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Gotham Reborn

Sleeper's Journal - Episode 6: Die Laughing

Tuesday, 10/15

Flag sent me to meet with Waller in Wonder City. Showed me something called a Lazarus Pit that apparently can return the dead to life. Currently nonfunctional. Need to make a call – Morrow can either continue to work on his device, or get the Lazarus Pit up and running. Waller has given me complete authority over this. She also stated, point blank, that she didn’t want TFX to know about the Pit’s existence. Interesting. Internal strife? Maybe Waller doesn’t have as much control over her division as everyone thinks.

Got a call from Oracle asking if I wanted “a Robin.” Turned out to be Son of None, agreed to help him if no other options turned up.

Met Tsunami, either Japanese or a serious Japanophile. Thinks he’s a ninja or some shit. Knew a lot about me, at least by reputation. Looking for occassional backup. Says he wants to help Gotham, and claims to be a Gothamite, but I’m not convinced. Will work with him until I can learn more. Keep at arm’s length.

Wednesday, 10/16

Went to see Josh today. He’s been sharing his apartment with Nate Adams. Not sure I like it, but young people usually don’t respond well to disapproval. Better idea to try to motivate Nate to become a better person than to tell Josh to stay away from him.

Took them to the cemetary. Talked to Josh about his mom. Hope he follows through and goes to see her. I know it’s hard for him, but it’s even harder for her. She is almost never lucid, but when she is she doesn’t know where she is or why, and she just wants a familiar face. She cried in relief when she saw me. Seeing Josh might make her jump up and start dancing.

Asked Nate about his family. He was vague. Told him that he should stay in touch with them. Family is important. Josh isn’t my son, probably closer to a nephew or little brother, but still matters. I promised his dad. I keep my promises.

Word came down from Oracle. Scarecrow’s mob assaulting Blackgate. Went to intercept, but ran into Talia. Tried to convince me to back off and stop interfering. Not gonna happen.

Son of None showed up, she ran. Had to let her go to try to make it to Blackgate, but made it there too late. Managed to contain the chaos at least a little, but lots of big names got out. The list just got longer.

Thursday, 10/17

Someone wants Derek Powers dead. Managed to stop them for now, but don’t think they are just going to give up.

Powers says he is working on a virus in order to contain it. Never trusted billionaires at their word — primary motivation is almost always to make more money, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying. Lots of money in treatment of a virus, but less in a cure. Big BIG bucks in vaccine, but if Powers makes a buck to keep people from dying I’m okay with that.

Recovered a knife from the assassin. Engraved with what looks like an owl. Son of None’s phantom organization, probably. Someone is co-opting the Court’s name, reputation, and iconography for their own ends. First instinct was Society, but no. Son of None says he was sent to save a Society target, so doesn’t track. Need to meet with Son of None and compare notes, need more information. Can also get knife to Oracle for analysis.

Under the same date, but in sloppier handwriting
Talia blew up the lighthouse. Barely escaped, would have died if she hadn’t tipped me off. Says she thinks I can be “saved” but pretty sure what she means is “converted.” Not interested. She’ll regret not letting me burn.

Lost almost all gear and weapons. Managed to save one knife (owl engraved), collapsible staff, a silenced pistol, one clip of sleep darts, my phone, my helmet, and the key to my safety deposit. Have to move everything now to somewhere more secure. Relocating to Wonder City. Was going to use it as auxilliary base, but suddenly finding myself homeless means plans change.

Need to call Flag. Need to get more Checkmate assets in play against the Society. It’s time to stop reacting. I’m done trying to convince them that it’ll be too pricey to assault Gotham. It’s time to start making them pay the price.

I am going on the hunt.


RobJustice RobJustice

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