Gotham Nights Epilogue

The City of Gotham

With the No Man’s Land law repealed, people began trickling back into the ruins of Gotham City. The U.S. Government finally sent relief to the survivors and numerous corporations used the city as a good-will PR gesture. Leading the positive public relations bandwagon was LexCorp, who’s generous donations almost bankrupt the company. LexCorp stocks plummeted but managed to rebound before the zero hour.

Wayne Enterprises also made sizable donations to the rebuilding effort but media response to their efforts were muted by Wayne Enterprises’ long standing civic service to Gotham City. Other notable contributions came from S.T.A.R. Labs and Queen Industries. While dozens of corporations donated to the cause the majority of the city was rebuilt under the guidance of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Only five percent of Gotham’s historic landmarks managed to survive No Man’s Land. Most notable was the Monarch Theater and the Gotham Clock Tower, both located in Gotham’s Park Row district. These two sites were made historical landmarks shortly following No Man’s Land and massive restoration projects saw them fully restored only five years later. With two of the oldest surviving buildings in Gotham City, Park Row became a new historical district for Gotham City.

The rebuilding of Gotham City took seven and a half years, but the majority of the city was back up and running in only two. Restoration crews started on the southern island and quickly made their way north. In three months utilities and basic infrastructure was restored to the southern island and from there it only took another month to restore power and water to the central island. From there the southern and central islands were declared habitable again in just under a year. Despite the swift progress of the two lower islands, the northern island took a whole nine months to even get utilities back and the full two years to be declared rebuilt.

A massive campaign by former vigilantes spurred reconstruction of the northern island and many of the retired crime-fighters made their homes on those banks. At the time, many Gothamites claimed the the northern island would have never been rebuilt if it wasn’t for the efforts of the Unmasked. The Unmasked became patrons for the northern island of Gotham City and as the trend of vigilantism faded from Gotham it was the northern island that was the last to give up their saviors.

Five years after No Man’s Land a massive movement erupted across the city for vigilantes to de-mask and reveal their identities. Laws were proposed but nothing official ever reached the books but the attitude towards the Masks was clear. The citizens of Gotham did something almost unheard of it the city’s history, they stood up for themselves. Soon the need for vigilantism faded and Gotham returned to its roots.

Twenty years after No Man’s Land the final recorded vigilante gave up his mask. Richard Grayson, also known as the vigilante Nightwing, strode up to the Gotham City Courthouse in full costume. Camera crews were on hand as he marched to the city council office of former Mayor Adam Arthur, another retired vigilante. With the broadcast sweeping across Gotham City, Nightwing gave his historic speech.

“Hello Adam.”
“An old friend of ours once said that the day would come when Gotham no longer needed us.”
“I remember.”
“I fought for the soul of this city for the last thirty-five years. I’ve broken bones and shed blood to keep this city alive and I don’t regret a moment of it. Yesterday, that friend came to visit me again. She urged me to lay down my cowl. She said that our time in Gotham was long over and that I needed to stop trying to force the city to remember us. I said something I shouldn’t have and she slapped me.”
Adam laughs.
“Today is my forty-sixth birthday, Adam. I’m becoming an old man. I woke up this morning and looked at myself for over an hour. I heard her words ringing in my ears and I knew that it was time to stop.”
At this point, Nightwing reaches up and pulls off his mask. He lays the thin latex on Adam’s desk and looks up at the mayor.
“Adam. Man-O-War. I’m done. Gotham doesn’t need us anymore. It’s bittersweet to me but it’s the truth.”
The Mayor then shoos the camera crews out of his office but one reporter managed to catch a final glimpse inside the office. As the door closes Adam walks up to Grayson and the two hug. Tears are seen running down Grayson’s face and then the door cuts them off from the reporters.

For the next ten years Gotham City was protected by the Special Crimes unit of the GCPD. Former villains that would have been battled by the vigilantes dealt with police officers and when it was clear there was nothing to gain in super-villainy even that faded into Gotham’s past. A full thirty years after No Man’s Land and the idea of running around in tights and a mask seemed absurd once again.

The next decade was one of relative peace and quite. Gotham experienced a golden period where crime was down and people were happy. Then, like clockwork, organized crime started growing again in Gotham. Mafias of every nationality, dozens of Triads, Cartels, Yakuza, Camorra, and Syndicates appeared across Gotham. Slowly at first, but then expanding to cover every inch of the three islands.

Gotham now stands, fifty years after No Man’s Land, a city that is about to come full circle. Crime is on the rise and Government corruption is becoming more commonplace. They city isn’t as bad as it was when it was at it’s worst but it’s quickly growing that direction once again.

Former Leads

Adam Arthur: After No Man’s Land, Adam Arthur went on to lead a life of civil service. Working for almost ten years with restoration and relief projects made his first run for office almost a no-contest. When Adam decided to finally run for Mayor he already had popular opinion behind him and the financial backing from both the Lighthouse Foundation and Wayne Enterprises simply sealed his deal. Opinion shifted during his first term and Adam quickly found himself lambasted by various media outlets. An expose on Adam’s affiliations with Atlantean Royalty and time with Task Force X aired just before his re-election campaign, dooming his chances for re-election. While on paper Adam’s term was a success, with extremely low unemployment and one of Gotham’s few years of a truly balanced budget, history simply remembers Adam as Gotham’s Vigilante Mayor.
After his failed second campaign, Adam set his sights on a new target. Four years later he would run for senate and the funds from Wayne Enterprises and the Lighthouse Foundation once again helped secure his victory. Adam is also recognized as the first former vigilante to ever be elected into the United States Senate, but unlike his time as mayor of Gotham, he was not the last. Adam proposed numerous bills, mostly relating to FEMA and healthcare reform but a series of surprisingly successful vigilante rights addendums as well. Adam was responsible for securing funding for the first ever Half-Way Home and Relocation Program that caterer exclusively to retired vigilantes.
After serving two terms in the senate, Adam made a bid for presidency but ultimately lost the election. The next term saw Adam as a Vice President candidate, this time with a successful election. Adam is now in the middle of his second term as Vice President of the United States.

Darren Spektor is appointed as warden of Arkham Asylum and runs the tightest ship ever seen in Gotham. Breakouts cease. He uses his influence to lift up the Narrows and turn it into a respectable neighborhood. Selina Kyle and Darren become an on-again-off-again couple. The two of them have a child together.

Dominique continues on as Calliope for a few years. Once Gotham is all cleaned up, she slowly retires into the head of Wayne Enterprises. Dedicates a memorial to James Gordon. Funds a project to id Heroes in the the history of Gotham, mostly normal people like Thomas Wayne and has statues dedicated to their honor. Various landmarks on the roofs get Vigilante statues. Starts a Gotham Citizen of the Year awards called the Knight of Gotham.

Steven Kyle was crippled and left in a wheelchair. Steven Kyle starts the Lighthouse Foundation, a charitable organization similar to a Wayne Enterprise’s charity. Goes on to write a tell-all Auto-Biography where he talks all about his role in No Man’s Land and who Nighthawk was. Married to Renee Montoya and continues to work as a Police Consultant. Attempts to recruits Oracle to join the Lighthouse Foundation.

Thomas Stonehill: As soon as the quarantine was lifted on Gotham, Thomas M. Stonehill fled the city. Despite taking him years he eventually managed to track down the second Thomas Stonehill. Not a single word passed between the two men, the original Thomas simply pulled his gun and shot his duplicate through the heart. Thomas prepared to receive the Mantle of the Merlin once again but instead watched as the cosmic energy simply vanished into the aether. Thomas collapses in defeat and slipped into an almost catatonic state. He was awakened three days later when the son of the second Thomas found him. The original Thomas met Damian Stonehill and decided the steal the boy as his own and tricked Damian into thinking that he was his real father.
Thomas claimed that he managed to slay the original Thomas but that by striking himself down he somehow forfeit the Mantle. Thomas apologized for losing the legacy he intended to pass on to his son and the two began to drift around the world for years. Thomas took back up the art of the con and gambling to finance his trips as he searched for a way to reclaim his family’s birthright. While the answer always seemed to elude him he managed to save up a small fortune over the course of his years and eventually Damian convinced him to return to Gotham.
Damian even pressured his false father into opening a school, in hopes that with better connections in the world of academia the two could unlock the secrets of restoring the Mantle. Thomas reluctantly agreed and opened the Thomas M. Stonehill School for Gifted Youngsters. Thomas originally appointed Damian as the headmaster but after Damian and his entire family were killed in a house fire Thomas stepped in to fill his false son’s shoes.

Virgil Black: During No Man’s Land, Virgil wasn’t the hero that Gotham wanted, but the hero that it needed. Or so claims Virgil Black: The Rise of Gotham’s Greatest Hero†: The True‡ Story of How One†† Man Saved Gotham: An Autobiography‡‡ (†: After Batman, ‡: Some creative liberties have been taken, ††: Along with the Guardians of Gotham, ‡‡: Written by Steven Kyle). The truth is that after the No Man’s Land quarantine was lifted Virgil Black unmasked himself and began a series to talk-show circuits that propelled his name ahead into stardom. He quickly hired an agent and became an international action movie star, going on to feature in such classics as Unbroken, The Blade that Sings, and Road House 2: One More for the Road.
With his career only going up, Virgil did the worst thing an actor can possible do. He decides to write, direct, produce, finance, and star in his own movie. Tollgate: Rise of the Obstruction still holds the record for the worst opening weekend in history and the lowest rating ever given to a movie on the International Movie Database, a 0.3 out of 10. To say that Virgil’s acting career was killed by the Tollgate movie is an understatement. After a few years of trying to rebuild his reputation Virgil cuts his losses and decides to retire. He moves back to Gotham and, with the last of his money, buys ElectroCity.
After over a year of renovations, ElectroCity finally reopens under Virgil Black’s management. Instead of a night-club the once hang-out of the Gotham Guardians becomes a family restaurant. Everything is No Man’s Land themed and dedicated to the Vigilantes that helped saved the city. At first the whole establishment seems like a cheap cash in on a tragic part of Gotham’s History, but next to the door you’ll find a nod to memory of the event. A list of names, the men and women, who lost their lives because of the events of No Man’s Land. Hundreds of thousands of names are printed along the wall and at the bottom is a brief eulogy. “While we must never stop mourning those who gave their lives for our great city, it would be a dishonor to remember them only with sadness and tears. We must also celebrate the freedom that their lives paid for and spread the happiness that they have been denied. We must remember those lost with both a heavy heart and a warm smile.”

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Gotham Nights Epilogue

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