GD Episode 003

Gd 003

Show Opener

The show opens up on a long shot of a small suburban home with a moving truck sitting outside. Two movers are hauling a sofa out the front door and the camera holds on them as the sofa is loaded into the truck. Then, from the doorway we watch as Michael Stein carries a box out to the truck and loads it up. He’s following shortly by Anna Balot, also toting a moving box. The door starts to swing closed but a tennis shoe catches the door before it closes. Alex Cross shoulders his way out of the door-frame and calls out;
“Thanks for holding the door, Anna.”
Anna glances back, “Oh, sorry Alex.”
The trio push the last boxes into the truck and Michael closes the door. He shakes Alex’s hand and Anna gives him a quick hug.
“Thanks, Alex.”, Michael says.
“No problem, but why did you call me?”
Michael shrugs and glances off for a moment before replying, “Well, I couldn’t get a hold of Trevor, Spence is going through a lot with his family and Ray is still in that hospital in Utah.”
“Utah? Hospital? What happened to Ray?”, Alex says shocked.
“Some sort of lab accident. He got some big shot internship with S.T.A.R. Labs and some mass accelerator misfired. He’s fine but they are keeping him in quarantine. He might not even be back in time for Sophomore year.”
Alex frowns and thinks for a moment, “Man, first you move to Metropolis and now Ray’s out. Seems like I picked a great year to go out for the football team.”
Michael laughs, “Classes haven’t started yet, you can still back out. But I’d hate to be the guy who has to tell Spence and Trevor.”
Alex laughs. From the driveway, Alex’s mom calls out that they need to leave. Michael shakes Alex’s hand again, another polite thank you, and then he joins his family in the car. As the car pulls out of the driveway Alex waves and the camera fades out.

Title Screen

The screen fades to black and big bold white letters appear in the center of the screen, “Gotham Days”. A second later the episode title fades below the show title, “ Sophomore Year”.

Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah

After the opening title card the show cuts to Rumi Takahashi riding in the backseat of a car with her father. Benimaru Takahashi is talking quickly in Japanese while Rumi gazes out of the car windows. The car pulls to a stop and the diver’s voice chirps on over the intercom. “Miss Takahasi, we have arrived at your school.” Rumi presses the button on the intercom, “Thank you, Kaito.”, she says before opening the car door. Then she hesitates for a second before looking back at her father.
Benimaru says something in Japanese into his phone before pausing to look at his daughter, “Yes?”
“I was hoping you had reconsidered allowing me to tryout for the cheer-leading squad.”
“Hum. Yes. Fine.”
“I know that you said I needed to do away with such trivial.. Wait… Did you say yes?”
“Yes, Rumiko. You may do as you wish. Now, go. I have business to attend to.”
Rumi climbs out of the car and the camera pans out to see Aisling M. Stonehill as she makes her way down the sidewalk towards the school. Rumi waves to her and waits for the two to walk to class together.
“Is something wrong, Rumi? You seem… Perplexed.”, Aisling inquires.
“Father is acting weird lately. Less… parental.”, Rumi says sounding half-distracted.
“That doesn’t sound so terrible.”, Aisling responds.
Rumi shrugs and then bursts into a huge grin, “Oh, Aisling! Are you trying out for cheerleading squad this year? I think you’d make a fantastic addition to the team!”
Aisling looks lees than amused but she lies, “I hadn’t really considered it, to be honest.”
Rumi then launches into her best attempt to convince Aisling to try out…

Cold Feet

The show cuts to the interior of ElectroCity where Alex Cross is seen sitting at his usual table. He’s chewing on his SuperTots and keep glancing at the front door expectantly. Then, a haggard and tired looking Trevor Twelve walks through the door, glances around, and begins to make his way towards Alex’s table. Trevor sits down and, in a not terribly friendly tone says, “What’s up, Alex?”
Alex shrinks, “You look rough, Trev.”
“Long summer. Look, Alex, I just got back in. What did you need to talk about?”
“Oh, it’s nothing important. I’m sorry to bother you about it.”
“Well, it’s too late for that. I’m here, so what’s going on?”
“I don’t think I’m going to go out for football this year.”, Alex says.
“Bullshit. Come on, man. Don’t mess with me here.”
“For serious, Trev. Spencer’s in bad shape, Ray’s still in Utah, Michael moved to Metropolis… The team is going to suck this year.”
“What the hell happened when I was gone?”, Trevor demands.
Alex starts to run down the news from over the summer; Ray’s internship with the S.T.A.R. Lab’s physics department, the divorce of Spencer’s parents, and Michael going with his mom, step-dad, and sister to live in Metropolis. Alex tries his best to drop all the news as softly as he can while Trevor tries his best to keep his composure.

I’m sorry, bro.

The students of Thomas M. Stonehill School for Gifted Youngsters can all be seen getting ready for class as a soft female voice comes over the intercom, “Five minutes. Five minutes before first period.” The voice chimes. The camera pans around before settling on Sam Donovan, stuffing his jacket into his locker. He closes it his locker and we see Spencer Sterling standing just on the other side of the door. Sam jumps back a bit when he sees Spencer just standing there.
“Hey, sorry.”, Spencer says.
“Are you going to punch me again?”, Sam asks.
“No. Actually, I wanted to say I was sorry for all of that. I was being stupid.”, Spencer says.
“Yeah, that’s great and all but…”, Sam begins to say.
“I know, it’s just words. Thats why I got you these.”, Spencer says and hands two tickets to Sam, “I thought you could take Anna.”
Sam glances at the tickets, “Blah blah blah? Why do you think I’d want to see them?”
“Oh, they are Anna’s favorite band.”
“Yeah, well, I haven’t seen her since she moved to Metropolis.”
“What?! Anna moved?!”, Spencer almost yells.
Just then the soft voice chimes out again, “Two minutes before first period. Two minutes.”
Sam glances down at his watch, “Shit, my first class is across campus. Look, thanks but no thanks. Just leave me alone.”, he says and throws the tickets back at Spencer.
METROPOLIS?!”, Spencer cries out.

GD Episode 003

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