Pathways Results

Phase One: Parents

Character To Detail
Aisling M. Stonehill to Thomas M. Stonehill (Feature) He’s useful to me for the moment.
Alex Cross to Amanda Leighton (Feature) I shouldn’t like her.
Spencer Sterling to Coach Stevenson (Feature) He’s a good man, prolly rapes boys.
Michael Stein to Anna Balot (Feature) Only real family I have.
Sam Donovan to Officer Jackie Grayson (Feature) She’s got it out for me.
Trevor Twelve to Ivan Kosov (Feature) I don’t think he’s following in his father’s footsteps.
Ray Castleman to Johnny Falcone (Extra) He would never steer me long.
Rumi Takahasi to Riki Takahasi (Feature) He could never achive anything that wasn’t handed to him.

Phase Two: Neighborhood

Character To Detail
Aisling M. Stonehill to Cafiteria (Location) Where you go for the gossip.
Alex Cross to Electrocity (Location) I like all the stories.
Spencer Sterling to Libary (Location) The only place I can get some quiet.
Michael Stein to Shop Class (Location) It’s my one true home.
Sam Donovan to Mall (Location) It’s where I go after school.
Trevor Twelve to Twelve Mansion (Location) It’s empty.
Ray Castleman to Football Field (Location) It’s my one true home.
Rumi Takahasi to Physics Lab (Location) It’s where I go to think.

Phase Three: Clique

Character To Detail
Aisling M. Stonehill Ivan Kosov to Herself (Feature) I need her help to pass.
Alex Cross Amanda Leighton to Ray Castleman (Feature) He’s an excellant physicist.
Spencer Sterling Anna Balot to Himsefl (Feature) He would never hurt me.
Michael Stein Coach Stevenson to Himself (Feature) Extremly talented but worthless.
Sam Donovan Coach Stevenson to Ray Castleman (Feature) Wish he wasn’t so dumb.
Trevor Twelve Riki Takahasi to Himself (Feature) He’s useful for now.
Ray Castleman Amanda Leighton to Herself (Feature) Going to be my future aid.
Rumi Takahasi Johnny Falcone to Sam Donovan (Extra) The kid has talent.
Aisling M. Stonehill to Ivan Kosov (Feature) He’s an investment in the future.
Alex Cross to Riki Takahasi (Feature) He must let me win our sparing bouts.
Spencer Sterling to Thomas M. Stonehill (Feature) He doesn’t have the control he thinks he does.
Michael Stein to Officer Jackie Grayson (Feature) Always on my case, but I respect her.
Sam Donovan to Shop Class (Location) Where I learn the important skills.
Trevor Twelve to Anna Balot (Feature) I’m in love with her.
Ray Castleman to Ivan Kosov (Feature) He can do no wrong.
Rumi Takahasi to Anna Balot (Feature) Best friend.

Phase Four: Favorite Class

Character To Detail
Aisling M. Stonehill Thomas M. Stonehill to Herself (Feature) My dear granddaughter and promising pupil.
Alex Cross Officer Jackie Grayson to Himself (Feature) He’s too honest.
Spencer Sterling Johnny Falcone to Himself (Extra) Made an enemy when he turned me down.
Michael Stein Riki Takashasi to Himself (Feature) Trying to stand in my way.
Sam Donovan Thomas M. Stonehill to Himself (Feature) Just needs a good role model.
Trevor Twelve Anna Balot to Himself (Feature) He’s a great friend.
Ray Castleman Officer Jackie Grayson to Herself (Feature) More trouble than he looks.
Rumi Takahasi Thomas M. Stonehill to Herself (Feature) She is especially gifted.
Aisling M. Stonehill Amanda Leighton to Herself (Feature) My favorite student.
Alex Cross Thomas M. Stonehill to Himself (Feature) He doesn’t seem to fit.
Spencer Sterling Jocks to Himself (Extra) Best thing to happen to the school in years.
Michael Stein Delinquints to Himself (Extra) He’s a jock but one of us.
Sam Donovan Delinquints to Himself (Extra) If he would lead, we would follow.
Trevor Twelve Jocks to Himself (Extra) We hope he is like his dad.
Ray Castleman Jocks to Himself (Extra) The most popular freshmen.
Rumi Takahasi Jocks to Herself (Extra) The holy grail of dating.

Phase Five: Favorite Vigilante

Character To Detail
Aisling M. Stonehill to Amanda Leighton (Feature) She has nothing to teach me.
Alex Cross to Johnny Falcone (Extra) He doesn’t seem legit.
Spencer Sterling to Anna Balot (Feature) We are going to get married.
Michael Stein to Riki Takahasi (Feature) These is just something evil about him.
Sam Donovan to Johnny Falcone (Extra) Scumbag.
Trevor Twelve to Thomas M. Stonehill (Feature) He’s up to something
Ray Castleman to Amanda Leighton (Feature) The only teacher that cares about me.
Rumi Takahasi to Thomas M. Stonehill (Feature) Harmless old man
Aisling M. Stonehill Physics Lab to Herself (Location) They will never miss the things I borrowed.
Alex Cross Amanda Leighton to Himself (Feature) Cute by oh-so-wrong
Spencer Sterling Thomas M. Stonehill to Himself (Feature) If he focused, he’d be unstoppable.
Michael Stein Thomas M. Stonehill to Himself (Feature) Can be used to get to Anna.
Sam Donovan Jocks to Himself (Extra) Should be on the hockey team.
Trevor Twelve Amanda Leighton (Feature) If he paid attention, he’d be a good student.
Ray Castleman Thomas M. Stonehill to Himself (Feature) Not on my radar.
Rumi Takahasi Riki Takahasi to Herself (Feature) She doesn’t matter.

Pathways Results

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