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Gotham Reborn

Sleeper's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Monday, xx/xx

Picked up supplies in town. Chat with Officer Briggs about the Abattoir murder told me some important things, not just about the case but about how we were handling it. Handling ourselves. Theatrics are important for more than the message they send to the thugs and the hope that they (ideally) give to the common man. Theatrics let the cops know who we are and what we’re doing, so they don’t waste time investigating in the wrong direction.

Spent most of the day working on new rig. Kept to dark shades but added some color. Always liked blue, plus it’s a little throwback to the old GCPD days. Black bodysuit with dark blue armor plating on the left shoulder and down the left arm. Lightweight kevlar plating (also blue) across torso, front of legs. Kept the black boots. Can’t beat a classic. Little bit of a Nightwing look from the color scheme, but rig make-up is totally different. Shouldn’t get confused for a fanboy more than once.

Hiding face was a little trickier. Kept balaclava, but only for now. No style, but couldn’t come up with a helmet on short notice that had good visibility. Considered domino mask, but not enough cover and absolutely no protection. Maybe a custom-built motorcycle helmet. Should be able to order online. Won’t be too expensive, but custom-made ain’t cheap. Black with blue. Will shop later. Remember: can’t be glossy. Matte colors.

Thought about cape, but decided against it. Too much of a liability in terms of combat and would likely get snagged all the time. Went with a tear-away hooded tactical cloak instead. Should help to break up my form and make stealth a little easier, and can easily be removed in a hurry. Not too long, only comes down to the knees. Went with black, dark blue streaks to break up the pattern.

Around 1800, loaded up the zodiac and headed into Gotham to give new rig a spin. Geared up and went looking for trouble. Found some without much difficulty. Liquor store robbery. Lacks glamor, but just a test run. Took first two down with no issue, disarmed third and let him get a few swings in to test armor. It’s adequate. Range of motion good, protection moderate. My hand to hand needs work. Shoulder is sore as shit. Bruised bad.

Need new weapons, or at least customizations. More non-lethal options preferred, and a hand to hand option besides my fists. Might consider eskrima sticks, but comparison to Nightwing would then be unavoidable. Maybe a sword? I always liked swords. Not great for nonlethal, though.

Tomorrow, need to head to MCU. Gotta pass off that message from Dr. Maxwell to Sleeper, but need a third party. Would consider Bullock, but he always hated vigilantes. He isn’t likely to volunteer to play messenger to one. Maybe Gordon can make a suggestion, or might we willing to play middleman himself. I’ll feel him out. All else fails I can just show up as Sleeper and ask Matias what the hell he wants myself.

Note to self: buy more pain killers. Something stronger than over the counter.

Tuesday, xx/xx

Trip to MCU went about how I expected it. Gordon asked if I was there to sign up again. Accidentally called him Commissioner twice, but he didn’t seem to take it as an insult. Apologized both times. Old habits die hard.

Gordon was hesitant to commit to being able to pass on a message to Sleeper. Told him the truth – knew Dr. Maxwell from contract work, and he asked if I might know a way to get in touch with Sleeper. Told him I’d try, and this was me trying. Gordon hedged his bets. Gave me the “it is the official policy of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit not to cooperate with vigilantes” line, but I asked him to keep it in mind, just in case an opportunity came up. Not holding my breath.

Didn’t bother asking Bullock, but I brought him half a dozen doughnuts from his favorite shop across town. Never hurts to have brownie points with an influential cop. Bullock is a hot head but generally his heart is in the right place. Decent guy.

Will give it a day or two, then maybe ask Montoya. Heard rumors that she has connections with some of the new vigilantes. She doesn’t know Sleeper, but maybe she can put the word out. Give me a good excuse to introduce myself to her, and get the message through that way. Failing that, will just show up myself and be vague. Maybe use disposable cell.

A few beat guys talking about a rumor of some big shot coming into town. Hired gun, professional. Lots of speculation on who hired him. Leading candidate is Falcone. Leading candidate is always Falcone. Will have to look into it, and maybe figure out who pissed off Carmine more than usual. Apparently this guy doesn’t come cheap.

Been putting off going through the file from al Ghul. Not sure I’m ready for what it might tell me. I never really questioned why we were sent out, but there was something about that op that always bugged me. A little too skinny on the information, and a little too heavy on the enemy ambush.

That’s the thing about ghosts. They don’t go away until you exorcise them.


Amateur art alert

Scratched together some imagery from your description, I don’t think the balaclava is so bad. Of course, the lack of facial protection is still worrisome.


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