Episode 012


Show Opener

The show opens with a close up on a WayneTech clearance badge, the badge reads Jolene Relazzo – Chief Seismologist. The camera pulls out to show Relazzo sitting at her desk on the phone. Her face is lined with worry and she is heard saying: “Come on. Come on. Someone pick up.”
The door to her office opens and two men in suits walk in, one steps over and hangs up her phone. She looks up at him annoyed and says, “Do you have any idea what you just did? Gotham City is due for a massive earthquake! The likes of which this city has never seen before! I have to warn my superiors!”"
The man in the suit nods, “Yeah, we saws your report doc.” Then he pulls out a gun, pointing it at her, “which is why we needs you to come with us.”

Title Screen

The title card comes up. The skies of Gotham are heavy with clouds tonight and a search light shines up into the darkness, projecting the shadow of a large black bat into the sky. In the lower right corner of the screen the words “Gotham Nights” fade in. The screen fades to black for a half-second before the episode title fades in, “7:03 p.m.”.

Opening Scenes

After coming back from commercial break, a scene is shown with Catwoman and Nighthawk standing in a cheap hotel room looking over at a medical research facility across the street. Nighthawk turns to his sister,
“Are you going to tell me what we’re doing here? I other things to do.”
“This is a STAR Laboratory, part of their Medical Research Division. They have a machine that can scan your brain and we’re going to go use it.”
“You couldn’t find someone in Gotham to do this? We had to come back to Bludhaven?”
STAR isn’t owned by WayneTech. Less questions this way.”
Nighthawk nods grudgingly and the duo watches as the last researcher leaves for the night. A bedside clock reads “6:30p.m.”

As the scene finishes, Nighthawk begins to transmit his finding back to his home computer. As the final file finishes he glances down at the computer’s clock, “8:00pm, that was quicker than I expected.” The two grab up their things and make their way back out of the building. The two make their way down to the docks where the climb into their boat and start making their way back to Gotham City.

The next scene cuts to Thomas M Stonehill sitting in a subway train. He’s casually reading a paper as the tunnel flashes by him. Then the train shakes, more than normal, and everyone is jostled about the car. Then a massive lurch and the train skips the rails, crashing into the wall. Thomas jumps to brace himself against the impact.

The next scene cuts to show Arsenal in a heated foot chase. He calls out to the man he’s chasing, “Billy Wildman! This is GCPD. Stop running or I’m going to shoot you!” Billy glances back and gives Arsenal the finger. In Billy’s moment of distraction he didn’t notice Harvey Bullock stepping out of the cigar shop in front of him. The bigger detective grabs Wildman and throws him to the ground.
“You have the right to remain silent.”, Bullock says to Wildman.
“This is my arrest.”, Arsenal growls at Bullock.

The next scene shows Adam Arthur standing on the helicoptor pad at Blackgate Prision. A chopper is just setting down and Adam makes is way to the doors. Inside the chopper sit a dozen venom junkies, all still coming down from their last injections. Adam signs the transfer papers astwo GCPD Officers escort the junkies out of the chopper. Just then the ground beneth them buckles and shakes, causing all them men to fall to the ground. The junkies use this to their advantage and rush one of the GCPD officers…

The next scene fades in on Darren Spektor sitting with Oracle in the Gotham Clock Tower. The two are going over the systems when the building begins to shake. Oracle topples out of her chair, cracking her head on the desk. Specter moves quickly to make sure she’s alright but in a matter of seconds power to the building is gone and all of Oracle’s electronics are down. As the quake dies down, Oracle regains consciousness. Together, the duo pushes fallen equipment out of the way and step onto the balcony around the tower. They look out over a city destroyed. Flames rise on the horizon and building, once tall, are now rubble strewn about the street. Oracle begins to cry. And Specter tries to think of something to say to rally her moral.

Finally, the show cuts to Dominique Dane alongside Bruce Wayne sitting at the computer banks in the Batcave. Bruce is showing Dominique how to run a comprehensive search on a criminal currently loose in Gotham, Billy Wildman. Suddenly, klaxons blare and Dominique covers her ears. The screen flashes with bright red bars reading “SEISMIC EVENT” before power completely cuts out. Backup generators kick on for a minute and Dominique sees the roof of the Batcave crack as the foundation of Wayne Manor begins to cave in.

Episode 012

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