GR Episode 002

Episode Two

Mortal Remains

Episode Synopsis

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We open on a Wayne Enterprises pressconferance just as Lucius Fox steps onto the stage. Mr Fox informs the gathered press that he has an announcement to make. A highly irregular announcement but he also ephatically assures the crowd that every method of authenication has been tried. We cut to a closeup of his face as Lucius, with a small smile on his lips informs the room that Thomas Wayne. Bruce Waynes’ long lost brother has been appointed CEO of Wayne Enterprises. The room errups into a storm of questions just as a welldressed man walks onto the podium. He is tall and handsome. With black hair and the distincive features of the Waynes. A strong chin and light, friendly eyes. The crowd falls quiet as Thomas Wayne begins to speak. He introduces himself to the press and tells the press how happy he is that the board of directors have placed their trust in him to lead them. Thomas is a natural speaker, with a honest and unassuming manner. The crowd chuckles in all the right places. After only a couple of minutes Mr Wayne begs the journalists pardon and walks off the stage as the roar of questions return.

The scene fades into a streetview as we see a young man walking down the street. Obviously walking home from school in the twilight. Right as he passes the mouth of an alley a mysterious figure sneaks into view and brings a sap down on the young man’s head. The young man’s legs buckle under him as the mysterious figure catches him and drags him into the shadowed alley.

[The scene dissolves into the shows intro. The name of the episode is Mortal Remains.]

The show cuts back to where it left of last week. Sleeper, Vagabond and Brimstone standing infront of a table in a darkened bankvault. The figure of Ra’s Al Ghul continues to speak. Ra’s informs our heroes that a war is coming to Gotham. A war that can destroy the city and kill many innocents. Ra’s pauses for a beat. He says that he wants to stop the war and that he is looking for allies. Ra’s gestures vaguely towards the table and contiunes. Ra’s says that the gifts in the lockboxes where intended to be a gift. No strings attached. He concludes his little speech with urging the vigilantes to join his cause. If they wished to do so they should leave a note in their lockbox within a weeks time. Just as Ra’s is done speaking his slender frame flickers in the dark and disappears. A loud click is heard as the vault door swings open.

We transition to a set of elevator doors opening and Matias Maxwell stepping into his lab. He immediatly starts working on analyzing the contents of the vial he got from his lockbox. A set of computerscreens flicker to life, illuminating the scene in a blue glow.
Maxwell, speaking into a dictaphone informs the watchers that the sample has some interesting properties. Apparently the compound has a strange morphogenic structure, allowing it to change it’s chemical properties. Another screen flickers to life and Maxwells eyes widen. Maxwell narrates that the sample seems to come from Cassius Payne only child of Preston Payne & Sandra Fuller. Since the sample also seems to contain DNA markers from both the parents he noted dryly that there probably is only one Clayface around these days. Save for Carlo, who is locked up at Arkham. The possibilities of the material are incredible however Maxwell notes that the sample he attained from Ra’s Al Ghul is woefully inadequate for the testing his theories. He hypothesises that the sample he does posess might be used to attract the attention of Cassius and he sets to work devising a plan to contain a cannibalistic shapeshanging meta-human.

As the scene fadea in we see Brimstone in the shadow of an alleyway observing an ordinary looking officebuilding. We cut into a dark room where a man is standing in a pool of light. The man is obviously preaching to a silent crowd sitting on cheap foldingchairs. Brimstone enters the scene and just as he is about to get to an abandoned corner the preacher points right at him. The man in the spotlight introduces Brimstone to the congregation and informs them that Brimstone was the first to hear the word of The Bat. The spotlight turns and shines on Brimstone as the entire room turns their eyes towards him. The preacher informs the congregation that the meeting was at an end. Slowly the people stand up and start to chuffle out of the room. Brimstone and the preacher lock eyes as we cut to the room, now empty save for Brimstone and the preacher. He introduces himself as Thomas Stonehill, leader of the Cult of The Bat. Brimstone doesn’t answer. After an awkward beat, Stonehill continues. He says that he knows many things about Brimstone, who he is, where he came from, who his parents are. Brimstones silence is deafening. Stonehill adds that he is sure there are many questions needing answers but he is in need of a small favour. A man named Brian Denny is going to rob a bank in two days time. He asks Brimstone to look into the matter and stop Denny before he breaks the law. Brimstone observes Stonehill for a while before he answers that he will look into it.

Cut to Vagabond entering his office at the Fresh-Face Foundation. He gets out of his costume and into Maxwell’s buisness suit, sliding on his protoplasm mask to cover the scarring. The computerscreen flickers to life and the icon of The Oracle is displayed. A digitized voice comes over the speakers which asks Maxwell to approach the computer. Matias sits down as the voice continues. It presents itself as The Oracle and asks Maxwell for a favour. Matias, intruiged asks Oracle to continue. The voice says that it wants the confidential files on a man named Thomas Elliot from the Arkham archive. Since this task is relatively straightforward, Maxwell agrees. A quick cut later and Matias has scanned the papers and sent them off. As a small trade, the voice informs Maxwell that Lexcorp has sent lawyers into Gotham, seeking to reaquire the building they sold to Matias Foundation. Rather than waiting for Lexcorps first move, Maxwell calls the lawyers himself for some agressive negotiation. After some cat and mouse Matias agrees to sell and relocate his operation.


As we come back from commercials we see Brimstone and Vagabond standing in the Foundations garaugebuilding. The vigilantes converse about the information they have dug up on the Abbatoir case. Brimstone has managed to dig up Etchisons childhood home. An adress in the Narrows. Brimstone who is not used to the labyrinthene and ad-hoc layout of the Narrows doesn’t quite know how to find the adress. Luckily Vagabond does. Right as they are about to set off a high-pitched giggle is heard as a whileclad form walks into frame. The newcomer introduces himself as The Jape. He insists that he too is a vigilante and has information of importance to the case. Jape says that his contacts saw a young man named Joshua Freeman got abducted by a figure who might very well be Abbattoir. The investigation has now turned into a race against the clock as the group sets off.

We cut to an exteriorshot of an abandoned building at night. The vigilantes enter and starts, methodically go through the building. Vagabond bribes some vagrants to vacate the premises. Vagabond and Jape gets into a small argument concerning the Jape’s methods. According to his own words, time is of the essance, yet he takes his time to examine every nook and cranny before continuing on to the next room.
Vagabond convinces the Jape to step on it. The trio stack up on a locked door, Vagabond orders Brimstone to break it down, which the big man does with ease.

A fish eye lense pan over the scene that meets out heroes. Joshua Freeman, strapped to a table in the middle of the room, an entirely unreasonable amount of blades, slicing into Joshuas flesh at every conciviable angle. The blades themselves are tied into a large contraption suspended from the ceiling, Every move Joshua makes ends in agony as new blades are inserted or old ones violently janked out. Brimstone lunges against the ropes, intending to smash the entire thing to bits but The Jape gets in his way. The Jape tells Brimstone that finesse is called for and that simply smashing the contraption would most likely result in Joshuas death. Persuaded, Brimstone steps back as Jape turns and starts to examine the machinery. Right in the nick of time, Jape kicks the legs out from under the table which frees Joshua but also roughly tears the blades from his flesh.

The sound of a heartratemonitor is heard as we fade into a hospitalroom. Joshua is lying in the bed, covered in head to toe with bandages. A voice calls to Joshua and the camera cuts to a strange man, standing in a darkened corner of the room. The strangest thing about the man though, is the white, almost featureless mask he wears over his face. The man introduces himself as a representative of the Court Of Owls.
The says that Gotham is sick, in need of direction. Which is exactly what the Court aims to provide. He offers Joshua a place among them, as a Talon. Thinking it over for a while, Joshua agrees. The mysterious stranger walks up to Joshuas bed. He informs Joshua that serving the Court will have some benefits. He has a needle in his hand which he sticks into Joshuas IV drip. The masked man ends by saying that breaking with the Court though, carries the heaviest of prices. The scene cuts to the next day when Joshua is discharged, much to the amazement and confusion of the hospital staff.

The show closes with the Jape having tracked down Abattoir and chasing him to a steel refinery. The two do battle and in the scuffle, Abattoir looses his footing and falls over the guardrail. Desperatly, he catches himself and dangles from a chain, suspended over a vat of molten metal. The sound of police sirens can be heard as Abattoir face breaks up into a huge manic grin. The GCPD with James Gordon in the front storm into the scene, just in time to see Abattoir let go of the chain and fall into the molten metal. The smell of charred flesh fills the air as Jape starts to giggle. The giggle grows into a bloodcurdling bellylaugh as the thin man is convulsing under the power of the laughter. The show ends just as Gordon lifts his gun towards the white clad figure and screams at him to surrender.

Trouble Pool

Carried Forward: 1d6, 1d12

Factions Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Arkham Asylum Staff [AAS]

Agenda: Complete the rehabilitation of Victor Fries.

Checkmate [CM]

Agenda: Secure the services of the Bane for work with Task Force X. Brimstone: Working via paperwork, Nate pulls on contacts to prevent it.

The Cult of the Bat [CotB]

Agenda: Purchase the Gotham Cathedral.

Falcone Crime Families [FCF]

Agenda: Firebomb the My Alibi bar. Jape: Would-be bomber finds a tape of themselves being hired, playing on their home stereo system.

False-Face Society [FFS]

Agenda: Finalize the alliance with the Iceberg Lounge.

Gotham City Media [GCM]

Agenda: Capture hard footage of one of the new Vigilantes. (If unblocked, roll d6: 1: Son of None 2: Jape 3: Delta 4: Brimstone 5: Vagabond 6: Sleeper) Footage of Son of None

Gotham City Police Department [GCPD]

Agenda: Uncover the identities of Abattoir’s accomplices. Vagabond: V isn’t involved.

Kord Industries [KI]

Agenda: Begin exhivation of Kryptonite deposits discovered under Saint Mary’s Park.

Powers Technology [PT]

Agenda: Force the resignation of Lucius Fox.

Wayne Enterprises [WE]

Agenda: Compete a full inventory of the Research & Development department. Son of None: SoN isn’t involved.

Feature Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Harley Quinn

Agenda: Break out of Arkham Asylum.

Jack Ryder

Agenda: Destroy the reputation of James Gordon over his inability to capture Abattoir before he finished killing his family.

SoN Claims: Legal inquaries and media shitstorm over GCPD w/ emphasis on MCU.

James Gordon

Agenda: Take a vacation, a chance to see what Gotham City has become.

Killer Croc

Agenda: Kill Renee Montoya. Vagabond: V rides him through the sewers until he’s exhausted.


Agenda: Secure the CEO position with Queen Industries.


Agenda: Uncover the true identity of one of the new Vigilantes (If unblocked, roll d6: 1: Son of None 2: Jape 3: Delta 4: Brimstone 5: Vagabond 6: Sleeper) Jape: J stops the investigation.


Agenda: Start the Underworld Court, a Justice system designed for criminal to settle their grievances without involving the police. Brimestone: Smashing up the joint.

GR Episode 002

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