GD Episode 009

Gd 009

Show Opener

The screen holds on black for a second, then in big bold white letters the words, “Gotham Days” appear in the center of the screen. Then the screen goes blue, the title replaced with “Breaking News” and a voiceover informs the viewers that this is a special Gotham 12 news bulletin. The screen cuts to a man sitting in a news room, below his somber face is his namecard: Steve Ryder.
“Earlier tonight Vasily Kosov, suspected head of the Odessa Mob, and Emanuel Escabedo of the infamous Escabedo cartel were found executed and dumped in Gotham Bay. This is the latest in a series of organized crime related kills that began two months when Officer Jerome Collins, 17 year veteran of the GCPD, was caught in the crossfire of a suspected hit on the Cassamento Family.”
He shifts his papers and looks back into the camera, “Kosov and Escabedo’s deaths also follow the murder of Jiao Tzu, wife of Lucky Hand Triad leader Ekin Tzu. Our informants inside the GCPD have indicated to us that detectives believe the murder of Kosov and Escabedo to be in retaliation for the hit on the Cassamento family and the murder of Jiao Tzu.”
Steve Ryder shifts nervously in his seat, “My producers want me to tell you that Gotham is heading for dark times and that these actions will likely spur on our unwanted vigilantes.”
From off screen a voice is heard, “What is he doing?”
Ryder looks defiantly into the camera, “I am my father’s son, not my father’s clone. I refuse to peddle the biggoted hatred Jack Ryder spewed across your television sets.”
The off screen voice, “Shit, cut his mic. Do SOMETHING.”
Steve stares into the camera, “GCPD can’t stop this, maybe they can. Maybe it’s time we see if the old ways could save Gotham.”
“Steve! Stop this! This is career suicide!”
Ryder glances past the camera, “It’s too late for all of that, Marty.” Then he looks back into the camera, “Gotham City is dying and our only salvation lies in the hands of the vigilantes.”
The screen cuts to black, then a few seconds later the episode title fades in below, “Whispers in the Dark”.

Born to Lead

The show cuts to Trevor Twelve who’s sparring in a dojo with Kyle Abbott. The two exchange blows and eventually Kyle sweeps Trevor off his feet. Trevor stands back up, and the two bow to each other. The shot cuts over to Aisling M. Stonehill who is going over some translations with Whisper A’Daire. Aisling looks up from her book and rubs the bridge of her nose. Whisper smiles and closes her book. The show cuts back to Trevor, in a locker room talking with Kyle.
“I’m not saying that Aisling is misguided…”
The show cuts back to Aisling and Whisper, now standing in the kitchen sipping wine. Aisling is talking.
“I’m not saying that Trevor is incompetent…”
The screen splits in two and we see both Trevor and Aisling’s face as they speak in unison;
“I’m just saying I’m a better pick.”
The split screens flip to Kyle and Whisper, “Mrs Al Ghul disagrees.”
The screen cuts to both Aisling and Trevor, looking annoyed. The show goes back to cutting between them pleading their cases to Kyle and Whisper.


The show cuts to Ivan Kosov kneeling next to an open grave in the Gotham Graveyard. He sobs into his hands as rain beats down on his father’s headstone. Lightning cracks and we can see Vigil standing behind Kosov in the dark.
“Ivan.”, Vigil calls out.
“Da.”, Ivan replies, not even looking up.
“The Odessa Mob is going to try to convince you to replace your father.”, Vigil says.
“Da.”, Ivan replies.
“They won’t take kindly to you saying no. Please, come with me. GCPD will put you into witness protection.”
“Net.”, Ivan replies
“Please, Ivan. We can keep you safe.”, Vigil pleads.
“Peryeĭti yebet sebya, predatelem.” (Go fuck yourself, traitor.), Ivan retorts. Pronounce
“Ivan…”, Vigil begins to respond but another crack of thunder and flash of lightning reveals Spencer Sterling walking towards the pair.
“Mr. Vigil. I think Mr. Kosov here has made his desires plain.”, Spencer calls out.
Vigil turns to face Spencer, “The Odessa Mob will send men to kidnap him and if they don’t like his answer he’ll end up dead.”
Spencer doesn’t even fake a smile, “I will see to Mr. Kosov’s safety. After all, I have a better track record than GCPD.”
Vigil clenches his fists, “We have to give GCPD a chance…”
Spencer snaps, “A chance?! They had their chance. The last fifty years has been their chance. Look at us, Vigil. We stand in a graveyard on the precipice of Gotham becoming a warzone again. The fall of Bane will look like a fucking stroll in the park next to what these assholes are going to do to our city. GCPD tried to save Gotham and failed.”
Vigil reaches down and sets a hand on Ivan’s shoulder, “We can still save Gotham.”


The screen goes black and we hear a female voice, “Now boarding, 11:15 to Tokyo.” The camera lifts up into an airport terminal where we see Rumi and Rikimaru Takahashi standing up and walking towards the gate. They begin speaking to each other in Japanese.
“This is the coward’s way.”, Rumi is saying.
“No, little sister, this is the wiser course.”, Riki replies.
The two approach the terminal and see the stewardess is also Japanese. Their conversation switches to Italian.
“Tzu is in the clutches of that woman but without the support of the Yakuza the Triad will be weakened.”, Riki explains.
“We should strike at our enemies ourselves.”, Rumi replies.
They hand their tickets to the stewardess and begin to walk into the plane. In the first row two Sicilian Mafiosos glare at Riki, and the siblings switch their conversation to Russian.
“What are we even going to do in Tokyo, big brother?”, Rumi asks.
“I’ve been gathering contacts with the clans, I intend to earn their favor.”, Riki replies.
“We just abandon Gotham?”, Rumi stops in her tracks.
Riki turns to face her, face deadly serious, “Never. I intend to raise an army and take back what is ours.”
The screen fades to black.

Opening Scenes

Ray Castlemen is seen sitting in his living room, toolbox open and tools strewn about the floor. His exosuit lays across his lap and he is seen adjusting something on it. He stops for a moment to grab a swig of beer from the side table before going back to work. Then, there is a knock at his door. Ray gets up and limps over to look through the peephole. On the other side, two men in pristine suits stand waiting.
“What do you want?”, Ray calls out.
“Mr. Castlemen?”, One of the suits replies.
“Who’s asking?”
The door bursts off it’s hinges and Ray is thrown to the ground. The two men and joined by two more and begin to savagely kick Ray. Ray flips onto his stomach and belly crawls towards his suit. A voice from the door stops him in his tracks.
“Ray. Rook. Whatever you prefer. If you touch that suit these men will kill you.”
Ray turns over onto his back and stares towards a shadowed figure in the door, “How did you know?”
The figure steps into the light of Ray’s small apartment, illuminating his face, “Your suit puts off a unique energy signature. I simply traced it back here.”, Nick Donovan replies.
“Why are you here?”, Ray asks, still in shock.
“Vigilantes are a cancer in Gotham City. One that I intend to cut away.”
Ray’s brow furrows and he opens his mouth, but before he can speak Nick hushes him.
“Listen to me carefully, Ray. I am going to take your suit from you. I am going to melt it down and you will never be Rook again. Do you understand me?”, Nick says.
“No.”, Ray whispers.
“Yes. Then I will do the same to every vigilante in Gotham. Aisling Stonehill. Alex and Megan Cross. Spencer Sterling. Trevor Twelve. Every last one of them.”
Ray pulls himself to his feet, “I’m not going to just hand it over to you.”, he says defiantly.
“They said you wouldn’t but I told them I could convince you otherwise. I am the only reason these men didn’t just kill you.”
Ray’s brow furrows again, “Who are you working for, Nick?”
“Please, Ray. I’m not some monologuing villain. I’m Gotham’s savior.”

GD Episode 009

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