Episode 010


Show Opener

A long shot of a hallway in Arkham Asylum starts the show this season. A voice is heard from off screen, “You don’t actually believe that crap, do you?”. Two orderlies walk into view and continue their patrol away from the camera.
“I don’t know. If it was just Ryder I wouldn’t. But Vale’s been talking about it too. Then there was that piece in the Globe last week. I just don’t know, Steve.”
The two men continue their walk, stopping in-front of every door and checking on the inmates.
“Don’t be stupid, Carl. You saw the footage a couple years ago. Bane killed him. End of the story.”
“But what about Scarecrow turning up outside? Tied to the gate. That’s his style.”
“Doesn’t prove anything. We have costumed freaks turning in costumed freaks all the time.”
The two stop and Steve gestures at one of the nameplates in-front of a cell, “Why don’t we ask him?”
“Steve, stop. You know we’re not suppose to talk to them. Just check and make sure their in the cell. Especially this guy.”
“Stop being a pussy, Carl. Plus, maybe the Bats can come save you from him.”
Steve pulls the sliding viewer open and looks inside.
“Hey, clown boy. Did you hear the news? Batman’s back. Good as new. What do you think of that?”
The camera cuts into the cell where we see the Joker strapped to a bed staring blankly at the ceiling. His head turns slowly to look at the door, his expression totally blank.
“Stupid idiot’s too drugged up to even know…”, Steve begins to say to Carl.
“W… What… What did you say?”, Joker asks.
Steve looks back at him, “Carl here says that Batman is back. Didn’t you know. I thought you two were best friends. You telling me he didn’t call you first thing?”
A tear rolls down Joker’s white cheek as a smile creeps across his face. A chuckle, then two, seconds later Joker is laughing manically.
“That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”, Joker says as he laughs, “All I ever wanted!” The scene then fades out.

Title Screen

The title card comes up. The skies of Gotham are heavy with clouds tonight and a search light shines up into the darkness, projecting the shadow of a large black bat into the sky. In the lower right corner of the screen the words “Gotham Nights” fade in. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “A New Routine”.

Opening Scenes

The show fades in on The Specter already in battle with masked henchmen. A dozen Tormentors, minions of the Scarecrow, duke it out with The Specter in-front of the abandoned Ace Chemicals plant. Specter seems to have the fight well in hand. Then, as if responding to an unspoken order, the Tormentors break off and start to flee.
“Cowards!”, Specter calls after them.
“No, just a diversion.” A voice says behind him.
Specter wheels around and sees the Scarecrow standing in the doorway to Ace Chemicals. Without another word Specter charges at Scarecrow, who vanishes into the plant. Specter charges through the door calling for the Scarecrow to show himself but then then two tormentors slam the door behind him. Specter turns around to face the henchmen down when he hears another sound behind him. He spins around and sees a large hulking figure steps out of the shadows. Killer Croc roars and charges down on the started Specter.

The show then cuts to a ElectroCity, in a back office Steven Kyle is going over his paperwork. There is a knock on the door but before he can respond Selina Kyle steps into the room.
“Steven, we might have a problem.”

The next scene fades in on Adam Arthur walking the walls of Blackgate with an Oracle Security Solutions representative, Dinah Lance. The two are talking about the latest upgrades OSS proposed and trying to balance Blackgate’s budget to be able to afford the work. Adam’s phone rings and a quick check shows an incoming call from Rick Flag. Adam excuses himself for a moment to take the call.

The next scene fades in on Thomas Stonehill and Roman Vinchinzi running down the street together. The two of them round a corner and stumble to a stop as they are faced with the point of a sword.
“Have at thee!”, the man, dressed as a musketeer screams as he lunges towards the duo.
Both Merlin and Vinchinzi vanish in a flash leaving nothing but air for the Cavalier to strike. Then they both pop back into reality on opposite sides. Cavalier swings wildly towards Vinchinzi, leaving himself open for a knock-out punch from the Merlin.
With Cavalier out cold Vinchinzi pulls out a small notebook and scratches something down.
“Alright, we’ll tie him up and bring him into GCPD. I think we’re warmed up after that. Ready to go after a bigger fish?”, Vinchinzi asks.
The Merlin nods and Vinchinzi says, “The top of Ra’s list: Joker’s right hand gal. Lets go take down Quinn.”

Episode 010

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