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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 3: Who Rules the Night

Editors Note: I’ve been using way too many Agendas to write a scene for all of them. From now on, I’ll pick ten Agendas for each Webisode. If players want to contribute additional scenes they are welcome to, but I don’t want to spend more time writing Webisodes than I do writing Episodes.

In the Crosshairs I: Black Mask

The show starts with Vagabond playing hobo in an alleyway somewhere in Gotham. When the door next to him opens it’s not a surprise to see Black Mask’s thugs step out. Vagabond starts to pull himself to his feet when Mask himself steps through the door. Vagabond legitimately stumbles from the surprise, Mask wasn’t suppose to be here tonight. The motion catches Black Mask’s eye and he tells one of his men to dispose of the vagrant. As the man draws close to Vagabond a figure drops from the rooftops and a spout of blood erupts from one of Black Mask’s guards. The guard approaching Vagabond stops and our vigilante takes the opening. A solid blow to the goon’s head and he tumbles down. Vagabond, seeing an opportunity, goes for Mask’s throat. But this would-be assassin beats him to it. Refusing to let his prey fall to any other hands, Vagabond turns his attention on the assassin. A choke-hold he picked up from watching video of Sleeper comes in handy as Vagabond has the drop on the assassin. By the time he’s wrestled the man unconscious, Black Mask has already escaped. Vagabond looks down and sees an insigina on the man’s black jacket.


Kyptonite Conflicts

This cuts to a shot of St. Mary’s Park and Kord Industries’ excavation of the site. It’s night and we see a half-dozen men in ski-masks jumping the fence. They slide down the sides of the pit and start grabbing up glowing green rocks. Each fills two duffle bags with Kyptonite before climbing back out of the pit. Back on the street they throw the bags into the back of an SUV and drive off into the night. The camera cuts and we see the same SUV pull up outside of Ace Chemicals. This time, six men in suits climb out of the truck carrying the same dufflebags. The scene cuts as the men walk towards the front door.

Quinn’s Park Bid

The screen holds on black and we hear the voice of Harley Quinn. “More banners!” she cries. The scene fades in and we see Quinn directing a dozen clown-faced goons. They men fill balloons, hang banners, and are decorating Amusement Mile for some macabre Welcome Home party for the Joker. Suddenly, one of the men is grabbed from the shadows. Then another. The others quickly grab pipes and bats and begin moving towards an open spot in the park. From the shadows steps Sleeper, “Run.” A couple of the thugs bolt and Sleeper lets them. The rest close on him and a few punches later only Sleeper and Harley are left standing there. “No parties, Quinn.”, Sleeper says before the scene fades out.

In the Crosshairs II: Carmine Falcone

Next we see Carmine Falcone sitting at his favorite restaurant having dinner. An enforcer sits across from him, not eating but watching intently. As he takes a drink of wine two men, glad in black, come crashing through the front window. They both climb to their feet and begin exchanging blows. Carmine’s enforcer pulls a gun, which one of the men grabs out of his hands. The armed man shoots the other in the leg and spins to point the gun at Falcone. Sleeper speaks, softly but intensely, “Do not mistake my actions, Carmine Falcone. You will pay for your crimes, but not like this.” Sleeper dismantles the gun in a fluid motion and tosses the parts onto the ground. He walks over to the body and tears a small insignia from the bloody assassin’s jacket.


GPCD Investigations

The webisode cuts to a montage, numerous Gotham City media officials are all talking about the same thing: GCPD. Comments about them being corrupt and inefficient. There seems to be a lot of talk about MCU’s role in a Post-Batman world. A few even bring up Jim Gordon’s semi-retirement and recent vacation. Some question if MCU’s Captain even cares about the city anymore. Critics shout for Gordon’s resignation while others decry Commissioner Akins. Eventually, the montage stops with a long clip from Jack Ryder’s video blog. Ryder is sitting in an high-backed leather chair in a sitting room, complete with fireplace and antique globe. “It seems like many people have forgot about how the Major Crime Unit was started. Originally, a task force dedicated to capturing the masked vigilante, Batman, it quickly grew into GCPD’s way of tackling the costumed foes. Now we live in a Post-Batman Gotham. Did you know it’s been over four-hundred days since the last Joker attack? If you think there is still a place in Gotham City for the Major Crimes Unit, you are wrong.”

Two-Face Strikes Back

The webisode cuts to the exterior of Brian Denny’s home. A quick cut to the interior and we see Brian and his wife hanging a “Welcome Home, Emily!” banner in the entry way. The door opens and and eight year old girl comes running into the house. Brian and his wife hug the girl and the scene fades. We then see Emily fast asleep in her bed as the camera pans up to show a shadowed figure standing in a corner. Another cut and Emily’s bed is empty, a note left on her pillow. “I have taken your daughter. I want no ransom. You will never see her again. You should have never crossed me.” On the bottom of the page is a crude drawing of a Bat with a harsh line scrawled diagonally across it.

In the Crosshairs III: Mario Falcone

The next scene starts with the following text across the bottom of the screen: “Catania, Sicily” and we see a private jet landing at an airfield. From inside, Joshua Freeman emerges but the scene cuts and we see Joshua dressed as Son of None. He pulls a note from his pocket that reads: “We expect the Hitman to be positioned at the intersection of Via Reggio and Via Giovanni di Prima. He will be waiting for Mario to leave his hotel. Stop the assassin at all costs. -The Court.” Son of None tucks the paper back into his pocket and stands up. He runs, leaping from the roof he’s on across an alleyway. His boots break the glass and he lands hard inside a dark room. He uses his momentum to start a run and shoulders the door in front of him open. A man in black gear is standing up from his position over a sniper rifle but Son of None just keeps running. The two go crashing out of the window the man was looking from and tumble to the street below. As Son of None pulls himself to his feet he notices the assassin’s insignia.


The show cuts to a computer screen where we see a terminal running a command.
_ Init OracleBreach
→ OracleBreach Activated, 0%;
→ OracleBreach 10%
→ OracleBreach 25%
→ OracleBreach 50%
→ OracleBreach 80%
→ OracleBreach 95%
→ OracleBreach Complete.
_ Access OracleNet
A video fills the screen, another overly close up view of The Jape’s grin. There is a second of uncomfortable silence before he says “Hi again.” and chuckles a little bit. The camera pans up to Jape’s eyes and he winks at the camera before the video ends. From off screen we hear the same oddly digitized voice from last week, “How is this even possible?! How did he beat me to Oracle’s system?! You’re making a very dangerous enemy, Jape…”

Queen vs. Guns

The show cuts to another news report, this time it’s Summer Gleeson on scene. She’s on a hill overlooking the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant as a plume of smoke rises into the sky. Summer is giving a rundown of the events that have transpired.
“… attack on the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant leaving many Gothamites without proper waste disposal. For those just tuning in, there has been an attack on the D’Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant. While there has been speculation that this might be a terrorist attack, GCPD as assured us that the attack was domestic and likely part of an organized crime retaliation for… Hold on, it seems that Commissioner Akins is about to hold a press conference. We’ll go there now.”
The scene cuts to Commissioner Akins standing in front of a podium addressing the crowd, already mid-speech.
“… City is safe and this is not the work of a terrorist organization. Among the wreckage we found signs of a firearms smuggling operation and we believe that these guns were about to make their way onto the streets of our City. The current investigation is looking at this as an organized crime rivlary and we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure this event isn’t the start of anything larger.”

In the Crosshairs IV: Alberto Falcone

Finally, we see the final shots of Episode Three again. Alberto Falcone sitting at home, reading a paper, all through the lens of a scope. The camera pulls back and we see the legendary assassin David Cain holding a sniper rifle. Cain’s finger pulls down on the trigger… but Alberto’s cellphone rings. Cain pushes on an ear piece and we hear Alberto’s call.
“You’re being targeted by an assassin right now, Alberto.”, comes the voice of Justin Monroe.
Cain stops listening and stands up. His position compromised, he’ll wait for another opening to finish his mission. He packs his rifle calmly and turns to leave. We catch a glimpse at an insignia on his jacket, the same one we’ve seen repeated over and over.


As the camera tracks to follow him, we see another man standing in the doorway.
“I’m not going to let your Society work in this city.”, the shadowed figure says.
“Who are you?”, Cain inquires stoically.
“I’m Justin Monroe. Tell your people. I’ll be watching for you.”
Then the screen cuts to black.


RobJustice RobJustice

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