Episode 005


# Title Airdate
005 “Year Two” April 29th, 2011
It’s been eight long months since Man-O-War, The Specter, Calliope, Nighthawk, Merlin, and Virgil Black took down Content Not Found: bane-dorrance‘s empire and, as predicted, the war has taken its toll on Gotham City. If GCPD can’t get a handle on the situation soon they are facing the threat of privatization.( See More)

Opening Scene

This season opens on a long skyline shot of Gotham City during the day. The 1950’s art deco buildings, topped with their Gothic gargoyles, have never looked worse. Smoke from massive fires fill the sky in some areas of the city and even downtown, a healthy looking area even in the worst of times, seems shabby. The gang war that has been raging since Bane’s fall has taken its toll on the city and the worst is yet to come.

The scene cuts to an exterior shot of the Gotham City Police Headquarters on the lower east side of Gotham City. The large no nonsense building looms over the streets and inside we find Content Not Found: james-gordon_ in the office of _Content Not Found: michael-akins.
“I’ve heard the rumors about you and I’ve given you a soft hand. As a professional courtesy to the former Commissioner.”, Akins is saying to Gordon, “But I can’t turn a blind eye to you working with vigilantes any longer.”
“Commissioner Akins. Michael. We just don’t have the resources to do this any other way.”
“I have to disagree with you, James. We have to do this without them. We have to prove we can handle this job as police officers.”
“Sir, Special Crimes is severely underfunded. The idea behind this team is to fill the Batman’s shoes and everyone in Gotham knows we can’t do with with last years equipment.”
“Maybe you want us to get privatized, James, but I sure as hell don’t. Next week city council votes on this privatization issue and if you can’t clear out Amusement Mile by then I’ll personally see Special Crimes shut down before we’re sold off.”
“Clear out Amusement Mile? You can’t be serious.”
“No Clown Princess or Carnival of Crime. I want them both gone.”

Title Screen

The scene fades out and the title card comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang in center screen with the words “Gotham Nights” written in the lower right corner. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “Year Two”.

GM Notes

Character map

Pre-Show Bonuses

8 Month Bonus: Anyone who wrote an “Eight Month” story gets to roll 1d12 and consult the chart below.
Qualifiers: Chad, Darryl, Brett, Mike

  • 1-6: +d6 to Growth Pool
  • 7-8: +d8 to Growth Pool
  • 9-10: +d10 to Growth Pool
  • 11-12: +d12 to Growth Pool

Location Page Bonus: Anyone who contributes to the Location Pages gets an extra bonus Plot Point (Start with 3 instead of 2)
Qualifiers: Chad (1/1), Mike (1/3)

Opening Scenes

The show opens with Arsenal, Merlin, and Specter all sitting at a table in a small room sipping cheap coffee. A second passes before James Gordon walks in and lays down a file folder on the table.
“This is the SCU dossiers for ‘Harleen Quinzel’ and ‘Roman Vinchinzi’. Right now the two are in a turf war over Amusement Mile. There is a lot of pressure being put on Special Crimes to see both of these groups out of the area. I, of course, can’t ask you to help officially. GCPD is well away of SCU’s stance on vigilantism and they are looking for any reason to shut us down. What I can tell you is that tomorrow night SCU is going to be raiding Amusement Mile, arresting anyone associated with either the Carnival or Clown Princess, and confiscating their equipment. Whatever you choose to do, we can’t be seen working with you. If you show up at Amusement Mile tomorrow night we will arrest you. Like always, we never met tonight.”
Gordon then turns and walks out of the room, leaving the dossiers on the table.

Harleen Quinzel
The dossier contains usual information on Harley. Her birth name (Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) and location (Gotham City). Notes about her time as a Arkham Asylum psychologist. Her infatuation with the Joker. Her role as his accomplice and lover. Her brief run with Poison Ivy and current release from Arkham.

Roman Vinchinzi’s Dossier
The dossier contains usual information on Roman, his birth name (Ronald Smith) and location (Fort Wayne, Indiana). Some notes on his school career (Went to state with the Track team his Junior and Senior year in High School). Speculation of occult contacts and (current?) membership of the Society of Assassins. Notes on the legitimate business of the “Cirque D’ Gothique” and a few notes on the Carnival of Crime.

Nighthawk is at the Monarch Theater when his phone rings. The caller ID lists Renee Montoya and he answers without a second’s hesitation.
“Hawk, we have a problem. Gordon is organizing a raid on Amusement Mile tomorrow night. We’re targeting both the Carnival and Harley. There is no way we can handle this on our own and GCPD refuses to increase our funding. We can’t be seen working with vigilantes but we need the help. Anything you can do would be appreciated but Gordon’s told us that if we see and vigilantes, even ones that are helping us, we are to arrest them on sight.”

Calliope discusses the state of affairs of Amusement Mile with Roman Vinchinzi.

Man-O-War is approached by Edward Nigma regarding Amusement Mile.

A Plot

Special Crimes has come under close scrutiny for their involvement with vigilanties. In an effort to prove the GCPD can still maintain the peace in Gotham City Akins is pushing to have Amusement Mile cleared out by the end of the week. GCPD is facing privatization and Akins hopes the gesture of Amusement Mile can delay city council’s ruling.

In Amusement Mile Roman is considering re-location instead of fighting with Harley. He thinks they can be just as successful elsewhere and since its only the location Harley wants it might just be easier to give it to her. In order to do this, he needs the capital. Roman is planning a series of bank heists this week to help fund the move back to the outskirts of Gotham.

Harley, on the other hand, wants more than just Amusement Mile. She also wants the Monarch Theater back. Amusement Mile is just her first step. Unknowing of the impending raid on the Mile, Harley is planning a big push this week. Having acquired a few doses of Joker Poison (A liquid version of Joker Gas) she plans on hijacking food shipments coming into Amusement Mile and lacing the food with Joker Poison.

- Arsenal Calliope Man-O-War Merlin Nighthawk Specter Totals
Edward Nigma d4 - d6 d4 - d4 3d4+1d6 (4)
Harleen Quinzel - d8 d4 d6 d4 d6 2d4+2d6+1d8 (5)
Harvey Bullock d6 - - d8 - d4 1d4+1d6+1d8 (3)
Hector Hall - - d8 d8 d4 - 1d4+2d8 (3)
James Gordon d6 - d4 d6 d4 d8 2d4+2d6+1d8 (5)
Roman Sionis d6 - - d4 d4 d8 2d4+1d6+1d8 (4)
Roman Vinchinzi - d10 - d6 d4 - 1d4+1d6+1d10 (3)
Selina Kyle - d10 d4 - d8 - 1d4+1d8+1d10 (3)
Victor Fries d8 d8 d6 - d8 - 1d6+3d8 (4)

Episode 005

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