GD Episode 004

Gd 004

Title Screen

The screen fades to black and big bold white letters appear in the center of the screen, “Gotham Days”. A second later the episode title fades below the show title, “Junior Year”.

A Warm Welcome

The show cuts to a local soup kitchen in Burnley where we see Trevor Twelve sitting at a table with Able Crown. The two chat about the state of Burnley and what all Trevor can do to help. The door to the room opens and the camera turns to see Ray Castlemen walking into the room. Able nods towards Ray and tells Trevor he has a guest. As Ray approach, Able stands to offer his seat. They shake hands and Ray sits down across from Trevor.
“Man, it’s taken me all day to track you down. What are you doing down here?”, Ray asks with a smile.
“Giving back. Plus, Dennis threw me out.”, Trevor tells him.
“Woah. Seems like I missed a lot in the last year… So, how’s the team been while I was out?”, Ray asks.
“What team?”, Trevor replies.
Ray looks incredulous, “What do you mean, What Team? THE Team. The only team! Football!”
Trevor shrugs, “Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t try out this year.”
“What do you mean?!”, Rays says.
“I don’t have Dennis’ money anymore. After school I come here and help Mr. Crown. He’s kind of taken me in.”, Trevor tells Ray.
“So? You can still play football?”, Ray replies.
“Why? After the crash there’s no way I’m getting a scholarship from it. There’s no future in sports for me, Ray.”
“Future? Coach always says that you play for here and now, not tomorrows game!”
“Martin Stevenson was fired, Ray. He’s not the coach. Coach Bartly runs the team now.”
“Not for long man, we’re getting coach back this year. Come on, we need you.”
Trevor looks around the kitchen and thinks about Rays words.
“Come on man, it won’t be the same without you…” Ray says.

Not Done Yet

The show then cuts to Thomas and Aisling Stonehill in the sitting room of the Stonehill Estate. Each has a book that they are engrossed in. A moment passes with the two sitting in total silence, turning pages. Then, Thomas breaks the silence.
“I don’t see why you bother with that Donovan boy.”
“He’s useful.”, Aisling replies.
There is more silence before Thomas says, “Short-sighted of you. Twelve or Sterling a better future investments.”
This time, Aisling is the one who lets the silence drag out. “Trevor maybe but Spencer is too…”, she drifts off.
“Incorruptible?”, Thomas suggests.
“No, that would be Alex. Spencer is too early. The dust hasn’t settled with him yet.”
Thomas grunts, nods, then replies, “Donovan is still a waste of you time.”
Aisling closes her book and looks at Thomas through his, “This isn’t you call, Grandfather.”
Thomas closes his book and looks at his granddaughter over the top of his reading glasses, “I am just providing council.”
The doorbell rings and both Stonehills look annoyed. Thomas quickly picks up his book, “Can you get that, I’m in the middle of a paragraph.”
Aisling sighs and heads to the door. The bell rings again and she cries out, “Coming!”. Finally she reaches the door and pulls it open to reveal Sam Donovan standing outside. Aisling lifts an eyebrow, “Your ears must be burning.” she says.
“What?”, Sam replies.
“Oh, nothing. Come in, Sam.”
Aisling steps aside but Sam doesn’t move, “Uh, I’d rather not. Look, Aisling…”
Aisling looks puzzled but Sam continues, “I don’t think we should see each other any more.”
Aisling laughs, “Preposterous.”
Sam blinks, “With my Dad back and him and my Mom getting along again… It feels like I finally have a family. I want to spend time with them while I can. Before things get bad again.”
Aisling looks hard at Sam, “I will give you precisely seven reasons why you shouldn’t do this…”

No Fault

The show cuts to a small apartment where we see Rumi Takahashi knocking on the door. A moment later Eliot Stein opens the door and greets Rumi. He says that Michael is in his room and that she can go right back. Rumi makes her way through the small two-bedroom apartment and back to Michael’s room. She knocks gently on the door and introduces herself. From the other side we hear Michael softly invite her in. Rumi steps into the bedroom, walks over to Michael, and sits down next to him.
“Welcome back.”, She says softly.
“How are you doing?”
“Oh. Fine.”
Rumi frowns and hugs Michael, “I miss her too.”
A tear runs down Michael’s face and he quickly wipes it away. “Yeah.”, he replies.
The two sit there for a moment before anyone speaks again. Rumi breaks the silence, “I’m sure everyone will be very happy to see you again.”
“I doubt it.”
“Why would you say that?”
“Because I lost them Anna.”
“Oh, Michael. It’s not your fault.”
“Yeah, it is. I told her to go see Spencer again. I even covered for her with Mom. I should have never…”, Michael drifts off.
“You were just trying to be a good brother.”, Rumi replies.
“A good brother would have seen what his sister was going through and been able to help her.”
Rumi hugs Michael again and tries to reassure him that there wasn’t anything he could do…


The show cuts to the Gotham General Hospital where we see Alex Cross packing his bags in his room. He moves stiffly but he doesn’t look to be in pain. There is a knock on the door and a nurse steps inside.
“Mr. Cross. You have a visitor. He said he wanted to come see you leave the hospital.”, she says.
“Oh, ok. Sure.”, Alex replies.
From in the hallway Spencer Sterling steps into the room. He walks over and gives Alex a big hug a s the nurse closes the door.
“I am soooo glad that you’re… umm. That you are… Good.”, Spencer slurs.
“Jesus, Spence. You smell like vodka.”, Alex replies.
“Well, I should. I’ve been drinking the stuff all morning.”, Spencer laughs as he pulls out a flask.
“Jesus! Put that away, Spence. Are you insane?”
“I’m fine but you… You… I almost killed you too.”, Spencer says.
“Look… No, you didn’t Spence. I’m just fine.”
“Listen to me. I. I. Mmm sorry. I shouldn’t have… I don’t know… Everything.”, Spencer takes another pull from the flask.
“Ok, Spencer, but I think you might need help. Give me the flask.”
“Oh no, I’m just… umm… fine. But I’m sorry. Really.”
Alex looks around nervously before he helps Spencer sit down. He lets out a heavy sigh and starts to tell Spencer that he needs to quit drinking. The problem is, Spencer doesn’t think he’s apologized enough yet.

GD Episode 004

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