GD Episode 006

Gd 006

Show Opener

Gotham Days opens with a shot of a red-headed reporter standing outside of Gotham City Police Department Central. The microphone in her hand is emblazoned with the Gotham 12 logo and we can hear the camera man count down. And three… two… one… On air.
“This is Velicity Vale reporting from Gotham City’s Central Police Department. Tonight we begin an in-depth investigation into the long forgotten phenomenon that is Vigilantism.”, the woman says.
“Hold. And, cut. Good opening shot Vel.”, the camera man says.
Velicity looks disappointed, “Yeah, draining my grandmother’s bones to get a break. The station’s never going to air this.”
There is a rough jump cut and we see Velicity Vale sitting in a small office with Police Commissioner Mackenzie Bock. They are already in mid-conversation when the camera catches them.
“…our grandparent’s footsteps.”, Velicity comments.
“Yeah, and they wore big fucking shoes.”, Commissioner Bock replies.
“Anyway, thanks for taking the time to talk to me Mack. I know it’s a rough time for GCPD.”, Velicity says with a smile.
“You know I always have time for you Vel, just make sure I look good in the interview.”, Bock replies with a laugh.
“We’re ready, Vel.”, the cameraman says.
“We’re here tonight with Police Commissioner Mackenzie Bock who’s grandfather served GCPD during the quarantine fifty years ago.”, Velicity begins.
“Oh, is that all I’m known for?”, Bock interrupts with the joke.
Velicity laughs in reply, “Oh, not at all Commissioner, it’s just relevant to this piece.”
Velicity begins to compose herself when there is another jump cut in the tape.
“Officially the Police Department does not condone anyone taking the law into their own hands.”, Commissioner Bock is heard saying.
“Basically, anyone caught in the act of vigilantism is to be arrested?”, Velicity asks.
“What about unofficially?”
There is a moment of pause before Bock replies, “Unofficially… The Gotham City Police Department is still, legally, allowed to fund it’s Special Crimes division and SC is, again legally, allowed recruitment of known vigilantes.”
“But Special Crimes and their registration initiative haven’t been in use for almost twenty years.”, Velicity says.
“True, but we have to be prepared for these early reports to become substantial. Which is why we’ve tasked Officers Grayson and Kyle to restart the department.”
“Grayson and Kyle? The children of former vigilantes Nightwing and Nighthawk?”
Bock laughs, “Yeah, the boys are calling it the Nightbird department.”
The camera cuts again and we see Velicity Vale sitting across from Virgil Black a small table in ElectroCity.
“That’ll show those Galantes they can’t just do what they want! Send the Lucky Hands back to Japan! That’s my motto!”, Virgil is yelling.
“Mister Black, you can’t possibly think that a return to the era of vigilante justice in Gotham is really a good thing?”, Velicity replies.
“Good?! No, it’s fucking great! In fact, I’ll offer my own office as a meeting room for these young vigilantes! Hell, I’ll even give them free drinks!”
Velicity sits in stunned silence for a moment before she recovers, “Thank you for your time Mister Black.”
“Oh? Are we done? Ok. Anytime Velicity.”, Virigl says, sounding a bit stunned.
Velicity stands up and walks up to the camera, slightly off screen we hear her whisper to the cameraman, “We can’t use any of that… This guy’s a lunatic.”
The scene jumps to another shot of Velicity Vale standing outside of the Gotham Superior Courthouse, again she’s already mid-sentence.
“… no official statement from the office of Vice President Arthur.”
Another jump to Velicity standing outside of the Thomas M. Stonehill School for Gifted Youngsters.
“… no official statement from the estate of Thomas Stonehill.
Another jump and Velicity is standing in front of the gates of the Arkham Island Mental Health Institute.
“… no official statement from Warden Spektor’s office here at Arkahm Island.”
Another jump and Velicity is standing by the lobby entrance to Wayne Towers.
“… no official statement from the board or CEO Dane of Wayne Enterprises.”
Finally, there is a jump to Velicity outside of a small suburban home. She straightens her dress and comments to the cameraman, “This is a waste of my time. There’s no story here.”
The front door to the home opens and a man in a wheelchair rolls out onto the porch, “This is private property. You’re trespassing.”
From behind him an elderly woman also emerges from the house and rests a hand on his shoulder, “Stop being such an old grouch, Steven.” she says.
Velicity puts on her smile and turns around. “Mr and Mrs Kyle, I’m Velicity…” she begins to say.
The older woman interrupts, “Vale. Yes, Steven and I saw your report on that animal shelter last week, didn’t we Steven.”
“Fluff piece.”, Steven grunts.
Velicity looks slightly flustered but replies, “We were hoping to have a word with you about the recent return of vigilantes…”
Steven sits in his chair for a moment, long enough for Velicity to ask if she heard him.
“Oh… I heard you…”, Steven replies.
The camera cuts out and holds on black for a moment.

Title Screen

In big bold white letters the words, “Gotham Days” appear in the center of the screen. After holding on the screen for a few seconds the episode title fades in below, “The Golden Age”.

The War of Words

The show opens on a long wide shot of Gotham’s illustrious Stonehill School for Gifted Youngsters. Outside there is a large banner that reads, “Welcome back! 5 Year Reunion Tonight!” in big bold black letters. There are a handful of people, smartly dressed, mingling outside the main doors. The camera zooms in an we see Trevor Twelve standing by himself, smoking a pipe and staring off over the football field. Aisling M. Stonehill walks by him on her way into the school and she stops for a second in front of Trevor. Deftly, she pulls a handkerchief from her purse and dabs at something under Trevor’s right eye.
“You need to take more care.”, She scolds Trevor, " you still had your skull makeup under your eyes."
Trevor, staring past Aisling, looks mildly annoyed and puts his hand on Aisling’s shoulder. “Excuse me.”, he says to her and steps past her.
The camera pulls back as Aisling walks away and we see Sam Donovan walking up the sidewalk. Trevor grins and steps in front of Sam, extending his hand. Sam smiles and shakes Trevor’s hand.
“Nice to see you made it tonight.”, Trevor says, still grinning.
“Yeah. It’s been a rough week but…”, Sam begins to reply but Trevor cuts him off.
“Are you sure you’re brother will be alright with out you. I’ve heard that he always comes first.”, Trevor’s grin turns into a sneer.
Sam’s smile drops off his face as he realizes that Trevor is mocking him.
“Not all of us had Daddy’s money growing up.”, Sam says just loud enough for Trevor to hear.
“Nice one, Sammy, but you know I was on my own…”, Trevor says but it’s Sam’s turn to cut him off.
“After you wrecked your fancy sports car and put Alex in the hospitable.”, Sam snarks.
Trevor sets his shoulders and Sam steadies his feet as both men ready themselves to get the last verbal jab in.

Servant Problems

The camera continues on past the bickering Trevor and Sam and follows Aisling into the the school. She walks down the hallway and into the gymnasium. The camera slides up the wall and takes in the entire room for a moment before swinging down towards Rumi Takahashi. A little circle of admirers has formed around her and he’s heard talking with them.
“Harajuku is so last season. Everyone on the Jingu Bridge is just wearing whatever I wore in the winter. Seriously, outdated fashion should be a crime. ha ha ha”, she’s saying.
The circle grows a little larger around her and suddenly she feels big hands on her shoulders. She looks up as the camera pans out to see Goro looming over her. He leans near her ear and whispers something.
Rumi scoffs, “Don’t be silly. I’m fine.”
Goro whispers in her ear again.
Rumi rolls her eyes and looks back at the crowd around her, “It seems my bodyguard feels too many of you have crowded around. ha ha ha.”
Goro furrows his brow and glares at the crowd. Rumi looks back up at him, “You can wait in the car, Goro.”
Goro shakes his head. Rumi looks mildly annoyed and starts trying to convince Goro that she’ll be safe and he doesn’t need to hover.

Another Chance

Behind Rumi and Goro the camera spies Alex cross walking by. The screen pushes past the small crowd and over Alex’s shoulder. He walks a little ways before he notices Amanda Leighton across the room. He’s about to turn to start walking towards her when he accidentally runs into Ray. Ray wobbles for a moment before Alex reaches out to try to steady him. Ray throws Alex’s arm off and glares at him.
“I’m fine.”, Ray barks.
“Sorry, I was trying to help.”, Alex replies.
“I don’t need help.”, Ray glowers.
Before things get too heated two hands come in from off screen and rest on Ray and Alex’s shoulders. The camera pulls back and we see Spencer Sterling, smiling at the two of them.
“Hi guys. I hate to interrupt but mind if I have a word with Ray here, Alex?”
Alex nods, “Yeah, I was just going.”
Spencer smiles as Alex turns and walks off. Then he turns back to Ray, still grinning.
“How’s the leg?”, Spencer asks.
“It only hurts when I’m awake.”, Ray replies bitterly.
“Come back to Sterling Enterprises.”, Spencer says without preamble.
“I don’t need charity work.”, Ray replies.
“It’s not charity, Ray. We could really use someone with your condition to help complete our new line.”
“My condition? I’m not a test hamster, Spence. Stop asking me to work for you.”
“Guinean Pigs, not Hamsters. But that’s not the point. At least come in for an interview again.”
Ray glowers, not wanting to be under the watchful, judgmental, gaze of of Spencer Sterling. Spencer, on the other hand, keeps smiling and trying to help his old friend.

Old Wounds

The camera zips past Ray and Spencer to catch up with Alex as he makes is way across the gymnasium. Alex catches the eyes of Amanda Leighton and she smiles at him. He waves and picks up his pace but just then a woman near him turns around, red hair waving elegantly with her pivot. Alex stops dead in his tracks as Aisling locks him with a big smile. Alex gulps before he smiles back at Aisling but he’s already give away his surprise. Aisling’s smile drops and she tilts her head quizzically. She looks over her shoulder, spies Amanda Leighton, and turns back to Alex.
“I see nothing much has changed with you, Alex.”, Aisling says with a hint of a smile.
“Aisling. I didn’t notice you there.”, Alex replies.
Aisling glances around, “No… I don’t see any other redheads in this dress here. How did you miss me?”
Alex looks nervous, “Look, Aisling… I’ve never been able to explain things to you…”
“Oh, there isn’t anything to explain darling. I understand. Have you seen Trevor?”
“Trevor?”, Alex asks.
“Oh. Yes. We’ve grown so very close.”, Aisling says.
“Burnely mob, Trevor?”
“I believe he has some affiliations down there, yes.”
Alex furrows his brow but before he can reply Aisling starts laying it on thick. Talking about all the time she spends with Trevor and the great projects they have done together. For his part, Alex steadies himself to try one more time to explain things to Aisling.

The Chemical Syndicate Strikes!

Just as the party is starting to pick up someone heads up on stage and calls for everyone’s attention. The man on stage says that Charles Lambert, the industrialist CEO of Lambert Chemicals has just been found murdered. The current suspect is Charles’ own son Frederick and the police are currently investigating the scene. The man informs everyone that Lambert Chemicals was one of the sponsors for tonight events and they will now have a moment of silence in his honor.

GD Episode 006

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