GR Episode 003

Episode Three

Who Rules the Night

Episode Synopsis

This week’s episode started with Victor Freeze discussing his power needs with Lex Luthor. In the end, the two come to an agreement that may bode poorly for Gotham City.

After the opening title, we see the Jape escaping from GCPD clutches. Son of None, Brimstone, and Vagabond also make hasty escapes without drawing police attention.

We then go back to the Bank Vault, this time with Jape, Delta, and Son of None. Ra’s gives gifts to each of them followed by the same speech we heard last week. Delta receives information on a man named Adam Arthur. Jape’s lockbox contains two vials labeled “Joker Antivenom”. Son of None get’s his father’s final case files on “Mirror House”.

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Eventually all six Vigilantes decide to hear out Ra’s and return to the Bank. Inside they find Lady Shiva who tells them about the League of Shadows, Society of Assassins, Ra’s and his daughter Talia. The League believe that Talia’s first move in destroying Gotham will be to incite a war between the False-Face Society and the Falcone Family. Talia’s suggestion is to take out Mask and turn the underworld over to Carmine Falcone. This prevents Talia from starting her war. There is distention among the ranks, some unwilling to help Falcone in any way. Sleeper walks out of the meeting in disgust but the others consider Shiva’s suggestion.

Upon returning home the vigilantes find another note, outside addressed to their public identity and the inside written to their secret one. The letter is from the Society, warning them from working the the League and offering them a place within their ranks. The Society presents their side of the story, one of tearing down the corruption in Gotham and having the city rebuilt.

Sleeper finally takes the time to look at the files the League gave him. Inside he finds documents about his military history, including his final mission. He learns his squad was subject to Project CADMUS experiments and they were positioned to support Suicide Squad in taking out a League of Shadow’s cell. Justin also learns that he was reported KIA, per the instructions of Checkmate’s White King; Frank Rock.

Jape brings his antivenom to Dr. Leslie Tompkins for analysis. When the reports come back positive, he injects some into his arm. His grin releases and his laugh subsides for several hours. Feeling like the gift was more of an effort to establish dependency on the League, he declines their offers. Instead the League directs him to Dr. Matias Maxwell, a possible ally and provider for Jape’s medical needs.

Delta investigates the last known location of Adam Arthur; Arkham Asylum. Arthur is incoherent but as soon as Delta begins talking to him the man begins to reclaim his memory. Arthur is confused at first, but quickly becomes hopeful that Delta has triggered his recovery. After Delta leaves he learns that Arthur descended back into madness.

Son of None reviews his father’s old case file, discovering his last mission was rumored to be connected to the Court of Owls. Later, when his father turned up dead, the cause was pinned on the Falcones despite no proof or prior involvement in the case.

Delta receives a visitor, Silas Stone. Silas is a scientist in the employ of STAR Labs and he tells Delta that it was a rogue lab that abducted him. STAR wants to work with Delta in tracking down the group that did this.

As Jape is skulking around one of Falcone’s holdings, Harley Quinn comes bounding into the room. She takes a sledgehammer to the guards and when she’s done turns to Jape. She invites him back to Amusement Mile with her. She wants to get the Joker out of his depression so they can all be a happy family again. Father Joker, Mother Harley, and Son Jape. Jape, of course, declines.

Sleeper is on his way home when a gunshot rips past his head. He spins to find the assassin Deadshot standing behind him. Deadshot says, “You’re nothing like the man Waller thinks you are.” and throws an ear piece on the ground in front of him. The piece relays a message from Waller, offering answers and a recruitment speech. She then asks for Sleeper’s assistance in swapping out blueprints for power relay station renovations.

Jape finds himself standing under the Ace Chemicals sign when he hears the chilling voice of Victor Freeze call out to him. Freeze says he feels a kinship with Jape and offers him a position in his new endeavor. Freeze explains that he’s starting a Cryoprision and needs field agents to help him apprehend Gotham’s most dangerous. He’d like Jackson to oversee that department and even points out a special cell for one of Gotham’s most infamous; the Joker.

Brimstone returns to visit Thomas Stonehill, this time at Gotham Cathedral. He learns that the Cult is about to go legit, becoming the Church of the Bat. Thomas then explains that he acquired the Helm of Nabu, the source of Dr. Fate’s powers. He also explains that Nate is the biological son of Alfred Pennyworth and Leslie Tompkins. Making him a perfect vessel to be the Prophet of the Bat.

Son of None is visited by the Court of Owls again, who tell him to see Haly’s Circus for training.

Oracle contacts Matias Maxwell again revealing his name, Steven Kyle, and that he has Batman’s body. Kyle wants someone to autopsy the corpse, because he suspects Bane didn’t act alone.

Trouble Pool

Fresh Pool: 3d8 (High-Stakes Gotham)
Carried Forward: 1d6, 1d10

Factions Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.

Arkham Asylum Staff

Agenda: Complete the Rehabilitation of an Inmate. Roll 1d10 and release canidate from list below: Brimstone: Not involved.

1 = No Release
2 = Blockbuster
3 = Great White Shark
4 = Killer Moth
5 = Maxie Zeus
6 = Prometheus
7 = Ragdoll
8 = Spellbinder
9 = Ventriloquist
10 = Re-Roll + 1 Extra Roll

Blackgate Prison Officers

Agenda: Transfer 1 Inmate from Arkham to Blackgate. Roll 1d10 and transfer candidate from list below (Arkham’s Agenda goes first, duplicates are considered No Transfers):

1 = No Transfer
2 = Blockbuster
3 = Great White Shark
4 = Killer Moth
5 = Maxie Zeus
6 = Prometheus
7 = Ragdoll
8 = Spellbinder
9 = Ventriloquist
10 = Re-Roll + 1 Extra Roll


Agenda: Acquire research from Gotham City based S.T.A.R. Lab’s rogue office. Delta: Directly involved, but secretly.

The Cult of the Bat

Agenda: Induct the Chief Editor of the Gotham Gazette into the Cult.

Falcone Crime Families

Agenda: Kill Black Mask. Vagabond: Directly involved, not to protect Mask but to preserve his target.

False-Face Society

Agenda: Kill Carmine Falcone. Sleeper: Directly involved.

Gotham City Media

Agenda: Mount a full scale investigation into the GCPD with special emphasis on MCU, leading to legal inquiries and a media shitstorm.

Next Week Agenda: Joshua’s father’s death spins against GCPD & Jim Gordon. Son of One: Directly, interviews for the show.

Gotham City Police Department

Agenda: Terminate James Gordon’s employment. Jape: Directly involved.


Agenda: “Acquire” portions of Kord Industries stockpile.

Powers Technology

Agenda: Successfully complete a merger with Wayne Enterprises.

Queen Industries

Agenda: Eliminate Gotham’s underground gun smuggling rings.

Society of Assassins

Agenda: Kill Alberto Falcone Sleeper: Directly Involved, but as Justin.

Feature Agendas

The following Agendas are set for this Episode. At the end of each Episode the players have a chance to Block any of these Agendas. Agendas not Blocked at the end of the session are successful and will go into effect in the following Episode.


Agenda: Hear news about the new Vigilantes. Brimstone: Direclty Involved.

Black Mask

Agenda: Seize control of Colgate Heights Vagabond: Directly Involved.

Clayface V

Agenda: Devour Killer Croc. Brimstone: Directly Involved.

Carmine Falcone

Agenda: Have a hitman take out his son, Mario Falcone. Son of None: Directly Involved.

Dr. Fate

Agenda: Burn the hedge maze in Aparo Park to the ground.

Harley Quinn

Agenda: Seize control of Amusement Mile Sleeper: Directly Involved.

Claim: Jape: Start dressing as Batgirl.


Agenda: Uncover the real purpose behind the Cult of the Bat.


Agenda: Invest, heavily, in the Gotham Globe.


Agenda: Infiltrate the old Oracle Network. Jape: Directly Involved.

Claim: Delta: Investigate STAR Labs’ Rogue Facility


Agenda: Abduct someone close to Brimstone.

GR Episode 003

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