Episode 007


Show Opener

The show comes on this week with shot of a sitting room. A large backed chair with its back towards the camera faces a TV is tuned in on “Good Morning, Gotham” a popular morning show hosted by Vicki Vale. On the show Vicki is sitting between councilman Jonathan Eli, one of the few councilmen left opposing the privatization of the city police force, and councilman Fredrick Wright, the most vocal supporter of the privatization agenda.
“The simple fact is that The Batman turned Gotham City into a carnival of costumed criminals and a traditional police force is simple no longer a viable solution.”, Wright is heard saying.
“We may not have The Batman but you can’t argue with the results we’re seeing from teams like the Gotham Guardians.” Eli rebuts.
“Gotham Guardians!? Is that what the media is calling them now? More like the Gotham Menace!” Wright says.
“For our audience, the Gotham Guardians is the name the papers have given to the team of vigilantes that helped find and distribute the cure to the Ebola Gulf-A outbreak last week.” Vicki cuts in.
“Lets look at this logically, Councilman Eli. Man-O-War is an associate of known criminals such as Bane, who held Gotham citizens hostages in a criminal empire of terror for over a year. Nighthawk was the subject of a murder investigation only months ago. The last tax hike was in response to the amount of property damage Arsenal inflicts on the city. And Calliope is a known associate of an organization that almost destroyed Gotham Harbor.”
“Almost destroyed. Calliope was part of the team that prevented the destruction of Amusement Mile that night. Nighthawk and Arsenal were both seen personally distributing vaccines for Clench victims. Man-O-War wasn’t associated with, he was abducted by Bane after the Guardians ended his reign of terror. And of course you don’t mention the 4.3% decrease in crime in the Narrows due to The Specter or the The Merlins work ridding Gotham of dangerous cultists.”
“Well, councilmen, we seem to be at an impasse and my producer is telling me we have to go to commercial. We’ll be back with more of this heated debate when Good Morning, Gotham returns.” Vicki says.
As the first commercial starts a well dressed older man walks into view pushing an empty wheelchair. He clicks the TV off before walking to the arm chair.
“What about the Guardians, Master Bruce? Couldn’t they be a suitable replacement?”, the man asks.
“I can’t take a risk that they’re not, Alfred.” the man says before the screen fades out.

Title Screen

The scene fades out and the title card comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang in center screen with the words “Gotham Nights” written in the lower right corner. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “Contagion: Legacy”. (\kən-ˈtā-jən\)

Opening Scenes

After the commercial break the show the show returns with a shot of the grand opening ceremony at a massive casino. Calliope and Roman can be seen in the crowd as a fat little top-hatted man cuts the ribbon and the crowd starts pouring into the brand new Iceberg Lounge. Roman looks over to Calliope and says, “Where did Penguin get the cash for these digs? I thought he lost everything when Bane split town.” Calliope says she’s was just asking herself the same question before she vanishes into the crowd to investigate. “I wish I would have never taught her that trick…” Roman comments as the scene fades out.

The next scene shows Merlin and a fully recovered Specter sitting in a small library. And uncomfortable silence fills the rooms for a second before Doctor Fate and Deadman walk into the room. Doctor Fate has a book under his arm that he sets on a side table as he takes a seat. Deadman stands. “The Sentinels are on standby should you need them.” he says. Merlin and Specter glance at each other confused. “Need them for what?” Merlin asks. Doctor Fate then hands the book over to them. “Tempest reported that a large section of Sudan was excavated overnight. The location was suspected to contain The Wheel. All signs point to the League of Shadows. We suspect they may try another attack on Gotham.” Merlin flips through the book before he discovers an ominous picture of a giant multi-faceted wheel. “What does it do?” Specter asks. _"It’s a recipe wheel. For plagues." Doctor Fate says before the camera fades out.

The show returns with a shot of Nighthawk as he kicked in the door to residential house. He charges into the house, sword drawn, followed quickly by Arsenal, shotgun in hand. The call out clear rooms as they progress through the house. The camera is chasing behind them as Arsenal bursts into the kitchen. “Drop everything, hands up.” He yells at someone off screen. The camera catches up just in time to see Nighthawk slip in from another door and cut free the looter’s bag. The looter screams and bolts towards an open sliding glass door. “Wrong move.” Arsenal says as he chambers a bean-bag round and fires straight into the guy’s left knee. The looter collapses as the duo circle around him. “You alone. No friends here?” Nighthawk asks. “Jesus, you shot me.” The looter cries. “I fucking hate these guys.” Nighthawk says to Arsenal before he knocks the guy out. Then, from the front of the house, we hear Man-O-War’s voice call out, “More looters reported across town. Stealing from Clench victims again. GCPD are swamped with these assholes. I’ll clean up here if you guys want to head that way.” Nighthawk and Arsenal nod to each other before Nighthawk steps into the shadows and Arsenal primes a relocation grenade.

Episode 007

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