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Gotham Reborn

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules The Night

Shaky writing in a damp notebook

The mime let Abbatoir drop just as I got up to the skylight. I would’ve jumped down and beat his fucking face in but the boys in blue kicked in the door just a moment later. Gordon was with them. I didn’t know he had abandoned his days as a deskrider. Just about then, The Jape let out this bloodcurdling laugh. It started out as a giggle, making his slim shoulders jump with mirth. But soon it stretched out into a fullbellied guffaw. It was impressive, you would think that he would stop to breathe but that he didn’t. When the laugh was finally tapped out Gordon got his wits together and asked Jape to freeze. Predictably he didn’t, He is damn fast. He would’ve gotten away if I didn’t have such a good vantagepoint. I had to bring him in. He was a murdurer now.

The Jape sure has some legs on him. He ran and ran. Darting from shadow to shadow. If he hadn’t finally stopped to catch his breath in a dark alley I probably would’ve lost him. I jumped down, silently and took up place behind the mime. He gave a start as I spoke to him. I told him he had two choices. Either he came with me willingly, to the police and turned himself in or I would knock him out and drag him there myself. Regaining his composure rather quick he demonstrably tapped his indexfinger against his chin. He screwed up his face in an exaggerated grimace of thought. He told me that he would take the second option. I hardly let him finish before I came at him. Damn that guy is fast, He jumped like a frog and danced past my fists. Luckily, he was more tired than I was. He caught a glancing blow to the temple and he reeled away from me. I moved in for the finish as a hand was clamped down on my shoulder. As I turned around to throw a punch I saw Sone of None. He deftly dodged under my blow and grabbed my arm. The next thing I remember is sailing through the air, Looking at an
upside down world. I flew across the street and landed in a heap of garbage. When I got up and shook the stars from my vision both of them where gone.

Head thumping, mouth tasting of blood I descided to look up Stonehill. The man owed me answers. I rolled up to Gotham Cathedral. The Cult had bought it and was in the middle of fixing the place up. After a short while I was let into Stonehill’s office. He was sitting behind a big desk, a ugly bucket sitting on the table next to him. Stonehill cut to the chase and started talking. Said the bucket was The Helm of Nabu. I could scarcely believe it. Dr Fate was always an enigmatic figure, even back in the Justice Leauge days. But if even half of what I head is true, then I must be really careful around Stonehill. I started questioning him. I needed to know who I could trust. I asked about the others, Jape included. Stonehill just fed me vauge fortune cookie phrases. For weilding phenomenal cosmic power that allowed him to see the future, supposedly, he was awfully unwilling to give me anything concrete. He hedged his answers in such a way as to leave me thinking that I can trust the other vigilantes, maybe. I asked about my parents. I asked why they had abandoned me. I got my answers. Bruce Wayne was Batman. I could not believe it. I need to look into it for confirmation. Then Stonehill had a question for me. He asked if I would be the First Prophet of the Bat. I gave it some thought, but I said yes.

Showed up for the meeting with Al Ghul’s contact. All of the others where there. Even Sleeper, he wasn’t dead after all. The contact was a slight woman, Called herself Lady Shiva. After some pleasantries she introduced The Leauges plan. Apparently the Society of Assasins plan consists of distabilizing Gotham’s underbelly enough so that they then can sit back and watch the city tear itself apart. Lady Shiva said that The Leauge’s plan consisted of centralizing power, thus avoiding open conflict in the underworld. She suggested that we, the vigilantes, should take down Black Mask and let Falcone take the crown. This plan was controversial to say the least. But the loudest detractor was Sleeper, He was dead set against handing the throne of Gotham over to a monster like Falcone. I admit, the prospect did not thrill me. Sleeper told us that he would have nothing to do with any plan involing leaving Gotham in the hands of a single criminal. I turned to leave. I wanted to leave, but I knew the plan could work. It probably will work. Feels dirty and wrong. I take solice in the fact that if this works it could be an end to organized crime in Gotham.

I forgot to sleep. If I don’t take care I might end up insomniac. There was another letter on the floor. From the Society of Assasins this time. Tahlia Al Ghul asked me to join her organization. She informed me that Ra’s has many stains on his soul. He was instrumental in the chain of events that lead to the death to Robin. None of this really surprised me. If anything it bumped Ra’s up a couple of holes on the list of priorities. But talk is cheap, I can only judge someone by their actions. Thus far the society wants to doom Gotham and I can’t have that.

My mind was still reeling. I had family out there. Not just allies of desperation or convenience. Real, honest to God, blood of my blood. I sat on the street, watching Gotham General. Trying to work up the courage to walk in there and ask for my mother. Emotions I thought I had lost surged around my head. Anger, fear, despair. I sat there for hours. It wasn’t untill Joshua walked up that I was snapped out of my reverie. I needed someone to talk to. So I talked. Joshua listened.


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