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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 4: Ballistic

Goonight, MCU

The webisode starts with mayor Hamilton Hill sitting in the office of Commissioner Michael Akins’s office. The two are discussing current events in Gotham City, going back to the death of Batman, the Society of the Bat cleaning the streets of the villain criminals, and to the current death of Carmine Falcone.

“The public just isn’t behind Major Crimes anymore, Michael.”, Mayor Hill is saying.
“What will the public thinks when the Joker escapes and we don’t have a unit dedicated to his capture?”, Akins retorts.
“We’ll start a task force then. We don’t need a division dedicated to handling last year’s problems.”
“And what of James Gordon? The man is as loyal as they come.”

Hamilton Hill stands up, straightens his jacket, “Give him a gold watch and close the doors, Commissioner Akins. The vote passed, there isn’t any use debating it now.”

The Court and the Media

Joshua is sitting in the guest chair of The Scene, Vikki Vale’s hit talk show. He looks uncomfortable in the designer suit and stage makeup, and fidgets with his sleeves. Vikki is sitting across from him, but is looking the opposite direction talking to someone off camera. Joshua picks up the glass of water in front of him and takes a gulp. He closes his eyes for a second, trying to calm himself and then the set shuts down. All the lights flash out and everyone is left in total darkness. We can see Joshua sit up in his seat and the white mask of an Owl appear over his shoulder.

“Do not do this, Joshua. The Court has spoken.”

The lights come back up and the mask is gone. Joshua stands up and looks around. Vikki asks if he’s ok, but Joshua just unclips his lapel microphone and says, “I… I can’t do this.” and walks off stage.

A Chilly Reception

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – Eichlos]
The show cuts to the lobby of the Leviathan Building at the close of business. Dr. Matias Maxwell steps off his personal elevator, coat in hand. Before he can take more than a few steps there is the sound of rending metal and breaking glass. The camera pans around just in time to show a rage fueled Killer Croc smashing through the front doors. A quick cut to Matias face shows the doctor looking annoyed as he calmly states. “Mr. Jones there are easier ways to make an appointment.” Croc’s rebuttal is a lance of red energy from the ring glowing on his right hand. Maxwell calmly leans to one side. “Where is Vagabond?” The lizard-man growls charging in. An unmoving Matias removes a small remote from his pocket. With the click of a button blast shutters fall into place over all the windows and exits, quickly followed by whitish clouds billowing from the vents. Maxwell ducks Croc’s charge and the two enter into a circling dance of death. “You know Waylon, this trap wasn’t built for you.” Maxwell never breaks stride as he monologues. “This room is quickly filling with aerosolized liquid nitrogen. Even with your new toy I’d guess that you have maybe half a minute before your system shuts down from lack of heat.” Croc’s movements are noticeably sluggish. “It is over Waylon. Give it up.” Killer Croc’s response takes the form of a hardlight fist that knocks Dr. Maxwell across the room. There is the sound of rending metal and Croc saying, “This isn’t over.” as the shot fades out.

Clayface to Face

We see a distance shot of Arkham Asylum as the rain begins to pour down. Lightning cracks and the grounds are lit in brilliant light for a second. Outside the wall a form is moving, a fluid form of brown-grey mud slithers over the exterior wall and into the Arkham grounds. The camera cuts to inside of a cell and we see Basil Karlo sleeping in his cell. The muck we say outside comes rushing through cracks in the walls and seeps into the room. The mud assembles itself into a nine foot tall, roughly human shaped, creature.


Basil’s eyes flutter open, seeing the creature in his room. His mouth opens to scream but Clayface is too fast and pours himself into Basil’s mouth. The camera cuts to a close up of Basil’s wide eyes as he chokes to death on Clayface.

Brimstone meets Catwoman

The show cuts to the office of Thomas Stonehill, a onyx jaguar statue displayed prominently on his desk. The window to his office is cracked open and we see a leather gloved hand reach up and slide it open further. Catwoman slithers in and scans the room.

“This is too easy, Tommy.”
“Thomas isn’t here. It’s about to get a lot harder.” A grim voice comes from the shadows.
Catwoman purrs, “Tell me more about how much… harder… I’m going to make you?”
“Thats… Uh. No.”

Brimstone steps from the shadows and places a large hand on top of the statue. Catwoman lunges forward, trying to grab the jaguar from his grip, but Brimstone simply lifts the statue into the air. Catwoman ducks low and sweeps at Brimstone’s legs but the big man just stands there and takes the kick to his shin. Anger flares in his eyes for a moment and he throws the statue at the wall with all of his strength. The onyx jaguar shatters into millions of pieces and Catwoman gasps.

“Do you have any idea how much that was worth?!” she screams.
“It was a fake. Thomas is playing games with you.”

Catwoman flips to the window, perches for a second, and blows a kiss to Brimstone before falling backwards into the night.

Keeping the Peace

[Webisode Note: Guest Director – doomsquirrel718]
Delta is shown lurking just outside of Sheldon Park. He steps away from a payphone and starts taking pictures as two SUVs are being unloaded of the many gas tanks they have been carrying. As the group of people each take some gas tanks and begin walking towards the park a couple of grenades roll past their feet. There’s barely any chance to panic before the grenades start spewing smoke and tear gas. Delta grabs the first person stumbling into the open by his collar, punches him in the stomach, and slams him into his own vehicle.

“I don’t know what your game is, and I don’t care. Poison Ivy hasn’t been causing trouble for a long time. You tell whoever you are working for to stop agitating her or else I’m going to tell her where she can find the people responsible.”

“We’re… trying… to…” the man tries to explain as he gasps for the breath that’s been knocked out of him.

Delta swings his elbow and knocks the man to the ground as sirens begin to approach the park.

“Like I said, I don’t care what your reasons are.”

Delta then strolls back into the shadows as everyone else scrambles to get back in their vehicles leaving many of the gas tanks behind.

The Regrowth of Aparo Park

Next we see the burned ruin of Aparo Park. The camera pans around the charred grass and destroyed trees. As we watch, the grass begins to regrow green. Trees sprout and the always carefully groomed hedgemaze is slowly restoring itself. In the center of the park a figure starts to rise from the ground. Her scantly clad form spins slowly as she commands the park to rebuild itself. Poison Ivy blossoms from her vines and steps onto the hard dirt, around her feet flowers spread. She walks around for a moment before her eyes catch on a symbol scrawled into the ashes of the park walls. Ivy glares and speaks, “You will pay for this, pretender.” The camera cuts to reveal the symbol; a crudely sketched bat over a single word: “Brimstone”

Freeze’s New Recruit

Another shot of Arkham Asylum follows, this time during the day. We see a man walking up to the gates, his parka out of place in the spring air. The guards moves to stop him but he puts his hands up and stops.

“I’m just waiting for a friend. He’s being released today.”, Captain Cold says.

The guards look understandably nervous but don’t move any closer. After a few seconds we see a man walking from the front door with Dr. Hugo Strange. The two are chatting as they near Captain Cold.

“I’m very proud of you, Dr. Langstrom. Just remember to continue your medication and you should be fine.”
“Thank you, Hugo. I will.”
Then Strange notices Cold standing there, “What brings you to Arkham, Lenny? Come for some therapy?”
“I’m Kirk’s ride, and don’t call me Lenny. You haven’t earned that, Strange.”
Strange smiles and puts his hands up playfully. “Very well, Captain.” Then he turns to Kirk Langstrom and whispers. “I’m not sure if I approve of…”
Langstrom cuts him off. “You’re not my Warden anymore. I make my own decisions.”

Langstrom and Cold makes their way to a car parked nearby. They climb inside and Dr. Langstrom looks to Captain Cold.

“Do you have my formula?”
“Yes. Freeze has engineered it to be much less permanent. You can choose to be Man-Bat now.”
“Good. Then we have an agreement. Let’s clean up Gotham.”

South Channel Island’s Ice Park

Sirens are heard before as the black fades into the next scene. Squad cars pull up outside of South Channel Park where a handful of Black Mask’s goons have gathered. They turn towards the cops and try their best to look incredulous.

“Uh, whas da problam Officars?” Goon One asks.
“This park is undergoing beautification. You need to clear out.”
“This is, like, a public place. You can’t…” Goon two is cut off as an icy voice cuts through the air.
“This park belongs to Gotham City.” Victor Freeze steps from between to cops.
The goons, threatened, puff out their chests. “We work fer Mask. Ain’t no snowball gonna tell us what ta do.”
“Black Mask has no place here. Leave now or become part of the scenery.”
The thugs start laughing.
Freeze looks to the officers. “Permission?”
The cop nods.

Freeze lifts his gun and opens fire. His ice pours past the goons and into the park, forming into a gigantic ice rink. The goons, terrified of being frozen in place, bolt. Freeze continues to work, turning South Channel Park into a chillingly beautiful ice park. Twenty foot high ice sculptures adorns the four corners and a magnificent skating rink at the center. As Freeze finishes his work he turns back to the police. “I shall return once a week to refresh the park.” Then shakes hands with the officer.

Deadshot vs. Son of None

Next we see Son of None out on patrol. He’s leaping across when he sees the glint of red from a hotel window. He slows down to get a better look and see the barrel of a gun in the window. He changes course and starts scaling the fire-escape on the hotel. He manages to get to the window before shots are fired and throws himself through the glass into the sniper. Son of None slams into Deadshot and the two tumble to the ground. The two scramble to their feet and Deadshot looks at Son. “I didn’t know the Society was recruiting kids now.”

Son of None’s reply comes in the form of a fist, which Deadshot deftly dodges. This continues for a moment, Son of None throwing punches and kicks while Deadshot simply dodges every attempt. Finally, Deadshot sighs and slams a fist into Son’s knee. The shotgun shell attached to his glove goes off and tears through Son’s kneecap like its wet paper.

Son collapses onto the floor and Deadshot goes back to his window. He pulls the curtain aside and sighs. “I missed my window.” He turns and plants a boot into Son’s stomach. “Tell your masters that they are not welcome in Gotham City.” Followed by another kick. After a second, Deadshot also says. “And tell Cain that his ticket is mine.” Before leaving the room.

Son pulls the syringe the Court gave him from his pocket and jabs it into his thigh. He lays back as the bleeding slows and the scene fades out.

Under Wondertower

The base of Wondertower is curtained off and the National Guard is stationed at all the corners, entrances, and vantage points. To say the site is secure is an understatement. Then a Humvee pulls up outside and the guards go to work. Checking the passengers and manifest before letting it into the site. The camera cuts and inside the truck we see Justin Monroe sitting with Dr. Morrow.

“I’m confused. Is your device for the Earthquake or the Atlanteans?”
Thomas Morrow sighs. “Neither. Both. Whatever. It projects a temporal distortion field strong enough to cover all of Gotham’s islands for 24 hours.”
“So if we get hit with an Earthquake you’re just going to roll back time? How’s that going to help?”
“No, time won’t roll back. Time will be frozen. It can give the city more time. If we only have 48 hours warning before the earthquake my device can give us an extra 24 hours.”
“But it’s not going to be able to prevent anything?”
“No. What will happen will still happen, but this gives us a chance to save lives.”
“I still don’t get how this works…” Justin admits.
Thomas sighs again. “You don’t need to. I do and Checkmate trusts me.”

Jape’s Arrest

The webisode fades to black and we hear the Jape’s voice over the darkness.

“By the time I got to Grant Park, it was too late.”

The show cuts and we see dozens of men and women lying dead in the park. Everything is completely silent. The grass is a matted red sheet. The Jape stands there, the cuffs of his white suit stained red. Then blue light starts cutting across the scene. The sound of the police siren is muted, like it’s being heard through a hundred walls. Jape just stands there, looking at the blood.

“By the time I heard the sirens it was too late, but I tried anyway.”

Jape takes off running but two police officers run into the shot after him. Jape shoves some bushes out of his way and ducks past the “Warning: Electrocution!” signs. He throws open a panel of an electrical box and dives inside. The cops are right behind him and we see Renee Montoya follow after him.

“Why did it have to be her?”

Renee chases the Jape through the tunnels and into his lair. He skids to a stop and spins around on his heels. Renee comes up quick, pistol in hands, and points it at Jape’s chest. He raises his hands and lowers his head. Renee moves and pulls Jape’s hands behind his back. Again the far away sound returns as Renee reads Jape his rights.

“I must have wanted to be caught. Why else would I lead her here?”


RobJustice RobJustice

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