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Gotham Reborn

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 1: Gotham Nights

Birdscratchings on a page.

Someone sent a message over the TV. House in the Narrows was highlighted with an open invitation to Vigilantes. Had to check it out, wasn’t the only one. Sleeper watched the building when I arrived. My knuckles itched.
Sleeper had also seen the message. Tried to find quiet entrence, Sleeper kicked down the door. Awful racket. My knuckles really itched. We headed inside. Downtrodden building in downtrodden neighborhood. Took time to find the right appartment. Vagabond was already there. Murder had been comitted in there. Smell of blood overbearing. Didn’t see much of use. Woman, Stabbed in heart, neck snapped, Blood covering floor. Cops arrived so had to skip. Sleeper had set rendezvous at Cape Carmine Lighthouse. Vagabond was late. Though he brought clues. Womans name was Sarah Went, Etchson according to checkbook. Still warm when Vagabond arrived. Checkbook had a diffrent adress. Over in Westvillage.

Set of with Vagabond and Sleeper in tow. Awkward silence as Sleeper drove his boat upriver.
Arrived at appartmentbuilding, decent, middleclass, light security. Got the lock open. Owner, Douglas Went, sleeping soundly. Searched appartment. Douglas got married to Sarah fairly recently. Divorced soon after. “Irreconcilable differences”. Sarah had post forwarded to adress in Narrows. Vagabond wanted to lean on Douglas, See if he knew anything. Sleeper didn’t agree. Sided with Sleeper. Sleeper planted bug in appartment. Note to self, sweep apartment twice a day.

Police arrived to see Douglas. Bug told us Sarah’s brother is Abattoir. Nutcase serial killer. Only kills familymembers.
Probable motive for divorce. Police took Douglas into protective custody. Group split up to tap contacts, Reconvene later. Fresh Face Foundation Parkinggarage.
Got back home, Had mail. Envelope had bithname, letter said Brimstone. Does not bode well. Letter was invitation. Noted adress. Bank, in the Narrows. Probably a trap. Burned letter.

[A page seems to be missing because the narration presumably picks back up at the Bank.]

Bankbox contained a book. Small adressbook. Filled with names, numbers, notes. Everyone involved in “Cult of the Bat.” Leader by the name of Thomas Stonehill. Hopes they have all seen The Light. Be prepared if not. Vaultdoor closed, light went out. Came back on. We where not alone in the vault. Thin man, old looking. Appeared out of thin air. Said his name was Ra’s al Ghul. Had an offer to us.


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