GR Episode 001

Episode One

Gotham Nights

Episode Synopsis

The first episode opens with a scene depicting Bane killing Batman while a mystery person watches from a nearby rooftop.

The show then cuts to a Thursday Night at electroCity where the audience is introduce to Nate Adams, Matias Maxwell, and Justin Monroe. Matias strikes up a conversation with Justin, but after the pleasentries Matias gets right to the point. Matias has a message that he wants to get to the Vigilante known as Sleeper. He has surmised from Sleepers activites that he probably has connections in the force so Matias turnes to Justin to see if he could put him into contact with someone in the GCPD who might know more. Justin is interested in what Matias has to say and tries to convince him to let him carry the message. After a brief argument Matias got his way and Justin promised to try.

Justin was understandably rankled by the whole situation and who did he see, tearing up the dancefloor. White russian in hand if not Nate Adams. Justin did not trust that dude even half the distance he could throw him. Also he knew from his friends in the force that Nate had been up to some shady stuff on the sly. Suspecting mischief he descided to confront Nate about his activites. A brief exchange later Justin had enough of Nates bullshit and put the guy in an armlock as he dragged him to a marginally more private corner. This made Nate really pissed off. He squared himself as if he was about to throw a punch. The scene cuts to a TV broadcast where Viki Vale and Machael Akins talk about the recent escape of Abattoir. The broadcast is interrupted with a strange message detailing the location of the latest Abattoir killing. Our heroes seeing the message over the tv at the bar all make their excuses and get out of there.

We cut to a rooftop where Sleeper is watching the building from the broadcast. Brimstone lands on the roof and the Vigilantes eye eatchother. A quick cut informs us that Vagabond slipped into the building. A brief exchange between Brimstone and Sleeper ends the slight tention as they both agree that checking the crimescene is more important. Vagabond, after a quick search found the crimescene. In a small dirty apartment we see the corpse of a woman, neck bent at an unnatural angle and a knife lodged in her heart. the floor is covered with fresh blood. Vagabond surveys the scene and gets to work examining the corpse. He quickly determines that the corpse is still warm and must have died recently. The cause of death was determined to be the necksnaping and not the stabwound. Right about now the door behind Vagabond slowly opens and we cut to comericals.

Hey kids it’s Supermegaultra Soldier- Get lower car insurance with- Ask your doctor before use- Batteries not included.

As we return from comercials Vagabond quickly turns around and sees Sleeper and Brimstone standing in the doorway. A brief exchange later the trio set to work gathering clues. they come up with nothing however, just as the sound of sirens grows. Sleeper decides it’s best to get away and invites the others to meet him by The Cape Carmine Lighthouse in two hours. Brimstone wants to leave but Vagabond convince him to stay and guard the door. The sound of the cops moving up the building get higher and higher as Vagabond scrambles to find anything of use. Finally, when they have to leave or else tango with the GCPD Vagabond snags the victims purse and then he and Brimstone leaves.

Cut to the heroes coming home and finding an envelope adressed to their private personas. It’s an letter cordially inviting their Vigilante persona to attend a meeting at the Gotham National Bank, midnight at saturday. Sleeper pockets the letter for future reference. Vagabond memorizes the adress and date before putting the letter through the office shredder. Brimstone notes the important details and burns it.

Cut to two hours later at a small pier in the shadow of the Cape Carmine Lighthouse. Sleeper is sitting in a rubber raft, looking at the city across the bay through a pair of binoculars. Out from the shadows Brimstone appears, walking down the pier and stamping his feet to alert Sleepr to his presence. Vagabond arrives late, as expected. Pooling their resources it becomes clear that the murdured woman’s name was Sarah Etchison, according to her drivers license. Her checkbook however said Sarah Went. The checkbook also informed us that Sarah had lived at a diffrent appartment, this time in westvillage. After a brief conversation the Vigilantes descide to work together to investigate this lead. So they all get into the rubber raft as Sleeper starts its boatmotor.

Cut to an appartmentbuilding at night. Brimstone cases the place and determines that it’s a middleclass dwelling with light security. A quick spell of lockpicking later and the trio has acess to the apartment. The home of D. Went according to the post box in the foyer. We cut to an interior of the appartment, we see a dark and messy three roomer. A man is sleeping in the bed, oblivious to the intruders. Searching our heroes come across the marriage license for a Douglas Went and Sarah Etchison. Dated to a couple of months in the past. Also found was a Divorce statement dated a couple of weeks ago. Divorce papers stated that annulment was sought because of “irreconcilable diffrences.” Frustrated with the vauge unhelpful clues Vagabond suggested that the group should interrogate the sleeping man. Sleeper was dead against it. They argued for awhile untill finally Brimstone came down on the no side. Sleeper suggested they place a bug in the appartment and wait untill the cops showed up and listen to what they found out. Said and done, when the cops came to check up on Douglas we found out some interesting facts. Sarah was apparently the sister of the infamous serial killer Abbatoir who’s M.O. focused on killing members of his own familiy. When Douglas found out he was understandably upset and divorced Sarah. The GCPD took Douglas into protective custody just as the sun rises over the horizon.

The show closes on a scene in an old Bank Vault, saturday evening. Each vigilante finds a lockbox with their name on it, containing a personal gift. Sleeper finds classified records from his time in the military, including his final deployment record. Vagbond finds a vial of Cassius “Clay” Payne’s flesh. Brimstone finds an address book containing the contact information for every member of the Cult of the Bat, including it’s Leader. Then the vault door slams shut, locking the vigilantes in the vault. A light comes on, and they see a man standing in the vault with them. The man bows slightly and says, “Gentlemen. My name is Ra’s al Ghul and I thank you for joining me tonight.”

Trouble Pool

Fresh Pool: 2d6

Factions Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Checkmate [CM]

Agenda: Secure the services of the Mad Hatter for work with Task Force X. BLOCKED

Falcone Crime Families [FCF]

Agenda: Sign for custody and file for release of Two-Face from Arkham Asylum.

False-Face Society [FFS]

Agenda: Break Bane out of Blackgate Prison. BLOCKED

GCPD Major Crimes Unit [GCPD:MCU]

Agenda: Apprehend Victor Zsasz.

Powers Technology [PT]

Agenda: Secure the election of Derek Powers to CEO of Wayne Enterprises. BLOCKED

Task Force X [TFX]

Agenda: Deploy agent “Deadshot” into Gotham City.

GR Episode 001

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