Episode 018


Show Opener

The show fades in from black on a white flurry of activity. From the blinding blizzard a figure emerges, his black fatigues stand in stark contrast to the icy blue and white tableau surrounding him. As he approaches the camera, shotgun in hand, more figures emerge from behind him. Men and women, similarly armed and armored flank Arsenal as he makes his way through the Gotham Ice Storm. Then, a voice from off screen echos out.
“You are intruding on my domain. I will take no offense if you leave now.”, the icy monotone Freeze calls out.
“You’re a menace, Freeze. Just look what you did to my city.”, Arsenal calls out.
“You know well that this was never my design.”, Freeze responds.
“Bullshit, Victor! I never trusted you.”, Arsenal cries out.
“Yet it wasn’t me who betrayed my allies in their darkest hours.”, Freeze stoically replies.
Arsenal just sneers and raises his shotgun at the screen. With a roar the muzzle flash turns the screen completely white and then it fades simply to black.

Title Screen

Then the title card for this episode comes up, a broken, rusted, and bloody Batarang with the words Gotham Nights in the lower right corner. The opening montage features scenes of Bane cracking Batman across his knee. The Singularity being slammed through a building by Lobo. Man-O-War’s terrified look as he’s boom-tubed away with Bane. The Specter laying in a hospital bed coughing up blood. The Merlin crashing into Gotham Harbor after being blasted out of the sky by Black Adam. Nighthawk being stabbed through the heart by Deathstroke. Calliope being fighting Wayne Securities as they force her onto a boat. The screen fades to black and blood begins to drip down. The episode title fades in over the bright red blood, “Fruit of the Earth”.

Hello and Goodbye (Specter)

After the title card the show returns on the Darren Spektor, wearing a Batsuit with his cowl hanging off his neck. In his hands is a note and the voiceover begins to read the text.
Specter. You’re lost your way and gone soft. You put self interests before Gotham and used your power for a purely selfish, personal agenda. I can no longer stand by your side but I could never raise a hand against you. Maybe in another life things could have been different for us but here, now, I had to leave. Don’t forget why you stayed in Gotham. Should our paths cross I only ask you stay your hand as I will stay mine. -Huntress
From behind Specter a voice softly speaks, “Helena has her demons but she has a good heart. Hopefully she can find her way again before she becomes a problem.”, Grayson says.
“Yeah.”, Specter simply replies before pulls the cowl over his face, “What’s our first move?”
“Robinson Park. Something’s happened there. Ivy has lashed out at us, along with the Smugglers and Red Lights. Something stinks in the park. Nothing serious, just some recon but she’s dangerous Darren.”
Just then the door to Specter’s war room flies open and a beaten and bloody man crashes into the room.
“Boss! Scarecrow and Zsasz are atta…” His words trail off as he stares at a lone Batman standing in the room. Then he gathers himself, “Batman! Thank god you’re here! We’re being slaughtered by Croc! You have to help!”

Tilt: Describe the results of the above test. Then go into: The newest Batman arrives in at the climax of the battle. Scarecrow and Croc are nowhere to be seen but Darren quickly zero’s in on Zsasz. From the edge of a roof he has a clear line of site on Zsasz. His mind races and he asks himself aloud, “Who am I? Darren Spektor, brother\husband\nephew\whatever of one of Zsasz’s victims. Or Batman, who only has the one rule…” The scene then fades out.

An Unexpected Guest (Calliope)

Before the next scene fades in some white text appears across the bottom of the screen, “Hours earlier.” The scene then fades in on one of the many small auxiliary batcaves built all across Gotham City. Dominique is seen sitting in the dark cave using candle light to clean small cuts and scrapes that dot her body. From off screen she hears a voice call out.
“I hoped you’d be down here. You’re a hard one to track down.” a man says.
“I know that voice…” Dominique says, more to herself than in response.
As she says that from the shadows emerges Batman. Dominique is taken a back for a second but she quickly realizes that the man before her is not Bruce Wayne. Then a look of recognition crosses her face.
“You’re…” she begins to say.
“Dick Grayson.” Batman replies and he pulls his mask from his face.
“No. You were…” Dominique tries again but again Grayson cuts her off.
“I was Nightwing until Bruce recruited me. Listen, Dominique, we have a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to do it.” Grayson says.
Dominique nods reluctantly and says, “Why are you dressed like that?”
“It’s a long story and I’ll go into it later. Right now, you need to get back to Blackgate. There’s been a riot and I’m afraid things are going to get messy.”
“Why can’t you go?”
“I have to go talk to another old friend. I’m trying to do something big here, Dominique. I need you to just trust me. I’ll explain when we have more time.”
Dominique looks hesitant but Grayson smiles weakly at her and says, “I’m not Bruce. You know that. I say that Gotham needs more than one Dark Knight.”
Almost embarrassed Dominique nods and stands up. Grayson hands her a fresh batsuit and almost reluctantly she pulls on the cowl. The two Batmen nod to each other.
“When you’re done, meet me at Robinson Park.” Grayson says and Dominique nods again. Then the duo vanish into the shadows.

Tilt: When Dominique arrives at Blackgate things are already beyond repair. The large yellow Bats have been spray painted over with big purple grins, the tag of the Last Laugh. A quick circuit and Dominique sees that Harely has clearly seized control of the prison in the name of her boyfriend, Joker. As Dominique contimplates her next move, the scene fades out.

Decision (Nighthawk)

The next scene fades in on Nighthawk on top of the Lighthouse looking out over No Man’s Land. He sighs heavily as he watches bonfires flicker across the ruins of the city. From off screen we hear the voice of Selina Kyle.
“Steven. You need to make a decision.”, she says softly.
“I know, Selina. It’s just…” he begins to reply before trailing off.
Nighthawk turns around and descends the latter from the roof down into his makeshift command center. A few of his operatives are sorting through papers all under the watchful eye of Green Arrow. When Arrow sees him he asks, “Have a decision yet boss?”
Nighthawk walks over to the papers and pushes them around idly on the desk, then he picks one up. Questions voice can be heard as the voiceover begins.
“Steven- I need your help. Red Hood’s vanished and Hush is struggling to keep control of the Lights. Their attack on Ivy was routed, she apparently knew their plans and struck first. Nothing serious has happened yet but I’m scared that any minute war is going to erupt and my people are going to be caught in the cross fire. Things are bad. I have more news but it’s not fit for writing. Please, come see me as soon as you get this. -Renee”
Nighthawk sets the note down and picks up another scrap of paper. This time a elderly man’s voice begins the letter’s narration.
“Steven- I need your help. The Blue Boys attacked us last night and Dan has lost it. He’s abandoned the neighborhood to go fight the cops. I don’t know what’s happening to him but he’s not the man I once knew. I know the two of you fought when you were here last but I’m afraid that he’s going to hurt someone. Please, if there is even a scrap of compassion left in you for your father come help him. Please, come see me as soon as you get this, -Sargent William S. Riley”
Nighthawk looks up at Green Arrow and Catwoman. “Send everyone we can spare to the Question Block. I’m going to Scarab Street.”
Catwoman and Green Arrow glance at each other and then back to Steven. Green Arrow is the first to reply, “You know that won’t work boss. The men don’t have respect Cat or me. You’re their leader, their icon. We’ll be throwing their lives away if you’re not there. Plus, if Scarab Street is under attack by the Blue Boys you going alone is suicide.”
Catwoman then says, “You have to make a choice here, Nighthawk. Either Question Block or Scarab Street. As soon as we’re done with one, we’ll go to the other. But we don’t have the strength to split our force.”

Episode 018

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