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Gotham Reborn

Vagabond's Journal - Episode 5: Dark Dance

Setting Up The Board

It is amazing how easy it is to get people to do what you want them too do. I only wish that I had realized how powerful a weapon honesty and candor is sooner. Want the head strong moralist to reveal himself, hire him to plant a bug on you and listen in while you outline your dastardly plans. Want spread the word that there is a knew kingpin in Gotham, pay an information broker to listen in. Want to maneuver a friend into a position where he is caught lying, plant the seeds. It was depressingly simple to plant the idea in Cobblepot’s head. All I had to do was mention flight and at the first sign of trouble he runs. I wish I had a camera in hand when he boarded that jet and found me sitting there sipping his wine and smoking his cigarette’s. I let him slink back to the Lounge to wait my judgement. That will come later.

Sleeper was so quick to confront me. One of these days he will see just what a minor pieces he is in the Great Game. It is a pity really. He is probably the best man I have ever known… after Bruce of course. I would show him that my way is the best way, but he would never listen.

I’ve long suspected that Hugo was playing us all. Why else would I try and keep any of the mad men out of their nice little world? I left Hatter with Hugo and now we will see the rewards. If I am correct then I may be one more step ahead of Talia. I must admit though that if Ra’s doesn’t grace us with he presence soon, I’m going to tell Shiva where to stick her code. But I digress.

I am still trying to understand why Oracle thought it was worth my time go after Dollmaker II. As far as I can tell he just wanted to see how we would work as a unit. If he continues to provide me with information, I can over look his petty plans and schemes. Not only has he provided me with the location of all of Bruce’s old hideaways, but he has also facilitated my acquisition of most of Carmine’s old properties. Those that he could I easily took off Mario by promising him protection from his families retribution. As someone had already prevented an assassination attempt on him it was easy to convince him that it had been my doing. Based on the description I have my theories, but those will play out as they may. The only parts of Carmine’s estate still up for auction are several minor businesses, the compound in the Palisades, and of course the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. I wonder what Dent would give me for the deed?

More importantly than petty land grabs is my work in the lab. Both the evolution and regression serums are now ready, I need only to divest Croc of his new toy to execute my plans. My importantly, I taken several more leaps in mastering the changes wrought on my system by Cassius’s DNA. My original concept for smart material proved too unwieldy. It would have required not only a direct connection to my nervous system but also a source of electricity to produce rigidity. The direct neural connection did however produce results. In a rather drawn out and arduous procedure I have installed twelve portacaths into my body, these are hooked into the flesh in such a way to allow the release of protoplasm. As of yet I do not have the mass to produce any significant extrusions, however with enough mass I will be able to change ever aspect of my appearance, down to my apparent clothing at a whim. Clayface has official jumped back up onto my list of priorities.

New on that list is Dr. Langstrom. Last I checked, Freeze and I had an understanding. Leave me Mask, and I’ll bring you plenty of demented souls. Then what do I find? Man-Bat making moves on my kill. I doubt Freeze order it directly. I strongly suspect Langstrom has other masters. Kicking him through a window made my point, and illustrated to Sionis just how easily I could take him.

When Langstrom fled I let him go. I had made my point, and garnered a valuable prize: Man-Bat blood. Compared to my work with the Clayface DNA extracting the formula from the sample should be simple enough. The real question is, what do I do with it once I have it?


RobJustice Eichlos

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