Episode 009


Show Opener

The show opens with a wide shot of Gotham City as snow falls. The rooftops are already covers in a solid layer of the white powder as the camera zips through the streets. It swings to a stop in front of an old abandoned building and the camera slowly creeps up to a window.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about! He’s dead. He’s been dead for years!”, James Gordon says
Gordon sits tied to a chair in the middle of an empty room. Around him a man paces, he wears a wide brimmed hat, ragged clothing, and an old scarecrow’s mask. Scarecrow turns on Gordon and smacks him with the back of his hand.
“We agree. But there is a new Bat. I’ve seen him. And I don’t like him.” Scarecrow growls at Gordon.
“What do you want, Scarecrow?”
“I want to attack every one in Gotham until this new Batman imposter takes off the cowl.”

Title Screen

The scene fades out and the title card comes up. In the snow a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang sits and the words “Gotham Nights” written in the lower right corner. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “A Very Gotham Christmas”.

Opening Scenes

The show opens with Thomas Stonehill rushing around Gotham City General Hospital. In the bottom corner the words, “Christmas Eve” fades into the screen. Christmas eve is normally a hectic time in the Hospital but tonight is even more frantic than usual. Stonehill rushes gurney after gurney through the halls, working so quickly he’s hardly even aware of what’s going on. He stops to ask a nurse why it’s so busy tonight and she looks at him confused. “Do you not watch the news?” she asks, “Scarecrow is holding a people hostage out at Cape Carmine.”

The show then cuts to Adam Arthur walking down a long hallway with Content Not Found: hugo-strange. The two are holding clipboards and examining cell after cell. They slide open the viewing window and Strange reads off a name. Arthur examines the prisoner and reads over his file.. They arrange for some of the ‘cured’ inmates to be transferred to Blackgate. Then they come to a nondescript cell. “Do we even need to review his file?”, Strange asks. Arthur looks at the name plate then shakes his head, “Not on a day like today.” The two walk away without opening the cell. The camera pans over and shows the name plate, “Julian Day, Calendar Man” and then passes through the door into the cell. Julian Day is seen sitting in his cell then he smiles. He stands up and moves over towards the back wall. “I can feel them forgetting about me… and on tonight of all nights…” He says before the camera fades out.

The next shot shows Wayne Manor before cutting into Dominique Dane sitting at a long dinner table with Content Not Found: bruce-wayne. The two quietly eat until Bruce breaks the silence. “The Wayne Foundation holds an annual Christmas Day Pancake Breakfast.” The silences stretches out for a moment before Bruce speaks again, “We should attend.” Dominique replies, “Shouldn’t we be on patrol? Or training?” Bruce looks up and shakes his head, “I know you’ve been doing this for awhile but you’ve been lucky so far. You and your friends aren’t ready to take on the kinda of nightmares that Gotham will have when Batman shows back up.” Dominique nods, silently conceding the point, and the two return to their meal.

The show then cuts to The Specter, sitting down for a family dinner with his parents and siblings. No one seems to think it strange that he’s in full costume as they start eating their traditional family Christmas diner. Something about the situation seems wrong to Specter though. “We’ve never done this before…” he says aloud. His mom looks over at him and smiles, “Of course we have, dear. We do every year.” but her face cracks. Maggots spill out of her cheeks and Specter jumps from his seat. The walls around him start to fade, wallpaper pealing off, dust piling on everything. His family all slump over in their chairs and start decomposing around him. His food spoils and melts into mold. Then, he hears a sinister voice, “Everything is rotting. The Narrows is dying and you will never stop it.” Specter screams and collapses on the ground. Then there is a loud crash and men in gasmasks and GCPD:SCU insignia swarm into the room. “Grab Specter.” Ones says, “Looks like Scarecrow’s already got to him.”

Episode 009

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