Episode 004


# Title Airdate
004 “KnightsEnd: Bane of Gotham” April 1st, 2011
If The Specter, Calliope, Nighthawk, Merlin, and Singularity can survive their encounter with Lobo and Deathstroke then there might be a chance for them to take down the biggest threat in Gotham City, Bane. Of course, everyone is wondering where is Man-O-War during all this? ( See More)

Opening Scene

The show opens on a long skyline shot of Gotham City with a crescent moon dipping in and out of the clouds. The 1950’s art deco buildings, topped with their Gothic gargoyles, loom over a city who’s slums seem larger and larger every day. Thunder can be heard in the distance and lightning flashes over the horizon, a storm looming in the distance.

The scene shifts to an interior of a limousine. Black Mask sits waiting for a video call to connect. After a moment the screen flickers on and a dark figure can be seen on the screen. Black Mask gives a terse status report; still no lead on Huntress or Canary, everyone on the street is poised, the Cult is preparing for the final ritual now, Deathstroke should be able to escape from Blackgate in the next few days, and soon they will be able to move against Bane. The figure inquires to the fate of the vigilantes that had been harrying his business and Mask says they are being dealt with as they speak. Lights come up around the figure and Talia al Ghul smiles at Black Mask, “Very good, with that nuisance out of the way I’m finally free.”

Title Screen

The title card comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang in center screen with the words “Gotham Nights” written in the lower right corner. A scrolling shot along a wall features news articles from the last year. Light shines across select headlines “BANE BREAKS BAT!” with the accompanying picture of Batman laying broken in Gotham Square. “ROBIN CONFIRMED DEAD!” with a distance shot of a funeral procession including Batman, Superman, and other notable heroes. “JOKER SHOOTS BATGIRL!” with a picture of a masked woman laying in a hospital bed. The scroll picks up but other headlines can still be seen, “HAS WONDER WOMAN ABANDONED EARTH?”, “SUPERMAN DEAD”, “WHERE IS THE GREEN LANTERN?”, and “GREEN ARROW RETURNED TO METROPOLIS!” The screen fades to black and the episode title fades in, “The Bane of Gotham”

GM Notes

The Lair of the Cat

  • Patience Phillips was last married to an Atlantien Prince.
  • The Prince was last known to be living in Gotham City with his new bride, but hasn’t been heard from in months.
  • Man-O-War was contacted by an Atlantien Envoy and contracted to look into the Prince’s disappearance.
  • Man-O-War, after a prolonged investigation in Atlantis, has returned to Gotham City to investigate Patience Phillips.
  • The show opens with Man-O-War in Patience’s penthouse, while she’s away.
  • He’ll find clues that points to Patience as the Catwoman impostor.
  • He also finds out that she filed for divorce of the Prince, taking half of his possessions.
  • When Man-O-War tracks him down finally, the Prince has been too ashamed to return to Atlantis.
  • Patience Phillips works for Bane.

After the title the next scene shows Adam Arthur in a cheap hotel room, on the bottom of the screen it indicates that this was one week prior to the current events. There is a knock on the door and Adam moves to answer, hesitantly at first. A glance through the peep hole and he unlocks, unlatches, and opens the door wide. “Kaldur, I was not expecting to see you here.” Adam says. “Arth’urri is missing.” Kaldur tells him and Adam’s face goes white. A series of clips are shown, including Man-O-War traveling back to Atlantis and mounting an investigation into the whereabouts of the Atlantien Prince Arth. The montage concludes with Man-O-War informing Kaldur’ahm that Arth eloped with a surface woman and moved to Gotham City. He tells Kaldur that he’ll track him down and get the answers Atlantis needs.

The camera fades in on Man-O-War standing inside a posh penthouse apartment, the last known residence of Arthur and Patience Phillips. Man-O-War moves through the penthouse and finds himself in awe of the lavish surroundings. “Need to ask my landlady for a break on my rent, she clearly doesn’t need my money.” he comments to himself.

Roll the Trouble Pool to determine the Base TN (Between 2-12)

  • 0: Finds Catwoman gear
  • 5: Finds the divorce papers
  • 10: Finds the last residence of the Atlantien Prince
  • 15: Finds a letter from the Atlantien Prince explaining why he can’t return to Atlantis
  • 20: Finds the Obsidian Leopard Statue
  • 25: Patience Phillips works for Bane

Starting in Patience’s office, Man-O-War starts looking around for any clues to the whereabouts of Arth. He starts with the obvious and slowly cracks open a wall safe. Instead of important documents and heirlooms Adam is confused by the secret leather outfit. Skin tight leather gear, complete with hood. A finely crafted whip and some goggles. Claws with retractable razors in the fingertips. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Patience has been moonlighting as a vigilante.

After the safe, Adam decides to simply check the desk drawers. The majority of the papers are business documents. Nothing illegal here. Lots of purchase receipts for various apartment complexes and numerous real estate portfolios. Then, tucked in the back, is a file with divorce documents. The folder is divided into two sections, the front documents Patience’s filing for divorce from Arthur Phillips. The papers show the divorce went through only weeks ago. The second part is documents from eight husbands before Arthur. Every one of them wealthy men, no prenuptial agreements were signed, and every divorce was filed by Patience the day after the annulment window.

Moving from the office, Adam starts looking around the living room. A stack of papers on the coffee table catch his attention and he starts flipping through Patience’s already opened mail. Among the various junk mail and bills is a confirmation letter indicating where all of Arthur Phillip’s mail should be forwarded to. Adam jots down the address in hopes of it leading to Arthur.

Further into the stack of mail Adam comes across a letter that Arthur sent to Patience. In it Arthur curses her as a Siren, luring him in only to steal his wealth. He vows to get his rightful property back and swears he won’t set foot outside of Gotham until his shame has been ex-sponged.

Adam puts the mail down and starts making his way to the door. He’s about the leave the apartment when a decoration catches his eyes. A beautiful Obsidian statue of a leopard sits in the entry way. Normally the decoration wouldn’t merit a second glance but there is a news paper sitting next to it and the front page headline reads, “CATWOMAN STRIKES AGAIN!” and there is a picture of the exact same statue, listed as missing from the Gotham Museum.

When Adam picks up the paper a letter falls out. In an elegant hand is written: My Dear Patience, You’re work at the Gotham Museum is most impressive. I’d be more than interested in reusing a permanent business relationship with the new Catwoman once other internal matters are attended to. I’ll be in touch soon. Signed, Bane."

Otherworldlly Conflict

  • Lobo will beat Singularity up until he realizes he’s only a human, then he just wants the suit back.

The show than cuts to Calliope, Nighthawk, Merlin, & Singularity standing in an abandoned apartment complex. The wall behind them bursts into the room and the large white-skinned biker Lobo steps through the hole he punched. He looks at the started heroes then points to The Singularity and yells, “FUCK YOU, CZARNIAN!” and charges at the singularity. Lobo and Singularity slam into the floor and with a deafening crack the floor below them buckles and collapses. The two fall through the floor and out of the scene.


Lobo is under the impression that Virgil is a Czarnian who survived his genocide. He started picking up signals from the suit as soon as Virgil started using it and he’s been making is way towards Earth ever since. Lobo disables the suit and closes in to attack. His initial goal is to punch Singularity’s head in but after a couple blows he quickly realizes that it’s not a Czarnian inside the suit. He then apologizes to Vigil saying that he didn’t know he was just a stupid human. He then asks, rather politely all things considered, for his property back. He refuses to re-activate the suit and will beat up Virgil if he needs to. Players leaving this scene may join the next one when it comes around.

Robot in Disguise

  • The Deathstoke facing down on Specter is only a robot.

We then transition to The Specter squaring off with Deathstroke outside of the same apartment complex. Deathstroke draws his katana from his back and steps towards The Spector without comment.

Deathstroke is actually still locked away in prison, for now. He supplied a few Deathstroke robots to Black Mask to help make his move against Deadshot and Black Mask decided to use one to deal with these new-comers. The robot will fight to the death, pushing itself to get stressed out and giving in if someone wants to kill it. Try to play out the scene without revealing that it’s a robot until it’s dead or defeated.

The Final Pieces of the Puzzle

bq.) Fearing that his suspect might be more than she appears, Man-O-War goes to speak with someone he might be able to trust. Arriving at the site of the old Bank he finds it destroyed, but luckily Nighthawk and Calliope are there sifting through the ruins. Before he can decide if he can entrust Calliope and Nighthawk with his investigation he’s spotted by the duo.

  • Calliope and Nighthawk are tracking down the new Catwoman.
  • Man-O-War and Singularity know the person who fits the profile of the new Catwoman.
  • Huntress and Black Canary are already on the trail of the new Catwoman.

Cult of Action

bq.) The Merlin has been hiding in the rafters waiting for the latest ritual to begin. He’s hoping that by watching and waiting he can figure out just what the cultists are up to. He watches four men summon a small demon of greed and begin questioning it. Slowly the full picture starts to dawn on Merlin and while the cult speaks in cryptic riddles their last words to the demon cleared away any doubts he might have had. “Hail Trigon!”

  • The ritual is going down in a few days, once the final members of the Cult of Trigon arrive. The locals have been laying the ground work but they need the chapterheads to complete the ritual.
  • Black Mask has hired a Cult of Trigon to bring an Avatar of Trigon (not the full being) through to defeat Bane.
  • There are Seven Avatars of Trigon, each one summoned to Earth weakens the chains that bind him.
  • The Cult of Trigon is trying to summon the Avatar of Trigon’s Greed to direct at Bane.
  • Depending on if the cult is stopped or not: Raven and the Sentinels of Magic (Deadman, Doctor Occult, Faust, Sentinel, Madame Xanadu, Phantom Stranger, Ragman, Zatanna, Enchantress/Soulsinger, Blue Devil, Doctor Fate, Bloodwynd, & Tempest) may be enroute to Gotham.

Taking off the Mask

  • Black Mask is getting ready to move against Bane.
  • Deathstroke is about to escape from Prision.

It’s the Final Showdown!

  • The characters have already disrupted in-coming trade with Bane, cutting off his Venom supply for now.
  • They need to infiltrate Gotham State and destroy his remaining cache of Venom before facing him.
  • When Bane confronts the players he askes them why they did this? He single handedly saved Gotham!
    • He ended Batman’s reign of fear and oppression.
    • He found a way to force Joker and Harly into retirement.
    • He saw The Riddler successfully rehabilitated.
    • He financed The Pengiun’s Iceberg Lounge and turned him off of crime.
    • He personally escorted a number of notable villians out of Gotham including Two-Face, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and more.
    • He routed out the remaining League of Shadows and Society of Assassin strongholds, killing R’as Al Ghul himself.
  • Bane points out that without his empire stabilizing and controlling Gotham’s underworld it’s going to devolve into gang warfare again.
  • It’s revealed that the R’as al Ghul the players have been working with was a fake, planted by Talia and the League as a way to infiltrate Gotham again.
  • Talia has been working at destroying Gotham ever since her father left the League\Society in her control.
  • At the end of the episode someone collapses, clinching into a ball, an early victim of the Ebola Gulf A virus.

Episode 004

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