GD Episode 005

Gd 005

Title Screen

The screen fades to black and big bold white letters appear in the center of the screen, “Gotham Days”. A second later the episode title fades below the show title, “Senior Year”.

Ray and Michael

The show opens this week on the exterior of Stein Antiques. As the camera holds on the front of the store we see Ray Castlemen walk around the corner and into the shop. The camera follows him in and up to the front counter where we see Michael Stein sitting.
“Hey Ray.”, Michael says.
“Hey. I have a problem, Mike.”, Ray says.
“What’s up?”, Michael replies.
“You know how Alex found Ms. Leighton’s notes in his locker last year?”
“I know they weren’t there. I remember looking through Alex’s locker with him…”
“Why are you just now asking me about it?”
“Well, I spent all summer trying to solve the mystery of the Reappearing Notes and I’m stumped.”
“Where do I come in with all of this?”, Michael asks.
“I hit a dead end. The only person I haven’t managed to rule out is Aisling but because she lives with the Principle it’s super hard for me to find out if she had the notes…”
“Woah, you want me to spy on Aisling?”
“Yeah, you’re better at this whole thing than I am. So, what do you say? Will you help a teammate out?”

Alex and Sam

Next we see Alex Cross and Sam Donovan sitting on a sofa playing video games together. A few seconds pass as the two silently play but eventually Alex breaks the silence.
“Hey Sam, I have something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”
“What’s up?”, Sam replies.
“Well, we’ve been hanging out for a few weeks now…”
“Yeah. It’s been cool.”
“You haven’t mentioned your family at all.”
Sam doesn’t reply.
“Oh, I’m sorry. If it’s still a sore subject…”, Alex says.
“I don’t want to talk about it.”, Sam says.
“Yeah, I get that. But… I think it would really help if you got some of that off your chest.”
“Just… Play the game.”, Sam replies.
“I’m just trying to be a friend here, Sam…”

Aisling and Trevor

The show cuts to a scene of Aisling working on a project in the Physics lab. She’s so wrapped up in her notes she doesn’t even notice when Trevor walks into the room. He only hesitates for a second before making his way over to Aisling’s station.
“Hey Aisling.”, Trevor says.
Aisling glances up at him, “Hi. Trevor.”
“Got a second?”, Trevor asks.
Aisling jots down a couple notes before closing her text book and looking up at Trevor, “Need the answer’s to tomorrow’s history exam?”, she asks.
“No. Actually, I wanted to ask you about something else.”
Aisling looks intrigued and replies, “Go on.”
“You know how I’ve been helping out down in Burnley?”, Trevor says.
“Well, we could really use some more hands down there and I was thinking that…”
Aisling interrupts him, “Me? Help the homeless?”
“Yeah, why not? I’m sure someone with your smarts could really make a difference.”
“I’d rather not…”, Aisling replies.

Spencer and Rumi

The next scene cuts to ElectroCity where we see Spencer Stirling sitting at a table by himself. The front door opens and Rumi Takahashi walks into the restaurant, looks around, and starts heading over to Spencer. She sits down across for him and greets him with a slight smile.
“Thanks for coming by, Rumi.”, Spencer says.
“It’s ok, Spencer. But I’m really busy, can we make this quick?”, Rumi replies.
“Oh, sure. Well, basically… I kinda… Well, see… I promised…”, Spencer stammers.
“You promised what?”
“I kind of promised someone that I would see if you’d tutor them.”
Rumi looks confused, “I’m pretty busy… but for a friend of yours, I can make a little time.”
Spencer rubs the back of his head, “Yeah… Well… See… It’s for Sam.”
Rumi squints at Spencer, “Donovan?”
“Absolutely not.”, Rumi says and beings to stand up.
“Oh, come on Rumi! Sam’s really trying this year!”, Spencer says, chasing after Rumi.

GD Episode 005

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