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Gotham Reborn

Delta's Journal - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night

Out of the woodwork

My identity has been compromised. A letter using two of my most secretive names with an invitation to an abandoned bank, that could have easily been the last trap I’d walk into, was left in my car. But the facts weren’t pointing to a trap, so I took the chance. Inside was a file with photos showing Adam Arthur, a man I assumed had died with the rest of my team in that lab. Just when everyone was ready to leave; the image of a person calling himself Ra’s al Ghul, a man I recognized as someone the Grim Hounds were never able to learn a name for, appeared in the vault with us. All we were able to determine was his role as a highly ranked member of the League of Shadows.

After throwing on a disguise I pursued Arthur’s last known location, Arkham Asylum. His mind seemed to stabilize during our conversation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember any more about project Mantle than I could. He began talking about being able to do things and then being unable to. I took this as a sign his sanity was leaving him again and left him with his doctors. With any luck, whatever treatments they were giving him would improve his condition enough for him to cognitively maintain our secrets.

I was in the middle of digging up as much information about Arthur as I could when a man calling himself Silas Stone approached me. He was representing STAR Labs in an investigation of a rogue office operating in Gotham, and he was ready to believe that I was a subject for illegal experiments within their facility. I had questions, and STAR labs has always been completely cooperative with Grim Hounds, but I wasn’t about to give Silas Stone any clues until I could learn more about him. That’s twice my identity has been compromised, and if Arthur’s condition made him start revealing information, it would make acting covertly that much more difficult.

Another letter was delivered to me from the League of Shadows. This one requested a return to the bank for some kind of meeting. Many of Gotham’s most active new vigilantes were there. A woman calling herself Lady Shiva warned us of a group called the Society of Assassins and their intentions to destabilize Gotham in their first step towards it’s complete destruction. Several of us agreed to cooperate with the League, but everyone wasted all of their time arguing about which way to go, how to go about it, and how to convince those who left to assist. I left them to figure it out themselves. Managing the crime lords can be their problem. If the Society wants Gotham destroyed, they’re the ones who need to be pursued. At least for as long as I need Gotham in one piece.

When I returned, there was a letter waiting for me once again. This one was from the society themselves warning me against working with the league. It made several claims about the League’s misguided motivations. None of it important except for possible confirmation that Ra’s al Ghul was, in fact, the league’s leader. More importantly, my identity had been compromised for a third time. Disappearing from Gotham and approaching from a different unseen direction should probably be my next move, but I can’t abandon the progress I’ve made towards completing my mission

I was approached by Justin Munroe, a man I helped out of an ambush back when I was considered alive. He wanted my help replacing some blueprints, but not before he shared a file with me about the day his team died. It revealed an adjacent operation being executed by Task Force X against the League of Shadows, and it showed a picture of a body that looked very similar to Justin’s along with the official declaration of his KIA status. Knowing he was falsely declared dead intentionally makes me very worried. If the same was done to me, whoever betrayed our mission when I was captured could possibly be aware of my activities.

I couldn’t help Justin learn more about the day his team was ambushed, but trading that information for help with the blueprint swap was more than fair. Infiltrating the office was easy enough, but it created a dilemma when I realized Justin’s movements, hand signals, and verbal cues were perfectly identical to those Sleeper uses. If I didn’t tell him, he would surely be exposed if any of his old SWAT buddies ever observed him; but if I did tell him, I would be revealing my use of the Delta persona. I decided it would be better to reveal my identity to Justin. He is far too useful of an ally, now more than ever knowing he is Sleeper. At least this fourth time, I would know how and why my identity was compromised.


RobJustice RobJustice

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