Episode 016


Show Opener

This week the show opens with a long shot of Gotham City, across the waters a half-dozen boats speed towards the ruins. The camera follows them for a second as the pull up to a dock and begin unloading crate after crate. From one of the dock buildings a man steps out, He’s wearing stark black DragonSkin armor with a neoprene balaclava covers his eyes while a half-gas mask covers his mouth. He’s wearing a tact-vest with a number of building pockets and clipped on gear. Yellow stripes run up both sides of his suit and a large yellow A is emblazoned on his chest. Arsenal carries a shotgun as he inspects the gear being delivered.
“This all looks good but where’s the kill switch?”, he asks a man giving orders.
“Right over here, Mr. Arsenal.”, and the man pulls a small box out from a concealed hatch on the boat.
Arsenal takes the box from the man and pulls a small cylinder from inside. The device is hand-sized and has a trigger switch on one side of it. Arsenal turns the black rod around in his hand and then looks at the maker’s imprint on the bottom. The camera zooms in to show a “WayneTech”. The show fades out.

Title Screen

Then the title card for this episode comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang with the words Gotham Nights in the lower right corner. There is an opening montage starting with Thomas Stonehill completing the ritual and absorbing the Mantle of Merlin. Darren Spektor gasping back to life in the hospital. Steven Kyle pulling a set of WayneTech Goggles out of a crate. Virgil Black pulls on his first black ski-mask as Arsenal. Adam Arthur waking up on a Task Force X operating table. Dominique Dane pulling the cowl of Batman for the first time. The screen fades to black and blood begins to drip down. The episode title fades in over the bright red blood, “Crisis of Faith”.

Father-Son Chat (Nighthawk)

The show then cuts to a small dark living room where a World War II veteran sits watching two masked vigilantes talk. The first pulls back his mask, revealing the face of Dan Garret. Without a word the other man pulls back his mask to show the face of Steven Kyle. A second passes before Dan speaks, “I always told Grace that you would come around. Just to give you space.”
Steven doesn’t say anything, just looks at his adoptive father.
“When she caught the Clench I tried to call you. She knew she wasn’t going to make it and all she wanted was to tell her son that she loved him.”
Steven looks away ashamed. Then a gunshot rings out from outside. In unison Dan and Steven pull their masks back in place and run to the door. Outside a voice calls out,
“Get out here Scarab of I’ll start shooting!”
Scarab looks over at Nighthawk, “Can I trust you?”
“Yes.”, Nighthawk replies.
“Good. Go out the back and get across the street.” He hands Nighthawk a small decorative pin, “Put this on and show it to Ms. Harrison and she’ll let you in. Then just follow me lead.”
Nighthawk takes the scarab pin and nods. He then glances out the window at the house across the street before stepping into the shadows of Sarge’s living room and out of the shadows of Ms. Harrison’s kitchen.
Scarab steps out of Sarge’s front door and walks up to the armed gunmen. A half-dozen thugs with crude Penguins painted on their jackets hold hostages in the middle of the street. The thugs smirk at Scarab as he approaches.
“Time to leave bug boy. Penguin says this street is his now.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Scarab says softly.
“Oh yeah? You and what army?”, the mook laughs.
“This one.”, then four more Black Scarabs begin to appear out of thin air, circling the mooks.
Nighthawk slips out the front door and slips behind the distracted thugs, then he feels the Scarab pin on his chest begin to warm. For a second the street goes blurry but when it comes back into focus Nighthawk is seeing the thugs from five different angles. Across from him he sees his father, the Black Scarab, flanked by four shimmering translucent copies the Scarab. A quick glance shows four more, clearly under Nighthawk’s control, have appeared.
“Oh… Shit…” The mook says and opens fire at the clones.

Escape from Washington (Batman)

The show cuts to a penthouse apartment. In the lower right corner the words “Washington D.C.” fade in and linger for a few seconds. The camera pans through the apartment and we see Alfred Pennyworth cooking in the kitchen. Past him sits Bruce Wayne at a desk going over a stack of papers. Then the camera pulls up to a bedroom door. A cut to the interior of the bedroom and we see Dominique Dane stuffing clothes into a backpack. She slings the bag over her shoulder and tip-toes over to the window. She slowly starts to lift the glass when there is a knock at her door. Dominique freezes and calls out, “Yes?”
“Close the window.”, a stern Bruce Wayne says through the door.
Dominique stops for a second and looks longingly at the window. Just as she’s about to close the window she hears another voice.
“Oh dear. I’m certainly going to regret this…”, Alfred says.
There is a crash from the other room and Bruce yells out, “What the hell!”
Dominique runs over and throws open her bedroom door. Feet from her door Bruce Wayne lies on the floor, tipped out of his wheelchair. Alfred stands a few feet away, wheelchair in his hands. He looks up at Dominique and smiles.
“Go. Quickly. Lock your door. I’ll keep his chair from him for as long as I can. He can’t possible chase you like this.”
“Are you out of your mind!”, Bruce yells at Alfred.
Dominique smiles at Alfred and darts back into her room. She locks the door and throws open her window. She looks down at the street below. Fifty-eight stories up and she’s a little rusty from all this time in Washington…

A Visit from Harley Quinn (Specter)

After that we transition to a shot of a guard standing outside of Specter’s room. Inside we can hear shouting, one voice being the Specters and the other Huntress.
“Are you kidding me? What the hell do you think you’re doing?”, She yells.
“Nothing happened! It’s fine!”, Specter replies.
“This is no way to run a city!”, Huntress screams back.
The camera passes through the door and into the room where we see Huntress and Specter yelling at each other. Then we see a figure pop up in the window. The lean in, just enough to be heard in the room but not far enough to make a quick escape impossible.
“Oh kiddos! This doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. And I’d know a thing or two about unhealthy relationships!”, Harely Quinn says.
Huntress grabs her crossbow off the table and spins to point it at Harley.
“What are you doing here, clown girl?”, She says.
“Just saying hi to the new negibors. Plus, Mista J wanted to talk to you about a mutual problem.”, Harley says.
“Huntress, lower your bow. What problem, Quinn?” Specter says.
“You have to be fucking kidding me!”, Huntress yells, “You’re actually going to talk to her?”
“I want to know why she’s here. Joker’s up to something and I want to know what.”
“I will not let you make another mistake!”, Huntress says and she starts to move towards Harley.

The Assault on Arkham Asylum (Man-O-War)

The show then cuts to a haggered Man-O-War crouching behind an upturned desk. His riot gear is torn in places but is mostly still functional. His shield is cracked and he’s down to the last few of his less-than-lethal rounds. He pulls out a walkie-talkie, and after a long pause he turns it on.
“Oracle. Report? Seconds of battery.”, he says.
“Cave is secured. Nigma is scouting. Scarecrow left Tormentors but left days ago.”, Oracle replies.
“Ok. Start clean ups. I’m low on supplies but if…”, Man-O-War begins to reply but the squawk of the walkie talkie dying signals the end of their conversation.
“… I can just get to the guard station I can resupply. We’ll regroup in the Batcave and start sweeping the Asylum. We need to take an inventory. This had to be a break out. But who… Firefly? Zeus? Zucco? At least, that’s what I would have said to you if my batteries didn’t just die.”, He finishes he thought.
Sighing to himself Man-O-War stands up and chambers a pellet into his riot shotgun. He pulls the desk away from the door and steps out of the Warden’s Office and into the hallway. Arkham Asylum is errily empty as he makes his way down the corridors and onto the grounds. Sure enough, in the front of the building a half-dozen Tormenters are waiting for him. Man-O-War opens up with a bag round into one of their knee caps to grab their attention.
“Get out of my home.” He says, and the fight is on.

Episode 016

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