then another. The others quickly grab pipes and bats and begin moving towards an open spot in the park. From the shadows steps Sleeper, “Run.” A couple of the thugs bolt and Sleeper lets them. The rest close on him and a few punches later only Sleeper and Harley are left standing there. “No parties, Quinn.”, Sleeper says before the scene fades out.

In the Crosshairs II: Carmine Falcone

Next we see Carmine Falcone sitting at his favorite restaurant having dinner. An enforcer sits across from him, not eating but watching intently. As he takes a drink of wine two men, glad in black, come crashing through the front window. They both climb to their feet and begin exchanging blows. Carmine’s enforcer pulls a gun, which one of the men grabs out of his hands. The armed man shoots the other in the leg and spins to point the gun at Falcone. Sleeper speaks, softly but intensely, “Do not mistake my actions, Carmine Falcone. You will pay for your crimes, but not like this.” Sleeper dismantles the gun in a fluid motion and tosses the parts onto the ground. He walks over to the body and tears a small insignia from the bloody assassin’s jacket.


GPCD Investigations

The webisode cuts to a montage, numerous Gotham City media officials are all talking about the same thing: GCPD. Comments about them being corrupt and inefficient. There seems to be a lot of talk about MCU’s role in a Post-Batman world. A few even bring up Jim Gordon’s semi-retirement and recent vacation. Some question if MCU’s Captain even cares about the city anymore. Critics shout for Gordon’s resignation while others decry Commissioner Akins. Eventually, the montage stops with a long clip from Jack Ryder’s video blog. Ryder is sitting in an high-backed leather chair in a sitting room, complete with fireplace and antique globe. “It seems like many people have forgot about how the Major Crime Unit was started. Originally, a task force dedicated to capturing the masked vigilante, Batman, it quickly grew into GCPD’s way of tackling the costumed foes. Now we live in a Post-Batman Gotham. Did you know it’s been over four-hundred days since the last Joker attack? If you think there is still a place in Gotham City for the Major Crimes Unit, you are wrong.”

Two-Face Strikes Back

The webisode cuts to the exterior of Brian Denny’s home. A quick cut to the interior and we see Brian and his wife hanging a “Welcome Home, Emily!” banner in the entry way. The door opens and and eight year old girl comes running into the house. Brian and his wife hug the girl and the scene fades. We then see Emily fast asleep in her bed as the camera pans up to show a shadowed figure standing in a corner. Another cut and Emily’s bed is empty, a note left on her pillow. “I have taken your daughter. I want no ransom. You will never see her again. You should have never crossed me.” On the bottom of the page is a crude drawing of a Bat with a harsh line scrawled diagonally across it.

In the Crosshairs III: Mario Falcone

The next scene starts with the following text across the bottom of the screen: “Catania, Sicily” and we see a private jet landing at an airfield. From inside, Joshua Freeman emerges but the scene cuts and we see Joshua dressed as Son of None. He pulls a note from his pocket that reads: “We expect the Hitman to be positioned at the intersection of Via Reggio and Via Giovanni di Prima. He will be waiting for Mario to leave his hotel. Stop the assassin at all costs. -The Court.” Son of None tucks the paper back into his pocket and stands up. He runs, leaping from the roof he’s on across an alleyway. His boots break the glass and he lands hard inside a dark room. He uses his momentum to start a run and shoulders the door in front of him open. A man in black gear is standing up from his position over a sniper rifle but Son of None just keeps running. The two go crashing out of the window the man was looking from and tumble to the street below. As Son of None pulls himself to his feet he notices the assassin’s insignia.


The show cuts to a computer screen where we see a terminal running a command.
_ Init OracleBreach
→ OracleBreach Activated, 0%;
→ OracleBreach 10%
→ OracleBreach 25%
→ OracleBreach 50%
→ OracleBreach 80%
→ OracleBreach 95%
→ OracleBreach Complete.
_ Access OracleNet
A video fills the screen, another overly close up view of The Jape’s grin. There is a second of uncomfortable silence before he says “Hi again.” and chuckles a little bit. The camera pans up to Jape’s eyes and he winks at the camera before the video ends. From off screen we hear the same oddly digitized voice from last week, “How is this even possible?! How did he beat me to Oracle’s system?! You’re making a very dangerous enemy, Jape…”

Queen vs. Guns

The show cuts to another news report, this time it’s Summer Gleeson on scene. She’s on a hill overlooking the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant as a plume of smoke rises into the sky. Summer is giving a rundown of the events that have transpired.
“… attack on the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant leaving many Gothamites without proper waste disposal. For those just tuning in, there has been an attack on the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant. While there has been speculation that this might be a terrorist attack, GCPD as assured us that the attack was domestic and likely part of an organized crime retaliation for… Hold on, it seems that Commissioner Akins is about to hold a press conference. We’ll go there now.”
The scene cuts to Commissioner Akins standing in front of a podium addressing the crowd, already mid-speech.
“… City is safe and this is not the work of a terrorist organization. Among the wreckage we found signs of a firearms smuggling operation and we believe that these guns were about to make their way onto the streets of our City. The current investigation is looking at this as an organized crime rivlary and we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure this event isn’t the start of anything larger.”

In the Crosshairs IV: Alberto Falcone

Finally, we see the final shots of Episode Three again. Alberto Falcone sitting at home, reading a paper, all through the lens of a scope. The camera pulls back and we see the legendary assassin David Cain holding a sniper rifle. Cain’s finger pulls down on the trigger… but Alberto’s cellphone rings. Cain pushes on an ear piece and we hear Alberto’s call.
“You’re being targeted by an assassin right now, Alberto.”, comes the voice of Justin Monroe.
Cain stops listening and stands up. His position compromised, he’ll wait for another opening to finish his mission. He packs his rifle calmly and turns to leave. We catch a glimpse at an insignia on his jacket, the same one we’ve seen repeated over and over.


As the camera tracks to follow him, we see another man standing in the doorway.
“I’m not going to let your Society work in this city.”, the shadowed figure says.
“Who are you?”, Cain inquires stoically.
“I’m Justin Monroe. Tell your people. I’ll be watching for you.”
Then the screen cuts to black.

Sleeper's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Monday, xx/xx

Picked up supplies in town. Chat with Officer Briggs about the Abattoir murder told me some important things, not just about the case but about how we were handling it. Handling ourselves. Theatrics are important for more than the message they send to the thugs and the hope that they (ideally) give to the common man. Theatrics let the cops know who we are and what we’re doing, so they don’t waste time investigating in the wrong direction.

Spent most of the day working on new rig. Kept to dark shades but added some color. Always liked blue, plus it’s a little throwback to the old GCPD days. Black bodysuit with dark blue armor plating on the left shoulder and down the left arm. Lightweight kevlar plating (also blue) across torso, front of legs. Kept the black boots. Can’t beat a classic. Little bit of a Nightwing look from the color scheme, but rig make-up is totally different. Shouldn’t get confused for a fanboy more than once.

Hiding face was a little trickier. Kept balaclava, but only for now. No style, but couldn’t come up with a helmet on short notice that had good visibility. Considered domino mask, but not enough cover and absolutely no protection. Maybe a custom-built motorcycle helmet. Should be able to order online. Won’t be too expensive, but custom-made ain’t cheap. Black with blue. Will shop later. Remember: can’t be glossy. Matte colors.

Thought about cape, but decided against it. Too much of a liability in terms of combat and would likely get snagged all the time. Went with a tear-away hooded tactical cloak instead. Should help to break up my form and make stealth a little easier, and can easily be removed in a hurry. Not too long, only comes down to the knees. Went with black, dark blue streaks to break up the pattern.

Around 1800, loaded up the zodiac and headed into Gotham to give new rig a spin. Geared up and went looking for trouble. Found some without much difficulty. Liquor store robbery. Lacks glamor, but just a test run. Took first two down with no issue, disarmed third and let him get a few swings in to test armor. It’s adequate. Range of motion good, protection moderate. My hand to hand needs work. Shoulder is sore as shit. Bruised bad.

Need new weapons, or at least customizations. More non-lethal options preferred, and a hand to hand option besides my fists. Might consider eskrima sticks, but comparison to Nightwing would then be unavoidable. Maybe a sword? I always liked swords. Not great for nonlethal, though.

Tomorrow, need to head to MCU. Gotta pass off that message from Dr. Maxwell to Sleeper, but need a third party. Would consider Bullock, but he always hated vigilantes. He isn’t likely to volunteer to play messenger to one. Maybe Gordon can make a suggestion, or might we willing to play middleman himself. I’ll feel him out. All else fails I can just show up as Sleeper and ask Matias what the hell he wants myself.

Note to self: buy more pain killers. Something stronger than over the counter.

Tuesday, xx/xx

Trip to MCU went about how I expected it. Gordon asked if I was there to sign up again. Accidentally called him Commissioner twice, but he didn’t seem to take it as an insult. Apologized both times. Old habits die hard.

Gordon was hesitant to commit to being able to pass on a message to Sleeper. Told him the truth – knew Dr. Maxwell from contract work, and he asked if I might know a way to get in touch with Sleeper. Told him I’d try, and this was me trying. Gordon hedged his bets. Gave me the “it is the official policy of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit not to cooperate with vigilantes” line, but I asked him to keep it in mind, just in case an opportunity came up. Not holding my breath.

Didn’t bother asking Bullock, but I brought him half a dozen doughnuts from his favorite shop across town. Never hurts to have brownie points with an influential cop. Bullock is a hot head but generally his heart is in the right place. Decent guy.

Will give it a day or two, then maybe ask Montoya. Heard rumors that she has connections with some of the new vigilantes. She doesn’t know Sleeper, but maybe she can put the word out. Give me a good excuse to introduce myself to her, and get the message through that way. Failing that, will just show up myself and be vague. Maybe use disposable cell.

A few beat guys talking about a rumor of some big shot coming into town. Hired gun, professional. Lots of speculation on who hired him. Leading candidate is Falcone. Leading candidate is always Falcone. Will have to look into it, and maybe figure out who pissed off Carmine more than usual. Apparently this guy doesn’t come cheap.

Been putting off going through the file from al Ghul. Not sure I’m ready for what it might tell me. I never really questioned why we were sent out, but there was something about that op that always bugged me. A little too skinny on the information, and a little too heavy on the enemy ambush.

That’s the thing about ghosts. They don’t go away until you exorcise them.

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains
Questions on top of Questions?

I knew after just a few moments that this Ra’s al Ghul couldn’t be in the room with us. It wasn’t because I know the Narrows inside and out. It wasn’t because I knew that we had come from the only entrance. It was because any man who could offer me what I thought he had just given me, wouldn’t be stupid enough to trap himself in a room with three dangerous men.

Ra’s claim that the gifts came with no strings attached was an obvious falsehood. Even if he didn’t move against us, no man give away such power for free. Even from the brief encounter with Mr. al Ghul I can tell we are men of similar attitudes.

A brief time in my lab confirmed my suspicions. The material in the vial was Clayface DNA. Which Clayface is hard to say. The sample came from Cassius Payne, son of Preston Payne & Sandra Fuller (their DNA markers were logged in Arkham’s database). The oddity is that their DNA was also present. Due to the malleable nature of both individuals and the sample, I can only surmise that Preston and Sandra aren’t going to be a problem for anyone anymore. Cassius on the other hand would be a real monster. And I don’t like uncontrolled monsters in my city.

I took little effort to incorporate certain properties into my newest batch of protoplasm. Thanks to Mr. al Ghul my protoplasm bonds with me nervous system allowing me to remap the external features as needed. I also theorize, though I wouldn’t want to test it, that it could be used to regrow lost limbs in an emergency. I do not wish to test this theory however.

Only Brimstone showed for the meeting. Where Sleeper is, the Fates only know. If I’m lucky he isn’t off harassing Cobblepot. I was surprised to find the Brimstone had actually discovered Abattoir’s childhood home. It was in the Narrows. I should have known. It wouldn’t take much for me to locate the building.

Before we could leave the the Clown sprang out of the dark. I’ve seen the Jape before. Never had much reason to work with him, but like every other ne’er-do-well we’ve met. Believe me, I would be lying through my crooked teeth if I claimed I saw the information have gave us coming. It seems Abattoir abducted young Joshua Freeman. The boy is a waste of potential, but last time I checked that isn’t a reason to kill a man.

It didn’t take long for me to lead the two to the building. I cleared out any bystanders with a quick bribe. Hiding among the hobos of this city has shown me how easy it is to get them to move. We would have been up to the scene of the crime in progress sooner but the Clown is apparently anal retentive. I generally don’t like to get hands on with the muscle but it took me physically dragging him up and away from a spot of dirt to keep him going.

I let Brimstone kick the door in. I stopped him from plowing in like a bull in a china shop. It took little more than a few words to put the Jape’s inquisitive nature to use. He was a little more direct in removing the boy from machine than I would have liked but it got the job done. It came down to me to bind the boy’s wounds. As I hadn’t planned on healing that night I had to make do with what I had. Protoplasm is marvelous stuff, but I don’t like to spread around the fact that I have it. For one it would be easy enough for people to connect it back to my cover identity, and for another, peeling it off my own body to use as bindings hurt like hell.

My night it seemed wasn’t over. Not but a few moments after reassuming the mantle of Dr. Maxwell, someone hacked my system. That someone claimed to be Oracle. Last time I checked Oracle was a myth, some kind of hyper aware individual and ally of the Batman. She it seemed, is quiet real. And she needed my help. But of course like all good information brokers, she needed proof that she could trust me.

My test was to retrieve the files of Thomas Elliot. I knew Elliot from when we were in school. He was a little arrogant and very driven. A man I could respect. It was simple enough to retrieve his files from Gotham General. It seems that several months back Elliot returned to Gotham and then a few months later he drops off the radar. . . on the same night I was burned. . .

Oracle provided me with a warning that LexCorp was going to try and take my building back. It is one of them most wonderful feelings to catch a lawyer flatfooted. He fed me the usual lines of bullshit that I have come to expect from LexCorp lawyers. He did however provide me with a new location to consider. It didn’t take much considering. The Leviathan building, located at the corner of 6th and Trident, is well known. It was Wayne Tech R & D before Luthor purchased the building and mothballed it. It being Wayne Tech R & D was enough to make the sale.

As if my day hadn’t been trying enough not long after I shed the disguise of Maxwell one of my informants from the Narrows revealed the Brimstone was looking for me. I met him at one of my prearranged traps in the Narrows. He was as blunt as ever. I played him like a cheap violin, with harsh notes and a lot of force. There was time when I would have been the first person to help a poor little girl, but I have city to save. I can’t go wasting my time on every sob story. So I pushed him. I pushed everyone one of his buttons, just to see how much it would take before he broke. It took a lot less than I would have thought. The pit I had prepared only took applied pressure in the right location to trigger. I dropped him into a rats nest of bedding and rusted springs.

In the morning I sent some of my best doctors to see to the little girl. It wasn’t that I cared what happened to her. Honest. I just need the PR boost, because if my gut is right, I’m going to do a lot of terrible things soon and I’ll need the people on my side when I do it.

I was slow catching up with Abattoir. I blame all the other concerns pressing down on me. Imagine my surprise at finding the GCPD had already beaten me there. It didn’t take much to slip around the side of the factory and watch through a busted window as the Jape let Abattoir fall to his death in molten metal. I have to say I didn’t think the Clown had it in him. If nothing else, the potential guilt from his actions will be a useful tool to twist him with.

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains
Spindly text written on the back of a cereal box

I don’t trust this Ras’ fellow. But he knows too much. I might have no choice in
taking his side in this war of his. Remember to investigate further. Gift was strange enough though. Small leather adressbook. It contained way to much private information of a group who call themselves “The Cult of the Bat.” However Ra’s came upon all of this it’s safe to say that he could wipe the cult out if he so wished. So why give away all of it? So many questions. Vagabond got some sort of vial. Whatever it is, he seemed mighty impressed when he read the lable. Could be bad. Sleeper got a stack of papers. Must’ve been important to him. Didn’t see him for a while after that night.

I don’t trust this Thomas Stonehill. He knows too much. Book said he was the leader of the cult. I followed him to a meeting. about 50-60 people maybe. Rented out an old AA basement for the congregation. Not that well lit. Had a spotlight on a small podium where Stonehill stood and preached. I snuck in the back. Then Stonehill pointed directly at me. How did he know I was there? He told his congregation that I was the first prophet of The Bat and that I was going to write the Prophesy of Brimstone. I stood there as all those eyes turned against me. It was an uncomfortable feeling, to be seen by so many. After what felt like an eternity Stonehill bad his congregation to depart. Was it hope I saw on their faces as they passed me by? Left in the room as only me and Stonehill. He came up to me and said he was happy I had come. I didn’t respond. After a while Stonehill continued. Said that he knew much about me Who I was, Where I came from, Who my parents where. My heart jumped when he mentioned my parents. My thoughts where in complete disarray. I wanted to ask, to scream, to beg of him to tell me what
he knew but I couldn’t speak. The silence between us was unbearable untill finally Stonehill started to speak. He wanted me to look into a man named Brian Denny. Said he would rob a bank if I didn’t stop him. I was still reeling from the shock of it all. I told Stonehill I would look into it.

I don’t trust the Jape. Met up with Vagabond at the Parkinglot. To talk about the Abattoir case. Wheren’t alone though. Creepy little giggle shot through the dark. My breath caught. Out of the shadows a whiteclad figure emerged. Called himself The Jape. He spooked me bad. He told us that Joshua Freeman had been kidnapped by Abattoir.The name rang a bell. I used to hang out with that guy back in highschool. His father wouldn’t have none of it though. Father was a cop, didn’t want his kid catching dirt off me I suppose. My research into Abattoir had revealed that he was born and bred in the narrows. School records, street was unfamilliar though. As many times as the place had burned down and been shoddily rebuilt it wasn’t a surprise. Vagabond said he knew the place though. All of us set of.

Building had seen better decades. A couple of tramps occupied the groundfloor. Vagabond convinced them to leave. We stared to search. The mime was slow. Had a hardon for looking in every nook and cranny. Vagabond and him had alittle talk. didn’t pay too close attention but Jape hurried up after that. Finally we found Joshua. Abattoir had left him in some infernal bladed contraption. First instinct was to smash it, Jape said no. Said finesse was called for. Just in the nick of time he kicked the legs from the table. Joshua will live, but he might wish he hadn’t. Tons of blades was roughly janked out of his flesh.
He will probably be scarred.

Looked into Brian Denny. Had a suburban house. Brian was not home when I looked in. Meeting up with his co-conspiritors? found a woman sleeping in the master bedroom. Assumed she was Brian’s wife. Looked into Brians finances. Found invoces from Gotham General. Denny’s daughter was sick, Very sick. They needed money, fast. Brian came home the next evening. They probably alternated who stayed at the hospital with their sick child. I felt like such an asshole, but I had no choice. I let him sleep alittle before I made myself known. He sat up like a shot when I called his name. He tried to put on a tough act, but his words died in his throat when he saw me. I gave it to him straight. I told him that if he robbed that bank I would have no choice but to hunt him down and hand him over to the police. The man was speechless and scared, just like anyone would be. I gave him my well wished, for whatever they are worth and left him. My heart thumping and my mind ablaze. He didn’t deserve this, no one does. I needed advice, I needed to know I did the right thing.

I met up with Vagabond on a rooftop in The Narrows. I told him about Denny, about his little girl, about what
I had done. His eyes where cold when he turned to me. He said he might be able to help. I felt cold. The scumbag asked me why he should help this girl. Revulsion clawed it’s way up my thoat and I felt my bestial fury rise. Had that little girl scarred his face? Was she responsible for all the shit smothering Gothams soul? Vagabond got up, right in my face. His eyes where as ice. He told me that he was going to save this city, He couldn’t waste his precious resources on just one little girl. My will broke and I came out swinging. I was filled with Righteous fury. I was going to make him do his duty as a servant of Justice or I would throw him off this building myself! The Scumbag deftly avoided my blows and jumped back. He threw his fist against the rooftop and it shattered under my feet. When I got back up there he was gone. I later found out that Matias Maxwell, the man who runs the Fresh Face Foundation had picked up the Denny’s hospital tab. There might still be good in Vagabond but it seems my faith in him was missplaced. I can’t trust Vagabond anymore.

Continued on the Abattoir case on my own. Tracked the killer to Gotham Steel Refinery. But I was too late. Though a skylight I saw how The Jape let Abattoir fall to his death. there is nothing left but to bring that giggling chucklefuck to Justice.

The camera pans into a dark hospital room. A redhaird little girl, no older than seven lies in the hospitalbed, sleeping.
The figure of a man sits, head bent down towards his chest on the chair to the right of the bed. A small gust of wind is heard and a new figure enters the frame. The figure is dressed in a dirty duster and a broadbrimmed hat. The figure moves over to the left side of the bed and when it turnes away there is a bowclad teddybear on the nightstand. Next to it lies a get well card.
The camera cuts to a close shot of the teddybear. The card next to it reads.
“Hope you get well soon”
[Under the words is scrawled a rough symbol of a bat.]

Jape's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains
Face to Face

Things haven’t gone… smoothly.

May be in real trouble here, because it’s hard to go back to being the guy people aren’t sure is worth bringing up when you’ve got cops pointing guns at you. Better to be a ghost, right?

Let me start at the beginning.

I left the home of a Falcone’ goon, a big obvious surprise accompanied by a half-dozen smaller ones waiting to sneak up on him over the next day or two, with a little bit of information. Someone had seen this Joshua Freeman boy getting snatched by a figure that could only be Abattoir, and information like that can earn you pocket money if you know who is buying.

Lucky me the mark wasn’t home, but I was there when they called to offer him the information. That’ll be another fun twist of the knife for him. “What do you mean you weren’t home? Who did I talk to?”

Want to laugh just thinking about it, but the meditation’s been working. I can suppress the giggles when out of costume.

Knew then that I’d have to go to the others; I knew nothing of this little killer, but I’d been watching them get their hands dirty for a while now. Brimstone the unbalanced cowboy and Vagabond the flayed firebrand. Who am I to throw stones?

We found the boy, but not without Vagabond showing some true colors; can’t work with someone like that, only around them or for them. No compromise in his blood. Lesson learned.

Brimstone may be a different story. Dangerous guy, wants to fight his way through any problem, but priorities in the right place. Watched him handle someone up close, no damage, and was impressed.

I haven’t written this much in a few years. Not since the hospital and those first few weeks overseas. Fuck was that crazy, or maybe the only reason I didn’t go crazy.

Back to the present, Singletary.

It went wrong, very wrong, so fast. I noticed some things about the layout of the trap, heard some of the things the others said about what they’d learned with Abattoir so far, and went for a walk on my own. Can’t believe I thought being in the open, on my own, would be easy. I had some crazy daydream about maybe, someday, being such a hero around here that I could let some people I used to know in on the secret.

I’d watch their faces as they regretted every wince, or remembered the man they had written off as a cripple, and feel normal again. That’s not why I do this, and life isn’t a daydream.

I found Abattoir, chased him like the devil, and we fought. I wanted to play with him, wind him into stupid desperation, and catch him in a stupid mistake. Well it worked, because he practically threw himself off the railing.

Now it’s all on the verge of falling apart.

Webisode - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Live on Gotham Tonight

The webisode opens with helicopter footage of a masked vigilante fighting a small gang on an alleyway. The reporter is excitedly yelling, "We have official conformation that what we’re seeing is the first ever documented footage of Gotham’s newest vigilante. Sources say he goes by the name, “Son of None”, and is seeking to replace Batman as Gotham’s protector." The footage continues as Son of None cleans house and then runs into the night.

Lucius Fox Resigns

We then see Lucius Fox standing in the office of Wayne Enterprises’ new CEO, Thomas Wayne Jr. Thomas is talking.
“These allegations are totally out of place, Lucius! You know it and I know it! We’ll fight it. We’ll clear your name.”
Lucius smiles but shakes his head, “I appreciate your loyalty Mr. Wayne but I think my resignation is best for the company.”
Thomas looks upset but Lucius softly explains, “There is going to be enough mud slung at you for being the lost son of the Waynes. You don’t need rumors of my indiscretions, false as they may be, dirtying your waters.”
“But Lucius, if you step down it will look like you DID do all of these things.”
“If anyone ever finds out, but I’m pretty sure the people who sent us this message just want me out of the way. If I step down, I bet these allegations won’t even see the light of day.”
Thomas lowers his head. A moment passes and he softly says, “I… I don’t want to lose you Lucius. I need help.”
“You’re a Wayne. You’ll do just fine.”

Brimstone Objects

Now we see Two-Face directing traffic. He’s ordering men to reorder and clean the old Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Things are starting to come together when the front door is kicked open. The dusty jacket and hat of Brimstone step into the room and Two-Face looks towards him and snarls.
“What are you doing here, Vigilante?”
“I’m stopping whatever you’re up to!” Brimstone bellows and begins to trash the place.
Two-Face cries out, “NOOOOO! STOP HIM!” and mooks start to swarm Brimstone.
Brimstone wipes the floor with Two-Faces men and finishes by throwing a chair through one of the Courthouse windows.
“I don’t know what games your playing here, Two-Face, but I’m not going to let you hurt Gotham City.”
“You’re a fool. A damn fool. And you just made an enemy, vigilante. I’ll see you hung for this.”
“Come and get me.”

Kryptonite Motherlode

Next we see a handful of scientist types standing around a dig site in St. Mary’s Park. One of the workers down in the hole calls out, “We’ve found something, boss!” and the camera swings down into the pit. The men are illuminated by an eerie green glow as a hunk of rock is exposed under their shovels. As others dig they begin to hit more and more of the green glowing rocks. The camera swings around to the face of one of the scientist, “I’ve never see so much kyptonite in my entire life…”

Freeze Walks Free

The scene fades in on a long single shot of two prison guards escorting a man with icy blue skin through Arkham Asylum. They walk through the corridors and to a small room in the front. Another guard wheels out a crate as large as a person. The blue skinned man moves towards it. The scene then cuts to the exterior of Arkham Asylum where we seek Dr. Freeze, clad in his environmental suit, step through the door. His eyes are cold and distant and there isn’t even a hint of a smile on his face as the scene fades out.

My Alibi Stands

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – MLM] The killer was happy. His work was good, the plan was in motion, and he felt a bit of pride as he entered his high-end condo.
Suddenly he heard a voice, loud over his home speaker system, and his whole body went rigid. Before he could ask who, he recognized it.
“Of course, sir. Been a long time coming, I know. Yes, sir, very excited for the opportunity and I promise there won’t be a wall left standing.”
His blood froze. This was a conversation he’d had in this very condo. In his work-room, on the secure line. He stepped into the main part of the living room and could see the work-room’s high-tech security panel glowing faintly with lights indicating it was as secure as ever.
“My Alibi, and anyone foolish enough to step foot inside, will trouble the good people of Gotham no more. That’s the Frisone guarantee.”
Oh. Shit. He pulled out his phone and began to frantically dial. He had to call this off, before it got back to him, or the boss.

CEO for the Birds

The next scene is a press conference with Queen Industries announcing it’s new CEO. The speaker, a random Queen board member, is speaking.
“I know it’s a bit unorthodox but we believe with his experience he knows the best way to prevent Queen Industries from becoming a merchant of death. The board views this appointment very similar to appointing Felicity Smoak as our IT Director, the same hacker who once compromised your network now works to secure it. In his criminal past, this man compromised many Queen shipments but with those days long behind him we couldn’t think of a better man at our helm to prevent those same compromises. Please, everyone give a warm welcome to our new CEO, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

Stripes Unchanging

The previous episode transitions directly into the next. We see Oswald Cobblepot sitting at a conference table finishing a speach to his board of directors. The men clap and leave the room, then the receptionist informs Mr. Cobblepot he has a visitor. Oswald directs the man into the room and we see Black Mask enter the room. Cobblepot smiles and stands to shake Mask’s hand.
“I see that I have successfully scratched your back.”, Black Mask says.
“Yes yes, oh yes. And I suppose you’re looking for some scratch in return?”
“No. Not scratch. Firepower.”
“Not a problem, sir.”, Penguin says and slides an id card to Mask, “You have top level clearance to the R&D Department. I understand after Oliver Queen’s death we turned up some very interesting prototypes. Help yourself.”
“Whatever I find I want in production by the end of the week and on the streets in a month.”
“Agreed. Thank you for your assistance with my competition, Roman.”
“Don’t ever call me that.”

Killer Croc’s Wild Ride

The show cuts to Renee Montoya as she leaves GCPD Central and starts to walk home. She’s almost there when a sewer lid behind her flies up and a brute of a man bursts from the hole.
“Montoya…” he growls.
Detective Montoya pulls her service pistol but before she can draw a bead on Croc a man comes plummeting off the rooftops. A bundle of dirty rags dropkicks Croc back into the sewer and Montoya is left speechless. The camera pans across the street surface to the manhole and we see Killer Croc thrashing wildly as Vagabond holds on for dear life. There is a quick cut and we see Vagabond standing over an unconscious Croc, both breathing hard. Vagabond picks up an empty syringe that’s discarded near by, one that’s clearly embossed with the Fresh Face logo.
“Fast acting sedative my ass.”, he curses and pockets the plastic tube.

Gordon Takes a Walk

Next we see James Gordon as he walks through the dirty streets of Gotham City. We hear a voice over as Gordon makes his way down Nolaim Street near Gotham Square.
“Request for a month’s leave granted.”, The voice of Michael Akins says.
“Thank you Commissioner.”, Gordon is replying.
“Take your time, Jim. Get you head back in the game.”
“I’ll try…”
“And take care of yourself. You’re the best damn detective I’ve ever seen.”
“That’s only because you never saw him in action.”
“Nobody. Nevermind. Thank you again.”
Gordon rounds a corner and sees some young boys spraying an MS-13 tag and we hear another voice over.
“I believe in Jim Gordon. I believe in Harvey Dent. I believe in Gotham City.”, Batman is saying.
Back in reality, Gordon replies, “I wish I still did…”
As Gordon draws closer to the gangbangers he tucks his head down, trying to not look at them. But it’s no use, one of them calls out.
“Hey! Old man! I think you’re a little far from your nursing ho…” But his comment is cut off abruptly.
Gordon looks up in time to see a man in military fatigues and a black balaclava punching out the last of the street toughs.
“I believe in Gotham City.”, the masked man says to Gordon, “But Gotham needs you to believe in it, Gordon.”

James Gordon is Wrong!

The scene cuts to a video from Jack Ryder’s youtube show. It’s a typical news room setup with Ryder sitting behind a desk and “Giving you the news the corporate media won’t!” Ryder is already mid-rant.
“And that brings us to this Abattoir case. Detective James Gordon was in charge of that case. You might remember him as the commissioner who retired after the Batman was killed. The cop who couldn’t do his job without a vigilante helping him. Apparently, he can’t even stop a single killer without vigilantes either. Abattoir murdered his entire family and James Gordon didn’t life a damn finger to stop him. If you think that James Gordon cares about Gotham City than… You. Are. Wrong!”


The show cuts to a computer screen where we see text scrolling past at a speed too quick to read. When the scroll stops we see a terminal prompt blinking. After a second, commands begin typing.
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Vagabond”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Brimstone”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Sleeper”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Son of None”
→ GothamTonight_2853.mpeg
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“TheJape”
→ HiThere.avi
_ play HiThere.avi
A video fills the screen, an overly close up view of The Jape’s grin. There is a second of uncomfortable silence before he says “Hi there.” and chuckles a little bit. Then the video ends.
From off screen we hear an oddly digitized voice, “How dare you taunt me. I will find you, Jape. Oh. I will.”

Quinn’s Big Escape

“But sir! We can’t”, an orderly is exclaiming as the scene fades into the halls of Arkham Asylum.
“We have no other choice.”, Hugo Strange is saying in return.
The two men reach a door and push through into the small room used for patient checkouts. Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, sits in a plastic chair waiting.
“It’s about time. You going to let me out, Strange-y?”
“Ms. Quinzel, I do not advise you leav…”
“Doctor Quinzel, please HueGee.”
“Harley. You’ve made great strides but…”
“I admitted myself, Strange. That means I can leave on my own free will. And I wanna leave.”
Strange lowers his head and shakes it slightly, “True. True.” He looks back up, “But you’ve made such strides!”
“Let me go, Doctor.”
Strange nods, “She’s free to leave if she so chooses. Please. Harleen. Be safe.”
Quinn bounces to her feet and hugs Hugo Strange. “Thanks Doc!”


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