Episode 014


Show Opener

The show opens with week on an exterior shot of a Wayne Steel refinery on the edge of Gotham City. The camera passes through the front gates and past a dozen armed guards before coming to a stop at one of the administrative buildings. Through a window we see Talia al Ghul sitting across a table from Penguin.

“I made sure he found the computer with the dummy information on it, just like you said.”, Penguin is heard saying.
“Good work, Penguin. I knew it was only a matter of time before father sent someone snooping into my business. You played your role masterfully.” Talia replies.

From outside the room a loud crash is heard followed by gunshots. Talia pulls a pistol out of her holster and aims at the door, but then the door explodes into the room. The massive black and white biker Lobo steps through the door and smiles, “Hey babycakes. Lets you and me forget about this destorying Gotham business and go grab a drink.”

Talia looks confused, glances at Penguin who shrugs, then turns towards Lobo and opens fire. Over a dozen shots rebound off Lobo’s suit before the gun clicks empty. Lobo smiles again, “Oh. I get it. Playing hard to get. I like that. My turn.” He starts to unwrap the chain from around his wrist and lets the hook thud onto the floor. The camera fades out.

Title Screen

The title card comes up. The camera runs over the ruined streets of Gotham City. The screen shakes and cracks open up. There is an explosion in a building that sends it toppling into the streets. Thugs are shown carrying stolen loot out of broken shop windows. Across the screen words “Gotham Nights” fade in. Then the screen fades to black and the episode title fades in, “Aftershock”.

Opening Scenes

After the title card the show cuts to Merlin, alone this time, skulking around the Iceberg Casino. He makes is way into the building and starts looking from room to room. In one of the suits Merlin recognizes Joe Rigger, AKA Firebug. Rigger is sitting on a sofa chatting, amicably, with one of the Casinos security guards. Merlin moves closer to attempt to hear the conversation.

“No idea. All I know is that Penguin wanted more security so he hired me on.”, Firebug is saying to the guard.
“I think he doesn’t trust Talia. We have to pull double shifts anytime she shows up.”, the guard replies.
“For what?”
“Sweep the building. Making sure nothings out of place.”
“That’s stupid. Talia has enough on her plate right now, she can’t afford to betray anyone.”, Firebug says.
“Either way, Penguin still keeps that panic room in his office filled with shit about her.”
“Good god man, shut the fuck up. You don’t know who might be listening in. Don’t give away your bosses secrets like that!”
“Oh. Right. Sorry.”
The show then fades to black.

The show then cuts to Scarecrow being punched in the face. His mask tears off and lands on the ground next to him. His nose is clearly broken and a cut over his left eye is pouring blood down his face. The room is thick with brown fear gas smog but the boot that connects to Scarecrow’s ribs doesn’t seem to care. The camera pans up to show Specter, flickering in and out of his corporal form, as he swings one last punch down on Scarecrow.

“How…”, Scarecrow sputters and spits blood onto the ground.
“I’m not alive, asshole.”, Specter says before the final blow knocks Scarecrow unconscious.
“What do you mean?”, a voice from behind Specter asks.

Specter turns around and sees Dark Guardian climbing through a window into the room. Specter looks mildly annoyed, “I died. Then I came back. Simple as that. What are you doing here.”
“Nightwing said I could trust you. I need help cleaning up a mess.”, Guardian replies.
“I’m not a janitor.”
“No, but I think you want to take down Tony Zucco.”
“Why the hell do you care about Zucco?”
“I have my reasons…”

“If I’m going to help you, I need to know.”, Specter says. Guardian nods, “I suppose you do”, he says before unbuckling his helmet. After the helmet’s off he peals up his gas mask and reveals his face. A look of recognision crosses Specters face and he says, “You’re Jordon Gates, aren’t you?” Guardian nods, “And my brother fucked things up with Zucco. I’m afraid if we don’t move quick that whole situation is going to explode.” Specter nods and the camera fades to black.

After a commercial break the show comes back to a shot of Arsenal standing on the roof of a Wayne Entertainment storage unit that GCPD has been using as it’s base of operations. He had a couple generators hooked up to the old Batsignal and the floodlight is shining up onto the clouds over Gotham City. He leans on the Batsignal and taps his foot. He glances at his wrist and checks the time. He’s just about to nod off when he hears footsteps on the roof. He smiles and says, “I could hear you coming a mile away, Batm…” Then he notices that his guest isn’t Batman.

A half-dozen men, their faces all cut and scared, are making their way across the rooftop towards him. One of them steps in front of the others and says, “Our boss doesn’t like what you’re doing. He says this is his turf now and you and the Blue Boys need to leave.” Arsenal shoots a unconscious glance at his shotgun, laying just out of reach, before replying, “And who’s your boss?”

The lead ganger pulls out a knife and smiles, “We’re the False Face Society and we work for Black Mask.” The six men then lunge for Arsenal.

The show cuts to Batman swooping down on Robin fighting with the Joker. Batman tosses a smoke bomb between the two fighting but before smoke can obscure the combatants Joker lands a solid blow on Robin’s jaw. The crowbar meets very little resistance and pushes into Robin’s jawline. Robin’s face buckles but then his cheek turns into grey goo that quickly wraps around the crowbar. The crowbar turns into mud and is pulled from Joker’s hand and absorbed into Robin’s face. As the smoke climbs, Robin’s flesh begins to melt off and a seven foot tall monster made of clay stands where the impostor Robin once stood.

Batman dives into the fight but when she hits the smoke she discovers this new Clayface is already missing. From in the cloud she hears Joker’s voice, “So it wasn’t old Birdboy… But that wasn’t old Mudbutt either… Bats? You still here?”

The show then cuts to Nighthawk and Question crouched down behind the fence of the old KSGF Radio Building. Question looks over to Nighthawk and says, “I thought we were going to get back-up at the Cryo-Prision…”
“Someone already tipped off Quakemaster. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t you and I don’t want to risk him knowing we’ve figured out where he’s at.”, Nighthawk says.

A couple armed mobsters patrol by the fence where Nighthawk and Question are hiding. Nighthawk looks at the Question and nods. She stands up and steps back from their hiding spot. “Evening boys.”, she says.
“Hey! You wasn’t there before! Whos are you?”, Goon number one says.
“Just a little girl out too late at night.”, Question replies.
“Huh huh huh. Yeahs you are.”, Goon number two says and the two step outside of the fence line… Right past Nighthawk.

Finally the show cuts to Man-O-War walking through the Cryo-Prision. The show follows him down a hallway and around a couple corners. Then he comes to a stop outside of a door, as he pushes it open he calls out, “Hey, Hush. They got the panels all…”

Inside the room, Hush has his mask pulled down from his mouth as he talks into a cell phone, “Peyton! Peyton! Where did you go!” He throws the phone into the wall before he notices Man-O-War standing in the doorway. War says, “Oh, sorry for…” but Hush cuts him off, “Not now. I’ve got to go.” He says as he pulls his mask back into place.

Just then everything goes black. The hum of the cooling systems slowly fades out and Man-O-War is heard in the eerie silence. “Oh. Shit.”

Episode 014

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