Arkham\Blackgate Isle Staff

Face: Hugo Strange
Mandate: Build a new prison to contain both Blackgate and Arkham inmates. (Public)

Public Knowledge
It’s the stated goal of the Arkham Asylum staff to rehabilitate the worst of Gotham City’s dangerously insane. Those it can’t help, they contain. It’s also earned a reputation as an institution that will see to any unusual need of Gotham’s criminals. Special installations were built to contain men and women with unique requirements for either survival or containment. Arkham has had a long history of working alongside Gotham State (when it was still open) and Blackgate though that relationship has become strained as the current Warden has been less inclined to release patients to Blackgate. Warden Strange has begun a kind of half-way house program in the Narrows to reintroduce Arkham’s former patients into the world.


Face: Amanda Waller
Mandate: Oversee various government offices that deal with Metahuman affairs and ensure the safety of the United States of America from any Metahuman threats. (Public)

Court of Owls

Face: The Talons
Mandate: Control every detail of Gotham City. (Secret)

Public Knowledge
An ancient conspiracy theory that some believe has controlled Gotham City for centuries. Rumored to be a violent cabal of some of Gotham City’s oldest and wealthiest families who use murder and money to wield political influence throughout history. Their legend is told only through whispers and a nursery rhyme that bears their name:

Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word about them, or they’ll send The Talon for your head.

The Church of the Bat

Face: Dr. Fate
Mandate: Spread the good word about the life, death, and coming resurrection of the Savior of Gotham City; Batman. (Public)

False-Face Society

Face: Black Mask
Mandate: Unite and train masked Villains to help control Gotham City for the Black Mask. (Semi-Public)

The Gotham City Crime Familes

Face: Alberto Falcone, Rupert Thorn, & Tony Zucco
Mandate: Reclaim Gotham’s Underworld of the Families. (Public)

Gotham City Media

Face: Vikki Vale
Mandate: Find or make new a media darlings and keep those ratings up! (Public)

Gotham City Officials

Face: Hamilton Hill
Mandate: Stay elected, maintain the status quo of Gotham City, and keep popular opinion high. (Public)

Gotham City Police Department

Face: Michael Akins
Mandate: Keep the criminal empires in Gotham manageable while making as little noise as possible. (Public)

Haly’s Circus

Face: Brian Haly
Mandate: Train the next generation of potential Talon candidates. (Secret)

League of Shadows

Face: Ra’s al Ghul
Mandate: Maintain Balance in the world. (Secret)


Face: Lex Luthor
Mandate: Build the technology to protect the world from Extraterrestrial threats. (Public)

Public Knowledge
Recently acquired and liquidated Kord Industries.

The New Major Crimes Unit

Face: Two-Face
Mandate: Put Gotham’s Elite on Trial. (Public)

The Nora Fries Foundation

Face: Mr. Freeze
Mandate: Permanently contain Gotham’s most dangerous criminals. (Secret)

Oracle Network

Face: Oracle
Mandate: Record and analyze all information coming in and out of Gotham City. (Secret)

Project Cadmus

Face: Thomas Thompkins
Mandate: Facilitate Checkmate in researching metahuman threats. (Semi-Public)

Queen Industries

Face: Derek Powers
Mandate: Develop new non-lethal and lethal weaponry. (Public)

Public Knowledge
After the death of owner Oliver Queen, Queen Industries floundered for a time. Eventually bringing in Oswald Cobblepot as a new CEO the company was finally stabilized after months of turbulence. With the company secured, it didn’t take long for Wayne-Powers to reacquire the company, having owned if for a time prior to Oliver’s death. After it’s merger, Wayne-Powers demoted the Penguin to the board of directors and the co-CEO of Wayne-Powers, Derek Powers, assumed direct control over the company.

Scarecrow’s Army

Face: Scarecrow
Mandate: Terrorize Gotham City. (Public)

S.T.A.R. Labs

Face: Silas Stone
Mandate: Maintain the only large-scale multi-national independent scientific research and development laboratories. (Public)

Society of Assassins

Face: Talia al Ghul
Mandate: Maintain Balance in the world. (Secret)

Task Force X (Suicide Squad)

Face: Rick Flagg Jr.
Mandate: Facilitate Checkmate in detaining and combating metahuman threats. (Secret)


Face: Thomas Wayne Jr.
Mandate: Increase Profits, Buy Out Competition, and serve the interests of Gotham City. (Public)

Public Knowledge
Wayne Enterprises owns Queen Industries.


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