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Gotham Reborn

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Questions on top of Questions?

I knew after just a few moments that this Ra’s al Ghul couldn’t be in the room with us. It wasn’t because I know the Narrows inside and out. It wasn’t because I knew that we had come from the only entrance. It was because any man who could offer me what I thought he had just given me, wouldn’t be stupid enough to trap himself in a room with three dangerous men.

Ra’s claim that the gifts came with no strings attached was an obvious falsehood. Even if he didn’t move against us, no man give away such power for free. Even from the brief encounter with Mr. al Ghul I can tell we are men of similar attitudes.

A brief time in my lab confirmed my suspicions. The material in the vial was Clayface DNA. Which Clayface is hard to say. The sample came from Cassius Payne, son of Preston Payne & Sandra Fuller (their DNA markers were logged in Arkham’s database). The oddity is that their DNA was also present. Due to the malleable nature of both individuals and the sample, I can only surmise that Preston and Sandra aren’t going to be a problem for anyone anymore. Cassius on the other hand would be a real monster. And I don’t like uncontrolled monsters in my city.

I took little effort to incorporate certain properties into my newest batch of protoplasm. Thanks to Mr. al Ghul my protoplasm bonds with me nervous system allowing me to remap the external features as needed. I also theorize, though I wouldn’t want to test it, that it could be used to regrow lost limbs in an emergency. I do not wish to test this theory however.

Only Brimstone showed for the meeting. Where Sleeper is, the Fates only know. If I’m lucky he isn’t off harassing Cobblepot. I was surprised to find the Brimstone had actually discovered Abattoir’s childhood home. It was in the Narrows. I should have known. It wouldn’t take much for me to locate the building.

Before we could leave the the Clown sprang out of the dark. I’ve seen the Jape before. Never had much reason to work with him, but like every other ne’er-do-well we’ve met. Believe me, I would be lying through my crooked teeth if I claimed I saw the information have gave us coming. It seems Abattoir abducted young Joshua Freeman. The boy is a waste of potential, but last time I checked that isn’t a reason to kill a man.

It didn’t take long for me to lead the two to the building. I cleared out any bystanders with a quick bribe. Hiding among the hobos of this city has shown me how easy it is to get them to move. We would have been up to the scene of the crime in progress sooner but the Clown is apparently anal retentive. I generally don’t like to get hands on with the muscle but it took me physically dragging him up and away from a spot of dirt to keep him going.

I let Brimstone kick the door in. I stopped him from plowing in like a bull in a china shop. It took little more than a few words to put the Jape’s inquisitive nature to use. He was a little more direct in removing the boy from machine than I would have liked but it got the job done. It came down to me to bind the boy’s wounds. As I hadn’t planned on healing that night I had to make do with what I had. Protoplasm is marvelous stuff, but I don’t like to spread around the fact that I have it. For one it would be easy enough for people to connect it back to my cover identity, and for another, peeling it off my own body to use as bindings hurt like hell.

My night it seemed wasn’t over. Not but a few moments after reassuming the mantle of Dr. Maxwell, someone hacked my system. That someone claimed to be Oracle. Last time I checked Oracle was a myth, some kind of hyper aware individual and ally of the Batman. She it seemed, is quiet real. And she needed my help. But of course like all good information brokers, she needed proof that she could trust me.

My test was to retrieve the files of Thomas Elliot. I knew Elliot from when we were in school. He was a little arrogant and very driven. A man I could respect. It was simple enough to retrieve his files from Gotham General. It seems that several months back Elliot returned to Gotham and then a few months later he drops off the radar. . . on the same night I was burned. . .

Oracle provided me with a warning that LexCorp was going to try and take my building back. It is one of them most wonderful feelings to catch a lawyer flatfooted. He fed me the usual lines of bullshit that I have come to expect from LexCorp lawyers. He did however provide me with a new location to consider. It didn’t take much considering. The Leviathan building, located at the corner of 6th and Trident, is well known. It was Wayne Tech R & D before Luthor purchased the building and mothballed it. It being Wayne Tech R & D was enough to make the sale.

As if my day hadn’t been trying enough not long after I shed the disguise of Maxwell one of my informants from the Narrows revealed the Brimstone was looking for me. I met him at one of my prearranged traps in the Narrows. He was as blunt as ever. I played him like a cheap violin, with harsh notes and a lot of force. There was time when I would have been the first person to help a poor little girl, but I have city to save. I can’t go wasting my time on every sob story. So I pushed him. I pushed everyone one of his buttons, just to see how much it would take before he broke. It took a lot less than I would have thought. The pit I had prepared only took applied pressure in the right location to trigger. I dropped him into a rats nest of bedding and rusted springs.

In the morning I sent some of my best doctors to see to the little girl. It wasn’t that I cared what happened to her. Honest. I just need the PR boost, because if my gut is right, I’m going to do a lot of terrible things soon and I’ll need the people on my side when I do it.

I was slow catching up with Abattoir. I blame all the other concerns pressing down on me. Imagine my surprise at finding the GCPD had already beaten me there. It didn’t take much to slip around the side of the factory and watch through a busted window as the Jape let Abattoir fall to his death in molten metal. I have to say I didn’t think the Clown had it in him. If nothing else, the potential guilt from his actions will be a useful tool to twist him with.


Note: You did not have enough Clayface DNA to make any changes to your Protoplasm with. You had enough for testing and theory, but not actual implementation. You need a larger sample for that.

RobJustice Eichlos

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