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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 5: Dark Dance

Whatta Dump

The webisode starts with Harley Quinn standing on the stage of an abandoned Monarch Theater. “What a dump.” Harley calls out, her voice echoing off of the dirty seats. Then doors open and a voice calls back, “What are you doing here, Quinn?” Harley squints trying to see the figure across the room, “That’s none of your business… You!” she calls back. The figure starts walking down the isle towards the stage and it doesn’t take long for Son of None to come into view. “Get out of here. I’m not letting you set up shop.” Quinn glares at him, “Have it your way, pip-squeak. I’m done with this crap anyway.” Quinn turns and bounds off stage, leaving Son of None standing at the foot of the stage. A puzzled but concerned expression hits his face, “What is she planning…?”

Assassins and Shadows

Next we see Commissioner Michael Akins sitting in his office, reviewing case files. He closes the folder he’s working on, stands up, and walks to the liquor cabinet across the room. Suddenly, his window busts and a woman dressed in black leather from head to toe rolls into the room. She stares down at Akins for a second then the speaks.
“Michael Akins. You have been sentenced to death by the Society of Assassins.”
As she starts to walk towards the Commissioner a black arrow slams into her shoulder. Another black clad figure swings into the room, composite bow in hand. The archer raises the bow and looses another volley towards the female assassin who dives for cover.
The man calls out, “CurarĂ©. You have betrayed the League of Shadows. Your punishment is death.”
“No. The League betrayed us. It’s not to late, join our cause Merlyn.”

The Talon

A lone figure lurks on the rooftops overlooking the Wayne-Powers building. From behind him, Son of None appears. The shadowed figure turns, “This is not your assignment, whelp.” Without saying a word, Son of None launches a throwing knife at the man. The figure swats the blade from the air and scoff. “The Court will hear of your treason.” Son of None takes a step forward, “Who are they going to send? I am the Talon.” The shadowed figure steps forward, revealing the Owl masked costume of the Talons, “Not yet, you’re not. That title still belongs to me.”

Colgate Park

We see Thomas Stonehill walking though Colgate Park tossing gas around. Suddenly, a large man slams into him, sending him sprawling into the gas soaked grass. Brimstone stands over Stonehill, “What are you doing?!” he demands.
“Getting Ivy’s attention.”, Thomas replies.
“Are you nuts? She’s been quiet and with Arkham we have enough problems.”
Thomas pulls himself to his feet, “You don’t understand, Brimstone. Ivy is Batman’s last great mistake. We can’t start without finishing.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Batman left Ivy alone under Robinson Park for years. She’s slowly grown under the entire city. If we don’t draw her out now it’s going to be too late!”

Talia and Thomas

Thomas Wayne Jr. is seen making his way through the abandoned Wayne Manor. A good layer of dust coats everything and Thomas stops to pick up an old picture of his parents. He looks up suddenly, then slowly sets the picture down and turns. Down the hall from him stands Talia al Ghul.
“You are no Wayne.”, Talia says.
“How would you know, harlot?”
Talia starts walking towards Thomas, “Because I love one of them.”
Talia lunges forward, drawing a sword and striking at Thomas. Thomas deftly sidesteps the swing and a blade slides out of his sleeve and into his hand. He catches Talia in her side and she drops into a quick roll to avoid the follow through. Talia stands up and grins at Thomas, “You are no Wayne, but you have had training.”
Just then from the window at the end of the hall a black figure comes bursting into the scene. Sleeper stands in the broken glass and gestures towards Talia, “I won’t let you kill him.”
Talia looks puzzled between Thomas and Sleeper, then throws a smoke pellet down and vanishes. Sleeper makes his way toward Thomas, asking if he’s alright. Thomas smiles warmly, “I think you just saved my life.”


The show cuts to Black Mask in his office as he throwing a statue at the wall. He turns and screams at his assistant, “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.” The woman calmly watches Mask as he slams his fist into the desk, cracking the wood.
“Someone keeps tipping our enemies off to our movements. Dr. Fate is making access to Columbia PT impossible, Freeze and Cold have South Channel Island locked down, and Falcone had Two-Face entrenched in Colgate Heights quiet effectively.”
“We simply don’t have the resources to…”
Mask tosses a picture at the woman, but she ducks it and the frame cracks against a bookshelf. Mask then stalks over to his phone and picks up the receiver. After a moment he says, “Put the Professor on the damn phone.” There is another pause and the Mask screams, “GIVE ME YOUR ANDROID OR I’LL HAVE YOU GUTTED, IVO!”

Save the Last Dance

Black Mask slams the receiver down and turns towards his assistant again. Before he can close the distance two men slam through the window behind him and crash into his desk. Mask turns around to watch as the bloody corpse of Vagabond dropkicks Man-Bat back out the window. Black Mask pulls a revolver and aims it at Vagabond, but Vagabond is already next to the broken window.
“No one will take you before I do, Mask.”, Vagabond says before leaping out the window after Man-Bat.

Society of Assassins

The show cuts to Sleeper as he stakes out the Mayor’s home. Nothing is happening and Sleeper is starting to think the Oracle’s tip was worthless. He’s about to pack it up when he catches a glimpse of a small figure making it’s way into the Mayor’s window. “Shit.” and he’s off.
Sleeper slips in behind the would-be assassin and moves quickly towards the Mayor’s bedroom. He makes it to the door just in time to see the small, slim form of a woman slid a knife out of her sleeve. With no time, Sleeper charges into the room, tackles the woman, and the two crash through the bedroom window and onto the law.
Sleeper grabs the assassin’s hood as she tries to climb to her feet, but she lets the pins go and slides out from the mask. A mad lunge to catch the girl ends with only air in his arms and Sleeper crashing back onto the lawn. He stands up and sees her foot vanish into the far hedges.
“She didn’t make a single sound”, Sleeper comments to himself. “Not even a grunt when I hit her.”

Tense Negotiations

The show cuts to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, where we see Brimstone walking through the door as Two-Face sits in the Judge’s box. “Welcome back, Cowboy.”, Two-Face calls out. Brimstone marches through the courtroom, stopping just short of Two-Face’s booth. “Let the girl go.” He demands. Two-Face straights in his chair, “That’s not he deal. You secure this courthouse for me, I give you the girl back.”
“How about you give me the girl, I don’t don’t punch your face in?”
“Tisk tisk. I’m trying to be reasonable here. You come in, smash up my home, and don’t expect me to hit back? If you as lay a finger on me, I’ll make sure you never find her. You arrest me, call the cops, whatever, she’ll starve to death.”
Brimstone slams his fist into the judge’s box, “DAMN YOU!”
Brimstone grabs a table and tosses it across the room. Then he turns and points at Two-Face, hand shaking, “She is the only thing keeping you alive right now. You harm her, and I’ll destroy you.”

Assassins Revealed

Rick Flag is waiting for Sleeper when he returns to the Lighthouse. Flag hands over a list over known Society of Assassins operatives that have been confirmed in Gotham City. Sleeper thanks Flag as he leaves. Sleeper reads the list and turns pale. He walks over to a wall and pins it to a board. The camera pulls in and we can see the list of names with Talia al Ghul and David Cain at the top, already known to be in Gotham. Following them is a series of other names; Cassandra Cain, CurarĂ©, Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abbot, and Kirk Langstrom.


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