GD Episode 002

Gd 002

Show Opener

The show opens this week on a shot of the Thomas M. Stonehill School for Gifted Youngsters Cafeteria. All of the tables have been cleared out for the blue and white streamers that dangle from the ceiling. The room is empty except for Rikimaru Takahashi who’s seen on stage setting up band equipment. From off stage, Amanda Leighton walks out and over to Ricky.
“Are we all setup, Ricky?”, she asks.
“Yes, Miss Leighton. Everything is ready for the Winter Dance tonight.”, Ricky replies.
“Thank you for your help Ricky. I really appreciate it but you can take off now and get ready for your big night.”
“No problem, Miss Leighton, but I’m in no hurry. I couldn’t find a date for tonight.”
Amanda frowns for a moment before she asks, “How about you help me chaperon this thing then? ”/campaigns/gotham-nights/characters/marty-stevenson" class=“wiki-content-link”>Coach Stevenson just canceled on me so it’ll be just me tonight."
Ricky shakes his head, “I don’t know, Miss Leighton. I think it might be weird to spend all night with a teacher.”
Amanda smiles, “Then for the night, call me Amanda. I’d hate for you to miss such an important milestone in your academic career.”
Ricky smiles, “Ok, Miss Lei… I mean, Amanda. Thank you.”
“Well then, run off and get ready. You don’t want to miss your big night.”
Ricky smiles again and hops off the stage. Amandon Leighton goes back to checking on the sound equipment as the camera fades out.

Title Screen

The screen fades to black and big bold white letters appear in the center of the screen, “Gotham Days”. A second later the episode title fades below the show title, “Freshmen Year: Part Two”.

Michael Stein, Spencer Sterling, Trevor Twelve & Ivan Kosov

The camera fades back in on a cafeteria, decorated to the hilt for the Freshmen Winter Dance. Handfuls of freshmen are scattered around the room in little clumps. The camera pans around the room, over faces we don’t yet recognize before coming to a rest on Michael Stein, Spencer Sterling, and Trevor Twelve. The trio stand there awkwardly for a moment before Spencer says, “Good hustle last week, Trev.”
“Yeah. Thanks.”, Trevor says distractedly.
Just then Ivan Kosov comes over, obviously hiding something in his sport coat. He glances around nervously and then he says, “Hey guys.”
“Sup, Ivan.”, Spencer says cheerfully.
“Look at what I got.”, Ivan says as he pulls a flask out from his coat.
Ivan hands the flask around and Michael takes a sniff, “Oh, vodka. Good stuff too.”
Trevor looks uncomfortable, “I’ll pass.”
Ivan shakes his head emphatically and then says, “It’s not for just us, guys. I say we spike the punch!”
Spencer and Trevor look at each other for a second but Michael agrees immediately. Before anyone else can respond, Ivan lays out the plan.
“Spencer, I need you to distract Miss Leighton. Trevor, you’re distract Ricky. I’ll do the deed myself and Michael will watch my back. Ok, lets do this. Break!”

Aisling M. Stonehill & Alex Cross

The show then cuts to an exterior shot of the Stonehill Estate. Walking up the long winding driveway we see Alex Cross, dressed in his nicest clothing and carrying a small bouquet of flowers. His trek up the driveway ends and he knocks on the front door. A moment passes and then another. Eventually the door creeks open and Alex comes face to face with Thomas Stonehill. The wizened old man stares at Alex for a moment before Alex decides to say something.
“Principle Stonehill. I’m Alex Cross. I’m here to…”, Alex begins to say.
“I know who you are. I know why you are here.”, Thomas says and promptly closes the door in Alex’s face.
Alex looks shocked for a second before he knocks on the door again and calls out, “Um… Principle Stonehill. The door must have accidentally…”
Thomas interrupts again, “There was no accident. Go home, Mr. Cross.”
Alex stands confused for another moment before he says, “It’s… ummm… The winter dance tonight, sir.”
The door swings back open and Thomas steps into the frame. The normally hunched over old man stands up straight and looms over Alex.
“You know not the foul magics you tempt tonight, child.”, He bellows at Alex.
From behind Thomas, Alex spots Aisling standing near the stairs. She moves quickly up next to Thomas and grabs his arm. “Grandfather, it’s time for supper. Come on now.”, she says.
Alex looks confused and Aisling leans closer to him, “Help me distract him and then we’ll slip out. He’s not always right in the head.”
Alex shrugs and steps inside.

Ray Castlemen, Rumi Takahashi, & Johnny Falcone

The show cuts to Ray Castlemen sitting in the passenger seat of a car. He leans his head against the window as Gotham rolls by. The diver reaches over and shakes him a bit.
“What’s the matter there, champ?”, a voice off screen asks.
“Oh. Nothing. Just nervous.”, Ray replies.
“Why’s that? You’re a great guy. Whoever this broad is she’s a lucky lady.”, the voice replies.
“She’s just way smarter than me.”, Ray says.
The camera pans past Ray and out into the Gotham scenery. It turns around and watches as the car pulls up outside of a large mansion in the Hills of Gotham. We can still hear Ray and the diver talking as the Driver says, “This place looks familiar. Who’d you say your date was again?”
“Rumi. Rumi Takahashi.”, Ray replies.
A second of silence then the driver says, “Oh… Well, you better to get her.”
Ray climbs out of the car and walks up the sidewalk to the front door. Before he can even knock the door flies open and a massive man burst out onto the porch. He man is easily eight feet tall and the size of a refrigerator. His long brown hair obscures his face and his body language conveys a whole lot of ‘You don’t fuck with me’. Ray stumbles backwards and almost falls down. The man looms over Ray and bellows, “Go home, Geijin!”
Ray puffs out his chest and looks up at the man, “Who the hell are you?”
From behind the massive man we hear another voice, “It is alright, Goro. I will handle this one.”
The massive man takes a step to the side an a much smaller, well dressed Benimaru Takahashi appears in the door. Goro steps back inside of the house and Benimaru closes the door behind him. Benimaru then walks over to Ray and gestures for him to sit down on the porch swing.
“I apologize for Goro’s behavior, he was simply trying to inform you that Rumiko will not be able to attend your little dance this evening.”, Benimaru explains.
“But we had a date…” Ray mutters.
“Yes, but unfortunately Rumiko did not ask my permission before…”, Benimaru begins but stops suddenly.
Benimaru looks past Ray, further down his driveway. He then turns abruptly and begins walking towards the car Ray arrived in. The front door creaks open and Rumi pops her head out.
“Quickly, while Father is distracted.”, she says.
From the driveway we hear angry Japansese and the camera swings around. We see Johnny Falcone stepping out of the driver’s side of the car as Benimaru draws closer. The camera jerks back to Rumi, who’s just taken Ray’s hand and pulled him into the house.
“We do not have much time. Goro will attend to my Father and be too distracted to notice I’ve slipped out. Quickly, this way.”, Rumi says as the two disappear deeper into the Takahashi household.

Sam Donovan & Anna Balot

The show then cuts to Sam Donovan getting a door slammed in his face. The flowers he was holding are knocked out of his hand when the door almost hits him. He jumps back and yells, “What the hell?!”
From the other-side of the door we hear Anna yell back, “Those are lilies! Do you think I’m a whore?!”
Sam stares at the door for a long moment and then down at the small bouquet he managed to scrounge together. He looks back up at the door and replies, “No… Anna. They are just flowers…”
Like saying a magic word the door swings open and Anna’s tear stained face cries out, “Just flowers?! JUST FLOWERS!”
Sam stammers and takes a step back but Anna’s tirade continues, “Sam. This is the single most important night of our freshmen careers. The flowers I show up with are directly related to who I am at this dance. You have to do better.”
Sam stares at Anna for a moment, clearly wanting to tell her to just cram it. Then his shoulders slouch in defeat. He nods slowly, “Ok, Anna. What should I get.”
Anna stares at Sam like he just shit on her porch, “You don’t ask me that! If you can’t get the right flowers, then I’m not going!” She says as she slams the door again.
Sam sighs, “If I didn’t need this cover…” he mutters to himself as he turns to walk back to the flower shop.

GD Episode 002

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