GD Episode 010

Gd 010

Show Opener

The screen flickers with static for a second before a pre-recorded message begins to play. “We have a message for Gotham.”, a disembodied voice echos, “This is the price of vigilantism.”
The camera flips on and in the center of the screen we see the body of Foresight. Blood has pooled around his head from the bullet wound. The camera holds for a second before hands come from off-screen and peel off the mask, revealing Spencer Sterling underneath.
“Up until now it’s been everyday people who have lost their lives but we’re here to prove that no one is untouchable. Not even the mighty Spencer Sterling.”
The camera pans up from the corpse and we see Nick Donovan holding Foresight’s mask. He looks at the mask for a second, before looking into the camera. “Every mask we see, we kill. There will be no costumed heroes or villains in Gotham again. It’s that simple.”
The camera shakes and cuts out. Then across the bottom of the screen appear the words: “Six Months Later…”
Then the show cuts to a news report, the voice over announces “This is Gotham Nightly News with your hosts Steve Ryder and Velicity Vale.” The two anchors sit behind their desk and smile into the cameras. Velicity speaks first, “It’s been six months since the death of philanthropist Spencer Sterling and last night saw the dedication of a Guardian statue in his honor.”
Ryder says, “Trevor Twelve, long time friend of Spencer Sterling, unveiled the statue of Foresight that rests on top of Sterling Towers. Trailblazer of the Guardian statues, Dominique Dane, was on hand and shared the following with the audience.”
The show cuts to Dominique Dane, standing on a podium at the base of Sterling Towers, “These lives should have never been lost. Sam Donovan. Michael Stein. Ray Castleman. Spencer Sterling. All the casualties of the Vigilante Renaissance. Over fifty years ago we proved to the world, and to each other, that Gotham is stronger than a few men and women in masks. My generation tore away the oppression and fear of caped crusaders. Over this last year, we’ve had a bitter reminder of why so many fought and died for that cause. Never forget the price these generations have paid.”
The show cuts back into the news room where Velicity Vale smiles into the camera, “Dominique Dane has also announced that after the installment of the Foresight statue there would be no more Guardian statues added to our skyline. Coming up next, What will happen to those registered vigilantes now that GCPD is shutting down Special Crimes?”
The show then cuts to commercial break.

Title Screen

In big bold white letters the words, “Gotham Days” appear in the center of the screen. After holding on the screen for a few seconds the episode title fades in below, “Aftertaste”.


After the intro the show cuts to a small barren conference room inside of Gotham Central. Alex Cross sits at the table alone, sipping his stale coffee, and waiting. A second passes before Mackenzie ‘Hardback’ Bock steps into the room carrying a manila envelope. He pulls out his chair and sits across from Alex, sliding the envelope over. Alex unwinds the folder and pulls out a stack of papers, his own dossier.
“What’s this?”, Alex asks.
“Every single file Special Crimes had on Vigil. Thought you’d want them back.”
“Can I ask you something, Alex?”, Bock inquires.
“Yeah, Mac. Anything.”
“What are you going to do now?”
“Go back to work, I guess…”, Alex replies listlessly
“I don’t think you have it in you to hold down a nine-to-five.”
“Maybe.”, Alex says.
Bock gestures to the folder and Alex shuffles through a few more pages. Eventually, he pulls a GCPD Department Transfer request from the bottom of the stack. Alex looks up confused.
“Technically, you were part of GCPD. It’s not out of the question for you to put in a Transfer and become a beat cop.”
Alex looks uneasy, “But then I’d have to go public. About everything.”
Bock nods, “Yeah, but it shows Gotham that the era of vigilantism isn’t coming back. I won’t lie to you, Alex. GCPD could use this publicity.”
Alex slides the papers back into the folder and stands up, “I didn’t do this to become your poster boy.”
Alex walks towards the door, but before he can turn the knob Bock calls out, “That’s why you’re perfect for the job, Alex.”

Hands of Time

The show cuts Aisling M. Stonehill Ph.D. sitting on the floor. The walls are bookshelves filled with dusty leather-bound tomes. All the furniture has been removed and a large circular sigil has been painted on the floor. At various points of the sigil candles rest, filling the room with flickering light. In front of Aisling sits a book that lays open, the Scarab resting on one of the pages. She’s chanting an incantation in a lost language, only stopping when a booming voice fills the room.
WHO DO YOU SEEK?”, The voice asks.
“David Clinton.”, Aisling replies. (Chronos)
Suddenly the room shifts and drops away. Aisling is left floating in a void of blackness and a slow ticking noise begins to fill the air. The ticking grows louder and louder until a man appears, casually floating against the void. Aisling, still sitting motionless, speaks.
“David Clinton?”, she inquires.
The man startles and looks over, he opens his mouth but his voice only cracks. It takes a moment for him to regain his voice, and in a dry rasp he asks, “How did you get here?”
“I asked Matthew Ryder. He found you for me. You are David Clinton, correct?” (Waverider)
“Yes”, the man replies.
“Good. I will free you from this prison if you bring me to the moment where Thomas Merlin Stonehill lost his Mantle.”
Tears well up in Clinton’s eyes, “Free… From here. Yes, anything you want.”
Aisling smiles, closes her eyes, and begins chanting again. The world trembles and the two of them appear back in Aisling’s study. Clinton crashes to the floor but Aisling remains seated. She opens her eyes and looks at the sprawled out Clinton.
“Now, uphold your end of the bargain.”, she says coolly.
Clinton nods, “You realize that you can’t stop Stonehill from losing the Mantle?”
Aisling smiles, “Of course, but I can see where it goes from there.”
Clinton shrugs and the scene cuts. Across the screen the words, “Two weeks later” appears and the scene cuts to Aisling and Clinton standing in a small warehouse, Clinton’s time machine rebuilt in front of them. Clinton is reminding Aisling that she will only be a casual observer and can not interfere with the timeline. Aisling nods and climbs into the machine. With a flash of light the two find themselves in an alleyway. Footsteps are heard and from around the entrance we see a young Thomas Stonehill run onto screen. A gunshot cuts through the night air and a puff of dust erupts just to Thomas’s side. Thomas runs straight towards Aisling and Clinton but before he collides with them a second Thomas Stonehill appears around the corner. Another gunshot barks and this time the puff comes from the first Thomas’s leg. The second Thomas walks menacingly towards the first and points the gun at his clone’s head.
Then the first Thomas stops and looks directly at Aisling, “Are you watching closely?”
The gun barks again and a golden light erupts from both Thomases.

Reborn on a Monday

The show cuts to Trevor Twelve working in his lab. As he works, combining chemicals and working alchemical treatments, the camera pulls back and we see a body laying under a blanket behind him. Trevor finishes what he was working on and pours the compound into a syringe. He pushes out the air and walks over to a cryochamber in the corner of the room. Floating inside we see Anna Balot, and Trevor presses his hand against the glass.
“If this works, I’ll be able to bring you back to me.”
He glances at the body on the table, “Nick got him for me. Just some stray, I suspect.”
Trevor smiles at the girl’s corpse, “That’s right. I inject him and see the effects. If he comes back I’ll watch him for a few days, maybe a week, and then I’ll start the process for you.”
Trevor looks confused, Todd? Who’s that?"
Trevor shrugs, “Oh, that story. No, that never really happened. Talia told me all about it. It turned out to just be Grayson.”
Trevor smiles, “Don’t worry, Ras has used this serum for centuries.”
Trevor runs his hand down the glass, “Oh no, Talia said he died a few times and came back. It’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
Trevor then turns and walks away from the tank and over to the body on the slab. He pulls the sheet back far enough to expose the man’s arm and slides the needle into his vein.

The arm twitches, then muscles tighten. The man lets out a low groan and Trevor smiles. The camera pulls back and we see a name on the toe-tag: “Cyrus Gold”


The show cuts to the body of Spencer Sterling laying on the bottom of Gotham Bay. His skin is discolored and bloated, his clothing is ragged and tattered. Fish swim lazily around him and he doesn’t move. Then, his flesh starts to pull back into place. His skin turns from green to tan and his eyes open. At first they are thick milky cataracts but quickly the smoke pours out of them and his eyes blink back to color. There is a flicker and for a second we see Deadman floating over him, pouring Spencer’s Soul back into his body. Spencer jerks around, realizing he’s still underwater and tangled in seaweed and coral.
“You better start swimming. Don’t want to drown.”, a disembodied voice echos through the water.
Spencer struggles to free himself from his underwater bonds and swim to the surface.

Spencer breaks the surface of the water and we hear the same disembodied voice echo again, “Oh, by the way. It’s been six months since you died.”

The Return

“Are you out of your goddamn mind!” Rumi Takahashi is heard yelling as the scene cuts to a small office.
“Rumi, please understand. This is going to be very dangerous.”, Ricky replies.
“I will not sit idelly by in Tokyo while you return home.”, Rumi crosses her arms and glares at Ricky.
“Can we not fight. We’ve gotten along so well in these last few months.”, Ricky’s tone is tired.
Rumi glares at him again and turns to look out across the Tokyo skyline, “You need me.”, She says.
“If this was a purely Yakuza matter, I would agree. But this Donovan character has declaired death to any vigilante in Gotham. I can’t risk having him come after you.”
“Then I won’t go as Black Fox.”
“If you’re to be involved in the Yakuza, you MUST be Black Fox. They respect Fox, no one suspect she’s Rumi.”
“Then we will tell them.”
“That will look like a ploy.”
Rumi turns around and glares at Ricky, “I always thought you were stupid. Unfit to lead.”
“I had to learn on my own. I wasn’t being groomed the way you were.”
“Father wanted us to work together, Ricky. With you at the front and me in the shadows, the Yakuza would be a force unlike Gotham had ever seen.”
Ricky rubs his temples, “We have an army and when we kill this Donovan boy the city will be ours and I’ll send for you to return. Then we will rule the way Father wanted.”
Rumi glares at Ricky, clearly unwilling to simply wait while he returns home.

GD Episode 010

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