Campaign of the Month: March 2014

Gotham Reborn

Delta's Journal - Episode 4: Ballistic

City Erupting

Chasing after the Society of Assassins wasn’t producing any results. Every time I got wind of something, they were long gone before I could… “introduce” myself. There had to be a reason. Either I was being led around or the underworld breadcrumbs I was relying on were just too slow to keep up with them. I had some time to reevaluate my approach while I helped the Arkham doctors run some experiments on Arthur’s condition. We learned that Arthur’s temporary recovery isn’t a reaction to whatever memories he has of me, but is strangely a simple reaction to my proximity. There wasn’t any time to continue any experiments with the asylum suddenly under attack. I wasn’t about to try to cover open ground without my combat equipment, so I accompanied the doctor to his office and looked for some kind of weapon while we waited for the assailants to breach the entrance. My chances were much better of beating them if I could lure them into striking range.

I had just managed to smash a chair and grab a couple long broken pieces of it when Brimstone burst in the door. We barely stopped ourselves from taking swings at each other before noticing who we both were. A few brief explanations revealed that there was no evidence of any inmate escape attempts, so Sleeper threw me a pistol and we all hurried back outside to finish the fight and regroup. After finding a radio and dialing it in, we quickly learned the city was in complete chaos. They all split up to try and resolve all the small problems everywhere. I was asked to try and muster some reinforcements, but I knew what was really going on. The most important objective in this situation should have been protecting Carmine Falcone.

On my way to him, I was suddenly compelled to stop. I could sense there was some kind of energy, no… two kinds of strange energy emanating from underground. As much as I tried to will myself to continue towards Falcone, I couldn’t resist being drawn into Gotham’s sewers where Vagabond was fighting that human crocodile. A fiery red glow was surrounding the beast, but the glow was brightest around it’s fist. Vagabond seemed to be shedding bright and flaky shards of light that drifted towards me and collected around my hands and arms. The creature was one swipe away from dealing vagabond a fatal injury. I desperately started throwing these strange lights at him as they turned into blue orbs. It was all I could do with no time to react. To my surprise and relief, there was actually some effect. Meaning, the things I was seeing wasn’t the same descent into madness that Arthur was suffering. The blue orbs were holding our enemy in place and Vagabond didn’t hesitate to finish pummeling the monster. As much as Vagabond and I wanted to try and figure out what happened, getting to Falcone was more important. Unfortunately, the distraction in the sewers delayed us too long. We were minutes away running down the street when we saw Falcone through the window, sitting in his favorite restaurant just as Black Mask pulled the trigger.


RobJustice RobJustice

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