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Gotham Reborn

Webisode - Episode 6: Die Laughing

Who’s your Mayor?

The webisode opens on Mayor Hamilton Hill’s office as he sits at his computer. He talks to himself as he works. “Just a little more and the bill will be ready. Then that freak Jackson Singletary will finally be off our streets.” From across the room, Jape’s voice rings out. “That’s not very nice.” Hamilton jumps to his feet. Then when the Jape steps out of the shadows he stumbles backwards and falls right back into his chair. “Mayor Hill. You’re not going to pass that bill.” Hamilton’s face goes hard for a second, “Why wouldn’t I!?” Jape giggles slightly and slides a disk onto the table. “That’s footage of you with no less then THREE different prostitutes. And if footage of you paying for sex isn’t enough you do more drugs than I even knew existed.” Hill pushes the disk into his machine and we see grainy black and white footage of a man doing what Jape described. Mayor Hill balks, “Well, that could be ANYONE.” Jape holds up a finger to Hill’s lips, “Shhhhhh. This is the best part.”
From the computer we hear Hamilton Hill’s voice, “Who’s your mayor, bitch!”
Then a woman’s, “You are, Mr. Hill!”
“Say my name, whore!”
The sound of a hand smacking into a face, then Hamilton’s voice again, “My full name. Say my goddamn name! And use the title too.”
The woman’s voice is a little weaker, “Mayor Hamilton Hill. You’re Mayor Hamilton Hill.”
The sound of Hill grunting, “Now tell me what I’m doing to you. And be graphic.”
Jape reaches over and shuts off the video. “That next part creeps even me out.”

The War for the Watchtower

The show cuts to the Batcave where we see Steven Kyle working at the computer. On the screen the words, “Watchtower Access Denied” flashes in bright red. Steven sighs in disgust and keeps working. After a few seconds the screen turns green and a large “Access Granted” screen lights the cave. Steven smiles to himself but then everything goes red again. Access Denied fills the room. Steven slams his fist down on the terminal and the scene cuts. We see Delta sitting at his computer, Oracle’s screen pulled up on his own. On a second monitor Delta works at a terminal overriding Oracle’s access.


We see the old Ace Chemicals plant next and then cut inside to see Dr. Freeze standing over a cyrotube holding Bane. Inside the tube we see Bane’s venom lines pulsing with blue fluid. After a few seconds, Freeze presses a button on the unit and Bane starts to defrost. A minute later and Bane’s eyes blink open. Victor leans over, showing his face to the man inside the tube.
“Mr. Bane. How do you feel?”
“What is happening?”
“Please, Mr. Bane. Are you angry?”
“No… I’m… Cold.”
“Yes, you would be. I need to know if the treatment worked. Would you like some Venom?”
Bane looks at him for a long moment before he responds, “No… No, I wouldn’t.”

Old Plans

We see Jackson returning home, humming and proud of himself until he rounds the corner and sees his landlord pinning a note on his door. “What… What’s going on, Jack?”
The overweight balding man turns and shurgs, “Sorry Jack, but your last three checks bounced.”
Jackson pulls his phone from his pocket, “Give me five minutes and I’ll wire you my rent, Jack. There has been some kind of…” His voice trails off and the camera pulls in on his phone. His bank accounts have all been frozen. “I don’t understand…” Jackson says.
“Look, Jack. You know I like you. But business, ya know?”
Jackson looks up from his phone and nods, “I know, Jack. No hard feelings.” Then turns and walks back down the stairs. As he reaches the front door his phone rings and he picks it up. The digitized voice of the Riddler; “I’ve been monitoring your accounts and I see your funds have been frozen.”
“Yeah… Must be something from the trial.”
“I’m sorry, Jape. But… It’s my fault.”
“I will fix this. It was put into motion before I could trust you.”
“I’ll set you up at the Orchard Hotel until I can get this sorted out. I’ll have a man bring you a card attached to one of my accounts too. Please don’t be angry with me Jape. I never thought you’d hear me out.”

Saving Powers

Next we see Sleeper attached to a ceiling corner in a large dark laboratory. Inside the lab we watch Derek Powers barking orders at some scientists. One of Power’s employees pulls a large glass cylinder out from a cabinet and hand it to Powers. Almost too late, Sleeper sees the the throwing knife come whistling out of the darkness and catch in Power’s shoulder. Without thinking, Sleeper lunges forward catching the cylinder. The scientists are already half-way out of the door when Sleeper scans the room. Powers laughs slightly, “You just saved my life, Vigilante. You’re holding a genetic virus in your hands.” Sleeper looks down at Powers, “What are you doing with it?” Powers replies, “Keeping it from destroying the world.” But something else has caught Sleeper’s attention, the dagger sticking out of Derek Power’s shoulder has an Owl engraved on the hilt.

The Cathedral Burns

We see an exterior shot of the Gotham Cathedral as a half-dozen black SUVs pull up outside. Black Mask climbs out of the first one and dozens of his men follow from the other vehicles. The men produce firearms and gas cans as Mask starts shouting orders. Within seconds the church is on fire. Then a man wearing a dirty duster steps out from the burning doorway. His duster catches on fire but he hardly notices as he charges Black Mask. The goons open fire but the bullets hardly seem to register on the corpse-like face. Mask scrambles back into his care but Brimstone slams into the door, leaving a giant dent and rocking the vehicle onto two wheels. Masks’ car speeds off and Brimstone turns his attention back to the Cathedral. The congregation is already in action, throwing water on the fires, and Stonehill is making his way towards Brimstone. Thomas stops a few feet from him, “We’ve got this under control now.” he says, then gestures towards Brimstone’s shoulder, “You’ve been shot…”

Project Nightfall

We come back on a shot of a man we haven’t seen before. His name tag reads: “Dr. Thomas Thompkins, CADMUS Director” He’s walking through a hallway and steps through a door. Against the far wall is a vat with a sleeping man floating in liquid. Dr. Tompkins makes is way to a terminal at the base of the vat and begins to speak. “Computer. Activate Project Nightfall.” A wirring noise fills the room and the tube begin to drain of fluid. Tompkins watches at the man inside begins to wake up. The tube rises and he steps dreamily from the platforms. Tompkins opens a compartments at the base of the platform while speaking.
“You are a genomorph. A genetically engineered clones created for one reasons; The protection of Gotham City. Please, remove your uniform from the cabinet and follow me to your first briefing.”
The man, completely naked, steps forward and pulls a dark grey uniform from the cabinet. He lifts it to his chest, the black bat symbol emblazoned across it and looks to Tompkins. “Who… am… I.” Tompkins smiles, “You are the Batman.”

I’m your…

The webisode cuts to Dr. Leslie Tompkins working late at Gotham City General Hospital. He’s filling out paperwork at her desk when a shadow falls over the room. She looks up and a man wearing a scorched dirty duster stumbles in the room. He falls to a knee and we see Nate Adam’s dirty, burnt, and bloody face. Leslie smiles, “Oh my. Hold still. I’ll take care of you.”
“I’m your…”, Nate says but his words catch in his throat.
Leslie stands up and steps around her desk towards Nate. She’s about to touch his shoulder when the door comes crashing open and a knife-wielding madman bursts into the room. He laughs madly and lunges at the two of them. Nate’s eyes go wide and he throws himself at the blond man. The two go crashing down to the ground and Nate can feel the knife slide smoothly into his side. Nate rolls onto his back and Victor Zsasz emerges from under him. The madman climbs to his feet and runs out the door as we watch Leslie go to work on the stab wound.

The First Target

The show cuts back to Sleeper sitting at his lighthouse base, looking over the dagger he pulled from Derek Power’s shoulder. Then a voice calls out from behind him. “Mr. Monroe.” Sleeper turns around to see Talia al Ghul standing behind him. He grabs one of his knives and jumps to his feet but Talia simply stands there looking at him. “I’m not here to hurt you, Justin. If I was, you’d already be dead.” Sleeper scowls, “Then why are you here?”
“To save your life.”
“Bullshit. You were ready to kill me last time we met.”
“I still think you can be saved, Justin. But I can’t let you to continue trying to stop me. I suggest you reach the door before I do.”
Then Talia takes off. Unsure of what’s happening, but not willing to let Talia escape, Sleeper lunges after her. She jumps out the front door only steps ahead of him and Sleeper’s fingers are inches from her foot when the explosions go off. Talia his the grass and rolls but Sleeper is knocked to the ground by the fireball erupting behind him. He rolls onto his back as jets of super-heated fire blast out of the windows. From behind him Talia calls out, “I do not want to kill you, Justin. Lay down your arms or this Lighthouse will only be the first thing we take from you.”


Finally, we cut back to Gotham City General Hospital where Nate Adams is being rushed through the halls. The doctors, including Leslie Tompkins, are calling out injuries. A knife wound, multiple bullet wounds; one through and through, two grazes, and one that’s a problem, First, second, and third degree burns, old untreated concussions, bruised ribs, hairline fractures… One doctor comments that this man shouldn’t have been standing BEFORE he was stabbed.

As they arrive in the operating theater Nate reaches up and pulls the breathing mask away from his face and turns to Leslie. “Dr. Tompkins” he wheezes. Leslie moves to his side and urges him to not talk but Nate shakes his head slightly. “I’m your son.” He says. Leslie’s eyes go wide as another doctor steps up, “Excuse me, but we need to sedate him for surgery.” Leslie nods but grabs Nate’s hand, “I’m so sorry I gave you up. I love you.” She turns to the other doctor and nods, “He’s my son. Please save him, Dr. A’Daire”

Whisper A’Daire steps forward and hooks a syringe into Nate’s IV line. As she presses the plunger down she leans in and whispers in Nate’s ear. “The Society of Assassins has sentences you to die.” Nate’s eyes go hard for a second before he starts to fade. The scene fades to black as Nate’s eyes close. The sounds of medical staff rushing around grow louder and words like cardiac arrest are thrown around. Then the sound of a flatline that drowns out all other noise.


As usual, pretty great.

Webisode - Episode 6: Die Laughing
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