Episode 011


Title Screen

The title card comes up. The skies of Gotham are heavy with clouds tonight and a search light shines up into the darkness, projecting the shadow of a large black bat into the sky. In the lower right corner of the screen the words “Gotham Nights” fade in. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “Fate”.

Opening Scenes

After the title, the show cuts to Specter sitting in the Oracle Ready room with Catwoman, Black Canary, and Oracle. Oracle is in front of the team giving a brief speech.
“As you all know, our systems have crashed under the weight of Calculator’s virus. We’re completely blind out there until we can get back up and running. I need Canary to stay here with me while we reboot, firewall, and reroute our systems. Catwoman and Specter, we need you to hit the streets. Until we can get back running we need to have eyes on anything happening in the system. Too many people depend on our intel for us to just sit here. The last rumblings we heard were Joker making movements at Arkham Asylum. We’ve also caught wind that Calculator is working with Task Force X so if any of you bump into their operatives, grab them. Maybe if we can grab a couple of there valued resources we can barter a truce.”
Oracle and Canary then leave the room, leaving Specter and Catwoman to discuss their objectives.

The next scene shows Bruce Wayne and Dominique Dane walking into a, now iconic, warehouse in the Diamond District. Once inside the temperature drops significantly and Wayne hands Dominique a couple hand warmer bags for her pockets. The two are escorted through Victor Freeze’s Cryo-Prison up to the throne room of Freeze himself.
Bruce and Victor exchange pleasantries, more like old associates than old enemies, and Bruce explains he has some concerns about what Victor is doing here. Victor agrees to explain his plans to Bruce but before the two start talking about anything too serious Bruce asks if Victor has someone would give a tour of the facility to his protege, Dominique.
Freeze calls Edward Nigma into the room and asks for him to give a tour of the facility to Dominique. Upon agreeing the two head off into the cell block.

The next scene opens with Man-O-War standing in a hallway with Amanda Waller. She passes a file folder to him and gestures through a door. War flips the folder open as he steps into the room and barely gets past the first line: “Subject: Steven Kyle (AKA: Nighthawk)” when he glances up and sees Steven Kyle, unconscious and handcuffed to a hospital bed.
“I understand that you and Mr. Kyle used to be part of the Gotham Guardians together. Our records indicate that while you two had a rocky friendship that he thinks highly of you… At least comparatively to the rest of your old companions. We would like you to offer the carrot and if he’s unwilling to comply I’ll come back and offer the stick.”
War goes back to reading over the file. It details the life of Steven Kyle and his relationship with his sister, Selina Kyle. His first break-ins to WayneTech warehouses, where he acquired most of his current gear, and everything else up to his encounter with Deathstroke in the sewers below Gotham City. There are even extensive notes to his decisions regarding Pamela Isley and personal vendetta against her. At the end of the file there is the following:
While Steven Kyle is unlikely to volunteer for Task Force X, it has been determined that he make a valuable asset. Director Waller suggests bringing in newly returned Suicide Squad member, Adam Arthur, to offer a recruitment package. In exchange for a term contract the following offers are supplied, every accepted condition adds additional years to Mr. Kyle’s service contract. Offer A: Exoneration of all past crimes, including multiple trespassing, breaking and entry, vandalism, and burglary charges. (+ 3 Years) Offer B: Permanent exemption from the Gotham City Police Special Crimes registration initiative. (+ 2 Years) Offer C: Checkmate will turn officer Pamela Isley over to Steven Kyle’s custody. (+ 10 Years) Offer D: Exoneration for all future crimes committed in United States or foreign embassies for a number of years equal to the extension of the contract. (Minimum + 1 Year, Maximum + 5 Years)
The scene then fades out as Waller orders Steven Kyle to be revived.

The next scene opens with Virgil Black and his partner, The Question, sitting in the SCU briefing room. As the scene comes into view the door opens and James Gordon walks into the room. He has a file folders in his hand that he sets in front of the duo. He then walks to the front of the room and begins addressing them,
“Alright guys, here’s the deal. Vigilante Registration has been in full effect for a couple months now and we’re getting pressure from upstairs to up the enforcement. After the Dark Guardian debacle this department needs some good press. We’ve cooked up a list of the most wanted Vigilantes in the city and it’s your job to start clearing names off that list by getting them to register.”
Virgil flips open the folder and sees the most wanted sheet… The top five are Huntress, The Riddler, Nighthawk, Mr. Freeze, and Calliope.
Gordon also gives some explict orders to the team, “Look, I also don’t care what the media says. We are not to attempt to apprehend the Batman. I did that dance years ago and it never goes well. It’s just easier to target other vigilantes for now. If we can prove the system works, Batman will start working with us. Also, one last thing. The vigilante know as Man-of-War is off limits. Don’t know why, but my superiors told me to leave him.”

The next scene fades in on Merlin waking up in a strange bed. He looks around the small apartment room and doesn’t recognize his surroundings. As he goes to stand up out of the bed his head goes swimming and he almost collapses. The noise draws the attention of the apartment’s owner who steps into the room.
“Woah there, big guy. Take it easy, you likely have one hell of a concussion. Lucky you that I found you and Dad trained me for this kind of mess.”, Connor Hawke says.
Green Arrow explains that he found Merlin laying just outside of the sewers. Merlin’s lucky that Connor found him though, shortly after that Joker triggered the demolition charges and collapsed or flooded a huge chunk of that sewer system. Connor then asks if Merlin plans on going back to the Asylum, because if he is then Green Arrow would like to get in on that action.

The scene then cuts to Steven Kyle who’s just waking up. He’s strapped to a hospital bed and as his vision clears he sees a reluctant Man-O-War standing in front of him…

Amanda Waller steps into the room. She takes the folder from War and tells him to go wait in the hallway. Then she pulls a chair over near Steven’s bed and sits down to review the file.

Episode 011

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