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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 2: Mortal Remains

Live on Gotham Tonight

The webisode opens with helicopter footage of a masked vigilante fighting a small gang on an alleyway. The reporter is excitedly yelling, "We have official conformation that what we’re seeing is the first ever documented footage of Gotham’s newest vigilante. Sources say he goes by the name, “Son of None”, and is seeking to replace Batman as Gotham’s protector." The footage continues as Son of None cleans house and then runs into the night.

Lucius Fox Resigns

We then see Lucius Fox standing in the office of Wayne Enterprises’ new CEO, Thomas Wayne Jr. Thomas is talking.
“These allegations are totally out of place, Lucius! You know it and I know it! We’ll fight it. We’ll clear your name.”
Lucius smiles but shakes his head, “I appreciate your loyalty Mr. Wayne but I think my resignation is best for the company.”
Thomas looks upset but Lucius softly explains, “There is going to be enough mud slung at you for being the lost son of the Waynes. You don’t need rumors of my indiscretions, false as they may be, dirtying your waters.”
“But Lucius, if you step down it will look like you DID do all of these things.”
“If anyone ever finds out, but I’m pretty sure the people who sent us this message just want me out of the way. If I step down, I bet these allegations won’t even see the light of day.”
Thomas lowers his head. A moment passes and he softly says, “I… I don’t want to lose you Lucius. I need help.”
“You’re a Wayne. You’ll do just fine.”

Brimstone Objects

Now we see Two-Face directing traffic. He’s ordering men to reorder and clean the old Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Things are starting to come together when the front door is kicked open. The dusty jacket and hat of Brimstone step into the room and Two-Face looks towards him and snarls.
“What are you doing here, Vigilante?”
“I’m stopping whatever you’re up to!” Brimstone bellows and begins to trash the place.
Two-Face cries out, “NOOOOO! STOP HIM!” and mooks start to swarm Brimstone.
Brimstone wipes the floor with Two-Faces men and finishes by throwing a chair through one of the Courthouse windows.
“I don’t know what games your playing here, Two-Face, but I’m not going to let you hurt Gotham City.”
“You’re a fool. A damn fool. And you just made an enemy, vigilante. I’ll see you hung for this.”
“Come and get me.”

Kryptonite Motherlode

Next we see a handful of scientist types standing around a dig site in St. Mary’s Park. One of the workers down in the hole calls out, “We’ve found something, boss!” and the camera swings down into the pit. The men are illuminated by an eerie green glow as a hunk of rock is exposed under their shovels. As others dig they begin to hit more and more of the green glowing rocks. The camera swings around to the face of one of the scientist, “I’ve never see so much kyptonite in my entire life…”

Freeze Walks Free

The scene fades in on a long single shot of two prison guards escorting a man with icy blue skin through Arkham Asylum. They walk through the corridors and to a small room in the front. Another guard wheels out a crate as large as a person. The blue skinned man moves towards it. The scene then cuts to the exterior of Arkham Asylum where we seek Dr. Freeze, clad in his environmental suit, step through the door. His eyes are cold and distant and there isn’t even a hint of a smile on his face as the scene fades out.

My Alibi Stands

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – MLM] The killer was happy. His work was good, the plan was in motion, and he felt a bit of pride as he entered his high-end condo.
Suddenly he heard a voice, loud over his home speaker system, and his whole body went rigid. Before he could ask who, he recognized it.
“Of course, sir. Been a long time coming, I know. Yes, sir, very excited for the opportunity and I promise there won’t be a wall left standing.”
His blood froze. This was a conversation he’d had in this very condo. In his work-room, on the secure line. He stepped into the main part of the living room and could see the work-room’s high-tech security panel glowing faintly with lights indicating it was as secure as ever.
“My Alibi, and anyone foolish enough to step foot inside, will trouble the good people of Gotham no more. That’s the Frisone guarantee.”
Oh. Shit. He pulled out his phone and began to frantically dial. He had to call this off, before it got back to him, or the boss.

CEO for the Birds

The next scene is a press conference with Queen Industries announcing it’s new CEO. The speaker, a random Queen board member, is speaking.
“I know it’s a bit unorthodox but we believe with his experience he knows the best way to prevent Queen Industries from becoming a merchant of death. The board views this appointment very similar to appointing Felicity Smoak as our IT Director, the same hacker who once compromised your network now works to secure it. In his criminal past, this man compromised many Queen shipments but with those days long behind him we couldn’t think of a better man at our helm to prevent those same compromises. Please, everyone give a warm welcome to our new CEO, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

Stripes Unchanging

The previous episode transitions directly into the next. We see Oswald Cobblepot sitting at a conference table finishing a speach to his board of directors. The men clap and leave the room, then the receptionist informs Mr. Cobblepot he has a visitor. Oswald directs the man into the room and we see Black Mask enter the room. Cobblepot smiles and stands to shake Mask’s hand.
“I see that I have successfully scratched your back.”, Black Mask says.
“Yes yes, oh yes. And I suppose you’re looking for some scratch in return?”
“No. Not scratch. Firepower.”
“Not a problem, sir.”, Penguin says and slides an id card to Mask, “You have top level clearance to the R&D Department. I understand after Oliver Queen’s death we turned up some very interesting prototypes. Help yourself.”
“Whatever I find I want in production by the end of the week and on the streets in a month.”
“Agreed. Thank you for your assistance with my competition, Roman.”
“Don’t ever call me that.”

Killer Croc’s Wild Ride

The show cuts to Renee Montoya as she leaves GCPD Central and starts to walk home. She’s almost there when a sewer lid behind her flies up and a brute of a man bursts from the hole.
“Montoya…” he growls.
Detective Montoya pulls her service pistol but before she can draw a bead on Croc a man comes plummeting off the rooftops. A bundle of dirty rags dropkicks Croc back into the sewer and Montoya is left speechless. The camera pans across the street surface to the manhole and we see Killer Croc thrashing wildly as Vagabond holds on for dear life. There is a quick cut and we see Vagabond standing over an unconscious Croc, both breathing hard. Vagabond picks up an empty syringe that’s discarded near by, one that’s clearly embossed with the Fresh Face logo.
“Fast acting sedative my ass.”, he curses and pockets the plastic tube.

Gordon Takes a Walk

Next we see James Gordon as he walks through the dirty streets of Gotham City. We hear a voice over as Gordon makes his way down Nolaim Street near Gotham Square.
“Request for a month’s leave granted.”, The voice of Michael Akins says.
“Thank you Commissioner.”, Gordon is replying.
“Take your time, Jim. Get you head back in the game.”
“I’ll try…”
“And take care of yourself. You’re the best damn detective I’ve ever seen.”
“That’s only because you never saw him in action.”
“Nobody. Nevermind. Thank you again.”
Gordon rounds a corner and sees some young boys spraying an MS-13 tag and we hear another voice over.
“I believe in Jim Gordon. I believe in Harvey Dent. I believe in Gotham City.”, Batman is saying.
Back in reality, Gordon replies, “I wish I still did…”
As Gordon draws closer to the gangbangers he tucks his head down, trying to not look at them. But it’s no use, one of them calls out.
“Hey! Old man! I think you’re a little far from your nursing ho…” But his comment is cut off abruptly.
Gordon looks up in time to see a man in military fatigues and a black balaclava punching out the last of the street toughs.
“I believe in Gotham City.”, the masked man says to Gordon, “But Gotham needs you to believe in it, Gordon.”

James Gordon is Wrong!

The scene cuts to a video from Jack Ryder’s youtube show. It’s a typical news room setup with Ryder sitting behind a desk and “Giving you the news the corporate media won’t!” Ryder is already mid-rant.
“And that brings us to this Abattoir case. Detective James Gordon was in charge of that case. You might remember him as the commissioner who retired after the Batman was killed. The cop who couldn’t do his job without a vigilante helping him. Apparently, he can’t even stop a single killer without vigilantes either. Abattoir murdered his entire family and James Gordon didn’t life a damn finger to stop him. If you think that James Gordon cares about Gotham City than… You. Are. Wrong!”


The show cuts to a computer screen where we see text scrolling past at a speed too quick to read. When the scroll stops we see a terminal prompt blinking. After a second, commands begin typing.
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Vagabond”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Brimstone”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Sleeper”
→ No video found
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“Son of None”
→ GothamTonight_2853.mpeg
_ Init SurveillanceScan -“TheJape”
→ HiThere.avi
_ play HiThere.avi
A video fills the screen, an overly close up view of The Jape’s grin. There is a second of uncomfortable silence before he says “Hi there.” and chuckles a little bit. Then the video ends.
From off screen we hear an oddly digitized voice, “How dare you taunt me. I will find you, Jape. Oh. I will.”

Quinn’s Big Escape

“But sir! We can’t”, an orderly is exclaiming as the scene fades into the halls of Arkham Asylum.
“We have no other choice.”, Hugo Strange is saying in return.
The two men reach a door and push through into the small room used for patient checkouts. Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, sits in a plastic chair waiting.
“It’s about time. You going to let me out, Strange-y?”
“Ms. Quinzel, I do not advise you leav…”
“Doctor Quinzel, please HueGee.”
“Harley. You’ve made great strides but…”
“I admitted myself, Strange. That means I can leave on my own free will. And I wanna leave.”
Strange lowers his head and shakes it slightly, “True. True.” He looks back up, “But you’ve made such strides!”
“Let me go, Doctor.”
Strange nods, “She’s free to leave if she so chooses. Please. Harleen. Be safe.”
Quinn bounces to her feet and hugs Hugo Strange. “Thanks Doc!”


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