Episode 003


# Title Airdate
003 “KnightsEnd: Copycat” March 18th, 2011
When a rare Obsidian Leopard statue turns out to be a fake GCPD attribute it to the Catwoman thefts. Will a plea to investigate take the attention of Dominique Dane & Steven Kyle away from taking out Black Mask? Meanwhile, Adam Arthur & Virgil Black have their hands full with their landlord. ( See More)

Opening Scene

The scene opens with a long skyline shot of Gotham City with a crescent moon shining down from a cloudless sky. The 1950’s art deco buildings, topped with their Gothic gargoyles, loom over a city of crumbling buildings and growing slums. Aside from the wind that picks up enough to flutter a few weather worn flags around the city is calm and quiet tonight.

The scene shifts to an exterior shot of the Gotham Museum. A figure stands up from the roof and the shot pulls in on a woman in a tight leather costume crawling out of a vent shaft. She unhooks a whip and ties it around her waist, letting it trail behind her like a tail. She adjusts the goggles set below a pair of decorative cat ears and then closes the grate behind her. She stands on the roof and checks the satchel on her side. She pulls out an obsidian leopard statue and smiles, "Now that I have you everyone will know I’m finally free.”

Title Screen

The title card comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang in center screen with the words “Gotham Nights” written in the lower right corner. A scrolling shot along a wall features news articles from the last year. Light shines across select headlines “BANE BREAKS BAT!” with the accompanying picture of Batman laying broken in Gotham Square. “ROBIN CONFIRMED DEAD!” with a distance shot of a funeral procession including Batman, Superman, and other notable heroes. “JOKER SHOOTS BATGIRL!” with a picture of a masked woman laying in a hospital bed. The scroll picks up but other headlines can still be seen, “HAS WONDER WOMAN ABANDONED EARTH?”, “SUPERMAN DEAD”, “WHERE IS THE GREEN LANTERN?”, and “GREEN ARROW RETURNED TO METROPOLIS!” The screen fades to black and the episode title fades in, “Copycat”

GM Notes

Character map

First Scenes

  • Steven Kyle is sitting at the bar in ElectroCity when a news report comes on. Jack Ryder is discussing the current situation with the Gotham Museum.
    The over-paid and under-preforming morons in the Gotham City Police Department are saying that the forgery is connected to the Selina Kyle\Catwoman heists. These idiots think that Kyle stole the leopard BEFORE she was arrested and the Museum is only now finding it! I hate to tell you this folks but the Gotham Police are WRONG. Let me ask you, has anyone seen the little kitty Kyle since she was locked away? No! Of course not! And why, because our revolving door prison BlackGate doesn’t want to admit they let another inmate escape! Lock your doors people because Catwoman is back in Gotham City and if you don’t beleive that than YOU. ARE. WRONG.
  • Darren Spektor is in the narrows, thwarting a small gang thanks to Ra’s tip book. After a short fight conflict between Spector and some goons he finds crates labeled for Sionis Industries. Inside the crates are stockpiles of weapons. What’s odd is that Spector knows of no relation between this street gang and Bane’s men…
  • Dominique Dane took the last week to track down any information she could turn up on Ra’s al Ghul. While information has been scares she’s found one person seemingly willing to talk with her. She’s just arrived in Blüdhaven on the roof of the Blüdhaven Police Department. Nightwing is already awaiting her arrival and stands ready when she lands on the rooftop. Nightwing knows that Ra’s will do nothing to hurt Gotham. He recently had a run in the the Society and a conversation with Ra’s reveiled that while he’s more than eager to wipe Bludhaven off the map he refuses to harm Gotham City. Nightwing doesn’t know why, but knows it has something to do with the death of Robin. Batman was dealing with Ra’s when Joker kidnapped and murdered Robin. Since then the League and Society have steered clear of Gotham. Shortly after Batman died Ra’s even tried to convince Nightwing to return to Gotham and pick up the mantel. Of course, Nightwing knows all this but he doesn’t trust Dominique…
  • Thomas M Stonehill is dealing with the part of the job he hates the most, cultists. Always trying to bring in some otherworldly menace. After a brief fight scene conflict Merlin discovers letters to the leader of the cult from The Black Mask. Cryptically the letters discuss Mask’s interest in a creature powerful enough to “Destroy a man who can break a man in half.”
  • Adam Arthur and Virgil Black have been called to their Landlord’s office after the recent Killer Croc incident. Their landlord, Patience Phillips, has her lawyer present and he does most of the talking while Patience files her nails. Contractually Adam and Virgil are obligated to pay for the damages and should have had renter’s insurance. The Lawyer (2d12 Extra) will conflict to get they to pay the damages. Half-way in Patience will attempt to Interrupt and break up the conflict. She’s will to pay for any of the damage that Adam is responsible for but still expects Virgil to pay his portion. She will conflict to get Virgil to move out and offer to pay for all the damages for Adam.

Information on Black Mask
The players receive two files, on from the League of Shadows and a second from Oracle. Some information they agree on, others there is disagreement.

  • Agreed: Black Mask has been supplying the majority of Bane’s street force with weapons.
  • Shadow: Floyd Lawton, a friend of Bane and former member of the Task Force X (Suicide Squad), supplies the upper echelon.
  • Oracle: Black Mask also supplies Bane’s upper echelon.
  • Agreed: Mask operates out of Burnely but uses the East End docks to move his product in and out of the city.
  • Shadow: A recent disagreement between Black Mask and another Lieutenant has caused distention amongst Bane’s ranks. Bane appears to favor the other Lieutenant over Mask and is looking to force Mask out of his enterprise.
  • Oracle: Mask is looking to expand his operations outside of Gotham, the only way to do this is with Bane’s contacts. Mask is unable to move against Bane, even if he wanted to.

Plot A
Patience Phillips thinks she is a better Catwoman than the original. A recent heist was attributed back to the original so now Patience looks for a higher profile target, one the police will have to acknowledge as her own work. Selina Kyle is unhappy about this new impostor. She has her lawyer call Dominique to visit her. She says the prison refuses to permit press to speak with the inmates but she needs the world to know she isn’t committing these crimes. She asks Dominique to look into it for her. Since she doesn’t know that Steven is Nighthawk she refuses to speak about it in-front of him. Selina suggests that Dominique find Huntress and see what information she may have.

Plot B
Roman Sionis is the first leg of Bane’s empire that needs to fall. Both the League of Shadows and Oracle have information for the fledgling group, and of course some of it conflicts. The truth is that in the beginning Deadshot supplied weapons (and Venom) to Bane and his lieutenants but he needed Black Mask to supply his street level thugs. Black Mask and Deadshot have had a cold feud ever since. Mask recently tried to step up into international gun smuggling and went after Deadshot. Bane, a former member of Task Force X, sided with Deadshot. Mask has started looking to breaking Slade Wilson, a rival of Deadshot, out of prison to help him take down Deadshot and Bane.

Before Mask can release Slade he started supplying arms to various gangs outside of Bane’s empire. He’s also reached out to some various occult groups around Gotham in hopes of finding a way to break Bane’s venom boost.


  • Adam Arthur and Virgil Black’s landlord is Patience Phillips.
  • Patience Phillips is the Catwoman impostor.
  • Patience Phillips works for Bane Dorrance.
  • Roman Sionis is working against Bane in an attempt to overthrow his empire.

Episode 003

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