Episode 013


Show Opener

A man in a gas mask runs past the camera as the show fades in. Water splashes around him as he stomps down the sewage pipe under Gotham City. He glances over his shoulder but the camera doesn’t see anyone behind him. He turns forward just in time to see Lady Shiva duck low and slice into his Achilles’s tendons. Ratcatcher collapses into the sewer water and Shiva quickly kicks his weapons out of reach. She then drops down next to Ratcatcher and whispers, “Gotham can no afford to be distracted by a nuisance like you.” before sliding her blade across this throat. She then stands up and casually walks away as the screen fades to black.

Title Screen

The title card comes up. The camera runs over the ruined streets of Gotham City. The screen shakes and cracks open up. There is an explosion in a building that sends it toppling into the streets. Thugs are shown carrying stolen loot out of broken shop windows. Across the screen words “Gotham Nights” fade in. Then the screen fades to black and the episode title fades in, “7.6 Richter”.

Opening Scenes

The show then cuts to Calliope & Green Arrow II standing next to a bound Harley Quinn. Harley looks at Calliope with defiance and says, “I ain’t telling you nothing!” Arrow glances over to Calliope and shrugs, “She know’s what Joker’s up to… But getting information isn’t my forte. Any suggestions?”

The show then cuts to Man-O-War & Hush running down the ruined streets of Gotham in pursuit of Ragdoll. Ragdoll rounds a corner and in the half second it takes for the duo to catch up, he’s already vanished. Hush grumbles and kicks a trashcan, which topples over spilling Ragdoll to the ground. Hush laughs and raises his pistol to execute Ragdoll. Adam’s eyes go wide…

The show cuts to Nightwing as he’s slammed into a brick wall by Blockbuster. Specter is just getting back on his feet when Blockbuster drops his unconscious companion and charges. As Specter goes insubstantial and lets Blockbuster pass through him a figure drops down into the alley behind Blockbuster. Dark Guardian glances back at Specter and says, “Looks like your partner is down. Lets do this.”

The show then cuts to Nighthawk and Cavalier standing a few feet apart in the wreckage of an apartment, swords drawn. Near them stands Question, who speaks up, “If Nighthawk can beat you in a duel you’ll come with us?” Cavalier nods and replies, “But if I best your champion you let met take me leave.” Nighthawk smirks, “You’ll be coming with us.” as he lunges towards Cavalier.

The next scene shows Arsenal & Catwoman I standing outside of the bar they’ve tracked Tony Zucco to. Catwoman smiles at Arsenal and says, “You better let me handle Tony. I know his breed.” Arsenal straightens up and replies, “No. We’re a team here, I can’t let you do this alone.” Catwoman pouts and takes a step towards Arsenal. “Aww. Come on, Tiger. I can handle this.” She says as she runs a hand down Arsenal’s chest.

Lastly, the show cuts to Merlin & Huntress as they sneak up to the front gates of the Iceburg Casino. Huntress turns to Merlin and asks what the plan is. Merlin replies, “Frontal Assault?” and Huntress smiles. The duo climb to their feet, Merlin summoning magic while Huntress raises her crossbows. Penguin’s bouncers are startled for a second but reach for their guns…

Episode 013

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