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Gotham Reborn

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Spindly text written on the back of a cereal box

I don’t trust this Ras’ fellow. But he knows too much. I might have no choice in
taking his side in this war of his. Remember to investigate further. Gift was strange enough though. Small leather adressbook. It contained way to much private information of a group who call themselves “The Cult of the Bat.” However Ra’s came upon all of this it’s safe to say that he could wipe the cult out if he so wished. So why give away all of it? So many questions. Vagabond got some sort of vial. Whatever it is, he seemed mighty impressed when he read the lable. Could be bad. Sleeper got a stack of papers. Must’ve been important to him. Didn’t see him for a while after that night.

I don’t trust this Thomas Stonehill. He knows too much. Book said he was the leader of the cult. I followed him to a meeting. about 50-60 people maybe. Rented out an old AA basement for the congregation. Not that well lit. Had a spotlight on a small podium where Stonehill stood and preached. I snuck in the back. Then Stonehill pointed directly at me. How did he know I was there? He told his congregation that I was the first prophet of The Bat and that I was going to write the Prophesy of Brimstone. I stood there as all those eyes turned against me. It was an uncomfortable feeling, to be seen by so many. After what felt like an eternity Stonehill bad his congregation to depart. Was it hope I saw on their faces as they passed me by? Left in the room as only me and Stonehill. He came up to me and said he was happy I had come. I didn’t respond. After a while Stonehill continued. Said that he knew much about me Who I was, Where I came from, Who my parents where. My heart jumped when he mentioned my parents. My thoughts where in complete disarray. I wanted to ask, to scream, to beg of him to tell me what
he knew but I couldn’t speak. The silence between us was unbearable untill finally Stonehill started to speak. He wanted me to look into a man named Brian Denny. Said he would rob a bank if I didn’t stop him. I was still reeling from the shock of it all. I told Stonehill I would look into it.

I don’t trust the Jape. Met up with Vagabond at the Parkinglot. To talk about the Abattoir case. Wheren’t alone though. Creepy little giggle shot through the dark. My breath caught. Out of the shadows a whiteclad figure emerged. Called himself The Jape. He spooked me bad. He told us that Joshua Freeman had been kidnapped by Abattoir.The name rang a bell. I used to hang out with that guy back in highschool. His father wouldn’t have none of it though. Father was a cop, didn’t want his kid catching dirt off me I suppose. My research into Abattoir had revealed that he was born and bred in the narrows. School records, street was unfamilliar though. As many times as the place had burned down and been shoddily rebuilt it wasn’t a surprise. Vagabond said he knew the place though. All of us set of.

Building had seen better decades. A couple of tramps occupied the groundfloor. Vagabond convinced them to leave. We stared to search. The mime was slow. Had a hardon for looking in every nook and cranny. Vagabond and him had alittle talk. didn’t pay too close attention but Jape hurried up after that. Finally we found Joshua. Abattoir had left him in some infernal bladed contraption. First instinct was to smash it, Jape said no. Said finesse was called for. Just in the nick of time he kicked the legs from the table. Joshua will live, but he might wish he hadn’t. Tons of blades was roughly janked out of his flesh.
He will probably be scarred.

Looked into Brian Denny. Had a suburban house. Brian was not home when I looked in. Meeting up with his co-conspiritors? found a woman sleeping in the master bedroom. Assumed she was Brian’s wife. Looked into Brians finances. Found invoces from Gotham General. Denny’s daughter was sick, Very sick. They needed money, fast. Brian came home the next evening. They probably alternated who stayed at the hospital with their sick child. I felt like such an asshole, but I had no choice. I let him sleep alittle before I made myself known. He sat up like a shot when I called his name. He tried to put on a tough act, but his words died in his throat when he saw me. I gave it to him straight. I told him that if he robbed that bank I would have no choice but to hunt him down and hand him over to the police. The man was speechless and scared, just like anyone would be. I gave him my well wished, for whatever they are worth and left him. My heart thumping and my mind ablaze. He didn’t deserve this, no one does. I needed advice, I needed to know I did the right thing.

I met up with Vagabond on a rooftop in The Narrows. I told him about Denny, about his little girl, about what
I had done. His eyes where cold when he turned to me. He said he might be able to help. I felt cold. The scumbag asked me why he should help this girl. Revulsion clawed it’s way up my thoat and I felt my bestial fury rise. Had that little girl scarred his face? Was she responsible for all the shit smothering Gothams soul? Vagabond got up, right in my face. His eyes where as ice. He told me that he was going to save this city, He couldn’t waste his precious resources on just one little girl. My will broke and I came out swinging. I was filled with Righteous fury. I was going to make him do his duty as a servant of Justice or I would throw him off this building myself! The Scumbag deftly avoided my blows and jumped back. He threw his fist against the rooftop and it shattered under my feet. When I got back up there he was gone. I later found out that Matias Maxwell, the man who runs the Fresh Face Foundation had picked up the Denny’s hospital tab. There might still be good in Vagabond but it seems my faith in him was missplaced. I can’t trust Vagabond anymore.

Continued on the Abattoir case on my own. Tracked the killer to Gotham Steel Refinery. But I was too late. Though a skylight I saw how The Jape let Abattoir fall to his death. there is nothing left but to bring that giggling chucklefuck to Justice.

The camera pans into a dark hospital room. A redhaird little girl, no older than seven lies in the hospitalbed, sleeping.
The figure of a man sits, head bent down towards his chest on the chair to the right of the bed. A small gust of wind is heard and a new figure enters the frame. The figure is dressed in a dirty duster and a broadbrimmed hat. The figure moves over to the left side of the bed and when it turnes away there is a bowclad teddybear on the nightstand. Next to it lies a get well card.
The camera cuts to a close shot of the teddybear. The card next to it reads.
“Hope you get well soon”
[Under the words is scrawled a rough symbol of a bat.]


RobJustice RobJustice

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