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Gotham Reborn

Brimstone's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic

So many questions.

Goddamn Jape. He knows about my lair. I was in the middle of examining a set of very interesting throwing knives when I heard a knock on the wall. I turned knife in hand to see that white-clad freaky bastard standing there. Like he was over to borrow a cup of flour or something. He wanted my help. He said he now worked for Mr Freeze and Freeze wanted assistance on a project. He is going to cryogenically freeze Gotham’s worst criminals. I can see how useful this would be. But there are several catches. I would have to trust Freeze, which I don’t. I would have to trust Jape, which I certainly don’t. Also if they are frozen they are denied the opportunity to find redemption. But the good of the city must come first. I was just about to answer when Jape cracked one of his stupid jokes. He questioned my devotion to keeping the city safe. I threw him out a window. But I think he got that I was in from the fact that I threw him out a window with clotheslines for him to catch.

Stonehill contacted me. At least I think he did. I could just be hearing voices. Either way something was going down at Arkham. I rushed over there to check it out. I got there in time to see Vagabond step out of his car. Sleeper was there, So was The Jape and Son of None. Apparently some knucklehead had mounted a frontal assault on Arkham asylum. Gunfire echoed between the grey buildings. The scumfuck started barking orders like he was in charge. I hate the dude, but this was not the time. As the others scattered to fulfill their tasks I snuck off to find an inattentive goon. The Jape hijacked a car and drove it through the attackers defensive line. You can’t buy a distraction like that. I got my mark. Chubby dude. Minor crook, wearing a fedora like it’s the forties or something. I brought him back to Vagabond. Could’ve beaten the information out of him myself, but I wanted to see Vagabond in action. Gotta be careful around him. He ain’t right. He started out hard. Denting his fender with the dudes skull. I have to hand it to him. The goon had some big brass balls to talk back to Vagabond. But he talked, they all do in the end. Falcone was behind the attack. It smelled like a set-up. He wanted us distracted. Just as we rendezvous with the others Stonehill spoke to me again. It freaked me out. Apparently The war between Roman and Black Mask had heated up. Chaos spread across the streets as the lackeys’ fought. Then came the news. Bane had been broken out of Blackgate. Vagabond barked orders. We had to try to contain this before it escalated any further. The Jape was sent to deal with a pitched firefight. Sleeper and Son of None was sent to the Stacked Deck. A carbomb had set the bar in flames. Vagabond and me went after Bane.

I knew a shortcut through the sewers. Just as we where about to turn under 5th and Jerrod I remarked that I knew who owned the car that Vagabond had turned up at Arkham in. He replied that me knowing that was the least of his current worries. Then an inhuman roar cut through the sewer. Vagabond told me he would handle it. I nodded and continued. Gotta keep the eyes on the prize. Tracking the helicopter that airlifted Bane out of Blackgate wasn’t hard. It touched down at the Sionis industries warehouse in North Point. Getting in was a breeze, the gates where strangely unguarded. A roar of challenge and a forklift passed through the wall as chaos erupted inside the building. Bane, all pumped up was single-handedly taking on the entire building. Diplomacy had apparently failed, I saw Black Mask running towards a backdoor. I contemplated following him. I decided against it. Bane is a threat to the entire city just by himself. Black Mask had to wait.

As Bane was finished with the goons I stepped forth. We squared off. My heart jumped and I felt a stab of fear run through me as Bane’s gaze fixed on me. The rage was stronger though. I started to run towards the hulking brute. Bane gave off a bestial scream and tossed a cargo freight towards me. I dodged under it as it came down. Just before I was in striking range I tore of my coat getting ready to toss it. Then I saw something weird. Bane’s green glowing eyes where filled with sadness. I tossed the coat onto his face and prepared for his counter-charge. But none came. I tore the tubes out of his body, I punched and kicked. All the while, Bane just stood there and took it. Finally he went down.

It’s all moving so fast. Black Mask got the Roman and it’s all my fault.


RobJustice RagnarSwedeman

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